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Easy Aces, a long-running American serial radio comedy (1930-1945), was trademarked by the low-keyed drollery of creator and writer Goodman Ace and his wife, Jane, as an urbane, put-upon realtor and his malaprop-prone wife. A 15-minute program, airing as often as five times a week, Easy Aces wasn't quite the ratings smash that such concurrent 15-minute serial comedies as Amos 'n' Andy, The Goldbergs or Vic and Sade were. But its unobtrusive, conversational, and clever style, and the cheerful absurdism of its storylines, built a loyal enough audience of listeners and critics alike to keep it on the air for 15 years.
Goodman Ace (b. Goodman Aiskowitz, 1899-1982) was a film critic for the Journal Post in his native Kansas City. On radio station KMBC, he read comic strips to children on Sunday mornings and reviewed films on Friday evenings. One night in 1930, the cast of the 15-minute show that followed his slot failed to show up, and Ace found himself having to fill in the time. His wife, Jane (b. Jane Epstein, 1905-1974), had accompanied him to the studio that night, and the two engaged in an impromptu chat about their weekend bridge game. This brought such a favorable response that the station invited Ace to create a domestic comedy---even though neither of the couple had ever really acted before.

At first, according to radio historian John Dunning (in On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio), the show oriented entirely around the couple's bridge playing, and nearly died the same way, when Jane Ace was said to have lost her tempter over her husband's constant needling of her style of play, and threatened to quit the show entirely. Ace revamped the show into "a more universally based domestic comedy revolving around Jane's improbable situations and impossible turns of phrase." The result was one of radio's most respected comedies, going on to a fifteen-year air life despite its never being a ratings blockbuster.

Easy Aces moved to a Chicago base in 1930 on a trial basis; the Aces themselves launched a write-in appeal to test the size of their audience and thousands of letters convinced original sponsor Lavoris to renew the deal for 1932-33. (A typical Ace maneuver, according to Dunning, was to buy trade publication ad space poking fun at the show's modest rating: after all, a typical Ace ad would say, the ratings were polled by telephone and the Easy Aces audience never answered the phone while the show was on.) The program began airing on the CBS network in March of 1932. That summer, the Aces sought New York backing and found it in the Blackett, Sample and Hummert agency headed by Frank Hummert, soon to become radio's top soap opera producer with his wife Anne but then producing various other programs.

Hummert liked the Aces' style and the show's low overhead and put them on CBS as often as four times weekly, as an afternoon offering, before Anacin (marketed at that time by American Home Products' Whitehall Pharmaceutical division) moved them to 7 p.m. in 1935---right up against Amos 'n' Andy. They couldn't possibly out-rate that hit, but they could and did build a loyal audience of their own. The show moved to the NBC Blue Network and a 7:30 p.m. time slot Mondays and Wednesdays, beginning in 1935, before returning to CBS in 1942, holding the same time slot on Wednesdays and Fridays. The show became a half-hour entry one night a week from 1943 through January 1945. It ended only when Goodman Ace and Anacin had a disagreement over a musical bridge in one of the episodes; he, in turn, criticized their use of cardboard packaging instead of tin for their headache tablets, calling it a "gyp").

Easy Aces storylines often ran several episodes, though there were many single-episode stories, and the show was performed live on the air but in an isolated studio, without an audience, which made perfect sense considering its conversational style. Goodman Ace wrote the show's scripts and played the exasperated but loving husband of Jane Ace as his deceptively scatterbrained, language-molesting, more than periodically meddlesome wife. (Like many radio couples of the day, the Aces used their real names on the air, though no one ever addressed Ace by his first name---it was always Ace---and Jane chose the maiden name of Sherwood for her on-air character.)

