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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD - 116 mp3 - Total Playtime: 67:04:16

Born Julia Frances Langford in Lakeland, Florida, she was the daughter of Vasco Cleveland Langford and his wife, Anna Rhea Newbern.
Discovery and radio
Frances grew up in the Mulberry, Florida area, a tiny community near Lakeland. She attended Lakeland High School. Langford originally trained as an opera singer. While a young girl she required a tonsillectomy that changed her soprano range to a contralto. As a result, she was forced to change her vocal style to a more contemporary big band, popular music style. At age 17, she was singing for local dances. Cigar manufacturer Eli Witt heard her sing at an American Legion party and hired her to sing on his local radio show. After a brief stint in the Broadway musical "Here Goes the Bride" in 1931, she moved to Hollywood appearing on the Louella Parsons' radio show "'Hollywood Hotel' while starting a movie career. While singing for radio during the early 1930s, she was heard by Rudy Vallee, who invited her to become a regular on his radio show. From 1935 until 1938 she was a regular performer on Dick Powell's radio show. From 1946 to 1951, she performed with Don Ameche as the insufferable wife, Blanche, on The Bickersons.


Bickersons 481213 Pink Slip aka The In-Laws Visit
Bickersons 510605 First Show Of The Bickersons, The Fatal Anniversary Present
Bickersons 510710 The Gooseby Vacation
Bickersons 510717 Blanches Expensive Injury
Bickersons 510821 Johns Snoring Dilemma
Bob Crosby Show 460306 - F Langford, F Sinatra
Bob Hope Show 420120 Edward Everett Horton
Bob Hope Show 420505 Great Lakes Naval Training Station - Claudette Colbert
Bob Hope Show 421229 Long Beach Ferry Command
Bob Hope Show 430105 Rita Hayworth
Bob Hope Show 430209 Dorothy Lamour Paulette Goddard
Bob Hope Show 430525 From Stockton Air Field
Bob Hope Show 431228 Cary Grant
Bob Hope Show 440104 Gary Cooper
Bob Hope Show 440208 Ginger Rogers
Bob Hope Show 440215 From Santa Ana Separation Center w Bing Crosby
Bob Hope Show 440229 Lum Abner
Bob Hope Show 440509 Jacksonville Training Camp
Bob Hope Show 440606 INVASION DAY from the Van Nuys Airdrome
Bob Hope Show 440919 Camp Bordon Canada
Bob Hope Show 450102 Andrew Sisters
Bob Hope Show 450130 Edward G Robinson
Bob Hope Show 450206 Naval Air Technical Center Memphis TN
Bob Hope Show 450213 From Mudock California Tony Romano 45-02-13
Bob Hope Show 450320 Shirley Temple Tony Romano
Bob Hope Show 450410 Walter Pidgeon
Bob Hope Show 450529 Herbert Marshall Bing Crosby
Bob Hope Show 450911 Robert Montgomery
Bob Hope Show 451016 From Battleship South Dakota
Bob Hope Show 451120 Guest-Joe E Brown
Bob Hope Show 451127 From USC Red Skelton Peggy Ryan
Bob Hope Show 451204 From Phoenix Jimmy Durante
Bob Hope Show 460129 Frank Sinatra
Bob Hope Show 460305 David Niven
Bob Hope Show 460312 Sonny Tufts
Bob Hope Show 460319 Broadcast from Cleveland short
Burns and Allen 46-05-02 The Burns and Allen Show Pt 1 The Folly Of Molly O'Malley Part 1
Burns and Allen 46-05-02 The Burns and Allen Show Pt 2 The Folly Of Molly O'Malley Part 2
Burns and Allen 47-05-29 - Francis Langford Vacation Plans
Cavalcade of America 440214 370 G.I. Valentine
Chase And Sanborn Program 450610 - Guest - Groucho Marx
Chase And Sanborn Program 450617 - Guest - Spike Jones
Chase And Sanborn Program 450624 - Guest - Jack Carson
Chase And Sanborn Program 450701 - Guest - Aldolph Menjou
Chase And Sanborn Program 450708 - Guest - Vera Vague
Chase And Sanborn Program 450715 - Guest - William Frawley
Chase And Sanborn Program 450722 - Guest - Charles Kemper
Chase And Sanborn Program 450812 - Santa Monica
Chase And Sanborn Program 450819 - Corona
Chase And Sanborn Program 450826 - Catalina Island
Command Performance - 42-04-23 - Pat O'Brien, Frances Langford, Frank Morgan
Command Performance - 42-10-21 - Frances Langford, Bob Burns, Jimmy Dorsey
Command Performance - 43-02-20 - Olivia de Havilland, Frances Langford, Allan Jones
