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Learn About mp3

What is an MP3-CD?

An MP3-CD looks, sounds and feels like a regular CD (compact disc). However, the content file(s) is more compressed. MP3 stands for both the extension on the file and the type of file-MPEG, Moving Picture Experts Group, Audio Layer 3. (Layer 3 is one of three coding schemes for the compression of audio signals.) Layer 3 uses compression to remove all redundant and irrelevant parts of a sound signal-what the human ear doesn't hear anyway. The result in real terms is that layer 3 shrinks the original sound data by a factor of 12 without sacrificing sound quality.

A regular CD holds a maximum of 74 minutes of audio, compared to the MP3-CD's storage capability of 50 hours and plus. This advantage makes MP3-CDs the logical choice for Old Time Radio.

Where can I play an audiobook MP3-CD?

New CD players which are marked as MP3-CD compatible will play MP3-CD audiobooks as will most new DVD players, computer CD drives, new in-dash car audio systems, and several new (From 2005) automobiles (factory installed).

New CD players that are formatted to play MP3-CDs will also play regular CDs. However, older CD players built to play only regular CDs will not play the new MP3-CDs.



You will need CD players that read mp3 files.

Here some of the more popular mp3 players:


Coby, Memorex, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and many more. Be sure you buy a model that support mp3 files.

You can upload the files in ipods like Apple Ipod, Sansa and 100's more.

Many new car CD players reads mp3, again check your player first.

Many new home DVD players and virtually every Blu Ray reads mp3 files, please check your manual. Finally you can use your computer. If you're reading this web page, you already have everything you need to listen this mp3 CD

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