There were no sound effects beyond the almost ambient-like playing of normal life sounds, and the Aces' inexperience as actors probably worked in their favour: they simply played as though they were allowing listeners to eavesdrop on their own real-life conversations, allowing Easy Aces listeners more than those of many shows to believe the Aces really could have been their own unusual neighbours. The couple worked from a card table with a microphone sunk in its center, feeling it was easier to talk to each other in this manner rather than standing at a microphone. In addition, as Arthur Frank Wertheim noted in his book Radio Comedy, Ace shunned belly laughs in favour of consistent character humour. "A lot of times, on the air," Wertheim quoted Ace as saying, "I noticed comics in a sketch do a joke that destroys the character because it gets a big laugh."

The cast included Mary Hunter as best friend and boarder Marge; Paul Stewart as ne'er-do-well brother-in-law Johnny; Martin Gabel as Neil Williams, a newspaper reporter and Marge's love interest; Helene Dumas as Southern maid Laura; Ken Roberts as Cokie, an orphaned young adult "adopted" by the Aces; Ann Thomas as Ace's secretary; Ethel Blume as the Aces' niece, Betty; Alfred Ryder (remembered best as Sammy on another old-time radio mainstay, The Goldbergs) as Betty's husband, Carl Neff; Peggy Allenby as Mrs. Benton, a nosy, gossipy neighbour who turned up now and then to leave openings for Jane to fret and gnash over imagined slights or indiscretions; and, Truman Bradley and Ford Bond as their announcers.

They made it seem as natural as tying their shoes: Ace himself prodded his network to build set tables with microphones embedded beneath them, not in front of or above them, the better to ease the prospect of mike fright among their co-performers and allow them to sound like themselves and not actors. Further along that line, Ace refused to rehearse an episode more than once, the better to avoid destroying the spontaneity that made the show work as it did.


Easy Aces (0001) Jane Talks About a Book She Doesn't Like
Easy Aces (0002) Jane Buys Her Brother Johnny Two Suits
Easy Aces (0003) Johnny Argues with Ace About Finding a Job
Easy Aces (0004) Johnny Will Work in Evertt's Store
Easy Aces (0005) Johnny Starts Work in the Store's Warehouse
Easy Aces (0006) The Question Is What Is Johnny Doing at Night
Easy Aces (0007) Plans to Catch a Gang Stealing Furs
Easy Aces (0008) Jane and Alice Tip off the Thieves
Easy Aces (0009) Mr Neff Talks Jane into Selling Evertt Some Land
Easy Aces (0010) Neff Tries to Tell Jane About the Land
Easy Aces (0011) Ace and Jane Argue About Answering the Phone
Easy Aces (0012) Jane Talks to Evertt About Buying the Land
Easy Aces (0013) Jane and Neff Talk About the Price of the Land
Easy Aces (0014) Evertt Talks with Ace About the Land
Easy Aces (0015) Ace Is Surprised About Jane and Neff
Easy Aces (0016) Evertt Buys the Land from Ace, Who Gets a Summons
Easy Aces (0017) Ace Can't Get His Regular Lawyer He's out of Town
Easy Aces (0018) Neff Can't Get His Lawyer the New One Needs a Suit,
