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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 CD - 100 mp3

A great selection of the more popular shows of 1946. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.


A Voice In The Night 46-06-14 Stolen Necklace
A Voice In The Night 46-08-09 Case of the Detective
Academy Award Theater - 46-07-24-18 - Foreign Correspondent
Academy Award Theater - First Show - 46-03-30 - Jezebel
Adventures in Research 46-12-10 The Dread Scourge Typhus
Adventures in Research 46-12-31 Time Through the Ages
Adventures of the Sea Hound-460902 The Rescue of Balou
All Stars Western Theater - 460711 Jean Rogers (pilot)
All Stars Western Theater - 460901 Back To Old Wyoming
Andrews Sisters 460227 Guest Gene Austin
Baby Snooks 46-06-19 The Cat - Man's Revenge
Baby Snooks 46-09-29 At The Movie House
Baby Snooks 46-11-01 Halloween
Bill Sterns Sports Newsreel 46-06-28 347 Guest Orson Welles
Bing Crosby Show 46-12-11 Peggy Lee, Jerry Colona
Bing Crosby Show 46-12-18 Peggy Lee, Dave Darbour
Birds Eye Open House 460110 - Donald D Tycoon with G Marx
Birds Eye Open House 460221 - Information Please Spoof with Groucho
Bob Hope Show 460129 Guest Frank Sinatra
Burns & Allen - 46-11-07 Getting Frank Sinatra To Leave Town
CBS Presents Tex Beneke & Glenn Miller Orch-46-08-11
CBS Presents Tex Beneke & Glenn Miller Orch-46-09-13
Challenge of the Yukon - 460418 - Rex
Challenge of the Yukon - 460425 -Torn Parka
Columbia Workshop 460707 023 The Day That Baseball Died
Columbia Workshop 461228 046 Rain, Rain Go Away
Command Performance 460129 Frank Sinatra
Connee Boswell Tonight On Broadway 46-10-21 First Song Buttermilk Sky
Counterspy - 460728 - Stolen Car Racketeers
Dennis Day - First Show - 46-10-03 - Masquerade Ball
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 460621 Abbott Costello Part 1
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 460628 Abbott Costello Part 2
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 461124 Everette Edward Horton
Fat Man - First Show - 46-01-21 - The Nineteenth Pearl
Fibber and Molly 461217 Fibber Tans Himself With A Sun Lamp
Fibber and Molly 461224 Fixing Broken Toys For Needy Children
Fourth Estate - The Tip-Off 46-06-26
Fred Allen 46-01-13 014 Carmen Maurice Evans - Hamlet
Fred Allen 46-10-27 042 Tallulah Bankhead - Breakfast Show
Gang Busters 460126 The Case Of Damiani and Krause Part 1
Gang Busters 460202 The Case of Damiani and Krause Part 2
Gang Busters 460316 The Case of the Death Mask Killer
Glamour Manor - The Circus Is Coming To Town 46-06-10
Green Hornet 460528 Polarized Glasses
Green Hornet 460611 The Hornet Does It
Inner Sanctum 460122 - The Confession
Inner Sanctum 460129 - Blood of Cain
Inner Sanctum 461104 - Deaths Old Sweet Song
Jack Benny 461208 Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces for Christmas
Jack Benny 461225 Christmas Special
Kraft Music Hall 46-05-02 Peggy Lee
Let George Do It - Audition - 46-05-14 The First Client
Let George Do It - First Show - 46-10-18 - Cousin Jeff and the Pigs
Life Of Riley 461224 First Xmas
LIsten To A Love Song - Guest Victor Borge 46-08-03
Lone Ranger 46-03-27 Eureka
Lone Ranger 46-03-29 Bankers Swan
Louden Family - First Song - The Lost Train Blues 46-02-06
Lux Radio Theater 461014 To Have and Have Not
Lux Radio Theater 461223 Do You Love Me
Martha Deane Show - Dewey Wins - 46-11-06
Mel Blanc 461217 Exchanging Gifts
Mel Blanc 461224 Mel Plays Santa Claus
Mercury Summer Theatre-460712 06 The Search for Henri Lefevre
Mercury Summer Theatre-460802 09 Golden Honeymoon
Michael Shayne 46-11-05 Return to Huxley
Mr and Mrs North - 460227 An Invitation To Murder
Mr Keen 46-05-23 The Case Of The Glamorous Widow
Murder At Midnight 46 11 11 - The Dead Come Back
Murder At Midnight 46 11 25 - The Creeper
Mysterious Traveler 461229 If You Believe
Nick Carter 460402 Eight records of death
Nick Carter 460423 Littleoldladies
Ozzie and Harriet 460623 Ozzie Thinks He Will Be A New Father
Ozzie and Harriet 461201 Ozzie Runs For Office
Phil Silvers 460209 Guest Frank Sinatra
Red Skelton 460115 Department Stores
Red Skelton 461231 Old Man Winter
Rogues Gallery 46-01-17 Suspicious Will
Rogues Gallery 46-01-31 Carlotta The Magnificent
Screen Guild Theater 46-02-18 Over Twenty-One
Screen Guild Theater 46-02-25 Wuthering Heights
Screen Guild Theater 46-12-16 This Love of Ours
Shakespeare Collection-460913 Scenes from King Lear
Suspense 461219 224 The Thing In The Window
Suspense 461226 225 Philomel Cottage
Take It From There - 46-09-05
Tell Me A Story - 46-05-07
Tennessee Jed Sloane 460111 - Dalton Series
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell - 46-10-19 The Clue of the Numbers
The Fifth Horseman 46-08-08 - Doomsday
The Hunting Trip 9-12-46 Vincent Price
The Shadow 461222 The Fine Art Of Murder
The Shadow 461229 The Shadow Of Suspicion
The Tommy Dorsey Show - Guest - Duke Ellington - 46-08-25
Theater Guild On The Air - 46-12-15 The Old Maid
Theater Guild on the Air 46-01-13 The Silver Cord-No Open
Vic and Sade 46-08-01 L Vogel Drum
Vic and Sade 46-09-26 Vic Brings Home Work
World Of Rosalind Marlowe - Audition - 46-06-15





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