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A great selection of the more popular shows of 1952. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.




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A Man Called X 520101 Petroleum Sabotage In Lima
Aldrich Family 521123 The Thanksgiving Turkey
Aldrich Family 521221 Christmas Evewith the Family
Barrie Craig, Confidental Investigator 52-01-16 Fatal Appointment
Barrie Craig, Confidental Investigator 52-02-06 Diary of Death
Best Plays 520622 Angel Street
Big Show 52 03 09 - Fibber and Molly, Ethel Mermen, Peter Lorre
Bing Crosby Show 52-02-06 Fred Astaire
Bing Crosby Show 52-06-04 Judy Garland
Bob Hope Guest Jane Russell 52-06-17
Bob Hope San Diego Air Naval Station With Gracie Allen 52-03-25
Boldventure 520218 The Dead Matt Jeffrey
Boldventure 520225 Back To Civilization Dead Man
Bright Star - The Boxer 521225
Broadway Is My Beat 52-01-05 The John Dobson Murder Case
Challenge of the Yokun 52-09-07 Murder on the Mountain
Cisco Kid 520722 001 Disapearing Bullet
Cisco Kid 521230 047 Ned dobsons neice
Comic Weekly Man 52-03-02 Train Riddle, First Comic - Hopalong Cassidy
Comic Weekly Man 52-12-14 Eleven Days Before Christmas, First Comic - Little Iodine
Command Performance 521224 Frank Sinatra Christmas Presents
Crime Classics 52-12-03 The Crime Of Bathsheba Spooner (Audition)
Defense Attorney 520410 Client Joshua Masters
Defense Attorney 520410 Joshua Masters
Dragnet 52-01-17 136 The Big Juvenile Division
Dragnet 52-08-14 164 The Big Drive
Eddie Cantor 52-12--25 Christmas Special
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 521005 Rosemary Clooney
Emily Kimbrough Show - Topic - Beauty 52-05-14
Falcon 52-03-09 TCOT Killer's Key
Falcon 52-03-16 TCOT Grand Gamble
Family Theater 521210 Lullaby of Christmas
Family Theater 521217 Crossroads of Christmas
Fibber and Molly 520101 New Years Day Visiting
Fibber and Molly 521223 Party For Doc Gamble
Front Page Drama 520608 - Forgotten Accident
Front Page Drama 520914 - The Tess Elder Story
Gang Busters 520816 0750 The Case Of John Economos Nicky Small
General Electric Program - Guest - Judy Garland 52-10-30
Ginny Simms Show 520610 Jacksmith
Great Gildersleeve 476 Gildy & Leroy Alone For Christmas (12-24-52)
Gunsmoke 52-04-26 Billy the Kid
Gunsmoke 52-12-13 Post Martin
Hall of Fantasy 520822 Castle Of Lavoca
Halls of Ivy 52-01-02 Hell Week
Halls of Ivy 52-02-13 Dean Huxley
Hopalong Cassidy 520127 California or Bust
Hopalong Cassidy 520223 Right Rope Wrong Neck
I Was A Communist For The FBI - 520430 002 I Cant Sleep
Inner Sanctum 52-06-29 Terror by Night
Inner Sanctum 52-09-14 524 Till Death Do Us Part (
It Pays To Be Ignorant 52-01-13 What Happens When a Race Track Gets Flooded
Judge, The - Audition - 52-02-13
Life with Luigi 52-01-08 Luigi Takes Rosa To The Movies
Life with Luigi 52-04-01 April Fools Joke
Lineup 520325 The Bakery Bandits Bad Blooper
Lineup 520917 The Fresno Break Case
Little Matchmaker - Audition - 52-08-xx
Lives of Harry Lime 52-01-04 23 Cherchez La Gem
Lone Ranger 52-01-02 The Young Easterner
Lone Ranger 520116 Two Boys and Dad
Lux Radio Theater 520211 Show Boat
Lux Radio Theater 521222 Les Miserables
Martin & Lewis Show 52-03-07 Corinne Calvet
Martin & Lewis Show 52-09-23 Jeff Chandler
MGM Musical Comedy Theater - Yolanda And The Thief - 52-02-20
Modern Adventures Of Casanova - Marble Arms - 52-05-22
Mr and Mrs North 520304 The Heavenly Body
Mr and Mrs North 520318 Murder Mismanaged
Mr Keen 520222 Murder and the revengful ghost
Mr Keen 520403 The rented cottage murder case
My Friend Irma 52-01-13 Cub Scout Speech
My Friend Irma 52-02-10 Dictation System
NBC Short Story 520104 The Rocket
Night Beat 52 05 22 Target For A Week
Night Beat 52 06 26 Reformer
One Mans Family 52-07-14 B096C29
Our Miss Brooks 520127 New School Bus JC
Ozzie And Harriet 520404 The Boat Builder
Ozzie And Harriet 521128 The Handy Man
Red Skelton 520109 What Happened To Our Neighbourhood Theater
Red Skelton 520214 Doctors and Hospitals Part 1
Richard Diamond 52-01-04 Merry Go Round Case
Richard Diamond 52-01-18 Simpson Case
Roy Rogers 520125 Wake of the Storm
Space Patrol 52-10-25-004-The Hole in Empty Space
Space Patrol 52-11-08 The City Of The Sun
Suspense 520107 455 The Case Against Loo Doc
Suspense 520407 468 Remember Me
Theater Guild On The Air 52-03-30 An Ideal Husband
Theater Guild On The Air 52-11-16 All About Eve
This Is Your FBI 521219 Snow Screen
This Is Your FBI 521226 The Sunshine Sy
Tide Show with F Devoll Orchestra, G Simms & J Smith 52-06-10
Violence - The Case Of Arthur Bowman - 52-05-08
WB Hickock 520104 The Legacy of Death
WB Hickock 520229 Fightin the Bits
Win Your Spurs - 52-04-07
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 520105 The Glen English Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 521226 The Walter Patterson Matter

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