Easy Aces (0019) Ace and Jane Get Ready for the Trial, Differently
Easy Aces (0020) Neff's Lawyer Gets Ace's Suit of Clothes
Easy Aces (0021) Neff's Lawyer Comes Back over to Get a Vest
Easy Aces (0022) Jane Tries to Study Questions for the Trial
Easy Aces (0023) Jane Gets a Little Mixed up in Court
Easy Aces (0024) Jane Gets Fined for Contempt-Of-Court
Easy Aces (0025) Neff Agrees to a Five Thousand Dollar Settlement (Episode Cut Short)
Easy Aces (0026) Jane Tries to Explain About the Money to Ace
Easy Aces (0027) Ace Finds out About His Suit of Clothes
Easy Aces (0028) Jane Learns to Play Bridge
Easy Aces (0029) Jane Comes up with a Plan to Help Her Bridge Game
Easy Aces (0030) Bridge Game Starts with a Lot of Telephone Calls
Easy Aces (0031) A Little Boy Named
Easy Aces (0032) Ace Finds out About the Boy in His Basement
Easy Aces (0033) Jane Wants to Adopt a Little Boy
Easy Aces (0038) Kookie Knocks Out Ace
Easy Aces (0039) Kookie Might Be a Good Prizefighter
Easy Aces (0040) A Newspaper Friend Gets a Fight for Kookie
Easy Aces (0041) Jane Helps with Kookie's First Fight
Easy Aces (0043) Kookie Is Set up for a Knock Out
Easy Aces (0044) Jane Takes One Thousand Dollars for Kookie to Throw the Fight
Easy Aces (0045) Kookie Wins and Ace Finds out About the Thousand Dollars
Easy Aces (0046) Ace Works Late, Mrs Benton Thinks Otherwise
Easy Aces (0047) Jane Tries to Find out What Ace Is Doing
Easy Aces (0048) Ace Agrees to Help His Artist Sister
Easy Aces (0049) Ace Tells Marge About Her Portrait
Easy Aces (0050) Jane Tries to Make Ace Jealous with Phone Calls
Easy Aces (0051) Jane Has an Show Up
Easy Aces (0052) Ace Gets His Portrait Completed
Easy Aces (0053) Jane Meets Miss Wilson
Easy Aces (0054) Jane Has a New Next Door Neighbor a Movie Director
Easy Aces (0055) Jane Thinks of a New Name for a Movie Career
Easy Aces (0056) Director Lorentz Starts Re-Writing the Part for Marge
Easy Aces (0057) Neal Thinks Lorentz Wants Jane for Movies
Easy Aces (0058) Lorentz Talks with Marge About the Movie
Easy Aces (0059) Jane's Screen Test
Easy Aces (0060) Neal Thinks Lorentz and Marge Are Getting Too Friendly
Easy Aces (0061) Marge and Jane Have a Fight and Split Up
Easy Aces (0062) Lorentz Tries to Talk Marge into Coming Back
Easy Aces (0063) Jane and Marge Are Talking Betty Lamar Arrives
Easy Aces (0064) Neal Learns That Lorentz and Betty Are Married
Easy Aces (0065) There Is a Shooting at the Aces
Easy Aces (0066) Jane Tells the Newspapers How Lorentz Was Shot
Easy Aces (0067) Neal Has an Idea That Saves the Day
Easy Aces (0068) Police Talk to Jane
Easy Aces (0069) Lorentz Says Goodbye to Marge
Easy Aces (0070) Jane Wants Marge to Marry Neal
Easy Aces (0071) Ace and Jane Try to Match up Neff and Mrs Williams
Easy Aces (0072) Mrs Williams Helps Neff After Dinner
Easy Aces (0073) Jane Interests Neff and Mrs Williams in Rumba Lessons
Easy Aces (0074) Neff Takes Mrs Williams out to Dinner
Easy Aces (0075) Ace Tries to See Neff, Who Is Taking Rumba Lessons
Easy Aces (0076) Neal Runs a Story in the Paper About Neff
Easy Aces (0077) Neal Works out a Deal with Neff for Ace
Easy Aces (0078) Neff Signs a Real Estate Deal with Ace
