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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 CD - 100 mp3

A great selection of the more popular shows of 1948. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.


A Man Called X 480208 A Tiger for the Lady
A Man Called X 480229 Storm over the Alps
A Man With A Cause 48-05-17 Henry Fonda
Adventure Parade 48-11-26 05 Bells of Lieden Sing
Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 481024 The Heart Of Gold
Aldrich Family 481223 Christmas Program
Alfred Hitchcock Show 48-09-21 Malice Aforethought
All Stars Western Theater 480807 Stony Smith Story
All Stars Western Theater 480814 Jack The Joker
Alven Helfer News 48-07-16 Lead Story Berlin Blockade
Archie Andrews 481214 Xmas Job at Drugstore
Bill Sterns Sports Newsreel 48-07-23 Jimmy Steward Subs
Bill Sterns Sports Newsreel 48-12-31 with George Raft
Bing Crosby Show 48-01-14 Philco-GeorgeBurns
Blackstone - First Show - 48-10-03 - The Ghost That Trapped A Killer.
Bob Hope Show 481228 Christmas Day Show Berlin Air lift
Box 13 - 48-12-12 The Haunted Artist
Box 13 - 48-12-19 The Sad Night
Calling All Detectives 480910
Calling All Detectives 481224 Too Many Santas
Challenge Of The Yukon 48-06-21 Shadow of a Doubt
Crime Files of Flamond 480425 - Case 225
Destination Freedom 481010 Little David (Joe Louis)
Destination Freedom 481121 The Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger
Duffys Tavern 481223 Christmas Show
Duffys Tavern 481229 Christmas Cards with Dorothy
Edgard Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show - 480404 Rudy Valee
Family Hour Of Stars 481219 Lullaby Of Christmas
Family Theater 481215 A Daddy for Christmas
Fibber and Molly 480608 I Here Music, I Hear Melodies
Fred Allen 48-04-18 016 James Farley - Literary Panel
Fred Allen Show 48-05-23 Fred Wants to do Bings Life Story
Gang Busters 48013 The Case Of The Brothers In Banditry
Gang Busters 481211 The Case Of The Thornberry Brothers
Gasoline Alley 48-12-24 The Adventure Of The Musicians Ignition
Great Gildersleeve 12-08-48 Disappearing Christmas Gifts
Green Hornet 480127 Hit And Run
Howdy Doody Show 070248
It Pays To Be Ignorant 48-02-05 Why Do Wedding Bells Ring
Jack Benny 480328 Money Or Your Life 48-03-28
Jack Benny 481226 Last Show For NBC
Jimmy Durante Show 480204 Bear Wrestling At The County Fair
Jump Jump - 481213 A Crack In the Ice
Jump Jump - 481222 Trapped In the Turret
Junes My Girl 48-10-04
Kitchen Club 48-10-01
Kraft Music Hall 481118 Groucho Marx
Kraft Music Hall 48-12-02 Peggy Lee
Let George Do It 481227 Death in Fancy Dress
Life with Luigi 481220 No Gift From Luigi
Lux Radio Theater 480105 The Farmers Daughter
Lux Radio Theater 48-01-26 Notorious
Martin and Lewis - 48-12-21 - Premier
Meet the Meeks 480612 The Circus is in Town
Melody_Ranch - Here Comes Santa Claus 48.12.21
Michael Shayne 48-12-18 The Eager Victim
Mr.President 48-12-26 George Washington
My Favorite Husband - 481113 Learning to Drive
My Favorite Husband - Audition - 48-07-05 - The Cugats Tenth Wedding Anniversary
Nick Carter 480919 Case Of The Homely Bride
Our Miss Brooks 481219 Magic Christmas Tree
Ozzie and Harriet 480116 Jury Duty
Ozzie and Harriet 481226 No Show for Christmas
Philco Radio Time 48-02-25 Peggy Lee
Philo Vance 48-10-12 The Cover Girl Murder Case
Philo Vance 48-11-30 Blackjack Murder Case
Quick as a Flash 480214 - Features The Shadow
Quiz Kids 481219 Christmas Special
Radio City Playhouse 481220 The Three Men
Red Skelton 481022 Juniors Arsenal
Rocky Jordan 48-10-31 - First Show - The Bartered Bridegroom
Rocky Jordan 48-12-12 Ace High Straight
Roy Rogers 480905 Horse Thieves of Paradise Valley
Roy Rogers 481223 Christmas Program
SamSpade 48-01-04 The One Hour Caper
Scarlet Queen - 480204 The Pegleg Skipper And The Ibe
Special - 480111 Farewell
Spike Jones 48-10-01 Guest Frank_Sinatra
Steve Canyon 48-09-02 Fortune Of Rubies
Suspense 480715 The Summer Night
Suspense 481223 320 Back For Christmas
Take It Or Leave It 480404 Appearance by Red Skelton
The Adventures of Ellery Queen 48-05-06 024 One diamond smithsonian
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell 48-12-18 The Quarantine
The Brighter Day 48-10-11 The First Episode
The Saint 480526 The Case of the Blond Who Lost Her Head
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty 48-10-07 Golf
The Shadow 480229 The Man Who Was Death
The Shadow 480912 Murder at Dead Mans Inn
The Tenth Man 48-01-02 The Tie That Binds
The Tenth Man 48-01-16 The Lady And The Lawmakers
Theater Guild on the Air 48-11-21 The Winslow Boy
This Is Your FBI 481224 The Return of St Nick
Twenty Questions 480918
Unexpected - 480523 - Revenge
Unexpected - 480718 - King Champion
You Are There 480523 Execution of Maximillian
You Are There 481031 The Election of Thomas Jefferson
Your Home Town Reporter - Audition - 48-10-11
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 481207 Milford Brooks III





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