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OLD TIME RADIO - 4 CD-ROM - 240 mp3

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A collection of John Dehner Old Time radio Shows

John Dehner (November 23, 1915 - February 4, 1992) was an American actor in radio, television, and films, playing countless roles, often as a droll villain. Between 1941 and 1988, he appeared in over 260 films and television programs. Prior to acting, Dehner had worked as an animator at Walt Disney Studios, and later became a radio disc jockey. He was also a professional pianist.
Dehner had an extensive career as a radio actor, appearing as a lead or supporting player in such series as Gunsmoke and Philip Marlowe. He starred as Paladin in the radio version of Have Gun — Will Travel, one of the few times a show began on television and then was later adapted for radio. On CBS radio in 1958, he starred in Frontier Gentleman, a radio Western series that opened with a trumpet theme by Jerry Goldsmith and this introduction:

Herewith, an Englishman's account of life and death in the West. As a reporter for The Times, he writes his colorful and unusual accounts. But as a man with a gun, he lives and becomes a part of the violent years in the new territories. Now, starring John Dehner, this is the story of J. B. Kendall, Frontier Gentleman...

Written and directed by Antony Ellis, the short-lived series followed the adventures of journalist Kendall as he roamed the Western United States in search of stories for The Times.
Dehner appeared with Maudie Prickett in the 1953 episode "Bad Men of Marysville" of the syndicated Western television series The Adventures of Kit Carson, starring Bill Williams. He guest starred on the 1955-1956 NBC Western anthology series, Frontier and in the CBS Cold War drama, Crusader, starring Brian Keith. He played the sheriff-turned-outlaw Henry Plummer in an episode of the 1954-1955 syndicated Stories of the Century, starring Jim Davis as Matt Clark, the fictitious detective of the Southwest Railroad.

In 1966, Dehner he played assassin "Iron Man" Torres in the Night of the Steel Assassin episode of The Wild Wild West, starring Robert Conrad.

He delivered two memorable performances on ABC's Maverick (1957) opposite James Garner in the episodes "Shady Deal at Sunny Acres" ("...if you can't trust your banker, whom can you trust?") and "Greenbacks, Unlimited." Dehner also played Pat Garrett in Gore Vidal's The Left Handed Gun, opposite Paul Newman as Billy the Kid. Dehner appeared in Scaramouche (1952) as Doutreval of Dijon, and he played the non-singing role of Mr. Bascombe, the mill owner and intended robbery victim, in the 1956 film version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel.

He took the role of Colonel Tedesco in the Playhouse 90 original drama by A.E. Hotchner, The Killers of Mussolini. More of his television appearances can be seen on three episodes of Hogan's Heroes. In 1957, he was in the film Texas Rangers with Gale Storm, and TV Series Marshall Dillon episode "Crack Up".

In "Twelve Guns" (November 1, 1958) on NBC's Cimarron City western series, Dehner played a prosperous area rancher, John Hartman, Sr., whose outlaw son, John, Jr., portrayed by Nick Adams, joins a gang of twelve that demands $50,000 from the citizens of Cimarron City. Previous towns have paid the ransom to be rid of the gang, the leader of which is the notorious Tate Masters, played by Charles Cooper.[1]

Dehner appeared in three episodes of The Twilight Zone: as Captain Allenby in the 1959 episode "The Lonely"; a 1961 episode, "The Jungle", as an engineer who receives an African curse; and "Mr. Garrity and the Graves" in the series' fifth and final season. He guest starred in the episode "Three" of the syndicated crime drama The Brothers Brannagan, starring Stephen Dunne and Mark Roberts as well as playing Arvid Lacey in the Rawhide episode "Incident at Sulphar Creek" in 1960. Appeared as an old WWI French General who assists the Americans during WWII in a episode of Combat entitled "The General and the Sargent". During the same time period, he also appeared on another, shorter lived WW II television drama "The Gallant Men" in an episode titled "A Moderately Quiet Sunday", playing a disillusioned German captain who contrives to surrender himself to an American private.

