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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 CD - 36 mp3 - Total Playtime: 17:23:00

Milton Berle (born Milton Berlinger, July 12, 1908 – March 27, 2002) was an American comedian and actor. As the host of NBC's Texaco Star Theater (1948–55), he was the first major American television star and was known to millions of viewers as "Uncle Miltie" and "Mr. Television" during TV's golden age.
In 1934–36, Berle was heard regularly on The Rudy Vallee Hour, and he got much publicity as a regular on The Gillette Original Community Sing, a Sunday night comedy-variety program broadcast on CBS from September 6, 1936 to August 29, 1937. In 1939, he was the host of Stop Me If You've Heard This One with panelists spontaneously finishing jokes sent in by listeners.

Three Ring Time, a comedy-variety show sponsored by Ballantine Ale, was followed by a 1943 program sponsored by Campbell's Soups. The audience participation show Let Yourself Go (1944–1945) could best be described as slapstick radio[citation needed] with studio audience members acting out long suppressed urges (often directed at host Berle). Kiss and Make Up, on CBS in 1946, featured the problems of contestants decided by a jury from the studio audience with Berle as the judge. He also made guest appearances on many comedy-variety radio programs during the 1930s and 1940s.

Scripted by Hal Block and Martin Ragaway, The Milton Berle Show brought Berle together with Arnold Stang, later a familiar face as Berle's TV sidekick. Others in the cast were announcer Frank Gallop, Pert Kelton, Mary Schipp, Jack Albertson, Arthur Q. Bryan, Ed Begley and Brazilian singer Dick Farney. Sponsored by Philip Morris, it aired on NBC from March 11, 1947 until April 13, 1948. Berle's desire to succeed on radio was strong enough to cause him to cancel well-paying nightclub appearances in favor of doing the radio program.

His last radio series was The Texaco Star Theater, which began September 22, 1948 on ABC and continued until June 15, 1949, with Berle heading the cast of Stang, Kelton and Gallop, along with Charles Irving, Kay Armen, and double-talk specialist Al Kelly. It employed top comedy writers (Nat Hiken, brothers Danny and Neil Simon, Leo Fuld, Aaron Ruben), and Berle later recalled this series as "the best radio show I ever did... a hell of a funny variety show". It served as a springboard for Berle's rise as television's first major star.


Milton Berle Show 47-08-05 (22) Salute to the Great Outdoors
Milton Berle Show 47-08-12 (23) Salute to Summer Sports
Milton Berle Show 47-08-19 (24) Relaxation
Milton Berle Show 47-08-26 (25) Salutes the Railways of America
Milton Berle Show 47-09-02 (26) Salutes Our South American Neighbors
Milton Berle Show 47-09-09 (27) Salutes the American Farmer
Milton Berle Show 47-09-16 (28) Salute to Radio
Milton Berle Show 47-09-23 (29) Salutes the Great Automobile Industry
Milton Berle Show 47-09-30 (30) Tribute to Brooklyn
Milton Berle Show 47-10-07 (31) Salutes the Old West
Milton Berle Show 47-10-14 (32) Salutes New York Theater Season Opening
Milton Berle Show 47-10-21 (33) Salute to Good Health
Milton Berle Show 47-10-28 (34) Salutes Navy Day
Milton Berle Show 47-11-04 (35) Salutes Sport of the Hour - King Football
Milton Berle Show 47-11-11 (36) Salutes Washington, DC
Milton Berle Show 47-11-18 (37) Salutes the Opera
Milton Berle Show 47-11-25 (38) Salute to Thanksgiving
Milton Berle Show 47-12-02 (39) Salute to Public Servants - Unsung Heroes
Milton Berle Show 47-12-09 (40) Salute to Prizefighting
Milton Berle Show 47-12-16 (41) Salutes the Department Stores of America
Milton Berle Show 47-12-23 (42) Salutes Christmas
Milton Berle Show 47-12-30 (43) Salutes the New Year
Milton Berle Show 48-01-06 (44) Salutes Winter Sports
Milton Berle Show 48-01-20 (46) Salutes Wall Street and High Finance
Milton Berle Show 48-01-27 (47) Salutes New York
Milton Berle Show 48-02-03 (48) Salutes Gambling
Milton Berle Show 48-02-10 (49) Salutes California
Milton Berle Show 48-02-17 (50) Salutes the Communication Industry
Milton Berle Show 48-02-24 (51) Salutes Women
Milton Berle Show 48-03-02 (52) Salute to Literature
Milton Berle Show 48-03-09 (53) Salutes Income Tax
Milton Berle Show 48-03-16 (54) Salutes the Great Game of Politics
Milton Berle Show 48-03-23 (55) Salutes the Coming of Spring
Milton Berle Show 48-03-30 (56) Salutes Horse Racing - Sport of Kings
Milton Berle Show 48-04-06 (57) Salutes Motoring
Milton Berle Show 48-04-13 (58) Salutes Health





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