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A great selection of the more popular shows of 1947. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.




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A Man Called X - 471207 Shipment Condemned
A Man Called X - 471221 From a Starlit Hill
Abbott & Costello 471224 Christmas Program
Adventures in Research 47-02-18 The Golden Mold
Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 470612 Who Shot Waldo
Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 470617 Red Wing
All Stars Western Theater 470223 The Trailto Mexico
All Stars Western Theater 470302 New Mexico Badman
Baby Snooks 47-10-17 Charity-Auction
Baby Snooks 47-10-24 Snooks Is Unpopular
Bing Crosby Show 47-01-08 Mickey Rooney
Bing Crosby Show 47-12-17 Philco-JoeFrisco
Bob Hope Guest Peter Lorre Martha Tilton 47-05-13
Bride And Groom 47-07-31
Crime Club - 470911 - Fish for Entree
Crossroads 47-08-21 Audition Show
David Street Show - Guest - George Jessel 47-08-xx
Deadline Mystery - Episode Titled 'Deadline Mystery 47-08-10
Doodle For Dollars - First Song - It had to be You 47-03-29
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 470105 Charles Boyer
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 470112 Edward Arnold
Ellery Queen 47-03-05 021 Nikki Porter Killer
Ellery Queen 47-09-07 008 Number thirty one
Escape - First Show - 47-07-07 - The Man Who Would be King
Escape 471224 Back For Christmas
Evangeline Baker Show - Audition - 47-09-22
Fantasy - Audition - 47-08-23
Fibber and Molly 471216 Making A Fruit Cake From Family Recipe
Fred Allen 47-03-02 Murder In The Penthouse guests The Quiz Kids
Fred Allen 47-12-28 Monty Wooley - Returning A Clock
Front and Center 470817 Guests Burns and Allen, Ronald Reagan
Gang Busters 470524 The Case Of The Crime Teacher aka Costumed Killer
Gang Busters 471004 The Case Of The Siegel Kidnapping
Globe Theater 471223 A Christmas Carol
Hawk Larabee 470517 - Fred Collins Shot
Jack Benny 47-01-19 I Was Condemned
Jack Benny Guest Show 470105
Jack Birch - Sitting On Top Of The World 47-09-06
Jerry Dean, Boy Trooper - Case Of The Smuggled Drugs 47-02-12
Jimmy Durante Show 471224 Christmas Eve At Home Treacher Obrien P Lee
Jimmy Durante Show 471001 Guest Greer Garson
Kraft Music Hall 471030
Kraft Music Hall 47-12-25 AJ-Boris Karloff
Leo And The Blond - Going To Hester's Coming Out - 47-08-12
Life Of Riley 471220-Life of Riley-First Christmas in Store Window
Lights Out 47-07-16 Death-Robbery
Lux Radio Theater 47-01-27 Cluny Brown
Lux Radio Theater 47-04-28 My Darling Clementine
Marvelous Margie - First Episode - 47-02-05
Marvelous Margie - First Show - 47-02-05
Mel Blanc 47-02-18 Case Of The Missing Slice Of Bread
Mel Blanc 47-05-27 The French Interior Decorator
Mita 470814 The_Lodger
Mita 470828 Beyond Good and Evil
Moon Mullins - Moon Bails Out Uncle Willie - 47-01-31
Mr and Mrs North - 470715 Milkmans Ring aka Milk Run
Mr and Mrs North - 471209 Clarinet In The Country aka Murder In AFlat Jam Session
Mulligans Travels - Audition 47-06-18
Murder And Mr. Malone 47-05-24 Charles Morgan
Murder At Midnight 47 xx xx - The Ape Song
My Friend Irma 471222 Christmas Party
Mysterious Traveler 471021 Death is my Caller
Mystery in the Air 47-08-14 The Lodger
Mystery in the Air 47-09-04 The Mask Of Medusa
Nick Carter 470629 Sunken Dollar
Nick Carter 471130 Jeweled Queen
Notorious Tariq - Audition - 47-08-16
One Mans Family Book 064 Chapter 14-12-28-47
Out of This World - Audition 1 - 47-02-28 - Dead of Night
Out of This World - Audition 2 - 47-03-24 - Dead of Night
Ozzie and Harriet 470420 Disintegrating Family
Ozzie and Harriet 471012 Retreat from Civilization
Philco Radio Time 47-10-29 with Boris Karloff
Quiet Please - First Show - 47-06-08 - Nothing Behind
Red Skelton 470204 Elevators
Red Skelton 471104 The Haircut Pt.2
Rogues Gallery 47-06-29 Phyllis Adrian Is Missing
Sam Spade 47-06-08 The Calcutta Trunk Caper
Sam Spade 47-11-09 The Bow Window Caper
Scarlet Queen-471231-27-Hattie Mccormick The Patient
Smiths Of Hollywood 470117 Cecil Thinks _Eviction
Studio One 47-12-01 Earth And High Heaven Rehearsal
Studio One 47-12-23 Painted Veils
Suspense 471113 And So Died Riabouchinska
Suspense 471226 Too Little To Live On
The Greatest Story Ever Told 471130 And Her Name Was Mary
The Shadow 471221 A Gift Of Murder
The Shadow 471228 The Terrible Legend Of Crownshield Castle
The Tenth Man 47-11-07 The Child Is Father To The Man
The Treasury Show - 47-07-27
Theater Guild On The Air 47-10-12 Cyrano De Bergerac
Theater Guild On The Air 47-12-14 The Corn Is Green
Tony Martin Show - 47-04-20
Virginia Greg - Audition - 47-11-13
Virginia Marvin - Audition - 47-01-14
Voice Of Freedom - 47-05-18
Weird Circle - Markheim 47-09-29a
You Are There 470228 CBS Is There Joan Of Arc
You Are There 471214 09 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
You Bet Your Life - Audition 1 - 47-09-15 - Secret Word Air

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