Dehner appeared in a number of Rifleman episodes as various characters. He guest-starred in NBC's The Wide Country, a drama about rodeo performers which aired in 1962-1963. On March 4, 1962, he appeared as legendary Sheriff Ben Wyatt on ABC's Lawman. In the episode entitled "The Long Gun", Marshal Dan Troop is determined to prevent Wyatt from shooting two murderers to death with his rifle, instead of taking them alive for trail.

Dehner also guest starred on an episode of The Andy Griffith Show as Colonel Harvey, purveyor of a magic elixir that casts a spell over Aunt Bee. The next season he guest-starred on Jack Palance's ABC circus drama, The Greatest Show on Earth and on the short-lived CBS sitcom/drama Glynis, starring Glynis Johns and Keith Andes. He was featured in the F Troop Season One Episode "Honest Injun" as a dishonest traveling patent medicine salesman. In 1966, he guest starred in the episode "Power of Fear" of Barry Sullivan's NBC western series The Road West and played the recurring role of Morgan Starr on The Virginian. In 1970, he appeared in The Cheyenne Social Club with James Stewart and Henry Fonda.

From 1971-1973 he was Cy Bennett, Doris Martin's overbearing boss on The Doris Day Show. One of his last appearances was as the sympathetic judge in the courtroom thriller Jagged Edge. He appeared in the Columbo episodes Swan Song (1974) and Last Salute to the Commodore (1978), playing the title role in the latter, the only Columbo episode in which the killer isn't known from the beginning. In 1983, he starred in the short-lived NBC prime time soap opera Bare Essence as "Hadden Marshall".

Dehner also portrayed a number of historical figures, including Pat Garrett in the 1957 western film The Left Handed Gun; Jean Lafitte in the 1964 episode "The Gentleman from New Orleans" of TV western TV series Bonanza; Thomas Jefferson in the 1964 episode "Plague" of the TV anthology series The Great Adventure; Dean Acheson in the 1974 TV-movie The Missiles of October; Lafayette C. Baker in the 1977 film The Lincoln Conspiracy; John Muir in the 1979 TV movie Guardian of the Wilderness (also known as Mountain Man); Henry Luce in the 1983 film The Right Stuff; and Admiral Ernest J. King in the 1988 TV miniseries War and Remembrance.

Dehner died of emphysema and diabetes at the age of seventy-six in Santa Barbara, California. His interment is at the cemetery in Carpinteria, California.




