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Bachelor's Children
Baker's Theater Of Stars
Ballad Hunter
Barbara Welles
Basil Rathbone, Word Detective
Bea Kalmus
Beat That Story
Between the Bookends
Bewley's Chuckwagon Gang
Bible Week
Big Guy
Big Moments In Sports
Bill Kemp Show
Billie Burke Show
Billie The Brownie
Billy Rose's Jumbo
Binnie And Mike
Black Castle and Black Chapel
Blind Spot
Blue Coal Minstrels
Blue Ribbon Town
Bob Hawk Show
Bob Sterling - American Ranger
Bob Wills Roundup
Bobby Hammack
Border Patrol
Box Score Review
Break The Bank
Breakfast at Sardi's
Breakfast In The Blue Ridge
Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick
Breakfast with the Johnsons
Bride And Groom
Broadway In Review
Buckeye Barn Dance
Burl Ives Sings
Buster Brown Gang
Call of The Range
Calumet Show
Canada Dry Program
Canadian Snapshots
Cancer Crusade Program
Career Of Alice Blair
Carefree Carnival
Carnation Contented Hour
Carol Gibbons
Carson Robinson
Case History
Cases of Mr. Ace
Cass County Boys
Cass Daley Show
CBS News of the World (A.M. Edition)
CBS Radio At Fifty
CBS Today in Europe
Cecil Brower And His Kilocycle Cowboys
Checkerboard Time
Chesterfield Supper Club
Chesterfield Time
Chevrolet Program - Musical Moments
Chick Carter, Boy Detective
Children's Bookshelf
Choose A Song Partner
Christmas Seals
Chuckwagon Jamboree
Church Of The Air
Clara, Lu and Em
Cliff Edwards Show
Coast To Coast On A Bus
Coca Cola Topnotchers
Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors
Coke Time
Columbia County Journal
Compact Classics
Compendium Cliche Productions
Connee Boswell Show
Continental Celebrity Club
Continental Varieties
Coronation of George VI
Coronet Story Teller
Corsican Brothers
Count Of Monte Cristo
Country Hoedown
Country Music Time
Country Music Time (Air Force)
Country Parson
Cousin Willie
Cowboy Church Of The Air
Cowboy Hit Parade
Cowboy Slim Reinhart
Cresta Blanca Carnival
Crime Files of Flamond
Crime on the Waterfront
Crisco's Radio Newspaper
Danny O'Neil Show
Darling And Dearie
Dateline, Headline, Byline
Dave Garroway Show
Dave Siegel Interviews
David Harum
David Rose Show
Dean Turner
Death Calling
Death Touched My Shoulder
Death Valley Days
December Bride
Delmore Brothers
Dial Dave Garroway
Dick And Jeannie
Dick Aurandt Show
Dick Haymes
Dinner Bell Round-up Time
Direct From Hollywood
Dixieland Matinee
Doctor Fights
Doctor's Wife
Don Drysdale's Bullpen
Don Gray, Marine Investigator
Don Winslow of the Navy
Doorway to Life
Doris Day Show
Dorothy Kilgallen's Diary
Dorothy Thompson
Double Feature
Double or Nothing
Double Play
Down Our Street
Dr Paul
Dr. I.Q. Jr
Dr. I.Q. The Mental Banker
Dr. Pepper Parade
Dr. Tim, Detective
Drama International - SA
Drama Of The Courts
Dreadful John
Eddie Bracken Show
Eddy Arnold - Social Security Show
Eddy Arnold Show
Edward R. Murrow
Edwards Ole Music
Eisenhower Years
Elgin Holiday Specials
Elmer Davis And The News
Empire Builders