Easy Aces (0079) Ace Puts Jane on a Budget Because of Her Spending
Easy Aces (0080) Jane Takes Charge of Household Expenses
Easy Aces (0081) Jane Tries to Learn How to Run a Household
Easy Aces (0082) Jane Explains Her New Budget to Ace
Easy Aces (0083) Ace's Cook Is Feeding Her Boyfriend
Easy Aces (0084) Ace's Meet Harry, Laura's Boyfriend
Easy Aces (0085) Jane Proves to Laura That Harry Only Wants Money
Easy Aces (0086) Jane Takes out a Bank Loan to Balance the Budget
Easy Aces (0087) Jane and Ace Need Each Other's Signature for a Bank Loan
Easy Aces (0089) Marge Will Sign Jane's Loan If She Gets Another Name,
Easy Aces (0090) Jane Asks Neff to Sign Her Loans
Easy Aces (0091) Neff Learns About Ace's Finances
Easy Aces (0092) Ace Tries to Make Neff Think He Doesn't Need Money
Easy Aces (0093) Ace Talks Jane into Opening a Checking Account
Easy Aces (0094) Jane Opens a Checking Account
Easy Aces (0095) Jane Has Problems with Her Checking Account
Easy Aces (0096) All of Jane's Checks Bounce
Easy Aces (0097) Jane Hides Movie Star Joyce Blain in Their Bungalow
Easy Aces (0098) Jane Hopes to Make Marge Jealous with Joyce
Easy Aces (0099) Joyce Tells Marge and Neal About Jane's Plans
Easy Aces (0100) Jane's Plans Backfire on Her
Easy Aces (0101) Joyce Gets a Phone Call to Go to Hollywood
Easy Aces (0102) Jane Starts a Newspaper Career
Easy Aces (0103) Jane Goes Down to the Newspaper Office
Easy Aces (0104) Jane Tries to Get Marge and Ace to Believe Her
Easy Aces (0105) Jane Starts to Climb Her Social Ladder
Easy Aces (0106) Jane Tries to Learn Some French
Easy Aces (0107) A Five Thousand Dollar Bracelet Is Missing at the Marsh's Home
Easy Aces (0108) Jane Tries to Get Their Maid to Speak French
Easy Aces (0109) Marsh's Detective Gets Ready to Visit the Aces
Easy Aces (0110) Jane Invites the Marsh's for Dinner,
Easy Aces (0111) Investigator Collins Thinks He Has Solved the Problem
Easy Aces (0112) Collins Tells Jane He Wants the Bracelet
Easy Aces (0113) Jane and Laura Try to Retrace Their Steps
Easy Aces (0114) Jane Tells Collins to Search Their Home
Easy Aces (0115) Collins Finds the Bracelet in Marge's Room,
Easy Aces (0116) The Marsh's Apologize to the Aces
Easy Aces (0117) Ace Has a Chance at a Big Real Estate Deal
Easy Aces (0118) Ace Talks with Jane About the Deal
Easy Aces (0119) Jane Is in Charge of Publicity Against the Deal
Easy Aces (0120) Jane Places an Ad Against Ace's Land Deal
Easy Aces (0121) The City Decides Against the Deal of Aces
Easy Aces (0122) Ace Loses His Real Estate Business
Easy Aces (0123) Jane Finds a Fifteen Thousand Dollar Error in Her Checkbook
Easy Aces (0124) Ace Tells Jane About Losing All His Money
Easy Aces (0125) Jane Tries to Find a Job for Her Niece
Easy Aces (0126) Jane, Looking for an Apartment, Upsets the Manager
Easy Aces (0127) Jane Tries to Let Her Maid Go
Easy Aces (0128) Ace and Jane Move into Their New Apartment
Easy Aces (0129) Ace Learns About His New Newspaper Job
Easy Aces (0130) Jane Gets Hickey and Betty Together for a Dance
Easy Aces (0131) Jane Has Problems with Betty, Who Likes Neal
Easy Aces (0132) Marge and Neal Fight About Betty
