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OLD TIME RADIO - 3 CD-ROM - 113 mp3

Beginning in 1942, NBC had reinaugurated its concept of the NBC University of The Air and its companion NBC Inter-American University of The Air. Throughout the mid-1940s NBC produced some twenty-five productions specifically designed to both educate and entertain. Indeed, many of those programs were incorporated into the curricula of high schools, colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

With the final episode of NBC University of The Air's production of The World's Great Novels in 1948, NBC reevaluated the NBC University of The Air concept and success over the past decade, determined to both continue the educational priorities of its NBC University concept, while at the same time developing further educational programming as equally entertaining as it was instructive. Indeed, NBC University Theater, after airing two 'semesters' and a 'Summer Schedule' of NBC University Theater, changed the title of NBC University Theater to simply, NBC Theater. As reported in Time Magazine, NBC executives felt that the presence of the word 'University' in the title of the program left the wrong impression with its listeners.

Irrespective of the title change, NBC University Theater continued to maintain the same high standards and continued to expand the number of colleges offering college credit for listening to and studying the program's offerings from the initial three institutions to six educational institutions by the series' end.

For the formal curricula offerings, NBC University Theater and NBC Theater referred to their regular season offerings as both 'seasons' and 'semesters', interchangeably. For the Summer seasons NBC University Theater referred to them as their 'Summer Schedules.' The University of Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky was the first to collaborate with NBC Unversity in offering a formal 'College by Radio' course in 'American and British Fiction.' Other colleges and universities followed during the subsequent two years, as indicated in the sidebar at left. So successful were these programs that by the last season, some of the six participating institutions were offering a complete set of The Encyclopedia Britannica to students enrolled at each participating institution who submitted the most interesting paper during their coursework.




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NBC-UT 480730 001 Main Street
NBC-UT 480806 002 A Farewell To Arms
NBC-UT 480813 003 Number One
NBC-UT 480820 004 Noon Wine
NBC-UT 480827 005 Romantic Comedians
NBC-UT 480903 006 Candide
NBC-UT 480910 007 Peter Ibbertson
NBC-UT 480917 008 The Purloined Letter
NBC-UT 480924 009 Gullivers Travels
NBC-UT 481003 010 Lord Jim
NBC-UT 481010 011 An American Tragedy
NBC-UT 481017 012 History of Mr Polly
NBC-UT 481024 013 They Stooped to Folly
NBC-UT 481031 014 Justice
NBC-UT 481107 015 Arrowsmith
NBC-UT 481114 016 Of Human Bondage
NBC-UT 481121 017 Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
NBC-UT 481128 018 A Passage to India
NBC-UT 481205 019 Three Soldiers
NBC-UT 481212 020 After Many a Summer Dies the Swan
NBC-UT 481226 021 Alice in Wonderland
NBC-UT 490102 022 Main Street
NBC-UT 490109 023 The Grapes of Wrath
NBC-UT 490116 024 All the Kings Men
NBC-UT 490123 025 Ministry of Fear
NBC-UT 490206 026 Gullivers Travels
NBC-UT 490213 027 Tom Jones
NBC-UT 490220 028 Pride and Prejudice
NBC-UT 490227 029 Heart of Mid-Lothian
NBC-UT 490306 030 Tales of Edgar Allen Poe
NBC-UT 490313 031 The Pickwick Papers
NBC-UT 490320 032 The Marble Fawn
NBC-UT 490327 033 The History of Henry Esmond
NBC-UT 490403 034 Jane Eyre
NBC-UT 490410 035 Moby Dick
NBC-UT 490417 036 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
NBC-UT 490424 037 The Way of All Flesh
NBC-UT 490501 038 The Mayor of Casterbridge
NBC-UT 490508 039 The Red Badge of Courage
NBC-UT 490515 040 Heart of Darkness
NBC-UT 490522 041 The Age of Innocence
NBC-UT 490529 042 The Ambassadors
NBC-UT 490605 043 Short Happy Life of Francis McComber
NBC-UT 490612 044 A Passage to India
NBC-UT 490702 047 The Ides of March
NBC-UT 490709 048 Goodby Mr Chips
NBC-UT 490716 049 Point of No Return
NBC-UT 490723 050 How Green Was My Valley
NBC-UT 490730 051 This Side of Paradise
NBC-UT 490806 052 The Death of a Heart
NBC-UT 490813 053 The Big Sky
NBC-UT 490820 054 The Crusaders
NBC-UT 490827 055 1984
NBC-UT 490903 056 Precious Bane
NBC-UT 490925 057 Penrod
NBC-UT 491002 058 Portrait of a Lady
NBC-UT 491009 059 The House of Mirth
NBC-UT 491016 060 Sister Carrie
NBC-UT 491030 062 Dark Laughter
NBC-UT 491106 063 Dodsworth
NBC-UT 491113 064 Babalon Revisited
NBC-UT 491120 065 For Whom the Bells Toll
NBC-UT 491127 066 Point of No Return
NBC-UT 491204 067 The Wild Palms
NBC-UT 491218 068 You Cant Go Home Again
NBC-UT 500101 069 Great Expectations
NBC-UT 500108 070 Manhattan Transfer
NBC-UT 500115 071 The Ides of March
NBC-UT 500122 072 At Heavens Gate
NBC-UT 500129 073 Flowering Judas and Pale Horse Pale Rider
NBC-UT 500205 074 Track of the Cat
NBC-UT 500212 075 The Light That Failed
NBC-UT 500219 076 Victory
NBC-UT 500226 077 The Patrician
NBC-UT 500305 078 Tono Bungay
NBC-UT 500312 079 There Is No Convention
NBC-UT 500319 080 Angel Pavement
NBC-UT 500326 081 Howards End
NBC-UT 500402 082 Mrs Dalloway
NBC-UT 500409 083 The Nazarine
NBC-UT 500416 084 After Many a Summer Dies the Swan
NBC-UT 500423 085 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
NBC-UT 500430 086 Sons and Lovers
NBC-UT 500507 087 England Made Me
NBC-UT 500514 088 Prater Violet
NBC-UT 500521 089 The House in Paris
NBC-UT 500528 090 Imperial Palace
NBC-UT 500604 091 Gallions Reach
NBC-UT 500611 092 Monsieur Vincent
NBC-UT 500618 093 The Wild Palms
NBC-UT 500625 094 The Doctor in Spite of Himself
NBC-UT 500702 095 The Chips Are Down
NBC-UT 500709 096 The Time of Man
NBC-UT 500716 097 The Treasure of Franchard
NBC-UT 500723 098 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
NBC-UT 500730 099 Trents Last Case
NBC-UT 500806 100 Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court
NBC-UT 500820 102 A High Wind in Jamaica
NBC-UT 500827 103 Hedda Gabler
NBC-UT 500903 104 The Crime of Sylvester Bonard
NBC-UT 500910 105 Lost Horizon
NBC-UT 500917 106 Portrait in the Mirror
NBC-UT 500924 107 Don Quixote
NBC-UT 501001 108 Jonathan Wilde
NBC-UT 501008 109 Candide
NBC-UT 501015 110 Northanger Abby
NBC-UT 501022 111 Pere Goric
NBC-UT 501102 112 The Red and the Black
NBC-UT 501227 118 The Gambler
NBC-UT 510103 119 The Kreutzer Sonata
NBC-UT 510117 120 Daisy Miller
NBC-UT 510124 121 The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg
NBC-UT 510214 122 The Withered Arm

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