Erskine Johnson Hollywood Personals
Esquire Jazz Concert
Excursions In Science
Eyes On The Ball
Fabulous Mr Tweedy
Face To The Future
Family Hour
Famous American Authors
Famous Artists Of The Air
Famous Fathers
Famous Jury Trials
Fanny Brice - Frank Morgan Show
Farewell To Studio 9
Farm & Garden Program
Faultless Starch Time
Finger Lakes Salute
Fire Chief Concert
Five After The Hour
Five Friendly Footnotes
Five Star Theater
Floretta's Scrapbook
Flying Hutchinsons
For The Defense
For Your Approval
Forever Tops
Forty Million
Four For The Fifth
Four Star Playhouse
Foy Willing and the Riders Of The Purple Sage
Frank Black's Cadillac Show
Frank Parker Show
Frank Singiser
Fred Waring Show
Freddy Nagel
Freedom's People
Friendly Five Footnotes
From The Bookshelf Of The World
Front Page Farrell
Fun With The Revuers
Gabriel Heatter
Gary Crosby Summer Show
George Bruce's Air Stories of the World War
George Hamilton IV
Georgia Crackers
Ginny Simms Show
Gisele MacKenzie Show
Glamor Manor
Golden Age Of Radio Interviews
Good Morning Neighbors
Gracie Fields Show
Granat Program
Granby's Green Acres
Grand Hotel
Grand Ole Opry
Great Moments In Music
Greatest Of These
Greatest Sports Thrill
Green Lama
Grey Goose
Guests Of Doom
Gus Gray, Special Correspondent
Hal Burns Program
Happy Hank
Harlem Hospitality Club
Harmony Rangers
Harvest of Stars
Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens
Heartbeats in Sports Headlines
Hearthstone of the Death Squad
Here's To Romance
Heroes Of Civilization (AU)
Heroes Of The Merchant Marine
Hoagy Carmichael Show
Hollywood Barn Dance
Hollywood Calling
Hollywood Hotel
Hollywood Mystery Time
Hollywood Players
Hollywood Preview
Hollywood Rodeo
Hollywood Sound Stage
Hollywood Spotlight
Hollywood Theater
Hollywood Theatre Group
Hollywood Theatre Of Stars
Hollywood's Open House
Home Folks Frolic
Honor The Law
Horizons West
Human Adventure
Hymns From Home
I Was There
Ida Bailey
If It Had Been You
Imperial Leader - The Life of Winston
In Review
Innovations In Modern Music
Inspector Hearthstone of The Death Squad
Interviews, etc
It's Higgins, Sir
It's Maritime
It's Murder
It's Only Dream Time
Jack Kirkwood Show
Jack Paar Show
Jack Smith Show
Jackie Gleason - Les Tremayne Show
Jackie Robinson's Radio Shots
James Melton Show (Texaco Star Theater)
Jazz Band Ball
Jazz Book
Jazz International
Jean Sablon
Jergen's Journal
Jewell Jamboree
Jill's All Time Juke Box
Jim Ameche Pops Concert
Jim Ameche Time
Jim And Sams Country Music Show
Jimmy Carroll Sings
Joan Davis Show
Joe Garagiola Show
Joe Palooka
Joe Penner - The Joe Penner Show
John Cameron Swayze
John J. Anthony
Johnny Desmond
Johnny Madero, Pier 23
Johnny Mercer's Music Shop
Johnson Family
Jolly Bill And Jane
Joyce Jordan
Judy and Jane
Judy Canova Show
Jumbo Fire Chief Show
Jump Jump And The Ice Queen
Just For You
Fairchild, Stepmother
Keep 'Em Rolling
Kentucky Roy
KEX Scrapbook Of Sounds
Kitty Keene, Inc.
