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A great selection of the more popular shows of 1956. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.




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21st Precinct 56-04-05 The Six Hundred
21st Precinct 56-04-12 The Shopping Bag
21st Precinct 56-04-26 The Gorilla
21st Precinct 56-05-24 The Paperhanger
21st Precinct 56-05-31 The Neighbor
Conversation - Guest - Fred Allen 56-03-22
Dragnet 56-01-10 The Big Small
Dragnet 56-01-17 The Big String
Dragnet 56-01-31 The Big Strip
Dragnet 56-02-14 The Big Tooth
Dragnet 56-10-09 The Big Cab
Dragnet 56-10-23 The Big Flight
Dragnet 56-11-06 The Big Odd
Dragnet 56-11-13 The Big Pick
Eddy Arnold 1956
Edgar Berger 560304 Fugitives from the F B I
Edgar Berger 560318 Mc Carthys Cavalcade of Flops
Edgar Berger 560325 Mortimers Ups and Downs
Edgar Berger 560408 Interplanetary Western
Edgar Berger 560422 Lost in the Woods
Fort Laramie 56-01-22 Playing Indian
Fort Laramie 56-01-29 The Boatwrights Story
Fort Laramie 56-04-29 Capture
Fort Laramie 56-07-01 Troopers Widow
Fort Laramie 56-07-08 Talented Recruits
Fort Laramie 56-08-05 The Massacre
Fort Laramie 56-08-19 ep30 Goodbye Willa
Fort Laramie 56-09-16 ep34 The Payroll
Goon Show 561226 Six Charlies In Search Of An Author
Gunsmoke 560122 Romeo
Gunsmoke 560205 Legal Revenge
Gunsmoke 560219 The New Hotel
Gunsmoke 560401 How To Sell A Ranch
Gunsmoke 560812 Snakebite
Gunsmoke 560819 Annie Oakley
Gunsmoke 560902 Old Pal
Gunsmoke 560916 Thick N Thin
Gunsmoke 561007 The Gambler
Inner Sanctum 560622 Birdsong For A Murderer
Jack Benny Show 561225 Christmas Special
Lone Ranger 56-01-02 Framed
Lone Ranger 56-02-13 Birthday For Billy
Lone Ranger 56-02-17 The Army Mule
Lone Ranger 56-02-24 Hidden Loot
Lone Ranger 56-03-05 The Colonels Daughter
Lone Ranger 56-04-15 Golden Cargo
Lone Ranger 56-04-30 Teachers Brother
Lone Ranger 56-05-11 Janes Best Friend
Lone Ranger 56-05-14 Stubborn Thunder
MLB All-Star Game 560710 23rd MLB All-Star Game pt1of4
MLB All-Star Game 560710 23rd MLB All-Star Game pt2of4
MLB All-Star Game 560710 23rd MLB All-Star Game pt3of4
MLB All-Star Game 560710 23rd MLB All-Star Game pt4of4
OHara - Lost Boy - 56-10-29
One Man's Family 56-03-04 The Cure
One Man's Family 56-03-05 Consider Makes Pinky A Final Offer
One Man's Family 56-03-07 The Letter In The Wastebasket
Our Miss Brooks 560101 322 Mr Conklin Loses His Hearing
Our Miss Brooks 560108 323 School on Saturday
Our Miss Brooks 560205 327 The Auction
Our Miss Brooks 560212 328 Mr Conklin s Statue
Our Miss Brooks 560318 333 Mash Notes to Harriet
Our Miss Brooks 560506 340 New Girl in Town
Our_Miss_Brooks_560506 New Girl in Town
Recollection at 30 560620 Premiere Show
Recollection at 30 561003 The Pickens Sisters
Recollection at 30 561024 Sophie Tucker Vic and Sade Al Jolson
Recollection at 30 561212 Connecticut River Flood 1936
Suspense 560110 Two Platinum Capsules
Suspense 560117 The End Of The String
Suspense 560124 The Cellar Door
Suspense 560529 The Flame
Suspense 560808 Double Identity
Suspense 561016 The Prophecy of Bertha Abbott
Suspense 561118 The Long Night
Suspense 561209 An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
Suspense 561223 Back For Christmas
The Greatest Story Ever Told 561028 The Tree and the Fruit
The Greatest Story Ever Told 561111 The Woman and the Treasure
Tomorrow - 56-10-17
X Minus One 560104 TheRoadsMustRoll
X Minus One 560424 The Sense of Wonder
X Minus One 560501 SeaLegs
X Minus One 560515 HallucinationOrbit
X Minus One 560710 BadMedicine
X Minus One 560807 TheLastMartian
X Minus One 56120 There Will Come Soft Rains - Zero Hour
You Cant Win - Maharajas Millions - 56-02-xx
Your Truly Johnny Dollar 561122 Thanksgiving Message
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560123 The Duke Red Matter Episodes 1-5
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560130 The Flight Six Matter Episode 1
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560131 The Flight Six Matter Episode 2
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560201 The Flight Six Matter Episode 3
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560202 The Flight Six Matter Episode 4
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560203 The Flight Six Matter Episode 5
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560903 The Curse of Kamashek Matter - Episode 1
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560904 The Curse of Kamashek Matter - Episode 2
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560905 The Curse of Kamashek Matter - Episode 3
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560906 The Curse of Kamashek Matter - Episode 4
Yours Truly Johnnny Dollar 560907 The Curse of Kamashek Matter - Episode 5

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