Easy Aces (0133) Betty Is Still Upset with Neal Kookie Comes Back
Easy Aces (0134) Betty Has Problems with Kookie
Easy Aces (0135) Marsh Offers Ace a Deal to Get Him out of Town
Easy Aces (0136) Ace Tells Jane About Their Trip to Arizona
Easy Aces (0137) Ace Gets Ready to Go to Arizona,
Easy Aces (0138) Betty and Kookie Think They Found a Note from Marge
Easy Aces (0139) Betty and Kookie Get Neal to Investigate the Note
Easy Aces (0140) Neal Thinks Marsh Is into an Illegal Land Deal
Easy Aces (0141) City Files Are Missing on Marsh's Deal (No Ending)
Easy Aces (0142) Neal Wants to Hire a Safe Cracker for Evidence
Easy Aces (0143) Marsh Hears About Neal's Investigation
Easy Aces (0144) Neal Talks with His Investigator About a Threatening Note from Marge
Easy Aces (0145) Neal Takes His Proof to His Editor and Gets Fired
Easy Aces (0146) Real Cleans out His Desk and Confronts Marsh
Easy Aces (0147) Neal Loses His Evidence His Boss Gets a Call from Marsh
Easy Aces (0148) Kookie, Neil and Marge Help Get the House Ready for Jane
Easy Aces (0149) Everyone Has Trouble Moving Items to House
Easy Aces (0150) Ace Has Jane Taken for a Ride
Easy Aces (0151) Surprise Party Makes Jane Feel Better
Easy Aces (0152) Ace Tells Jane How He Got Their Money Back
Easy Aces (0153) Kookie and Betty Want to Get Married
Easy Aces (0154) Betty Argues with Jane and Ace About Kookie,
Easy Aces (0155) Jane Helps Betty Plan an Elopement
Easy Aces (0156) Kookie Isn't Seeing Betty
Easy Aces (0157) Kookie Decides Not to Marry Betty
Easy Aces (0158) Kookie Changes His Mind an Wants to Marry Betty
Easy Aces (0159) Jane Sees an Ad Ace Put in the Paper
Easy Aces (0160) Ace Gets Jane's Answer to the Ad, Not Knowing It's Hers
Easy Aces (0161) Jane and Ace Find out About Each Other
Easy Aces (0162) Jane and Ace Talk About Opening a Beauty Shop
Easy Aces (0163) Jane Goes to the Beauty' Shop They Want to Buy
Easy Aces (0164) Ace Decides Not to Buy the Beauty Shop
Easy Aces (0165) Jane Listens to a Radio Quiz Show
Easy Aces (0166) Jane Gets Ready to Go on the Radio Quiz Show
Easy Aces (0167) Jane on the Radio Show with Questions from Neal
Easy Aces (0168) Jane Inherits Eighteen Hundred Dollars Johnny and Ace Both Want It
Easy Aces (0169) Jane Gets Betty to Quit Her Job to Work for the Aces
Easy Aces (0170) Ace Starts on His First Real Estate Deal
Easy Aces (0171) Neff Tries to Calm Mr Thompson
Easy Aces (0172) Jane Gets Ready to Play the Part of a Farm Wife
Easy Aces (0173) Jane Plays Her Part to Well and Loses the Sale
Easy Aces (0174) Jane Worries About Ace Working Late, or Is He
Easy Aces (0175) Ace Is Trying to Sell the Farm to a Good-Looking Widow
Easy Aces (0176) Jane Talks to Her Lawyer
Easy Aces (0177) Marge Gets Ace's Story Jane Wants Pictures
Easy Aces (0178) Jane Thinks That Ace Wants to Get Rid of Her
Easy Aces (0179) Jane Has Left Ace and Is Using Her Maiden Name,
Easy Aces (0180) Ace Sells the Farm, and Tries to Get Jane Back
Easy Aces (0181) Jane Wants Ace Back
Easy Aces (0182) Mrs Adams Meets Jane and Talks with Her
Easy Aces (0183) Jane Has Trouble with Her Maid
Easy Aces (0184) Laura Tries to Bluff Ace About Her Raise
