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Carlotta Mercedes McCambridge (March 16, 1916 – March 2, 2004) was an Academy Award-winning and Golden Globe-winning American actress of radio, stage, film, and television. Orson Welles called her "the world's greatest living radio actress.
McCambridge was born in Joliet, Illinois, the daughter of Irish American Roman Catholic parents Marie (née Mahaffry) and John Patrick McCambridge. She graduated from Mundelein College in Chicago before embarking on a career.
She began her career as a radio actor during the 1940s while also performing on Broadway. Her radio work in this period included her portrayal of Rosemary Levy on Abie's Irish Rose and various characters on the radio series I Love A Mystery in both its West Coast and East Coast incarnations (most notably as "Charity Martin" in The Thing That Cries in the Night, "Nasha" and "Laura" in Bury Your Dead, Arizona, "Sunny Richards" in both The Million Dollar Curse and The Temple of Vampires and "Jack 'Jacqueline' Dempsey Ross" in The Battle of the Century). She frequently did feature roles on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, and was an original cast member on The Guiding Light, before the Bauers took over as the central characters. She also starred in her own show, The Defense Attorney'', as Martha Ellis Bryant.
Her Hollywood break came when she was cast opposite Broderick Crawford in All the King's Men (1949). McCambridge won the 1949 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role, while the film won Best Picture for that year. McCambridge also won the Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actress and New Star of the Year - Actress for her performance.

In 1954, the actress co-starred with Joan Crawford and Sterling Hayden in the offbeat western drama, Johnny Guitar, now regarded as a cult classic. McCambridge and Hayden publicly declared their dislike of Crawford, with McCambridge labeling the film's star "a mean, tipsy, powerful, rotten-egg lady."

McCambridge played the supporting role of 'Luz' in the George Stevens classic Giant (1956), which starred Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. She was nominated for another Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress but lost to Dorothy Malone in Written on the Wind. In 1959, McCambridge appeared opposite Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in Joseph L. Mankiewicz' film adaptation of Tennessee Williams' Suddenly, Last Summer.

McCambridge provided the dubbed voice of the demonically possessed child in The Exorcist, acted by Linda Blair. According to director William Friedkin, she initially requested no credit for the film -- fearing it would take away from the attention of Blair's performance -- but later complained about her absence of credit during the film's premiere. Her dispute with Friedkin and the Warner Bros. brass over her exclusion ended when, with the help of the Screen Actors Guild, she was properly credited for her vocal work in the film.

In the 1970s, she toured in a road company production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof as Big Mama, opposite John Carradine as Big Daddy. She appeared as a guest artist in college productions, such as El Centro College's 1979 The Mousetrap, in which she received top billing despite her character being murdered (by actor Jim Beaver) less than 15 minutes into the play.

El Centro brought her back the following year in the title role of The Madwoman of Chaillot. She also starred with longtime character actor Lyle Talbot (of ABC's The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet) in the 1970 production of Come Back, Little Sheba in the University of North Alabama Summer Theatre Productions. In the mid-1970s, McCambridge briefly took a position as director of Livingrin, a Pennsylvania rehabilitation center for alcoholics. She was at the same time putting the finishing touches on her soon-to-be released autobiography, The Quality of Mercy: An Autobiography
McCambridge married her first husband, William Fifield, in 1939 when she was 23 years old. The couple had a son, John Lawrence Fifield, born in December, 1941. The couple divorced in 1946 after seven years of marriage.

In 1950, when she was 34 years old, McCambridge married Canadian Fletcher Markle, a radio director. Her son, John, later took Markle's name, thereafter being known as John Markle. During the marriage and afterward, McCambridge battled alcoholism, often being hospitalized after episodes of heavy drinking. She and Markle divorced in 1962, after twelve years of marriage. In 1969, after years with Alcoholics Anonymous, she achieved sobriety.

McCambridge's son, John Markle, a UCLA graduate, had a PhD in Economics. He became a futures trader at Stephens and Company, but after a meteoric rise through the company's ranks, things began to unravel in the fall of 1987 when it was discovered he was engaging in fraud -- essentially by charging all his losing trades to Stephens, while depositing the revenue from winning trades in a trust account in McCambridge's name. (Markle was later shown to have forged his mother's signature in opening this account.)

