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The Aldrich Family, a popular radio teenage situation comedy (1939-1953), was also presented in films, television and comic books. In the radio series' well-remembered weekly opening exchange, awkward teen Henry's mother called, "Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!", and he responded with a breaking adolescent voice, "Com-ing, Mother!"

When Rudy Vallee saw the play, he asked Goldsmith to adapt it into some sketches for his radio program, and this was followed in 1938 by a 39-week run of a sketch comedy series on The Kate Smith Hour with Stone continuing in the role of Henry. Kate Smith's director, Bob Welsh, is credited with the creation of the "Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!" opening, which eventually became one of the most famous signature sounds in radio.

A top-ten ratings hit within two years of its birth (in 1941, the show carried a 33.4 Crossley rating, landing it solidly alongside Jack Benny and Bob Hope). Earning $3000 a week, Goldsmith was the highest paid writer in radio, and his show became a prototype for the teen-oriented situation comedies that followed on radio and television.

Stone kept the lead role until 1942, when he entered the Army for World War II. Norman Tokar succeeded Stone as Henry for two seasons. Best known for his later work directing the television hit Leave It to Beaver — whose approach of telling its stories from the vantage point of a child may have been inspired by the similar implication in many Aldrich episodes — Tokar also helped write many of the Aldrich episodes. On The Aldrich Family, Tokar was followed by Dickie Jones (1943-44) and Raymond Ives (1944-45), before Stone returned to his signature role. Bobby Ellis became the last Henry Aldrich in 1952.





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391010 015 Henrys Engagement
391017 016 Girl Trouble aka Date Mix-Up
400220 034 Pigeon Coops
400227 035 Carrier Pigeons
400423 043 Coupon Craze
400430 044 Model Airplane
400507 045 Mothers Day
400521 047 School Picnic
400528 048 Cross Country Race
400905 060 The Generous Gentleman Movie
400912 061 Henry Loses Gift Watch From Aunt Harriet
401031 068 Halloween Prank Backfires
410126 PenPal
411023 116 Henry Forgets To Mail A Letter
420122 129 Girlfriend
420129 130 Henrys Secret Admirer
420618 150 Selling Christmas Cards
430211 180 Valentines Day Party
430225 182 Homers Love Note Goes to Henrys Teacher
430311 184 Legal Trouble
430401 187 Selling War Bonds In A Snow Storm
430415 189 Props for School Play
431007 206 Everyone Sleeps Over aka Moving Day
440127 Movie Star
440302 227 Homers Piano Recital
440309 228 Warmest Day in March
440413 233 Close That Door
440420 234 Sam and Henry Both Await Calls
440427 235 Henry Trades A Baseball
440511 237 Baby Sitting Or Movies
441124 260 Mrs Aldrich Returns A Bicycle
450112 267 Henry Sends Candy To Two Girls
450126 269 Church and Chocolate
460926 351 Mary Has Joe Graham Over
470313 375 Birthday Pipe
471211 402 School Ring
480401 418 April Fools Day Jokes
480513 424 Date With Helen Forbes
480624 430 Painting The Garage
480930 431 Rotating Parties
481007 432 Henry Rents Out Marys Room
481014 433 The Great Wiener Roast
481021 434 Baby Sitting or Movies
481028 435 Detention Or Basketball Game
481104 436 Henry Buys A Hat
481111 437 Broken Toy
481118 438 Hardware Store Grabbag
481125 439 Thanksgiving Dance and Turkey Run
481209 441 Grouse For Dinner
481216 442 Homers Party
481223 443 Christmas Program
481230 444 New Years Eve Party
490113 446 French Notes
490120 447 Dinner Date With Kathleen
490203 449 Shoveling Snow
490210 450 Henry The Procrastinator
490217 451 Mrs Aldrich's Antique Chairs
490303 453 Planning A Trip To DC
490407 458 Blind Date
490414 459 Henry The Shortstop
490421 460 Henry Takes Gladys To School Play
490428 461 Date With A Tall Girl
490505 462 Homer Engaged To Agnes
491215 478 Homers Party
500914 509 Contest To Win Money For Motor Scooter
510401 School Gossip Column
510628 550 Everyone Expects a Surprise Party
520221 Debate Team
520911 Paid In Corn
520928 552 He-man Or Mouse
521005 553 Class Debt Chairman
521012 554 Big Deal
521019 555 The Camping Trip
521026 556 Parents Day
521102 557 Overdue Library Book
521109 558 New Suit
521116 559 Debating Team
521123 560 The Thanksgiving Turkey
521130 561 Henrys Father Is Sick
521207 562 The Lost Watch
521214 563 Roadside Stand
521221 564 Christmas Eve With The Family
530315 576 Latin Homework
530426 582 The Delivery Bicycle
xxxxxx Anniversary of First Date
xxxxxx Cleaning the Furnace
xxxxxx Fruitcake
xxxxxx Henry Gets A Letter From A Loan Company
xxxxxx Henry Goes Ice Skating
xxxxxx Lost In The Snow
xxxxxx Road stand and hotel
xxxxxx Waste Paper Drive

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