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"In the animal world, there's the hunter . . . and the hunted; Hounds and Fox, Hawk and Sparrow, Chicken and Worm. We, in the top-most species, have also joined the hunt.  But who is to judge precisely which of us are hounds . . . or foxes . . . as we enter . . . The Chase!"





The Chase is an exciting Old Time Radio series in which every episode contains, well, a chase. It may be an adventure story, a crime story, or even science fiction, but there will always be a chase.

Series Derivatives:

Genre: Anthology of Golden Age Radio Mystery Dramas
Network(s): NBC
Audition Date(s) and Title(s): Unknown
Premiere Date(s) and Title(s): 52-04-27 01 Tales
Run Dates(s)/ Time(s): 52-04-27 to 53-06-28; NBC; Fifty-five, 30-minute programs
Syndication: NBC Orthacoustic
Director(s): Lawrence Klee [Creator]
Director/Transcribers: Walter McGraw, Daniel Sutter, James Harvey, Fred Weihe, Edward King
Principal Actors: Ruth Gilbert, Kermit Murdock, Larry Haines, Karl Swenson, Lucille Wall, Cameron Andrews, Bryna Raeburn, Court Benson, Santos Ortega, Roger DeKoven, Dan Ocko, Clem Flower, Chester Stratton, Jone Allison, Lotte Stavisky, Luis Van Rooten, Guy Repp, Horace Braham, Joyce Linden, Lester Fletcher, Stefan Schnabel, Vinton Hayworth, Wendell Holmes, George Matthews, Joe DeSantis, Ruth Gilbert, Ann Thomas, Ralph Bell, Adelaide Klein, Edgar Stehlil, June Foray, Norman Rose, Mandel Kramer, Leon Janney, Cathleen Cordell, Scott Tennyson, Jan Miner, Amzie Strickland, Donald Buka, Bob Hastings, Eileen Palmer, Lawson Zerbe, Ken Lynch, Bill Smith, Irene Hubbard, James Monks, Joan Morseman, Scott Tennyson, Bill Lipton, Jack Lloyd, Patrick Campbell, Sydney Smith, Walter Black, John Raby, Grant Richards, John Gibson, Abby Lewis, William Quinn, Ken Lynch, Richard Newton, Rita Allen, Helen Claire, Frank Milano, Evelyn Varden, Agnes Young, William Quinn, John Larkin, Ruth Yorke, Cliff Oland, Connie Lembcke, Gene Leonard, John McGovern, Martha Baron, Mildred Clinton, Pat Hosley, Rosemary Murphy, Sylvia Davis, Sylvia Lee, Elaine Rost, John Sylvester, Sarah Burton, Staats Cotsworth, Anne Seymour, Don MacLaughlin, Joan Tompkins, Linda Watkins, Ned Weaver, William Keene, Inge Adams, Ivor Francis, John Stanley, June Peel, Bill Smith, Cameron Prud'Homme, George Petrie, Matt Crowley, William Griffis, Arlene Blackburn, David Gothard, Ann Pitoniak, Nelson Olmsted, William Keene, Ian Martin, Chester Stratton, Josepoh Boland, Martin Ruby, Virginia Payne, Vera Allen, Bernard Lenrow, Phil Sterling, Beverly Roberts, John Thomas, Maurice Tarplin, Shirley Blank, Ed Peck, Helen Jerrold, Pauline Drake, Jane Webb, Irene Hubbard, Doris Smith, Leona Powers, Ted Osborne, William Podmore, Amy Sidell, Geoffrey Bryant, Sanford Bickart, Lloyd Bochner, Peter Capell, Edwin Jerome, Lesley Woods, Don Briggs, Joe Latham, Ken Williams, Natalie Priest, Mason Adams, Rolly Bester, David Kerman, Patsy Campbell, Andrea Wallace, Stuart McIntosh, Charles Penman
Recurring Character(s): None
Protagonist(s): None
Author(s): None
Writer(s) Lawrence Klee, Harry W. Junkin, Richard Connell, George Lefferts, Joseph Ruscoll, Russell Hughes, Les Crutchfield, Jack Fink
Music Direction:
Musical Theme(s): The Chase Theme
Announcer(s): Fred Collins, Arthur Gary, Mel Brandt
Estimated Scripts or
Broadcasts: 55
Episodes in Circulation: 55
Total Episodes in Collection: 54




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52-04-27 1 The Big Cat aka Tales (Log originally prepared by Martin Grams, Jr.
52-05-04 2 Harry Troll's Diamond
52-05-11 3 Countess Treanna
52-05-18 4 Elliott Preston Is Framed for Murder
52-05-25 5 Newspaper Reporter After Germans in South America
52-06-01 6 Easy Riches, Sudden Death
52-06-08 7 Hardluck Ethel
52-06-15 8 Terminate Professor Kolchek
52-06-22 9 Bald Artie Bender
52-06-29 10 Stephan, Monica and One Million Dollars
52-07-10 11 Doug Burton and a Mysterious Letter
52-07-17 12 Joey
52-07-24 13 The Apprentice
52-08-07 14 The Painting
52-08-14 15 The Amusement Park
52-08-21 16 The Promotion
52-09-21 17 The Chinese Buddha
52-09-28 18 Twenty Million Dollar Bum
52-10-05 19 Flight from Istanbul
52-10-12 20 The Cat's Meow
52-10-19 21 Man Hunt
52-10-26 22 Iron Curtain Express
52-11-02 23 Long Distance
52-11-09 24 Career Girl
52-11-16 25 My Love Is a Ghost
52-11-23 26 Blackout
52-11-30 27 The Most Dangerous Game
52-12-07 28 Dangerous Journey
52-12-14 29 The Murder
52-12-21 30 The Sound of Murder (Missing)
52-12-28 31 No Contact
53-01-04 32 The Fortune Hunter
53-01-11 33 Professor Calvin and the Voice
53-01-18 34 Killer at Large
53-01-25 35 The Creeper
53-02-01 36 Corpus Delicti
53-02-08 37 Pennypinching Boarding House Owners
53-02-15 38 The Will
53-02-22 39 The Jailbreak
53-03-01 40 A Frame for Murder
53-03-08 41 Special Delivery
53-03-15 42 The Lady Is a Corpse
53-03-22 43 Cathy Sutter Meets James Carter
53-03-29 44 Murderers' Hall
53-04-05 45 Johnny and Ellen, Killer and Hostage
53-04-19 46 King Danno
53-04-26 47 The Leading Man Talent Search
53-05-03 48 Circumstantial Evidence
53-05-17 49 The Hold-Up
53-05-24 50 Tiger Lily
53-05-31 51 Lucifer
53-06-07 52 Million Dollar Hunt
53-06-14 53 Playboy
53-06-21 54 The Monster
53-06-28 55 Harry and the Talking Horse

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