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Guiding Light (known as The Guiding Light before 1975, or simply GL) is an American daytime television drama and is credited by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the longest-running soap opera in production and the longest running drama in television and radio history, from 1937-2009. It is also among the longest running broadcast programs in history of any kind, across radio media for 72 years, and then television media for 57 years, being first broadcast five days after President Franklin D. Roosevelt's second inauguration. It aired on radio from January 25, 1937, to June 29, 1956, and debuted on CBS Television on June 30, 1952 running for 57 years. The series was expanded from 15 minutes to a half hour in 1968, and then to a full hour on November 7, 1977. In 2009, CBS Daytime did not renew Guiding Light, and the final episode aired on CBS on September 18, 2009 (see below: The End ).

Guiding Light was created by Irna Phillips, and began as an NBC Radio serial on January 25, 1937. In 1947 the show moved to CBS radio, before starting on television on June 30, 1952, on CBS television. The show's title refers to a lamp in the study of Reverend Dr. John Ruthledge, a major character when The Guiding Light debuted in 1937, that family and residents could see as a sign for them to find help when needed.

CBS announced on April 1, 2009, that the series was being canceled because of low ratings. The show taped its final scenes on August 11, 2009, and its final episode aired on CBS on September 18, 2009. On October 5, 2009, CBS replaced Guiding Light with an hour-long revival of Let's Make a Deal, hosted by Wayne Brady.

Guiding Light was broadcast from three locations: Chicago, Illinois (where creator Irna Phillips resided), from 1937 until 1946; Hollywood, California, from 1947 until 1949; and New York City since 1949. It was moved from Chicago to Hollywood (despite objections of both Phillips and Arthur Peterson) to take advantage of the talent pool. Production was subsequently moved to New York City, where the majority of soaps broadcast from during the 1950s, '60s and much of the '70s; it remained based in New York City until the show's conclusion. Its final taping location was the CBS studios in midtown Manhattan. From the 1970s to the 1990s it was filmed at the Chelsea Studios. From shortly before February 29, 2008, outdoor scenes were shot on location in Peapack, New Jersey. The location filming coincided with another significant production change, as the series became the first American weekday soap opera to be recorded digitally. The production team chose to shoot with Canon XH-G1 HDV camcorders. Unlike the old production model with pedestal-style cameras and traditional three-sided sets, handheld cameras allowed producers to choose as many locations as they wish.
In the daytime drama's 71st season on radio and 56th season on CBS, the show had changed its look to a more "realistic" experience. On February 29, 2008 a new show opening replaced the anniversary opening. The new look of Guiding Light included free-hand camera work and less action shown on traditional studio sets. Producer Ellen Wheeler introduced a "shaky-cam" style, present in a number of films, featuring extreme-closeups and frequent cuts, including those that "broke the axis" (which proved disorienting to viewers accustomed to shows with the traditional "soap opera look"). Also new was the shooting of outdoor scenes that took place in actual outdoor settings. Even many indoor scenes had more of an "on location" feel, utilizing repurposing real locations, such as GL's production offices, to be motel rooms, nail salons, quick-mart and other businesses or locations. Thereby, the show had numerous sets without the cost of numerous separate locations.

CBS and the show's producers had hoped that the new look would help reinvent the show and raise ratings, making the longest-running program in daytime history a model for the future of daytime, but the plan was ultimately unsuccessful. The new production style was partly adopted by at least two other CBS soaps. Both The Bold and the Beautiful (for example, Bikini Beach and areas around the Forrester Creations building) and As the World Turns (for example the Snyder farm, the lake, and numerous other scenes featuring the teenage characters) have notably increased their use of this style in their daily production, where before those types of shoots were limited to special trips taken by the characters.