Markle was put on temporary leave, then fired from his position as a futures trader at Stephens and Company for mishandling funds. McCambridge refused to co-operate with Markle and the company in instituting a repayment scheme that would have kept the matter from becoming public. Shortly thereafter, in November of 1987, Markle killed his family -- his wife Christine and daughters Amy (age 13) and Suzanne (age 9) -- and then himself in a murder/suicide. He left both a note taking responsibility for his crimes, and a long, bitter letter to his mother.

A $5 million lawsuit was filed against Markle's estate and McCambridge claiming fraud and misappropriation of funds. Although some of the mishandled funds had been handled under McCambridge's name through Markle's power of attorney, McCambridge herself was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing.
McCambridge died on March 2, 2004, in La Jolla in San Diego, California, of natural causes.



1001 Wives 39-09-07 Lori O'Donnell
Arch Obolers Plays 45-04-26 (03) The House I Live In
Big Story 48-07-21 (069) The Lottery Racket [Keeler McCartney]
Bulldog Drummond 470117 283 Claim Check on Death
Cavalcade of America 430809 343 Short Cut to Tokyo
Cavalcade of America 471124 543 Us Pilgrims
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-02-24 0045 The Horse That Wasnt For Sale
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-04-29 0082 All Living Things Must Die
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-05-02 0085 Dracula
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-06-20 0108 The Secret Doctrine
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-06-27 0111 Yesterdays Murder
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-09-30 0154 Murder to Perfection
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-12-16 0187 Stephanies Room
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-12-23 0190 Give The Devil His Due
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-01-16 0206 Death Of Kings
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-01-24 0211 The Flowers Of Death
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-02-10 0221 Journey Into Nowhere
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-03-26 0245 Death Is A Dream
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-03-28 0247 Key To Murder
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-06-04 0285 The Devils Leap
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-06-18 0293 Frame-Up
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-07-08 0305 The Triangle
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-07-31 0318 Carmilla
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-08-25 0332 Person To Be Notified
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-09-08 0340 The Other Life
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 76-01-30 0423 Castle Kerfol
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 76-02-25 0437 General Laughter
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 76-10-29 0543 The Unborn
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 76-10-30 0544 Witches Sabbath
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-02-15 0601 The Star Killers
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-09-07 0705 Silent Shock
Cisco Kid 550405 (283) The Dancing Master
Columbia Presents Corwin 440606 14 American Trilogy 1 - Carl Sandburg
Drop Dead - Chicken Heart
Everything for the Boys 44-02-01 (03) Lost Horizon
Everything for the Boys 44-02-22 (06) The Woman Stayed at Home
Everything for the Boys 44-04-04 (12) This Living Book
Everything for the Boys 44-05-16 (18) Blithe Spirit
Ford Theater 48-10-15 (41) Double Indemnity
Ford Theater 49-01-21 (55) Anna Christie
Ford Theater 49-03-04 (61) The Horn Blows at Midnight
Four for the Fifth 44-06-17 The Laughter

Defense Attorney 510417 00 Audition as The Defense Rests - Joe Moriano
Defense Attorney 510810 06 Marcus Moriano
Defense Attorney 510817 07 Peter Lynch
Defense Attorney 510824 xx Grady Daniels
Defense Attorney 510831 08 Mike Tully
Defense Attorney 510914 10 Hot Rod Accident (aka-Client - Jim Leonard)
Defense Attorney 520313 36 Thomas Richards
Defense Attorney 520410 40 Joshua Masters
Defense Attorney 520417 41 Client Joseph Morelano
Defense Attorney 520828 60 George Baughman
Defense Attorney 520911 62 Jim Nelson
Defense Attorney 520918 63 Thomas Kennedy and Jethro Lester
Defense Attorney 521009 66 Edith Larkin
Gang Busters 460511 0433 The Case of the Alcatraz Prison Riot
Gang Busters 471227 0509 The Case of the Triple Threat Bandit
Gang Busters 480320 0521 The Case of the Broadway Bandits
Great Gildersleeve 42-02-08 (024) Auto Mechanics
Great Gildersleeve 42-03-01 (027) Fortune Teller
Greatest Story 47-06-01 (019) The Fruitless Fig Tree
Greatest Story 47-06-08 (020) The Chief Seat at the Wedding
Jack Benny Program 41-05-11 NBC Tribute to Jack Benny's Tenth Anniversary
Kraft Music Hall 42-04-16 First Song - K-K-K-Katy, Guest - Spike Jones, Ronald Reagan, Sabu
Lights Out 38-05-11 (090) It Happened
Lights Out 43-02-02 (018) Until Dead (The Luck of Mark Street)
Lights Out 43-04-13 (028) Archer (Ancestor)
Lights Out 43-04-27 (030) Execution
Lights Out 43-05-11 (032) Murder in the Script Department
Lights Out 43-07-20 (042) Profits Unlimited
Lights Out 43-08-31 (048) Immortal Gentleman (Live Forever)
Lights Out 43-09-14 (050) The Word
Lights Out 43-09-28 (052) The Author and the Thing
Mercury Summer Theater 46-07-26 (08) The Moat Farm Murder
Mercury Summer Theater 46-08-02 (09) The Golden Honeymoon
Midstream 39-12-06 Timothy Wants Midge To Leave Alan
Murder At Midnight 47 xx xx - The Man With the Black Beard
Mysterious Traveler 481005 173 Death Rings Down the Curtain
Perry Mason 49-08-17 (1548) Bill Barker
Perry Mason 49-11-03 (1604) Honeymoon Murder Case - Part 1
Perry Mason 49-11-04 (1605) Honeymoon Murder Case - Pt 2
Perry Mason 51-01-26 (1925) Case of the Deadly Double - Part 1
Perry Mason 51-01-29 (1926) Case of the Deadly Double - Part 2
Plays For Americans 42-03-15 (07) A Letter At Midnight
Radio Hall of Fame 45-04-22 (073) Alter Ego
Radio Readers Digest 480318 106 One Way to Broadway

