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Nightbeat was a radio drama series that aired on NBC from February 6, 1950 until September 25, 1952, sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Wheaties.

Frank Lovejoy starred as Randy (originally "Lucky") Stone, a reporter who covered the nightbeat for the Chicago Star, encountering criminals and troubled souls. Listeners were invited to join Stone as he "searches through the city for the strange stories waiting for him in the darkness."
Ripperologist editor Paul Begg offered this description of the series:
Broadcast on NBC, Nightbeat... starred Frank Lovejoy as Randy Stone, a tough and streetwise reporter who worked the nightbeat for the Chicago Star, looking for human interest stories. He met an assortment of people, most of them with a problem, many of them scared, and sometimes he was able to help them, sometimes he wasn’t. It is generally regarded as a "quality" show, and it stands up extremely well. Frank Lovejoy (1914-1962) isn’t remembered today, but he was a powerful and believable actor with a strong delivery, and his portrayal of Randy Stone as tough guy with humanity was perfect. The scripts were excellent, given that they had to cover much in a short time. There was a good supporting cast, orchestra and sound effects. "The Slasher," broadcast on 10 November 1950, the last show of season one, has a very loosely Ripper-derived plot in which Stone searches for an artist.

Supporting actors included Joan Banks, Parley Baer, William Conrad, Jeff Corey, Lawrence Dobkin, Paul Frees, Jack Kruschen, Peter Leeds, Howard McNear, Lurene Tuttle, Martha Wentworth and Ben Wright.

The format was recreated, with Lovejoy as Stone, on an episode of the television anthology series, Four Star Playhouse ("Search in the Night" 5 November 1953)


Nightbeat 490519 The Ted Carter Murder Case Audition
Nightbeat 500113 The Elevator Caper (Audition)
Nightbeat 500206 (001) Zero
Nightbeat 500213 (002) The Night Is a Weapon
Nightbeat 500220 (003) A World All of His Own
Nightbeat 500227 (004) The Girl in the Park
Nightbeat 500306 (005) Number 13
Nightbeat 500313 (006) Am I My Brother's Keeper
Nightbeat 500320 (007) The Man Who Claimed To Be Dead
Nightbeat 500327 (008) Flowers on the Water
Nightbeat 500409 (009) The Night Is A Weapon (Special Rebroadcast)
Nightbeat 500410 (010) I Know Your Secret
Nightbeat 500417 (011) Tong War
Nightbeat 500501 (013) Mentallo, the Mental Marvel
Nightbeat 500508 (014) Elevator Caper
Nightbeat 500515 (015) The Night Watchman
Nightbeat 500522 (016) I Wish You Were Dead
Nightbeat 500529 (017) Harlan Matthews, Stamp Dealer
Nightbeat 500605 (018) The Girl from Kansas
Nightbeat 500612 (019) Football Player and the Syndicate
Nightbeat 500619 (020) Vincent and the Painter
Nightbeat 500626 (021) The Juvenile Gangster
Nightbeat 500703 (022) Marty
Nightbeat 500710 (023) T'will Be the Death of Me
Nightbeat 500717 (024) Molly Keller
Nightbeat 500724 (025) The Devil's Bible
Nightbeat 500731 (026) City at Your Fingertips
Nightbeat 500807 (027) Old Blind Pop
Nightbeat 500814 (028) Gunner's Last Fight
Nightbeat 500821 (029) Doctor's Secret
Nightbeat 500904 (031) Old Home Week
Nightbeat 500911 (032) The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Nightbeat 500918 (033) Wanna Buy a Story
Nightbeat 500925 (034) A Case of Butter
Nightbeat 501006 (035) The Kenny Day Amnesia Case
Nightbeat 501013 (036) Elinar Pierce and Family
Nightbeat 501020 (037) Judge Arnold's Daughter
Nightbeat 501027 (038) The Doctor's Daughter
Nightbeat 501103 (039) The Black Cat
Nightbeat 501110 (040) The Slasher
Nightbeat 510304 (041) Big John McMasters
Nightbeat 510518 (042) Juke Box Romance
Nightbeat 510525 (043) Fear
Nightbeat 510601 (044) Will of Mrs Orloff
Nightbeat 510608 (045) The Search for Fred
Nightbeat 510615 (046) Otto, The Music Man aka Old Baldy
Nightbeat 510622 (047) Sanctuary
Nightbeat 510629 (048) Byline for Frank
Nightbeat 510706 (049) Bill Perrin Amnesia Case
Nightbeat 510713 (050) Antonio's Return
Nightbeat 510720 (051) The City At Your Fingertips
Nightbeat 510817 (055) They
Nightbeat 511026 (065) Mr And Mrs Carothers
Nightbeat 511116 (068) Lost Souls
Nightbeat 511221 (073) Five Days off for Christmas
Nightbeat 511228 (074) Expectant Father
Nightbeat 520501 (092) Pay up or Die
Nightbeat 520508 (093) Long Live the Clown
Nightbeat 520515 (094) Death of Riley
Nightbeat 520522 (095) Target for a Week
Nightbeat 520529 (096) The Jockey Brothers
Nightbeat 520605 (097) Marvelous Machine
Nightbeat 520619 (098) Railroaded
Nightbeat 520626 (099) The Reformer
Nightbeat 520703 (100)The Old Itch
Nightbeat 520717 (102) Taste of Peaches
Nightbeat 520731 (104) Flight from Fear
Nightbeat 520807 (105) Sombody Stop Ann
Nightbeat 520814 (106) His Name Was Luke
Nightbeat 520821 (107) The Man with the Red Hair
Nightbeat 520904 (109) Ellen
Nightbeat 520911 (110) Larry the Understudy
Nightbeat 520918 (111) Policy Wheel Racket
Nightbeat 520925 (112) The Bug Killings





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