The Guiding Light 50-07-17 episode 791
The Guiding Light 50-07-18 Talk About Meta
The Guiding Light 50-07-19 Ted And Meta Talk Marriage
The Guiding Light 50-07-20 Consulting Dr Bolling
The Guiding Light 50-07-21 Trudy And Bill Prepare For Bed
The Guiding Light 50-07-24 Meta Speaks With Chucky
The Guiding Light 50-07-25 Charlotte Wants To Adopt A Child
The Guiding Light 50-07-26 Meta Stays The Night
The Guiding Light 50-07-27 Ted Returns From Camping Trip
The Guiding Light 50-07-28 Dr Bolling Calls
The Guiding Light 50-07-31 Meta Keeps Her Appointment
The Guiding Light 50-08-07 Meta Tells Ted About Dr Hewitt
The Guiding Light 50-08-08 Chucky Calls For Ted
The Guiding Light 50-08-09 Ross Talks About Chucky's Accident
The Guiding Light 50-08-10 Ted Goes To See Dr Hewitt
The Guiding Light 50-08-11 Bertha Questions Bill
The Guiding Light 50-08-15 Chucky Wants To Take Art Classes
The Guiding Light 50-08-16 Bill Develops A Drinking Problem
The Guiding Light 50-08-17 Ted's On A Business Trip
The Guiding Light 50-08-18 Dr Hewitt Sees Chucky
The Guiding Light 50-08-21 Dr Hewitt Forms An Opinion About Chucky
The Guiding Light 50-08-22 Ted Returns From Trip
The Guiding Light 50-08-23 Meta Talks To Ross
The Guiding Light 50-08-24 Bill Refuses Ted's Loan
The Guiding Light 50-08-25 Ted And Meta Have A Discussion
The Guiding Light 50-08-26 The Lawyers Meet
The Guiding Light 50-08-28 Meta Finds Allies
The Guiding Light 50-08-29 Ted Has Large Debt With New House
The Guiding Light 50-08-30 Meta Sees Dr Hewitt
The Guiding Light 50-08-31 Bill's Drinking Problem
The Guiding Light 50-09-01 The Brandons Discuss Meta
The Guiding Light 50-09-06 Bill And Meta Meet For A Drink
The Guiding Light 50-09-07 Bertha Packs For Move
The Guiding Light 50-09-08 Ray Makes An Appointment To See Dr Hewitt
The Guiding Light 50-09-12 Meta TellsTed Off
The Guiding Light 50-09-14 Ted Has Writ Drawn Up
The Guiding Light 50-09-15 Ted Gets Summons
The Guiding Light 50-09-18 Ted's Lawyer Advises Him
The Guiding Light 50-09-19 Ted Talks With Meta
The Guiding Light 50-09-20 Trudy Resents Meta
The Guiding Light 50-09-21 Bill Tries To Reach Ted
The Guiding Light 50-09-22 Bertha And Bill Argue
The Guiding Light 50-09-25 Dr Bolling Finds Out About Meta's Plans
The Guiding Light 50-09-26 0838
The Guiding Light 50-09-27 Meta Files For Alimony
The Guiding Light 50-09-28 Ted Goes To See Bertha
The Guiding Light 50-09-29 Ted Has Visiting Rights With Chucky
The Guiding Light 50-10-02 Ted Tries To Bribe Bill
The Guiding Light 50-10-03 0843
The Guiding Light 50-10-04 Meta Tells Chucky They Arn't Going Home
The Guiding Light 50-10-05 Ted Takes Chucky For Visit
The Guiding Light 50-10-06 Chucky Falls Out Of Boxing Ring
The Guiding Light 50-10-09 Charlotte Visits Meta
The Guiding Light 50-10-11 Bertha Confesses To Papa
The Guiding Light 50-10-12 Bill Visits Chucky In The Hospital
The Guiding Light 50-10-13 Ted's At The Hospital
The Guiding Light 50-10-16 The Brain Specialist Advises
The Guiding Light 50-10-17 Bill Talks To Bertha
The Guiding Light 50-10-18 Bertha Nags Bill To Drink
The Guiding Light 50-10-19 Meta Finds Out About Bill Being Fired
The Guiding Light 50-10-20 Bertha Tries To Talk Ted Into Giving Bill His Job Back
The Guiding Light 50-10-23 Ted's Father Comes From England
The Guiding Light 50-10-24 Bill and Meta Talk At The Hospital
The Guiding Light 50-10-25 Bertha Spends Money
The Guiding Light 50-10-26 Ted Apoligizes To Bill
The Guiding Light 50-10-27 Papa Tells Meta He Wants To Help
The Guiding Light 50-10-30 Chucky Improves
The Guiding Light 50-10-31 Chucky Develops Complications
The Guiding Light 50-11-01 Chucky Reveals His Fear Of His Father
The Guiding Light 50-11-02 Chucky Is Dead
The Guiding Light 50-11-03 Meta Goes For Long Walk
The Guiding Light 50-11-06 Meta Shoots Ted
The Guiding Light 50-11-30 Meta Is Arrested
The Guiding Light 50-12-01 Ray And Charlotte Talk
The Guiding Light 50-12-04 Bill Tells Bertha To Get Out
The Guiding Light 50-12-05 Bill Goes To Gloria
The Guiding Light 50-12-06 Meta Is Questioned
The Guiding Light 50-12-07 Ted Is Angry
The Guiding Light 50-12-08 The District Attorney Asks Questions
The Guiding Light 50-12-11 Bill Goes To See Ray
The Guiding Light 50-12-12 Meta Returns To Scene Of Crime
The Guiding Light 50-12-13 Ray Is Allowed To See Meta
The Guiding Light 50-12-14 Ray Is Discouraged
The Guiding Light 50-12-15 Papa Goes To See Dr Keeler
The Guiding Light 50-12-18 Trudy And Bertha Discuss Bill And Meta
The Guiding Light 50-12-19 Newspaper Has Story About Murder
The Guiding Light 50-12-20 Meta Is Charged With Murder
The Guiding Light 50-12-21 Robert Lies To Meta
The Guiding Light 50-12-22 Dr Keeler Visits Meta
The Guiding Light 50-12-25 Dr. Keeler Has Message
The Guiding Light 50-12-26 Nasty Scene At The Bauer House
The Guiding Light 50-12-27 Bill Visits Gloria
The Guiding Light 50-12-28 Bill Makes Up With Bertha
The Guiding Light 50-12-29 Bertha Never Learns
The Guiding Light 51-01-01 Bertha Gives Letter To Bill
The Guiding Light 52-04-27 Twentieth Anniversary Show
The Guiding Light Argument over Chuckies Trip
The Guiding Light Ross Helps Meta
The Guiding Light Ted and Meta Breaking Up
The Guiding Light Ted Berates Chuckie





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