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Disc 1
Gunsmoke 52-06-07 (007) Buffalo Killers
Gunsmoke 52-08-16 (017) The Lynching
Gunsmoke 52-08-30 (019) The Juniper Tree
Gunsmoke 52-09-13 (021) Home Surgery
Gunsmoke 52-09-26 (023) The Railroad (rehearsal)
Gunsmoke 52-10-10 (025) Hinka-Do
Gunsmoke 52-11-07 (029) Tara
Gunsmoke 52-11-29 (032) Kitty
Gunsmoke 52-12-06 (033) I Dont Know
Gunsmoke 52-12-20 (035) Xmas Story
Gunsmoke 52-12-27 (036) The Cabin
Gunsmoke 53-01-03 (037) Westbound
Gunsmoke 53-01-10 (038) Word of Honor
Gunsmoke 53-01-24 (040) The Old Lady
Gunsmoke 53-02-21 (044) Meshougah
Gunsmoke 53-02-28 (045) Trojan War
Gunsmoke 53-03-07 (046) Absalom
Gunsmoke 53-03-21 (048) Pussy Cats
Gunsmoke 53-04-11 (051) Gonif
Gunsmoke 53-04-18 (052) Bums Rush
Gunsmoke 53-05-09 (055) The Buffalo Hunter
Gunsmoke 53-05-23 (057) Print Asper
Gunsmoke 53-05-30 (058) Fall Semester
Gunsmoke 53-06-06 (059) Sundown
Gunsmoke 53-06-13 (060) Spring Term
Gunsmoke 53-06-20 (061) Wind
Gunsmoke 53-07-18 (065) Wild West
Gunsmoke 53-07-25 (066) Hickock
Gunsmoke 53-08-01 (067) Boy
Gunsmoke 53-08-08 (068) Sky (Rehearsal)
Gunsmoke 53-08-08 (068) Sky
Gunsmoke 53-08-15 (069) Moon (Rehearsal)
Gunsmoke 53-08-15 (069) Moon
Gunsmoke 53-08-22 (070) Gone Straight
Gunsmoke 53-08-29 (071) Jesse
Gunsmoke 53-09-05 (072) The Sutler
Gunsmoke 53-09-12 (073) Prairie Happy
Gunsmoke 53-09-19 (074) There Was Never a Horse
Gunsmoke 53-09-26 (075) Fawn
Gunsmoke 53-10-03 (076) How to Kill a Friend
Gunsmoke 53-10-10 (077) How to Die for Nothing
Gunsmoke 53-10-17 (078) Yorky
Gunsmoke 53-10-24 (079) The Buffalo Hunter (reused script)
Gunsmoke 53-10-31 (080) How to Kill a Woman
Gunsmoke 53-11-14 (082) Professor Lute Bone
Gunsmoke 53-11-21 (083) Custer
Gunsmoke 53-12-26 (088) The Guitar
Gunsmoke 54-01-02 (089) Stage Holdup
Gunsmoke 54-01-09 (090) Jokes on Us
Gunsmoke 54-01-16 (091) The Bear
Gunsmoke 54-01-30 (093) Gunsmuggler
Gunsmoke 54-02-06 (094) Big Broad
Gunsmoke 54-02-20 (096) Last Fling
Gunsmoke 54-02-27 (097) Bad Boy
Gunsmoke 54-03-06 (098) The Gentleman
Gunsmoke 54-03-20 (100) Old Friend
Gunsmoke 54-03-27 (101) Blood Money (Sam Edwards)
Gunsmoke 54-04-03 (102) Mr. and Mrs. Amber (Helen Kleeb)
Gunsmoke 54-04-10 (103) Greater Love (John Dehner)

Disc 2
Gunsmoke 54-04-17 (104) What the Whisky Drummer Heard (Edgar Barrier)
Gunsmoke 54-04-24 (105) Murder Warrant
Gunsmoke 54-05-08 (107) The Constable
Gunsmoke 54-05-15 (108) The Indian Horse
Gunsmoke 54-05-29 (110) Feud
Gunsmoke 54-06-05 (111) Blacksmith (Vic Perrin)
Gunsmoke 54-06-19 (113) Going Bad
Gunsmoke 54-06-26 (114) Claustrophobia
Gunsmoke 54-07-05 (116) Hack Prine
Gunsmoke 54-07-12 (117) Texas Cowboys
Gunsmoke 54-08-02 (120) No Indians (Joseph Kearns)
Gunsmoke 54-08-09 (121) Joe Phy
Gunsmoke 54-08-16 (122) Mavis McCloud (Eleanor Tannin)
Gunsmoke 54-08-23 (123) Young Man with a Gun
Gunsmoke 54-09-06 (125) The Promise aka The Handcuffs
Gunsmoke 54-09-20 (127) The F. U.
Gunsmoke 54-09-27 (128) Helping Hand
Gunsmoke 54-10-02 (129) Matt Gets It
Gunsmoke 54-10-09 (130) Love of a Good Woman
Gunsmoke 54-10-16 (131) Kitty Caught (Lawrence Dobkin)
Gunsmoke 54-11-13 (135) Wrong Man
Gunsmoke 54-11-27 (137) Cooter (John Dehner)
Gunsmoke 54-12-11 (139) Bone Hunters
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-07-08 (01) Newspaper Being Taken Over
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-07-22 (03) Dirty Politics
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-09-16 (11) Illyria Box Lunch
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-09-23 (12) Farm Sale Day
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-10-08 (13) Leah's Eudora Notes
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-10-15 (14) Maggie And Barbara
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-10-29 (16) The Old Coronet
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-11-05 (17) Toast Of Vienna - Gretchen March
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-11-11 (18) The Town Clock
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-11-18 (19) Do It Now
Rogers Of The Gazette 1953-11-25 (20) The Princis Reopens
Rogers Of The Gazette 1954-01-20 (27) Something's Troubling Will
Romance 51-07-16 (250) The China Run
Silent Man 1952 04 02 (21) Trouble at Suez
Stars over Hollywood 54-02-27 (665) The Hundred Dollar Bill
Suspense 491124 360 The Long Wait
Suspense 491201 361 Mission Completed
Suspense 491229 365 The Bullet
Suspense 500316 376 Motive for Murder
Suspense 500504 383 Statement of Mary Blake
Suspense 501019 399 The Wages of Sin
Suspense 510614 433 The Truth About Jerry Baxter
Suspense 530126 497 The Spencer Brothers
Suspense 531102 524 Ordeal in Donner Pass
Suspense 531214 530 The Mystery of Marie Roget
Suspense 540315 543 The Girl in Car 32
Suspense 540426 549 The Bertillion Method
Suspense 540720 561 Telling
Suspense 540727 562 Destruction
Suspense 541014 567 Lost
Suspense 541104 570 The Last Letter of Dr Bronson
Suspense 541125 573 Shooting Star
Suspense 541202 574 The Shot
Suspense 541223 577 Premonition
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen 471009   15 The Tattooed Beaver and Baby Food for Pare Pare
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen 471203   23 The Green Tourist and the Temple Bell
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen 480107   28 The Derelict and the Wandering Boy

