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A great selection of the more popular shows of 1955. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.




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21st Precinct 55-08-06 The Summons
21st Precinct 55-08-13 The Tree
21st Precinct 55-11-04 The Special Orders
21st Precinct 55-11-11 The Friend
Adventures in Research 55-02-15 Seven And A Fifth Degrees
Adventures in Research 55-02-22 Throw The Oars Away
Adventures in Research 55-03-01 Free As A Bird
Adventures in Research 55-03-08 A Sprig Of Mint
Adventures Of Captain Courage 55-09-20 Off To The Indies
Al Read Show 551115 - Title Unnown
Barrie Craig Confidental Investigator 55-01-05 Angel of Death
Barrie Craig Confidental Investigator 55-03-02 Sweet Larceny
Bing Crosby Show 55-01-12 15 min Show
Bing Crosby Show 55-01-13 15 min Show
Bing Crosby Show 55-01-14 15 min Show
Bing Crosby Show 55-01-17 15 min Show
Bob Hope Guest Clair Trevor 55-03-31
Bob Hope Guest Maureen OHara 55-04-07
Brighter Day 550727 - Silver Clock Stolen
Cisco Kid 550400 Gold in the conestoga
Cisco Kid 550400 Stagecoach race at skeleton bend
Cisco Kid 550426 A medal for markmanship
Cisco Kid 550505 The hot headed sheepherder
Cisco Kid 550512 The hour of terror
Cisco Kid 550818 Dead mans gold
Cisco Kid 550830 Double cross gila bend
Cisco Kid 550901 Silk hat herbert
Cisco Kid 550906 Hermit of tall tree mt
Cisco Kid 550908 Ventriloquist
Cisco Kid 550913 Lynch Mob
Club Thirteen Hundred 55-12-09
Dragnet 55-11-22 The Big Walk
Dragnet 55-11-29 The Big Guilt
Dragnet 55-12-06 The Big Shirt
Edgar Bergan Hour and Charlie Mccarthy 551113 Charlie Dreams That He Visits Hell
Edgar Bergan Hour and Charlie Mccarthy 551127 Jack Benny
Edgar Bergan Hour and Charlie Mccarthy 551218 Xmas With Candy Bergen
Edgar Bergan Hour and Charlie Mccarthy 551225 Christmas Show
Gang Busters 550430 The Case Of The Missing Detective
Gang Busters 550514 The Case Of The Tapped Telehone
Guest-Star 550918 Portrait by Cupid
Gunsmoke 55-02-05 Cheyennes
Gunsmoke 55-04-16 The Gypsum Hills Feud
Gunsmoke 55-10-08 Good Girl - Bad Company
Gunsmoke 55-10-16 Trouble in Kansas
Gunsmoke 55-10-30 The Choice (Lawrence Dobkin)
Gunsmoke 55-11-06 The Second Choice
Gunsmoke 55-11-13 The Preacher
Halls Of Ivy 55-02-15 Note The Quote
Halls Of Ivy 55-04-12 Scandal Professor Rousseau
Halls Of Ivy 55-04-19 Football Fix
Halls Of Ivy 55-04-26 Can Is Minor
Howard Miller Show - Guest - Liberace 55-10-xx
I Cover The Waterfront - Audition - 55-08-29
I Cover The Waterfront (Audition) 55-08-29
In Your Own Words - The Story of Ruth Kearns - Pt1 55-04-14
In Your Own Words - The Story of Ruth Kearns - Pt2 55-04-15
Inside Track - Guest - Phil Rizzutto 1955
Liberace - Guest - Annette Warren - 55-01-12
Liberace - The Thanksgiving Show - 55-11-24
Lone Ranger 55-06-24 Trapped By Fate
Lone Ranger 55-07-01 The Left-Handed Killer
Lone Ranger 55-12-19 The Go-between
Lone Ranger 55-12-26 Hidden Danger
Lone Ranger 55-12-27 Stand-ins For Murder
Lone Ranger 55-12-28 Hunted
Lone Ranger 55-12-29 The Forged Requisition
Lux Radio Theater 55-02-08 The War Of The Worlds
Night Watch 550120 Smash Turkey and Larry
Night Watch 550127 Polio and fog
Night Watch 550224 Knife bread body and get away
Night Watch 550301 Uncensored out takes
Night Watch 550317 Crazy and buy
Night Watch 550324 Whiskers and black eye
Our Miss Brooks 551030 French Sadie Hawkins Day
Our Miss Brooks 551113 Outpost Road incomplete
Our Miss Brooks 551204 Saving the School Newspaper
Our Miss Brooks 551218 Christmas Clothing Drive
Our Miss Brooks 551225 The Magic Christmas Tree
Rotary Golden Theater 55-03-11 Spotlight On Youth
Rotary Golden Theater 55-03-12 Lets Get Acquainted
Rotary Golden Theater 55-03-15 Youth Yesterday And Today
Rotary Golden Theater 55-03-16 The Active Citizen
Rotary Golden Theater 55-03-17 Our Partner Youth
SpacePatrol 55-02-26-126 Voyage to the Future
Strange - Phantom Wagoneer - 1955
Suspense 55-04-05 Zero Hour
Suspense 55-04-12 The Lunch Kit
X Minus One - 55-08-04 - The Veldt
X Minus One - Audition - 55-04-22 - And The Moon Be Still And Bright
X Minus One - First Show - 55-04-24 - No Contact
X-Minus One 55-11-23 Zero Hour
X-Minus One 55-12-14 To the Future
X-Minus One 55-12-21 Marionettes Inc.
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551128 The Henderson Matter Episode 1
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551129 The Henderson Matter Episode 2
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551130 The Henderson Matter Episode 3
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551201 The Henderson Matter Episode 4
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 551202 The Henderson Matter Episode 5

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