Komedy Kingdom
Land Of The Lost
Land's Best Bands
Lear Radio Show
Leatherneck Legends
Leatherstocking Tales
Leave It To The Girls
Leo Diamond Harmonaires
Les Miserables
Les Paul Show
Lest We Forget - A Better World For Youth
Lest We Forget - Stories To Remember
Lest We Forget - The American Dream
Lest We Forget - These Great Americans
Let Freedom Sing
Let's Go Nightclubbin'
Life with Dexter
Lifebuoy Program
Light Crust Doughboys
Light Of My Life
Lina Romay Show
Lincoln Highway
Linit Bath Club Revue
Listen America
Listen to Grandma
Listener's Playhouse
Little Old Hollywood
Little Orphan Annie
Little Things in Life
Lives of Great Men
Lives of the Great
Lonesome Gal
Lora Lawton
Lord Weejie And Miss Duck
Louella Parsons
Louisana Hayride
Louise Massey And The Westerners
Lucky U Ranch
Luncheon At Sardi's
Lyle Van News

Maggie's Private Wire
Magic Carpet
Man Hunt
Man In The Iron Mask
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round
March of Dimes Collection
Marian Anderson
Marine Story
Marriage Lines
Martha Meade Society Program
Martha White Time
Martin - Lamm
Martin Agronsky News
Mary Margaret McBride
Masters Of Melody
Maxwell House Good News
Medicine USA
Meet Millie
Meet Mr. McNutley
Melody Hour
Melody Puzzles
Men Who Made America
Meredith Willson's Musical Revue
Mesa Memories
Metropolitan Opera Auditions
MGM Movie Club
MGM On Parade
Michael Strogoff - Courier Of The Czar
Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air
Midday Merry Go-Round
Midnighters Club
Mind Your Manners
Misadventures of Si and Elmer
Miss Information
Missus Goes A'Shoping
Mitch Miller Show
MJB Demitasse Revue
Mom's Mabley
Monticello Party Line
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Morning In Manhattan
Morning Matinee
Movie Parade
Movietown Radio Theater
Moving Stories Of Life
Mr. Chameleon
Mrs. Tucker's Smile Program
Music A La Mode
Music America Loves Best
Music By Adlan
Music From The House Of Squibb (see Squibb Show)
Music On Deck
Music You Like
Musical Moments
Mutual Of Omaha
My Son Jeep
Mystery Award Theater
Mystery Castle
Naval Air Reserve Show
Navy Star Time
Nazi Eyes on Canada
NBC Presents Eugene O'Neill
NBC Radio Theater (Your Radio Theater)
NBC Special
NBC Summertime
Nellie Revel Show
New Life Movement
Night Court Quiz
Nona From Nowhere
Noonday Jamboree
Of These We Sing
Oklahoma Melody Roundup
Old Dominion Barn Dance
Old Fashioned Revival Hour
Old Kentucky Barn Dance
Old Timers Program
Oldsmobile Program - Etting and Green
Ollendorft Watch Makers
Opportunity USA
Palace Personalities
Pappy Smith And His Hired Hands
Parade Of The Immortals
Pathfinders Of The Air
Paul Groves
Paul Winchell And Jerry Mahoney
Pickard Family
Plantation Echoes
Plantation Party
Play Ball
Playhouse Of Favorites
Plays for Americans
Point Blank With Nancy Terry
Police Story
Problems For Pamela
Pubelo Serenade
Queen For A Day
Quick As A Flash
Quiz Of Two Cities
Quoting America
Radio And Television Institute Review
Radio Chapel
Radio Dot
Radio Guild
Radio Newsreel
Raleigh Radio Rally
Ransom Sherman
Raymond Gram Swing
Raymond Gram Swing Explains The News
Reading Out Loud
Readings From The Book Of Books
Real Story
Red Barber Show
Red Cross
Red Feather Round-up
Red Grange Football Show
Red River Dave
Reminiscing With Singin' Sam
Renfro Valley Country Store
Renfro Valley Gathering
Report To The Nation
RFD America
Rhythm Ranch
Right To Happiness
Rio Grande Valley Tours
Rip Lawson, Adventurer
Rita Murray Commentary