Disc 3
Escape 480718 047 Habit
Escape 480801 048 The Man Who Would Be King Ben Wright
Escape 480822 050 SS San Pedro
Escape 480905 052 Dream of Armageddon
Escape 490212 055 The Lost Special
Escape 490219 056 Orient Express
Escape 490416 067 The General Died at Dawn
Escape 490423 068 The Great Impersonation
Escape 500214 098 Two If by Sea
Escape 500228 100 The Man Who Won the War
Escape 500310 101 Port Royal
Escape 500407 105 The Ambassador of Poker
Escape 500421 107 The Shanghai Document
Escape 500623 116 Sundown
Escape 500714 119 Shark Bait
Escape 500721 120 Yellow Wake
Escape 501001 126 A Sleeping Draft John Dodsworth
Escape 501008 127 Roulette
Escape 501105 131 Earth Abides Part 1
Escape 501112 132 Earth Abides Part 2
Escape 501210 136 A Passenger to Bali
Escape 501217 137 Wild Jack Rhett John Dehner
Escape 501224 138 The Cave
Escape 510114 141 A Bullet for Mr Smith
Escape 510211 142 The Killer Mine
Escape 510725 146 The Earthman
Escape 510815 149 Rough Shoot
Escape 521116 157 The LoupGarou
Escape 521214 161 Four Went Home
Escape 530208 169 Jetsam
Escape 530315 174 The Man with the Steel Teeth
Escape 530503 181 Lili and the Colonel
Escape 530531 185 A Good Thing
Escape 530614 187 Clear for Action
Escape 530726 193 The Notebook
Escape 530802 194 The Red Forest Tom Tully
Escape 530927 202 The Untouchable
Escape 531004 203 Zero Hour
Escape 540311 205 The Bird of Paradise
Escape 540325 207 The Second Shot repeat
Escape 540408 209 The Scarlet Plague
Escape 540415 210 Affair at Mandrake
Escape 540506 211 The Adversary
Escape 540911 226 Carnival in Vienna
Lux Radio Theater 53-08-31 (844) One Last September
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 490821 016 Out of the Fire Into the Frying Pan
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 491126 027 Skulduggering in the Skull Canyon Mine
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 491203 028 Bodyguard to Anne Connelly
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 500203 035 Death Takes a Working Day
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 500224 038 The Archeologist
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 500418 046 The Story of the Ten-Oh-Eight (Rehearsal)
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 500523 051 The Earl Chadwick Matter
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 500713 058 The Calgary Matter
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 500930 066 The Howard Caldwell Matter
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 501021 069 The Jack Madigan Matter
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 501118 073 The Nora Falkner Matter
Yours Truly, Johnnny Dollar 501216 076 The Leland Blackburn Matter (Rehearsal)

