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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 mp3 CD - 100 Shows - Total Playtime: 42:40:53

A great selection of the more popular western shows. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.

Bobby Benson 49-12-28 Killer Wales
Bobby Benson 50-06-13 Face of Jabaco
Bobby Benson 51-07-07 Cyrano Wales
Bobby Benson 51-08-30 The Strong and The Weak
Bobby Benson 53-02-16 The Tunnel Of Trouble
Challenge of the Yukon 44-05-04 - A Woman Scorned
Challenge of the Yukon 46-03-14 - The Bully
Challenge of the Yukon 49-02-07 - Rogues Progress
Challenge of the Yukon 50-01-13 - The Miners Meeting
Challenge of the Yukon 51-11-18 - Trap for a Killer
Cisco Kid 52-07-22 Disappearing Bullet
Cisco Kid 52-12-02 Ghost Dance Of The Kiowas(speed off)
Cisco Kid 53-02-17 The Wooing of Big Minnie
Cisco Kid 53-03-31 Dynamite At Big Trestle
Cisco Kid 53-04-14 The Disappearing Cabin
Dr Sixgun 54-09-02 Indian Chief's Son Poisoned
Dr Sixgun 54-09-23 Choice Between Yom Kippur and Dueling
Dr Sixgun 54-10-14 Horse's Mane Is Murder Clue
Dr Sixgun 54-10-24 Kill to Stop Family Line
Dr Sixgun 54-11-21 Ringo, Gunfighter
Fort Laramie 56-01-22 Playing Indian
Fort Laramie 56-03-25 The Coward
Fort Laramie 56-07-01 Troopers Widow
Fort Laramie 56-08-05 The Massacre
Fort Laramie 56-09-09 The Buffalo Hunters
Frontier Fighters Joseph Meek
Frontier Fighters Massacre at Taos New Mexico
Frontier Fighters Oregon and the Pacific Republic
Frontier Fighters Rene Robert Cavelier de La Salle
Frontier Fighters Yellowstone Park
Frontier Gentleman 58-01-29 Remittance Man (Aud-BenWright)
Frontier Gentleman 58-05-11 The Cannibal
Frontier Gentleman 58-08-17 Wonder Boy
Frontier Gentleman 58-09-21 Indian Lover
Frontier Gentleman 58-11-02 Nasty People
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx Days of the Road Agent
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx Fort Disaster
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx Her Name Is Bourbon Kate
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx Return to Dos Rios
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx Sundown Valley
Gunsmoke 52-11-14 The Square Triangle
Gunsmoke 53-05-09 The Buffalo Hunter
Gunsmoke 53-11-28 Kick Me
Gunsmoke 55-06-18 The Reed Survives (Michael Ann Barrett)
Gunsmoke 59-06-28 Jailbait Janet (reused script)
Have Gun, Will Travel 581111 Audition Show
Have Gun, Will Travel 590208 Killers Widow
Have Gun, Will Travel 590531 Blind Courage
Have Gun, Will Travel 590719 Deliver the Body
Have Gun, Will Travel 591025 When In Rome
Hawk Larabee 46-08-02 Brazos John and Eastern Bride
Hawk Larabee 47-05-17 Fred Collins Shot
Hawk Larabee 47-07-18 Mountain Central Railroad aka Race To Build 2 Railroads
Hawk Larabee 47-10-18 California Kid
Hawk Larabee 47-12-27 Brannigan aka The Pilgrim
Hopalong Cassidy 50-01-01 Dead Man's Hand
Hopalong Cassidy 50-04-02 The Bandits of Ridge Creek
Hopalong Cassidy 50-05-28 The Letter from the Grave
Hopalong Cassidy 50-07-30 The Shell Game
Hopalong Cassidy 51-03-31 Hoppy Elects a Sheriff
Lightning Jim - A Lawmans Badge
Lightning Jim - Jesse James Helps the Marshal
Lightning Jim - Lightning Jim Meets Deadwood Dick
Lightning Jim - Red Mans Range
Lightning Jim - The Tornado
Lone Ranger 33-02-02 Jeb Is Framed For Murder Charges
Lone Ranger 38-02-21 Jim Flood's Mine
Lone Ranger 38-03-30 Night Stage to Dalton
Lone Ranger 38-04-06 Tonto Accused
Lone Ranger 38-04-20 The Price of Wool
Red Ryder 42-02-10 Trouble in Millersville, Part 1
Red Ryder 42-02-12 Trouble in Millersville, Part 2
Red Ryder 42-02-14 Trouble in Millersville, Part 3
Red Ryder 42-03-14 Trouble in Frying Pan Valley
Red Ryder 42-03-19 Back to Painted Valley
Six Shooter 53-09-20 Jenny
Six Shooter 53-11-01 Ben Scofield
Six Shooter 54-04-15 Crisis At Easter Creek
Six Shooter 54-06-10 The New Sheriff
Six Shooter 54-06-24 Myra Barker
Straight Arrow 48-05-06 Stage from Calvados (aka Framed)
Straight Arrow 49-07-18 Crooked Trail
Straight Arrow 50-03-09 Scourge
Straight Arrow 51-01-04 The Wasteland (aka Tenderfoot Land Swindle)
Straight Arrow 51-06-07 Eagle Claw
Tales of the Texas Rangers 500916 Candy Man
Tales of the Texas Rangers 501105 The White Suit
Tales of the Texas Rangers 501231 The Devil's Share
Tales of the Texas Rangers 510225 The Trap
Tales of the Texas Rangers 510415 Conspiracy
Tom Mix 390310 Jane's Father
Tom Mix 411215 Border Smugglers
Tom Mix 440621 Vanishing Herd
Tom Mix 450508 Secret Mission
Tom Mix 470422 The Woman In Gray
Wild Bill Hickok 51-04-01 First Show
Wild Bill Hickok 51-08-26 The Mysterious Fist
Wild Bill Hickok 52-09-17 The Sunny Side Scrap
Wild Bill Hickok 53-04-08 Broken Wheel Grade
Wild Bill Hickok 54-12-17 Miss Petty's Predicament





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