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A great selection of the more popular shows of 1949. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.




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13th Juror 49-04-23 Whatever Happened to John Wilkes Booth
Adventure Of Jealous Jessica last show - Gasoline Alley 49-01-07
Adventures of Frank Race 490501 The Hackensack Victory
Amos & Andy - 491106
Arthur Godfreys Talent Scouts - 49-04-18 LennyBruce
Baby Snooks 49-09-26 Where is the Medicine
Bing Crosby Show 49-02-09 Groucho Marx
Bing Crosby Show 49-05-18_Philco-JohnnyMercer
Bob & Ray - 490718 Fiction Is Truther Than Strange
Bob & Ray - 491013 Alice The Ripper
Bob Hope Guest Bing Crosby Rhonda Fleming 49-12-20
Bob Hope Guest Jack Benny Doris Day 49-12-06
Box 13 - 49-01-02 - The Better Man
Box 13 - 49-01-09 - The Professor And The Puzzle
Broadway is My Beat - 49-12-10 (013) The Tori Jones Murder Case
Carson Robinson And His Buckaroos 49-xx-xx
Citizen Of The World 49-07-10
Counterspy - 490816 - Statue of death
Counterspy - 490927 - Visiting Vultures
Damon Runyon Theater - 49-07-10-Earthquake
Damon Runyon Theater - 49-08-21-So You Wont Talk
Destination Freedom 490515 The Ballad of Satchell Paige
Dragnet 49-06-03 - Robbery
Dragnet 49-09-24 - Brick-Bat Slayer
Emotion 49-07-06
Fibber McGee and molly 491122 The tax bill
Frank Merriwell - 49-01-15 - Snow Trap
Frank Merriwell - 49-03-12 - Danger_in_the_River
Fred Allen 49-01-09 041 H Allen Smith - Literary Panel
Fred Allen 49-01-30 044 Rudy Vallee - Fred Gets Rudy Into Tv
Gang Busters 490604 - The Case Of The Date With Death
Gang Busters 490910 - The Case Of The Red Hot Readers
Grand Central Station 491224 Miracle for Christmas
Gunsmoke - Audition 2 - 49-06-11 - Mark Dillon Goes To Gough Eye (starring Rye Billsbury)
Gunsmoke - Audition 3 - 49-07-13 - Mark Dillon Goes To Gough Eye (starring Howard Culver)
Halls Of Ivy - Audition 1 - 49-06-22 - Reappointment
Hawaii Calls 491229
Hobby Lobby - Cooking with Cold 49-01-22
Hotpoint Holiday - Man Who Came to Dinner 49-12-25
Juvenile Jury - Wants To Change Birthday 49-06-19
Kraft Music Hall - 49-01-13 AJ-Groucho Marx
Kraft Music Hall - 49-02-10 Peggy Lee
Life Begins At 80 - 49-09-24
Lone Ranger - 49-12-14 - At the Count of Three
Lux Radio Theater - 490418 Treasure of Sierra Madre
Lux Radio Theater - 490829 Poorcleaned-June Bride-J Stewart B Davis
Make Believe Town - Hollywood Romance - 49-08-16
Melody Ranch - Lonesomest Cowboy - 49-09-17
Michael Shayne 49-01-15 Tahlanis Tears
Michael Shayne 49-05-07 Case Of The Man Who Lived Forever
Mr Keen - 490609 Murder and the Star of Death
Mr Keen - 490922 Mhe Yellow talon murder case
Mr. Chameleon - Perfect Maid Murder Case 49-12-21
Music and the Muse 490501 - Tiresome Topic
Music and the Muse 491016 - Lost
My Favorite Husband - 490211 Valentines Day
Nick carter - 490918 - Vanishing weapon
Night Beat - 490519 The Ted Carter Murder Case Audition
One Mans Family 491225
Our Miss Brooks - 490130 Custodian Of Student Funds
Our Miss Brooks - 490206 Missing Electric Heater
Ozzie and Harriet - 490220 Invitations to Dinner
Ozzie and Harriet - 490227 The Nelson Bank
Pat Novak For Hire 49-04-02 Father Lahey Joe Feldman
Perry Mason 49-08-17 Bill Barker
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 491211 A Dishwasher or a Mink for Christmas
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 491218 City Hall Xmas Tree
Philo Vance 49-05-03 - Masters Murder Case
Radio City Playhouse 491225 The Night Before Christmas
Red Skelton 490114 - What People Think About Doctors
Richard Diamond 49-08-27 - The Eddie Garrett Case
Richard Diamond 49-09-17 - The Jerome J Jerome Case
Rocky Jordan 49-07-31 - Varlachi
Rocky Jordan 49-08-2 - The Gum Queen
Roy Rogers 490508 Pacos Bill
Sam Spade 49-05-21 The Red Ampola Caper (rehearsal)
Sam Spade 49-05-28 The Honest Thief Caper (rehearsal)
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-12-16 The Affairs Of Susan
Screen Guild Theater - 49-01-20 - The Fuller Brush Man
Sealtest Variety Theater 490428 Betting on the Horses
Sealtest Variety Theater 49-06-23 Boris Karloff
Sing It Again - 49-03-05
Spike Jones 49-01-23 Peggy Mann Alec Templeton
Suspense - Account Payable 10-13-49 Edward Arnold
Suspense - Backseat Driver 49-02-03a
The Falcon 49-02-20 Murder Is A Knock-Out
The Greatest Story Ever Told - 490410 106 The Betrayal and the Crucifixion
The Saint - 49-11-06 - Case of the Unhappy Homicide
The Shadow - 490102 467 Death and the Crown of Odalph
The Shadow - 490529 Monkey Woman
Theater Guild On The Air - 49-12-11 Street_Scene
This Is Your FBI 491223 The Return of St Nick
VFW Golden Jubilee Show - Guest - Dinah Shore - 49-xx-xx
Wake-Up Ranch 490226 - Rolly Polly
Wake-Up Ranch 490429 - All Good Animals Say Thank-You
Walter Winchell Show 49-03-27
Whistler - 490102 343 Man on the Roof
You Are There 490116 - Mutiny in the Colonial Army
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - 490107 Audition 2 - Perry Case
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - 490114 - The Robert W Perry Case Audition

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