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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD-ROM - 98 mp3

Total Time: 43:28:02

This hard boiled spy drama began as an RKO Radio Pictures theatrical serial in the 1940s, went on radio in 1943, and then came to TV around ten years later in a Syndicated series produced for distribution by NBC Films; the series was about an American agent whose code name was "Falcon".

The success of the films led to a radio series that premiered on the American Blue Network in April 1943, and aired for the next ten years on various networks. It was here that his transition into a private eye was finalized, with The Falcon, now called Michael Waring working as a hardboiled insurance investigator, with an office and a secretary, Nancy.

Barry Kroeger was the first radio voice of The Falcon, followed by James Meighan, Les Tremayne, George Petrie, and Les Damon. Nearly all the shows were broadcast from New York.

Each show usually started out with a telephone call to The Falcon from a beautiful woman. Answering in his slightly British accent, he would reply to her and another adventure would follow.

Waring was snappy and sarcastic with the incompetent police who were inevitably unable to solve the mysteries without his help. Like the films, the radio plots mixed danger, romance and comedy in equal parts.




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01 The Falcon Audio Brief
02 Berry Kroeger Audio Brief
03 Berry Kroeger Audio Brief #2
04 Les Damon Audio Brief
05 Les Tremayne Audio Brief
06 George Petrie Audio Brief
The Falcon 45-11-27 (062) Murder Is A Family Affair
The Falcon 48-11-01 (200) Murder Is A Bad Bluff
The Falcon 49-02-20 (216) Murder Is A Knock-Out
The Falcon 50-05-14 (280) Amorous Bookkeeper
The Falcon 50-08-23 (295) Larcenous Lark
The Falcon 50-08-30 (296) Disappearing Doll
The Falcon 50-09-03 (297) Quarrelsome Quartet
The Falcon 50-09-10 (298) Worried Champion
The Falcon 50-09-24 (300) Friendly Target
The Falcon 50-10-01 (301) Talented Twins
The Falcon 50-10-15 (303) Careless Client
The Falcon 50-10-22 (304) Double Nephews
The Falcon 50-10-29 (305) Double Exposure
The Falcon 50-11-05 (306) Rich Racketeer
The Falcon 50-11-12 (307) Widow's Gorilla
The Falcon 50-11-19 (308) Puzzling Pinup
The Falcon 50-11-26 (309) Stooge's Errand
The Falcon 50-12-03 (310) Harried Husband
The Falcon 50-12-10 (311) Raw Deal
The Falcon 50-12-17 (312) Baby Brother
The Falcon 50-12-24 (313) Unwelcome Christmas Present
The Falcon 51-01-07 (315) Invisible Thug
The Falcon 51-01-14 (316) Happy Hoodlum
The Falcon 51-01-21 (317) Substitute Target
The Falcon 51-01-28 (318) Bellicose Boxer
The Falcon 51-02-04 (319) Neighbor's Nightmare
The Falcon 51-02-11 (320) Mighty Muscle
The Falcon 51-02-18 (321) Superfluous Murder
The Falcon 51-02-25 (322) Practical Choker
The Falcon 51-03-04 (323) Gangster's Girl
The Falcon 51-03-11 (324) Unsilent Butler
The Falcon 51-03-18 (325) Witty Widow
The Falcon 51-03-25 (326) Talented Texan
The Falcon 51-04-01 (327) Worried Wife
The Falcon 51-04-08 (328) Carved Ham
The Falcon 51-04-15 (329) Shopkeeper's Gun
The Falcon 51-04-22 (330)The_Case_of_the_Missing_Miss
The Falcon 51-04-29 (331) Big Talker
The Falcon 51-05-06 (332) Flaming Club
The Falcon 51-05-13 (333) Dutch Doll
The Falcon 51-05-20 (334) Curious Cop
The Falcon 51-05-27 (335) Unwelcome Wife
The Falcon 51-06-06 (336) Proud Papa
The Falcon 51-06-13 (337) Sweet Swindle
The Falcon 51-06-20 (338) Broken Fingerprint
The Falcon 51-06-27 (339) Nervous Shakedown
The Falcon 51-07-04 (340) Everybody's Gun
The Falcon 51-07-11 (341) Vanishing Varmint
The Falcon 51-07-18 (342) Cautious Cousin
The Falcon 51-07-25 (343) Plenty Twenty
The Falcon 51-08-01 (344) Hypocritical Hypo
The Falcon 51-08-15 (346) Loose Lip
The Falcon 51-08-22 (347) Beautiful Bait
The Falcon 52-02-17 (365) Missing Patient
The Falcon 52-02-24 (366) Gold Ring
The Falcon 52-03-02 (367) Natural Seven
The Falcon 52-03-09 (368) Killer's Key
The Falcon 52-03-16 (369) Grand Gamble
The Falcon 52-03-23 (370) Murdering Missus
The Falcon 52-04-06 (372) Deadly Dame
The Falcon 52-04-13 (373) Handy Helpmate
The Falcon 52-04-20 (374) Jumping Jack
The Falcon 52-04-27 (375) Weeping Willow
The Falcon 52-05-04 (376) Fatal Fix
The Falcon 52-05-11 (377) King of Hearts
The Falcon 52-05-18 (378) Falling Star
The Falcon 52-05-25 (379) Happy Hoodlum
The Falcon 52-06-01 (380) Burning Bridges
The Falcon 52-06-08 (381) Dirty Dollar
The Falcon 52-06-22 (383) Vanishing Visa
The Falcon 52-06-29 (384) Menacing Mamselle
The Falcon 52-07-06 (385) Babbling Brooks
The Falcon 52-07-13 (386) Running Waters
The Falcon 52-07-20 (387) King of Clubs
The Falcon 52-07-27 (388) Broken Key
The Falcon 52-08-03 (389) Lonely Hunter
The Falcon 52-08-10 (390) Rolling Stones
The Falcon 52-08-17 (391) Gorgeous Greek
The Falcon 52-08-24 (392) Silent Butler
The Falcon 52-08-31 (393) Careless Corpse
The Falcon 52-09-07 (394) Jack of Diamonds
The Falcon 52-09-14 (395) Strawberry Blonde
The Falcon 53-06-15 (419) TCOTTreacherous Trio
The Falcon 53-06-22 (420) Ace of Spades
The Falcon 53-07-06 (422) Faded Rose
The Falcon 54-04-12 (462) Big Fix
The Falcon 54-05-31 (469) Snappy Snapshots
The Falcon 75-xx-xx re-creation A Little Knowledge [St Johns Hosp NY benefit]
The Falcon xx-xx-xx (xxx) Disguised Murderer
The Falcon xx-xx-xx (xxx) Murder Knows No Borderline
The Falcon xx-xx-xx (xxx) Murdering Wife
The Falcon xx-xx-xx (xxx) Perfect Crime

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