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A great selection of the more popular Detective shows. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.




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21st Precinct - Case Of The Foundling
21st Precinct - Case Of The Stairs
21st Precinct - The Bookkeeper
21st Precinct - The Nolen Brothers
A Case for Dr Morelle - The Black Ruby
A Case for Dr Morelle - The Gambler
A Case for Dr Morelle - The Will
A Case for Dr Morelle - Threat to Kill
A Life In Your Hands - Murder In The Doctors Office
A Life In Your Hands - Alderman Is Murdered
A Life In Your Hands - Carol Carson Murdered
A Life In Your Hands - Gangster Dan Wilmore Murder
Address Unknown - Ellen Sweeney
Address Unknown - Anthony Atwell
Address Unknown - Christopher Adamson
Address Unknown- Herbert Hedges
Barrie Craig - Confidental Investigator - Case Of The Philanthropist Bride
Barrie Craig - Confidental Investigator - Corpse on Delivery
Barrie Craig - Confidental Investigator - Death of a Private Eye
Barrie Craig - Confidental Investigator - The Paper Bullets
Boston Blakie - Blackies Three Way Split
Boston Blakie - Case Of The Unused Shoes
Boston Blakie - John Frawley
Boston Blakie - The Oscar Wolfe Case
Calling All Cars - Big Mail Robbery
Calling All Cars - Chloriform Murder
Calling All Cars - Murder at Southgate
Calling All Cars - Steele Kidnapping
Casey Crime Photographer - Lady Killer
Casey Crime Photographer - Murder In Black And White
Casey Crime Photographer - The Mysterious Lodger
Casey Crime Photographer - The Red Raincoat
Crime Classics - Shockingly Peaceful Passing Of Thomas Bartlett
Crime Classics - The Axe and The Droot Family
Crime Classics - The Terrible Deed Of John White Webster
Crime Classics - Your Loving Son Nero
Crime Club - Death is a Knockout
Crime Club - Fear Came First
Crime Club - Murder on margin
Crime Club - The Gray Mist Murders
David Hardin Counterspy - Murdering-Messenger
David Hardin Counterspy - Statue of death
David Hardin Counterspy - Washingon woman spy
Dragnet - The Big Evans
Dragnet - The Big Love
Dragnet - The Big Smart Guy
Dragnet - The Big Will
Gang Busters - The Case Of The New Jersey Counterfeiters
Gang Busters - The Case Of The Surprised Safecrackers
Jeff Regan Investigator - Lady With The Golden Hair
Jeff Regan Investigator - The Diamond Quartet
Jeff Regan Investigator - The Lost Lady
Jeff Regan Investigator - The Man Who Fought Back
Mr Keen - The case of the girl who flirted
Mr Keen - The case of the leaping dog
Mr Keen - The case of the man who invented death
Mr Keen - The Glass Coffin
Nick Carter - Dead Witnesses
Nick Carter - Drug Ring Murder
Nick Carter - Unwilling Accomplice
Night Beat - Elevator Caper
Night Beat - The Girl From Kansas
Night Beat - The Girl In The Park
Night Beat - Tong War
Pat Novak For Hire - Jack Of Clubs
Pat Novak For Hire - Rubin Callaways Pictures
Pat Novak For Hire - Sam Tolliver
Pat Novak For Hire - Wendy Morris
Peter Troy - The Far Out Wail
Peter Troy - The Tarnished Angel
Philip Marlowe - Lonesome Reunion
Philip Marlowe - The Collectors Item
Philip Marlowe - The Persian Slippers
Philip Marlowe - The Torch Carriers
Richard Diamond - Rene Bennet Protection Case
Richard Diamond - The Garibaldi Case
Richard Diamond - The George Lexington Murder Case
Richard Diamond - The Martin Hyer Case
Rocky Fortune - A Hepcat Kills The Canary
Rocky Fortune - Companion To A Chimp
Sam Spade - The Death Bed Caper
Sam Spade - The Insomnia Caper
Sam Spade - The Lazarus Caper
Sam Spade - The Mad Scientist Caper
Secrets Of Scotland Yard - Bank of England Robbery
Secrets Of Scotland Yard - Captain X
Secrets Of Scotland Yard - Family Soliciter
Secrets Of Scotland Yard - George Smith
The Saint - Fishes Gotta Eat
The Saint - Greed Causes Murder
The Saint - Prize Fighter
The Saint - The Previewed Crime
Whistler - Avarice
Whistler - Death Comes at Midnight
Whistler - Mirage
Whistler - The Nemesis
Your Truly Johnny Dollar - Robert W Perry
Your Truly Johnny Dollar -The Calgary Matter
Your Truly Johnny Dollar -The Horace Lockhart Matter
Your Truly Johnny Dollar -The Shayne Bombing Matter

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