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Let's Pretend, created and directed by Nila Mack (1891-1953), was a long-run CBS radio series for children.

It had several different early formats and titles. Aunt Jymmie and Her Tots in Tottyville began October 27, 1928. Aunt Jymmie was the host of this Saturday morning children's program's whimsical tales of fantasy and fairy tales. She introduced each week's tale which was enacted by a cast of young children, "the tots." The young "tots" traveled to Tottyville, a make-believe world of king and queens, princesses, witches and magic spells. Originating from the WABC studio in New York City, the flagship station for CBS, this series lasted for 18 broadcasts until February 23, 1929 when it was replaced by the 30-minute The Children's Club Hour with Howard Merrill, who was the host and the scriptwriter. During the 1940s, Merrill scripted for The Gay Nineties Revue, Secret Missions and detective series such as Sherlock Holmes, Leonidas Witherall and the Abbott Mysteries. The Children's Club Hour, which offered fairy tales performed by juvenile cast members, began March 2, 1929 and continued until June 22, 1929.

After 17 broadcasts of The Children's Club Hour, the time slot was given to Estelle Levy and Patricia Ryan who created another children's program, The Adventures of Helen and Mary, scripted by Yolanda Langworthy. Broadcast on CBS Saturdays at noon and other late morning timeslots, this series began June 29, 1929.
Between December 1930 and January 1931, the title briefly changed from The Adventures of Helen and Mary to Land O' Make Believe. With Estelle Levy and Patricia Ryan in the title roles, the fairy tale program continued until March 17, 1934. After 229 broadcasts, Nila Mack took over as director and changed the title to Let's Pretend, "radio's outstanding children's theater."

Mack's Peabody Award-winning Let's Pretend began March 24, 1934, running for two decades before the final show on October 23, 1954. Adaptations included such classics and fairy tales as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Arabian Nights, Beauty and the Beast and Rumpelstiltskin.

The show always began with a characteristic tune, sometimes with lyrics, from its long time sponsor Cream of Wheat. George Bryan and Jackson Wheeler were the announcers. Jean Hight became the program's director after Nila Mack's death in 1953.

A history of the show, Let's Pretend And The Golden Age Of Radio (BearManor Media 2004), was written by veteran actor Arthur Anderson, who did character roles on Let's Pretend at age 13 and was on the show almost every week (with time out for military service) until the program's demise.

The series received numerous awards, including two Peabody Awards, a Women’s National Radio Committee Award and five Radio Daily Awards.

In 1970 Telegeneral adapted these stories on vinyl records.






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410419 The Juniper Tree
420822 Why The Sea is Salty
420829 The Little Mermaid
420905 The Elves and the Shoemaker
420912 The Water of Life
421219 Prince Gigi And The Magic Ring
421226 The House of the World
430123 The Golden Touch
430220 Princess Moonbeam
460727 The Yellow Dwarf
460803 The Goose Girl
460810 Faithful John
461026 Jack and the Beanstalk
461102 Puss And Boots
470607 The Six Swans
470621 Bluebeard
470628 Thumbelina
470705 Brother And Sister
470712 The Brave Little Tailor
470719 Rapunzel
470726 The Chinese Nightingale
470816 The Youth Who Learned to Shiver and Shake
470823 Mellilot
470830 Aladdin and His Lamp
470906 The Twelve Months
470906 The Twelve Months-Short
470913 The Donkey, the Table, and The Stick
470920 The Enchanted Frog
470927 Cinderella (record)
481218 Snowdrop And The Seven Dwarfs
490403 The Princess And The Pea
490416 Snowdrop and the 7 Dwarfs
490709 The Magic Tinder Box
511110 The Tinderbox
520816 The White Cat
521129 One Eye, Two Eye, Three Eye
521220 T'was The Night Before Christmas
531128 Ceres and Proserpina-long
531128 Ceres and Proserpina-Short
531205 Puss N Boots
531212 The Snow Queen
531219 T'was The Night Before Christmas
540109 Robin Hood
540605 Beauty and the Beast
540619 Ondine
541002 King Arthur
541009 Hansel and Gretel
541023 Jorinda and Joringale (last show)
xxxxxx Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (record)
xxxxxx Cinderella (record)
xxxxxx Douban The Physician (record)
xxxxxx Jorinda and Joringale (record)
xxxxxx King Midas and the Golden Touch (record)
xxxxxx King Thrushbeard (record)
xxxxxx Melilot
xxxxxx Sleeping Beauty
xxxxxx The Emperor's New Clothes
xxxxxx The Frog Prince (record)
xxxxxx The Golden Fleece (record)
xxxxxx The Juniper Tree (record)
xxxxxx The Magic Carpet of Baghdad (record)

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