I Love a Mystery 491031 Thing That Cries In The Night 01
I Love a Mystery 491101 Thing That Cries In The Night 02
I Love a Mystery 491102 Thing That Cries In The Night 03
I Love a Mystery 491103 Thing That Cries In The Night 04
I Love a Mystery 491104 Thing That Cries In The Night 05
I Love a Mystery 491107 Thing That Cries In The Night 06
I Love a Mystery 491108 Thing That Cries In The Night 07
I Love a Mystery 491109 Thing That Cries In The Night 08
I Love a Mystery 491110 Thing That Cries In The Night 09
I Love a Mystery 491111 Thing That Cries In The Night 10
I Love a Mystery 491114 Thing That Cries In The Night 11
I Love a Mystery 491115 Thing That Cries In The Night 12
I Love a Mystery 491116 Thing That Cries In The Night 13
I Love a Mystery 491117 Thing That Cries In The Night 14
I Love a Mystery 491118 Thing That Cries In The Night 15
I Love a Mystery 491121 Bury Your Dead Arizona 01
I Love a Mystery 491122 Bury Your Dead Arizona 02
I Love a Mystery 491123 Bury Your Dead Arizona 03
I Love a Mystery 491124 Bury Your Dead Arizona 04
I Love a Mystery 491125 Bury Your Dead Arizona 05
I Love a Mystery 491128 Bury Your Dead Arizona 06
I Love a Mystery 491129 Bury Your Dead Arizona 07
I Love a Mystery 491130 Bury Your Dead Arizona 08
I Love a Mystery 491201 Bury Your Dead Arizona 09
I Love a Mystery 491202 Bury Your Dead Arizona 10
I Love a Mystery 491205 Bury Your Dead Arizona 11
I Love a Mystery 491206 Bury Your Dead Arizona 12
I Love a Mystery 491207 Bury Your Dead Arizona 13
I Love a Mystery 491208 Bury Your Dead Arizona 14
I Love a Mystery 491209 Bury Your Dead Arizona 15
I Love a Mystery 491212 Million Dollar Curse Pt1of15
I Love a Mystery 491213 The Million Dollar Curse 02
I Love a Mystery 491214 The Million Dollar Curse 03
I Love a Mystery 491215 The Million Dollar Curse 04
I Love a Mystery 491216 The Million Dollar Curse 05
I Love a Mystery 491219 Million Dollar Curse Pt6of15
I Love a Mystery 491220 The Million Dollar Curse 07
I Love a Mystery 491221 The Million Dollar Curse 08
I Love a Mystery 491222 The Million Dollar Curse 09
I Love a Mystery 491226 The Million Dollar Curse 11
I Love a Mystery 491227 The Million Dollar Curse 12
I Love a Mystery 491228 The Million Dollar Curse 13
I Love a Mystery 491229 The Million Dollar Curse 14
I Love a Mystery 491230 The Million Dollar Curse 15
I Love a Mystery 500102 Temple of Vampires Pt1of20
I Love a Mystery 500103 Temple of Vampires Pt2of20
I Love a Mystery 500104 Temple of Vampires Pt3of20
I Love a Mystery 500105 Temple of Vampires Pt4of20
I Love a Mystery 500106 Temple of Vampires Pt5of20
I Love a Mystery 500109 Temple of Vampires Pt6of20
I Love a Mystery 500110 Temple of Vampires Pt7of20
I Love a Mystery 500111 Temple of Vampires Pt8of20
I Love a Mystery 500112 Temple of Vampires Pt9of20
I Love a Mystery 500113 Temple of Vampires Pt10of20