Easy Aces (0185) Laura Gets Her Pay Raise
Easy Aces (0186) No-one Knows Betty's Boyfriend
Easy Aces (0187) Jane and Ace Try to Find out Whom Betty Is Seeing
Easy Aces (0188) Jane Gets Kookie To Trail Betty
Easy Aces (0189) Jane Writes a Letter to Her Sister About Betty
Easy Aces (0190) Jane Tries to Find out About Betty's Boyfriend
Easy Aces (0191) Betty's Boyfriend Is in Trouble with Ace
Easy Aces (0192) Jane Talks Mr Page into Giving up Betty
Easy Aces (0193) Jane Thinks Neff 's Nephew Would Be Good for Betty
Easy Aces (0194) Jane Throws a Dinner for Neff's Nephew and Betty
Easy Aces (0195) Betty Tells off Everyone Including Carl
Easy Aces (0196) Jane Tries to Get Carl and Betty Together
Easy Aces (0197) Carl and Betty End up Fighting During a Card Game
Easy Aces (0198) Carl and Betty Make up Both Make up with Jane
Easy Aces (0199) Neff Is Upset with Earl for Coming Home Late
Easy Aces (0200) Carl Asks Betty to Marry Him
Easy Aces (0201) Jane Tries to Talk to Neff About Carl and Betty
Easy Aces (0202) Carl Stops Neff from Threatening to Break up with Ace
Easy Aces (0203) Neff Is Impressed with Carl's Legal Knowledge
Easy Aces (0204) Neff Tries to Buy Betty Off, She Refuses
Easy Aces (0205) Jane Takes a Check for Five Thousand Dollars from Neff
Easy Aces (0206) Jane Gets Another Chance to Straighten Things Out
Easy Aces (0207) Jane Tricks Neff into Believing Her Story
Easy Aces (0208) Carl and Betty on Honeymoon, Jane Plans Party for Kookie,
Easy Aces (0209) Jane Visits the Orphanage Where Kookie Lived
Easy Aces (0210) Jane Tries to Crash the Party
Easy Aces (0211) Jane Brings a Letter Home from the Orphanage,
Easy Aces (0212) Jane Tries to Get Evidence on the Orphanage
Easy Aces (0213) The Party Starts Ace and Jane Find Mrs Duffy
Easy Aces (0214) Jane Wants to Manage an Orphan Who Is a Singer
Easy Aces (0215) Jane Gets Johnny Ready for an Audition
Easy Aces (0216) Johnny Has His Audition with Jane, Ace, Marge, and Laura
Easy Aces (0217) Jane Tries to Pick a Good Name for Johnny,
Easy Aces (0218) Johnny Is Cut from His Spot on the Radio
Easy Aces (0219) Johnny Has His Start on the Radio
Easy Aces (0220) Carl and Betty Break up After a Month Honeymoon,
Easy Aces (0221) Betty Tells Jane About Her Problems
Easy Aces (0222) Marge, Jane and Ace Talk About Carl and Betty
Easy Aces (0223) Betty Tells Jane That She'll Try and Make Up
Easy Aces (0224) Betty and Carl Get Together and Talk About Problems
Easy Aces (0225) Jane and Ace Plan a Fight
Easy Aces (0226) Jane and Ace Get Betty and Carl Together
Easy Aces (0227) Carl and Betty Are Happy Jane Wants a Mink Coat
Easy Aces (0228) Jane Sells Tickets to a Charity Play
Easy Aces (0229) Jane Is Given The Part Of A Maid
Easy Aces (0230) Ace Helps Jane Sell Some Tickets
Easy Aces (0231) Jane Is Given a Part in the Play as a Maid
Easy Aces (0232) Jane Explains Her Part to Marge and Ace
Easy Aces (0233) Jane Studies Her Part and Goes to Rehearsal
Easy Aces (0234) Jane Is Told That She Owes Money for the 50 Tickets
Easy Aces (0235) Jane's Phone Calls Interrupt Rehearsals
Easy Aces (0236) Ace Gets Jane out of Having to Sell the Tickets,
Easy Aces (0237) Jane Might Get a Chance at a Major Part
