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A great selection of the more popular shows of 1940. Old-Time Radio (OTR) and the Golden Age of Radio refer to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio as the dominant home entertainment medium in the 1950s. During this period, when radio was dominant and the airwaves were filled with a variety of radio formats and genres, people regularly tuned in to their favorite radio programs. In fact, according to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners.




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5th Row Center 40-02-04 Model Princess
Abbott and Costello 400320 Lion Hunting
Aldrick Family 400912 Henry Loses Gift Watch from Aunt Harriet
Aldrick Family 400612 Cross Country Race
Arch Oboler 400224 The Women Stayed At Home
Arthur Mann In London 40-07-04
Asa Martin Show 40-04-11 Muffled
Baby Snooks 40-02-15 Tax Returns
Baby Snooks 40-11-21 Baby Snooks William
BBC Churchill Finest Hour Speech 40-06-18
Behind The Mike 40-12-08 Musical Bridges
Behind The Mike 40-12-22 Difficult Names
Bishop and the Gargoyle - Jennifer Botts Ca 40-07-14
Blondie 400422 The Gypsy Queen
Brighter World 40-08-03
Burns and Allen - Rah Rah In Omaha 05-15-40
Campbells Short Short Story - Success Story 40-05-03
Captain Midnight 40-09-30 1st Show
Cavalcade Of America 40-02-13 Abe Lincoln The War Years
Cavalcade Of America 401225 The Green Pastures
Columbia Workshop The Cock-Eyed Wonder 400707
Detective Nick Harris 40-04-07 The Female Ogre
Edgard Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 401027 Frankie Laine
Ella Fitzgerald Remote-New York Roseland Ballroom-40-03-04
Emergency Funds Appeal 40-09-29
Fibber and Molly 401210 Mailing Christmas Packages
Fibber McGee and Molly 400102 Fibber Builds A Doghouse
Fibber McGee and Molly 401015 Missing Screwdriver
Finneys WPA Racket 40-01-04
Forecast 400812 - Jeeves
Fred Allen 40-03-27 026 Who Killed Mack Borden
Front Page Drama 400322 Beauty And The Beast
Fulton Lewis 401030 New York Welcomes Willkie
Gang Busters 400224 The Case Of Blackie Thompson
German Radio - German advance in the west 40-05
Glenn Miller 400213 Miller Music
Good News 400125 Guest Alice Faye
Hollywood is on the Air - Little Nelly Kelly 1940
Information Please 40-11-15 Fred Allen
Jack Benny 400317 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Jack Benny 401110 Dog Catcher Of Beverly Hills
Jack Benny 401222 Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 401229 Father Time Rides Again
John Kirby Orchestra 40-04-21
Little Old Hollywood 40-03-11
Lives Of Our Greatest Artists - Al Jolson 40-12-31
London After Dark 40-08-24
Lone Ranger 40-10-14 The Lone Ranger Makes Big Medici
Lone Ranger 40-11-01 The Son of A Killer
Lone Ranger 40-11-20 The Scarlet Arrow
Love Thy Neighbor 40-12-17
Lum and Abner 400216 Men Locked Out
Lum and Abner 401225 Christmas Story 1940
Lux Radio Theater 40-01-01 Sorell and Son
Lux Radio Theater 40-04-01 Love Affair
Lux Radio Theater 401125 283 Jezebel
Manhattan at Midnight - The Foster Family - 40-08-21
Memories Of Miller - 40-04-02
Meredith Willsons Musical Revue - 40-07-23
Mr Keen 40-06-05 The Case Of The Woman Who Wasnt Needed
Music By Woodbury - First Song - In A Monastery Gard - 40-02-05
Mutual 401027 - The NY Worlds Fair Closing
News 400409-Invasion of Denmark and Norway
News 40-05-11 with Elmer Davis
News 40-06-20 with Elmer Davis
Orson Welles 400317 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Orson Welles Shakespeare Collection-400400 Macbeth
Ozzie Nelson Remote from Blackhawk Ballroom 40-03-24
Philadelphia Opera - Old Maid And The Thief - 40-02-11
Screen Guild Theater 40-03-31_ep050_Allergic_to_Love
Screen Guild Theater 40-11-10 History Is Made at Night
Screen Guild Theater 40-11-17 A Star Is Born
Sherlock Holmes - The Adventure Of The Second Stain
Sherlock Holmes 40-03-25 026 The Case of Retired Coulorman
Sherlock Holmes 40-10-06 028 The Copper Beaches
Show World - 40-01-08
Superman - First Show - 40-02-12 - The Baby From Krypton
Suspense 400721 - The Lodger - Audition
Texas Hall Of Fame - First Song - Parade of the Wood - 40-02-22
The Adventures of Jungle Jim 400413 Plan Of Escape
The Adventures of Jungle Jim 400921 New Assignment
The America First Committee 4009 - Radio Commentator Boake
The Blue Beetle 40-07-17 Finesse In Diamonds
The Burns and Allen Show 40-11-18 Thanksgiving Show
The Campbell Playhouse 400114 Theodora Goes Wild
The Shadow 401110 Carnival of Death
The Shadow 401124 The Green Man
The Shadow 401222 Joey's Christmas Story
The War Of The Worlds H.G Wells Meet Orson Welles (40 10 28)
The Watchman Audition 1940
Vic And Sade 400404 Rush Makes a Call on a Girl
Vic And Sade 400602 Mr Chinbunny Wants to Smoke Cigars
Vic And Sade 401231 Howard Has a New Harness
Watchman - Audition - 40-xx-xx
We Present Hollywood - Northwest Mounted Police- 40-xx-xx
Winston Churchill 400519 1st Broadcast as PM
Wiston Churchill - 400223 - The Navy Is Here
Wonderful Wileys - Audition - 40-xx-xx
Worlds Greatest Short Stories 400301 - What is it
Your Treat - First Song - A pretty girl is like a Me - 40-07-08

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