Rita Murray Show
Riverside Rancho
RKO Productions
Roller Derby
Romance of Helen Trent
Ronny Mansfield
Roy Justin And His Hillbillies
Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Sagebrush Roundup
Salute To Britain
Salvation Army
Sam and Henry
Sam Pilgrim's Progress
San Francisco, LTD
Sara's Private Caper
Saturday Night Serenade
Say It With Music
Scattergood Baines
Scout About Town
Seal of The Don
Second Husband
Secret Mission
Secret of Dominion
Serenade in Blue
Shadow of the Pharaoh
Shady Valley Folks
Shell Theater - SA
Shorty Bell
Show Stoppers
Showtime From Hollywood
Sing Along With Karl, Jack & Dan
Sing It Again
Skelly News with Alex Drier
Sky Blazers
Skyline Roof
Sleepy Joe
Slim Martin And His Transco All Americans
Smokey the Bear and the Sons of the Pioneers
Smoot Report
Socony Sketchbook
Soldiers of the Press
Some Place To Go
Son of Porthos (AU)
Songs By Morton Downey
Southland Echoes
Speaking Of Liberty
Sports Answer Man
Sports Illustrated Interviews
Sports Question Show
Sports Quiz
Spotlight Memories
Spotlight Playhouse
Springbok Theater Of The Air
Squibb Show
Stairway to the Stars
Stan Kenton Collection
Standard School Broadcast
Star Spangled Theater
Stars & Stripes Forever
Stars For Defense - CDA
Stars For Defense - OPS
Stars In Jazz
Stars In The Air
Stars On Parade
Stars Over Paradise
Star-Spangled Theater
Steve Allen Show
Stop or Go
Stories From The American Scene
Story Behind The Headlines
Story Behind The Song
Story of All of Us
Storyteller Baron
Streamlined Shakespeare
Strike It Rich
Stroke of Fate
Strollin' Tom
Studio X
Summer In Maryland
Sun Up Serenade
Sunny Valley
Sunnyside Revue
Supper Club
Surprise Ending
Sweeney And March
Swing & Sway Time
Tailspin Tommy
Take It From Here
Take It Or Leave It
Talent Theater
Tales from Harlem
Tales of Fatima
Talk Back
Tell Your Neighbor
Teller Of Hawaiian Tales
Texaco Star Theatre Summer Show
Texas Hall Of Fame
Texas Rangers Show
Texas Slim Rinehart
That Brewster Boy
That Strong Guy
That's Rich
The Name Of The Game
The Old Corral
The World In Review
The Worlds Greatest Novels
Theatre Of Hits
Then And Now
These Are Our Men
Thirteenth Juror
This Is My Best
This Is My Story
This Is Paris
This Is War
Those Sensational Years
Thrills Of The Highway Patrol
Tillamook Kitchen
Time For Reason
To Be Perfectly Frank
To Stars And Stripes
Today's Football
Tom Powers' Life Studies
Tommy Dorsey
Tonight In Hollywood
Tony Wons' Scrapbook
Top Hollywood Stories
Top of the Evening
Tops in Sports
Touchdown Tips
Town And Country Time
Trash Is Cash
Tremayne Talk Show
Tribute To A Trooper
Tromer's Troupers
Twentieth Century Limited
Twenty Crowded Years
Twenty-six by Corwin (see Columbia Workshop)
Two Daffodils
Uncle Remus
Undercover Carson (AU)
US Marine Band
USO On With The Show
Vanished Without Trace
Vass Family
Vic Damone Sings
Victory Belles
Victory Front
Village Store
Voice In the Night
Voice Of New York
Vox Pop
Wake Up Ranch
Walter O'Keefe's Americana
Waltz Time
War Bond Drive
War Chest Program
Wartime Specials
WCRS Radio Stage
WEEI Job Center
Weekday Theater
Western Auto Circle Show
Westward Ho
What's My Line?
When A Girl Marries
White Fires of Inspiration
Wiley Walker And Gene Sullivan
Wings Above The Diamantina
WJSV Complete Broadcast Day
World In Music
WWJ Playhouse
Xavier Cugat
Yank Swing Sesson
Year By Year
Yiddish Radio Project
You Were There
Young Dr. Malone
Your All-Time Hit Parade



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