Command Performance - 43-09-25 - Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Frances Langford
Command Performance - 43-11-27 - Herbert Marshall Bergen and McCarthy
Command Performance - 43-12-11 - Bob Hope Francis Langford Martha Raye Carole
Command Performance - 43-12-25 - 1943 Christmas Special
Command Performance - 44-01-15 - Frances Langford, Virginia O'Brien, Revuers
Command Performance - 44-02-19 - Loretta Young, Frances Langford, Connie Boswell
Command Performance - 44-04-08 - Frances Langford, Jerry Colonna, Jo Stafford
Command Performance - 44-05-13 - Dinah Shore Helen Forest
Command Performance - 44-06-03 - Connie Haines Bing Crosby Frank Sinatra
Command Performance - 44-09-13 - Bob Hope Johnny Mercer June Allyson
Command Performance - 44-12-24 - Command Performance
Command Performance - 44-12-25 - Christmas 1944
Command Performance - 45-03-08 - Frank Sinatra Elizabeth Taylor Margaret OBrien
Command Performance - 45-11-08 - Bob Crosby Gildersleeve Leroy
Command Performance - 45-12-25 - Christmas 1945-First Half
Command Performance - 45-12-25 - Christmas 1945-Second Half
Frances Langford Show 470605 Going to a Baseball Game
Guest Star 481031 - Frances Langford
Hollywood Hotel 36-12-18 One In a Million
Hollywood Hotel 37-04-30 - FMacMurray, LParsons, FMarch, ADevine, AMenjou, GFields [402]
Hollywood Hotel 37-06-11 A Day At The Races
Lum and Abner 33-xx-xx Friday Night Sociable
Lum and Abner 47-04-24 16Th Anniversary on Radio
Lux Radio Theater 45-01-08 I Never Left Home
Mail Call 44-05-10 Frances Langford, Judy Canova, Jerry Colonna
Mail Call 45-02-21 Frances Langford
Martin & Lewis Show 49-07-26 Frances Langford
Radio Hall of Fame 45-02-25 (065) Earl Carroll Tribute
Railroad Hour 48-11-22 Hit the Deck
Recollection at 30 560704 Rudy Vallee Lum and Abner
Recollection at 30 570320 1933 Connie Boswell Ed Wynn
Request Performance 451007 - A Tour of New Orleans - Ronald Colman
Screen Guild Theater 41-03-09 Variety Show
Songs by Sinatra 451010 - Guests Frances Langford, Ginny Simms
Texaco Star Theater 390913 Valley Forge, Ken Murrey pt2
Texaco Star Theater 390920 Hedda Hopper, Saturday's Children
Texaco Star Theater 390927 Guest Dale Carnegie, Play 'Secrets'
Texaco Star Theater 391011 Quiz Shows, Kind Lady
Texaco Star Theater 391018 K Murray, F Langford, K Baker E R Burroughs
Texaco Star Theater 391108 Another Language, Theta Bera
Texaco Star Theater 391115 Criminal Code with Bela Lugosi
Texaco Star Theater 391122 Ken Murray Candlelight
Texaco Star Theater 391129 Maurice Evans in Berkley Square
Texaco Star Theater 391220 Santa Claus Goose Hangs High
Texaco Star Theater 391227 The Great Adventure
Texaco Star Theater 400103 Romance
Texaco Star Theater 400110 K Murray, F Langford, K Baker Dr Clitterhouse
Texaco Star Theater 400117 Front Page
Texaco Star Theater 400207 Frances Langford, Kick In
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-06-05 (01) - Going to a Baseball Game
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-06-12 (02) - Holly's Graduation
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-06-19 (03) - Family Picnic
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-06-26 (04) - Father Is to Give the Bride Away
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-07-03 (05) - Taking Holly to First Country Club Dance
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-07-10 (06) - Summer Barbeque
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-07-17 (07) - Sunday Evening Concert in the Park
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-07-24 (08) - Performing Macbeth for the Women's Club
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-07-31 (09) - Founders' Day Parade
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-08-07 (10) - Surprise Birthday Party for Frances
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-08-14 (11) - Church Social
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-08-21 (12) - Cleaning the House and Going on Hayride
The Frances Langford Show - 1947-08-28 (13) - College Days
War Telescope 43-07-03 Special Guest - Bob Hope





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