Easy Aces (0238) Gun Shots Fired Because of a Husband and Wife Fight
Easy Aces (0239) Irene Lewis Is Hurt Slightly and Won't Be in the Play
Easy Aces (0240) Jane, Irene's Understudy, Is Now the Star of the Play,
Easy Aces (0241) Jane Is Happy About Her Notices in the Paper
Easy Aces (0242) Jane Gets an Offer in a Telegram,
Easy Aces (0243) Jane Wants Ace-To Go See a Doctor
Easy Aces (0244) Johnny Wants to Sell Ace Some Insurance
Easy Aces (0245) Johnny Tries to Explain Insurance to Jane
Easy Aces (0246) Jane Talks to a Doctor About Ace Being Tired
Easy Aces (0247) A Game of Bridge to Keep Ace's Mind off of His Heart
Easy Aces (0248) Ace Tries to Teach Jane Some Signals for Cards
Easy Aces (0249) Jane Starts to Take Some Bridge Lessons
Easy Aces (0250) Jane Improves Her Bridge Game
Easy Aces (0251) Neff Wants Jane for a Bridge Partner
Easy Aces (0252) Jane's Instructor Wants Her to Show How Not to Play
Easy Aces (0253) Jane Is Used as a Bad Example to Students
Easy Aces (0254) Ace Learns About Jane's Playing at School
Easy Aces (0255) Students Ask Jane a Lot of Questions
Easy Aces (0256) Jane Tells Ace and Marge How Well She's Doing
Easy Aces (0257) Newspaper Wants To Interview Jane
Easy Aces (0258) Jane Talks with Ace and Marge About the Contract
Easy Aces (0259) Newspaper Wants to Interview The
Easy Aces (0260) Everyone Is Getting Mad at Jane
Easy Aces (0261) Jackson Is Fired as Apartment Manager
Easy Aces (0262) Jane Talks with Ace About Office Space for Bridge
Easy Aces (0263) Everyone Talks a out Their New Bridge Business
Easy Aces (0264) Ace and Jane Talk of How to Set up Their New Player Service
Easy Aces (0265) Ace Calls Jane as a Joke for Five Players
Easy Aces (0266) Jane Hires a New Man to Be a Bridge Player
Easy Aces (0267) Michael Is a Professional Card Dealer
Easy Aces (0268) The First Day of Business
Easy Aces (0269) Bridge Partners Are Wanted as Dance Partners Also
Easy Aces (0270) A Customer Thinks Jane's Service Is a Racket
Easy Aces (0271) Marge Quits Her Job
Easy Aces (0272) Jane Meets The New Neighbot
Easy Aces (0273) Jane, as a Silent Partner, Cracks the Whip
Easy Aces (0274) Jane Meets Her New Neighbor
Easy Aces (0275) Jane Is Taking Lessons on Husband Managing
Easy Aces (0276) Jane Gets an Idea About Helping Ace
Easy Aces (0277) Jane Learns How to Be a Big Help in Ace's Office
Easy Aces (0278) Jane Flatters One of Ace's Customers
Easy Aces (0279) Jane Softens up a Hard Customer
Easy Aces (0280) Ace Is Having a Hard Time Getting a Signature
Easy Aces (0281) Jane Gets a Signature on a Contract
Easy Aces (0282) Mr Fredric Talks with Ace About Jane
Easy Aces (0283) Baxter Fredric Talks with Ace Again About Jane,
Easy Aces (0284) Marge, Ace and Baxter Try a New Plan to Jet Jane to Quit
Easy Aces (0285) Jane Suspects Marge
Easy Aces (1245) Jane Is Driving A Bus For The War Effort - 43-01-21
Easy Aces (1246) Jane And Dorothy Visit Mr Ace - 43-01-22
Easy Aces (xxxx) A Game Of Bumper Cars - 41-05-13
Easy Aces (xxxx) Jane Auctions Off The Furniture - 41-04-17

Easy Aces (xxxx) Jane Goes To A Psychiatrist





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