Disc 4
A Man Called X 520219-72 Half Penny Stamp
Black Book 52-02-17 (1) On Schedule
Emotion 49-7-6-Jetatura - Audition Show
Hallmark Hall of Fame 54-01-03 (34) Tom Mix
Let George Do It 48-07-26 ep092 The Seven Murder
Let George Do It 49-10-31 ep158 Every Shot Counts
Let George Do It 49-12-19 ep165 Follow That Train
Let George Do It 50-01-09 ep168 The Silent Waterfall
Let George Do It 50-07-10 ep200 Island in the Desert
Let George Do It 51-01-29 ep229 Christmas in January
Let George Do It 51-02-26 ep233 See Me Once Youve Seen Me Twice
Let George Do It 51-03-26 ep237 No Escape from the Jungle
NBC University Theater 481010 011 An American Tragedy
NBC University Theater 481031 014 Justice
NBC University Theater 490102 022 Main Street
NBC University Theater 490109 023 The Grapes of Wrath
NBC University Theater 490116 024 All the Kings Men
NBC University Theater 490320 032 The Marble Fawn
NBC University Theater 490410 035 Moby Dick
NBC University Theater 490508 039 The Red Badge of Courage
NBC University Theater 490716 049 Point of No Return
NBC University Theater 490730 051 This Side of Paradise
NBC University Theater 491113 064 Babalon Revisited
NBC University Theater 491127 066 Point of No Return
NBC University Theater 500205 074 Track of the Cat
NBC University Theater 500709 096 The Time of Man
Philip Marlowe 48-10-24 005 The Heart of Gold
Philip Marlowe 49-01-08 015 The Restless Day
Philip Marlowe 49-04-02 ep027 The Last Laugh
Philip Marlowe 49-04-23 ep030 The Cloak of Kamehameha
Philip Marlowe 49-05-14 ep033 The Promise to Pay
Philip Marlowe 49-08-27 ep047 The Eager Witness
Philip Marlowe 49-10-01 ep052 The Tale of the Mermaid
Philip Marlowe 50-03-07 ep074 The Monkeys Uncle
Philip Marlowe 50-04-11 ep079 The Anniversary Gift
Philip Marlowe 50-06-06 ep087 The Uneasy Head
Philip Marlowe 50-06-28 ep090 The Pelicans Roost
Philip Marlowe 50-09-22 ep102 The White Carnation
Philip Marlowe 50-09-29 ep103 The Big Book
Philip Marlowe 51-07-07 ep104 A Seaside Sabbatical
Richard Diamond 50 08 30 062 The Big Foot Grafton Case
Richard Diamond 52 02 08 121 The Eddie Burke Case
Richard Diamond 53 06 28 145 Rifle Case repeat 50 10 25  1
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-05-15 (019) Hold Back the Dawn
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-11-18 (043) The Uninvited
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-11-25 (044) Spiral Staircase
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-12-30 (049) One Way Passage
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-03-31 (062) The Dark Mirror
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-12-14 (081) The Lady Gambles
The Whistler 48-11-28 (338) Murder in Paradise
The Whistler 50-05-07 (414) Fatal Error
The Whistler 50-06-11 (419) Rebound
The Whistler 50-06-25 (421) Manhunt
The Whistler 50-07-30 (426) With My Own Eyes
The Whistler 50-11-05 (440) Just Like a Man
The Whistler 50-12-03 (444) The Lady and the Knife
The Whistler 50-12-10 (445) Clock on the Tower
The Whistler 51-03-11 (458) High Death
The Whistler 51-05-06 (466) Two and One Makes Murder
The Whistler 51-07-08 (475) The Witness
The Whistler 52-01-06 (501) Episode at Thunder Mountain
The Whistler 53-11-29 (598) Lady on a Yacht
Wild Bill Hickok 52-03-28 (065) The Wild Miller of Paiute Falls
Wild Bill Hickok 52-05-30 (083) Whine of a Saw

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