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A great selection of the more popular shows of 1943. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.




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Adventures in Research 43-03-30 The Immigrant Inventor
Adventures in Research 43-04-06 Dirty Hands
Authors Playhouse 43-03-31 At Midnight on the 31se of March
Authors Playhouse 43-08-25 Widow of Wasdales Place
Baby Snooks 43-11-04 Gotocourt
Baby Snooks 43-11-04 The Trial
Bing Crosby Show 43-04-01 lucille ball
Bing Crosby Show 43-09-23 Kraft-George Murphy
Bing Crosby Show 43-12-02 Kraft-Ed Gardiner
Bing Crosby Show 43-12-16 Joan Davis Phil Silvers
Black Castle - Jungle Adventure 43-09-25
Bob Hope Guest Cary Grant 43-12-28
Burns And Allen 431221 Playing Santa Clouse
Burns and Allen Show - 43-03-02 - Playing Carnegie Hall Part 1
Burns and Allen Show - 43-03-09 - Playing Carnegie Hall Part 2
Burns and Allen Show - 43-08-31 - Guest Frank Sinatra
Burns and Allen Show 43-03-16 Concerto For Index Finger
Busy Mr Bingle - Miss Peppers Getting Mar 43-05-27
Ceiling Unlimited - 430201 - The Future
Ceiling Unlimited 431219 - A Letter To An Unborn Son
Challenge of the Yukon 43-12-23 - Old Man's Will
Command Performance 43-12-21 Fred Waring
Coronet Little Show - The Gift - 43-12-19
Duffys Tavern 43-12-07 Bing Crosby
Eddie Cantor 430609 Burns and Allen - Jack Benny
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 430516 Claudette Colbert and Rags Ragland
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 430523 Charles Boyer
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 430926 Chase and Sanborn Hedy Loves Mortimer
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 431031 Dorothy Lamour
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - 43xxxx - Guest Bogart
Ellery Queen - 43-03-25 051 The Circus train
Ellery Queen - 43-09-30 078 The Adventure of the World Series Crime
Fibber and Molly 431221 Looking For A Christmas Tree
Fibber and Molly 431228 A Fresh Start For The New Year
Fleetwood Lawton News 43-03-19
Fred Allen 43-01-03 014 PeterLorre-One Long Pan vs Mr Moto
Fred Allen 43-01-31 018 Oscar Levant
Fred Allen 43-12-31-New years with Fred Allen
Hello Americans 43-01-03 - Latin Music (Special Program)
Hello Americans 43-01-17 - Feed The World
Hello Americans 43-01-31 - Bolivars Idea
Information Please - 430122 - Guest Alfred Hitchcock
Information Please - 430215 Fred Allen
Information Please - 431122 - Russell Krause Moss Hart
Information Please - 431213 - Quincy Howe Dr Ts Choong
Information Please - 431220 - Jesse Stewart Oscar Levant
Inner Sanctum 43-03-07 - Black Sea Gull
Inner Sanctum 43-06-06 - The House Where Death Lived
Inner Sanctum 43-08-01 - The_Horla
Jack Benny - 430307 Burns and Allen sub for Jack Benny
Jack Benny - 430307 Burns and Allen sub for Jack
Jack Benny - 430321 Host - Orson Welles
Jack Benny - 430328 Host - Orson Welles
Jack Benny - 430411 Jack Returns After Illness
Jack Benny - 431024 Algiers
Jack Benny - 431219 Jack and Mary Go Christams Shopping
Jack Benny - 431226 Christmas at Jack's House
Kraft Music Hall - 43-12-16 BC-Phil Silvers
Lone Ranger - 43-12-06 - Golden Gateway H California Series
Lone Ranger - 43-12-29 - A Broken Bowstring
Lum And Abner 43-04-01-No Charge
Lux Radio Theater 430208 The Maltese Falcon
Lux Radio Theater 431220 Dixie
Lux Radio Theater 431227 Kathleen
Mr and Mrs North 430203 Russian Restaurant Murder
Mr and Mrs North 430317 The Dark Swarthy Man
Mr and Mrs North 430825 Missing Sparkler Frontline Theatre
Nick Carter 43-10-04 - Flying duck murders
Nick Carter 43-10-25 - Angleonmurder
Nick Carter 43-11-10 - Drug Ring Murder
One Mans Family Book 046 Chapter 04-05-02-43
One Mans Family Book 047 Chapter 08-08-29-43
One Mans Family Book 048 Chapter 05-11-07-43
Paul Whiteman BLUE Network Open House Party 43-04-10
Philo Vance 43-04-29 - The Case of the Cellini Cup
Roma Wine Show - Thanksgiving Skit - 43-11-18
Screen Guild Theater - 43-01-04 - Suspicion
Screen Guild Theater - 43-01-11
Screen Guild Theater - 43-04-26 - Casablanca
Screen Guild Theater - 43-05-31 - Rebecca
Soldiers In Greasepaint - 43-11-25
Special - 431125 Soldier
Squibb Show - 431201 Guest Audrey March
Suspense - 430608 Five Canaries In The Room
Suspense - 430923 The Most Dangerous Game
Suspense - 431007 Philomel Cottage - Orson Welles
The Shadow 43-10-07 060 Philomel Cottage - Orson welles
The Shadow 431226 The Juggernaut
The Whistler - 430124 Mind over Matter
Vic And Sade 430217 Leland Richards is Homesick
Vic And Sade 430318 Appelrot Picks on Dottie
Vic And Sade 430412 Dotties New Dress
Vic And Sade 431126 Bozz Christmas Present
Vic And Sade 431227 Invoice Preparation
Weird Circle 43-12-26 18 Jane Eyre
Words at War-430819-09-Last Days of Sevestopol
Words at War-430916-14-Since You Went Away
Words at War-431109-22-To All Hands
Words at War-431221-28-Log Book-British Merchant Marin

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