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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 CD - 100 mp3

A great selection of the more popular 1959 shows. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1948 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.


Baseball Game Broadcasts 59-10-06 World Series Game 5-White Sox at Dodgers Part 1
Baseball Game Broadcasts 59-10-06 World Series Game 5-White Sox at Dodgers Part 2
Baseball Game Broadcasts 59-10-06 World Series Game 5-White Sox at Dodgers Part 3
Baseball Game Broadcasts 59-10-06 World Series Game 5-White Sox at Dodgers Part 4
Beyond Our Ken - 0208 59-05-07 A Farewell To Arms
Beyond Our Ken - 0210 59-05-21 Trader-Horn
Beyond Our Ken - 0211 59-05-28 Every Boys Book Of Birds
Beyond Our Ken - 0212 59-06-04 The Rains Come
Beyond Our Ken - 0213 59-06-11 Deep Are The Roots
Beyond Our Ken - 0215 59-06-25 The Sea Wolf
Beyond Our Ken - 0220 59-07-30 Great Expectations
Bob & Ray - 590909 Biff Burns Reports
Bob & Ray - 590914 One Fellas Family-going Like Sixty
Bob & Ray - 590918 Wally Ballou Watches A Navy Ship Contest
Bob & Ray - 590930 Mr. District Defender
Bob & Ray - 591104 Good Neighbor Award
Bob & Ray - 591119 Wally Ballou On The Coming Worlds Fair
Bob & Ray - 591207 Army Amature Hour
Bob & Ray - 591209 Lawrence Fechtenberg
Bob & Ray - 591211 Wally Ballou in Swee
Bob & Ray - 591214 Dean Archer Armstead
Bob & Ray - 591215 One Fellas Family - missing Christmas Ornaments
Bob & Ray - 591215 One Fellas Family-missing Christmas Ornaments
Bob & Ray - 591216 Wally Ballou in Fron
Bob & Ray - 591221 One Fellas Family - wrapping The Presents
Bob & Ray - 591222 Lawrence Fechtenberg
Bob & Ray Present The CBS Radio Network 59-08-21 040 Bob and Ray Barber
Clitheroe 590209 Clitheroe and the Hound-Dog
Comic Weekly Man 470329 Bull Bragg
Goon Show 590112 Who Is Pink Oboe (The Spy)
Goon Show 590120 The Call Of The West (Captain Stingo, Or Goon Law, Or)
Goon Show 590216 The Gold Plate Robbery (The Kleens Of Blenchinghall)
Goon Show 591224 A Christmas Carol (A Merry Christmas and Custard)
Greatest Story Ever Told 480307 Blessed Are They That Mourn
Gunsmoke 59-02-08 (357) Groats Grudge
Gunsmoke 59-04-26 (368) The Badge
Gunsmoke 59-05-10 (370) Dowagers Visit
Gunsmoke 59-06-14 (375) Kittys Kidnap
Gunsmoke 59-06-28 (377) Jailbait Janet (reused script)
Gunsmoke 59-07-05 (378) Emmas Departure
Gunsmoke 59-07-26 (381) Old Beller
Gunsmoke 59-08-09 (383) Mavis McCloud (Barbara Eiler)(reused script)
Gunsmoke 59-08-23 (385) The Reed Survives (Lynn Allen)(reused script)
Gunsmoke 59-09-06 (387) Matts Decision
Gunsmoke 59-09-13 (388) Johnny Red (Helen Kleeb)(reused script)
Gunsmoke 59-09-27 (390) Personal Justice
Gunsmoke 59-10-04 (391) Hinka-Do (reused script)
Gunsmoke 59-10-11 (392) Kittys Quandary
Gunsmoke 59-12-06 (400) Big Chugg Wilson
Have Gun, Will Travel 590104 Helen of Abajinian
Have Gun, Will Travel 590222 Winchester Quarantine
Lux radio Theater 471208 Ride the Pink Horse
National Guard Armory Show with R Clooney 59-05-09
One Mans Family 59-03-30 B134C01 Paul Discusses The Making Of Mountains
One Mans Family 59-03-31 B134C02 Girl With A Torch
One Mans Family 59-04-01 B134C03 Big News For Pinky
One Mans Family 59-04-02 B134C04 The Big Question - Gentleman Or Cad
One Mans Family 59-04-03 B134C05 The Missing Bridegroom
One Mans Family 59-04-06 B134C06 Message From A Happy Bride
One Mans Family 59-04-07 B134C07 Report From Sears Savoy
One Mans Family 59-04-08 B134C08 Betty Salvages A Lesson From Disaster
One Mans Family 59-04-09 B134C09 Spotlight On The Unemployed
One Mans Family 59-04-10 B134C10 Rally Round The Flag Boys
One Mans Family 59-04-13 B134C11 Dating, 1959
One Mans Family 59-04-14 B134C12 Gripman On A Boyhood Dream
One Mans Family 59-04-15 B134C13 The First Quarrel
One Mans Family 59-04-16 B134C14 Mutton Dressed As Lamb
One Mans Family 59-04-17 B134C15 Glimpse Of The Jungle
One Mans Family 59-04-20 B134C16 Big News From Scotland
One Mans Family 59-04-21 B134C17 The Homecoming
Paul Martel - Roseland Dance City - 59-08-24
Serenade In Blue 591027 - Program 448 [389]
Suspense 590104 Dont Call Me Mother
Suspense 590215 The Signalman
Suspense 590315 Death in Box 234
Suspense 590419 See How He Runs
Suspense 590719 Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
Suspense 590809 Everything Will Be Different
Suspense 590830 A Matter of Execution AFRS
Suspense 591213 The Country of the Blind
Suspense 591220 A Korean Christmas Carol
Suspense 591227 Moonlight Sail
Whistler 531018 592 Girl in Black
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 580615 The Delectable Damsel Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590222 The Blue Madonna Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590315 The Baldero Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590329 The Jimmy Carter Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590510 The Fatal Filet Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590607 The Wayward Heiress Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590621 644 The Life at Stake Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590628 The Mei-Ling Buddah Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590719 The Will and a Way Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590802 The Deadly Chain Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590816 The Night in Paris Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590830 The Really Gone Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 590920 The Little Man Who was There
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591004 659 The Buffalo Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591018 The Missing Missile Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591101 The Hand of Providential Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591206 The Hired Homicide Matter





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