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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 CD - 100 mp3

A great selection of the more popular shows of 1953. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1948 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.


21st Precinct 53-07-07 The Nolen Brothers
Across The Dial 53-12-25 Across the Dial
Adventures of Horatio Hornblower 1953 02 06 Alliance With Russia
American Jewish Caravan of Stars 53-09-13
American Red Cross Program 53-02-21 Phil Harris Alice Faye
American Way 53-10-01
AmericanTrail 1953 The Magic Wire
Amos and Andy 530214 Life Story Of Amos Andy
Arthur Godfrey Collection 53-10-21 Arthur Is Talking About Kleenex
Barrie Craig, Confidental Investigator 53-01-04 Crimson Queen
Bob Hope Show 530107 - Road To Bali With Jack Benny
Breakfast Club 530623 20th Anniversary (Regular Morning Broadcast)
Bright Star 530108 French Dress Designer
Broadway is my Beat 53-01-10 The Lona Hanson and the Fighter Murder Case
Broadway is my Beat 53-11-13 The Donald Jordan Murder Case
But Why 53-10-12
Challenge of the Yukon 53-02-19 The Queens Parlor
Chase 530208 Money and The Crockey
Cisco Kid 530101 048 the Cisco Kid Brings the Law
Comic Weekly Man 53-01-04 Start of Peter Pan, First Comic - Beetle Bailey
Comic Weekly Man 53-03-01 A Cat and a Match, First Comic - Beetle Bailey
Counterspy 1953 Maisie the Barfly
Cowboy Church Of The Air 53-05-10
Crime Classic 53-06-15 Crime Of Bathsheba Spooner
Dangerous Assignment 530211 The Right Football Play
Douglas Of The World 1953 Double Trouble
Dragnet 53-03-29 The Big Dream
Edgar Bergen 530611-Last Show Of Season - 16 Years On Radio
Escape 53 02 22 I Saw Myself Running
Escape 53 08 09 Three Skeleton Key
Falcon 53-06-22 - Ace of Spades
Family Theater 530722 The Dunbar Conspiracy
Father Knows Best 530305 Overdue Vacation
Fibber McGee and Molly 53-12-10
Front Page Drama 530927 - Ralph Davis, Parole Officer
Gang Busters 530926 The Case of the Well Traveled Ring
Goons 531016 The Ghastly Experiments Of Dr Hans Eidelburger
Great Gildersleeve 53-02-10 Gildy Has Two Dates
Greatest Story Ever Told 530222 Sufficient Unto the Day
Gunsmoke 53-02-28 Trojan War
Gunsmoke 53-11-07 Stolen Horses
Hall of Fantasy 530126 The Black Figurine of Death
His And Hers - The New Home On The Beach 53-03-01
I Was A Communist For The FBI 530506 055 The UnAmerican Activity
Inner Sanctum 53-xx-xx Terrible Vengeance (Australian)
It Happens To You - The Human Comedy 53-10-02
Jack Benny 530803 San Francisco with Fred Allen
Jack Benny 531213 (865) Christmas Show From Palm Springs
Junior Miss - Judy Wants To Be an Actress 53-01-06
Keep It In The Family 53-02-16
Last Man Out - Case of Dorothy K Funn - 53-12-06
Lets Pretend 53 11 28 Ceres and Proserpina
Life with Luigi 53-01-09 Luigi Leaves for California
Lineup 530102 Cowderdly Castro
Lone Ranger 53-11-25 Thanksgiving In Modoc City
Lum and Abner 530506 Lum Invents Prune Bread
Lux Radio Theater 530330 The Miracle of our Lady of Fatima
Lux Radio Theater 531228 June Bride
Martin & Lewis Show 53-04-28 Laraine Day
Martin Kane Private Investigator - 53-10-29
Michael Shayne 53-04-03 Queen Of Narcotics Heroin
Mr Chameleon - Murder And The Million Dollar Smile - 53-04-24
Mr North and Mrs North 530714 Bet On Murder
Mr. President 530804 U S Grant
My Friend Irma 53-05-19 Irmas Brother Lectures
My Friend Irma 53-05-26 Coronation Show
NBC Star Playhouse - Alice In Wonderland - 53-12-27
On Stage - First Show - 53-01-01 - The String Bow Tie
One Man's Family 53-04-10 First Grown-Up Party
Our Miss Brooks 531115 The Moving Van
Our Miss Brooks 531213 Conklin the Bachelor
Out Of The Sky 530420
Ozzie and Harriet 530501 Baseball Manager
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 531002 The Horse Race
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 531106 From Here to Eternity
President Eisenhower - On Korea 1953
Retribution - The Big Idea - 53-07-17
Richard Diamond 53-07-26 Mona Lisa Murder
Richard Diamond 53-11-18 Three Murder Suspect
Rocky Fortune - First Show - 53-10-06 - Oyster Shucker
Roy Rogers 530312 Domino
Six Shooter 531115 Escape From Smoke Falls
Six Shooter 531220 Britt Ponsets Christmas Carol
SpacePatrol-53-06-20-038-The Industructible Germ
Stand By for Crime 1953 Lonely Hearts Club Of Doom
Stars From Paris - 53-01-18
Suspense 530209 The Man Who Cried Wolf
Suspense 530914 A Message to Garcia
Tales Of Tomorrow 530115 Betelgeuse Bridge
Tarzan 530509 Tarzan And The Lypagor
The Marriage 53-12-20 Liz Gets a Christmas Job at the Perfume Counter
The Whistler 531011 Ticket to Nowhere
Theater Guild On The Air 53-04-0 Great Expectations
This Is Your FBI 53-01-02 Mister Big Shot
Time For Love - The Foreign Agent - 53-01-22
Walter O'Keefe's Americana - Audition - 53-05-06
Wild Bill Hickock 530325 Cry of a Killer
You Bet Your Life 53 10 07 Secret Word Table
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 530512 The Rochester Theft Matter
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 531027 The Howard Arnold Matter





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