I Love a Mystery 500116 Temple of Vampires Pt11of20
I Love a Mystery 500117 Temple of Vampires Pt12of20
I Love a Mystery 500118 Temple of Vampires Pt13of20
I Love a Mystery 500119 Temple of Vampires Pt14of20
I Love a Mystery 500120 Temple of Vampires Pt15of20
I Love a Mystery 500123 Temple of Vampires Pt16of20
I Love a Mystery 500124 Temple of Vampires Pt17of20
I Love a Mystery 500125 Temple of Vampires Pt18of20
I Love a Mystery 500126 Temple of Vampires Pt19of20
I Love a Mystery 500127 Temple of Vampires Pt20of20
I Love a Mystery 500130 Battle Of The Century 01
I Love a Mystery 500131 Battle Of The Century 02
I Love a Mystery 500201 Battle Of The Century 03
I Love a Mystery 500202 Battle Of The Century 04
I Love a Mystery 500207 Battle Of The Century 07
I Love a Mystery 500208 Battle Of The Century 08
I Love a Mystery 500209 Battle Of The Century 09
I Love a Mystery 500213 Battle Of The Century 11
I Love a Mystery 500214 Battle Of The Century 12
I Love a Mystery 500215 Battle Of The Century 13
I Love a Mystery 500216 Battle Of The Century 14
I Love a Mystery 500220 Battle Of The Century 16
I Love a Mystery 500221 Battle Of The Century 17
I Love a Mystery 500222 Battle Of The Century 18
I Love a Mystery 540511 Million Dollar 001
I Love a Mystery 540511 Million Dollar 002
Inner Sanctum 460108 253 The Creeping Wall
Inner Sanctum 460115 254 The Edge of Death
Inner Sanctum 460129 256 Blood of Cain
Inner Sanctum 460205 257 Skeleton Bay
Inner Sanctum 460521 272 Detour to Terror
Inner Sanctum 460618 276 I Want to Report a Murder
Inner Sanctum 460819 280 Spectre of the Rose
Inner Sanctum 460909 283 Murder Comes at Midnight
Inner Sanctum 460923 285 The Dead Laugh
Inner Sanctum 461104 291 Death's Old Sweet Song
Inner Sanctum 471027 342 Till Death Do Us Part
Inner Sanctum 480126 355 The Doomed (Crackly)
Inner Sanctum 480906 387 Death Rides a Riptide
Inner Sanctum 490404 416 Death Wears a Lonely Smile
Inner Sanctum 490418 418 The Death Deal
Inner Sanctum 490815 435 Dead Heat
Inner Sanctum 490905 438 Murder Rides the Carousel
Inner Sanctum 491031 446 Corpse for Halloween
Inner Sanctum 500123 458 HitchHiking Corpse
Inner Sanctum 501204 483 Beyond the Grave
Interview With Mercedes McCambridge
Red Ryder 420404 (27) Bank Robbery
Red Ryder 420502 (39) Riata Springs
Romance 441219 (083) Casablanca
Rudy Vallee Vallee Varieties 410626 (069) Spinach and Sand
Screen Directors Playhouse 510125 (087) Spellbound
Screen Directors Playhouse 510705 (110) Only Yesterday
Shadow 461229 390 The Shadow of Suspicion
Suspense 421215 021 Till Death Do Us Part
Suspense 570721 708 America's Boyfriend
The Whistler 490109 Tell Tale Brand
This Is Nora Drake 480505 Bob has disappeared from the Hospital
This Is Nora Drake 480512 Nora has no place she wants to go
This Is Nora Drake 480513 Peggy knows her husband loves Nora
This Is Nora Drake 480525 Peggy is playing a new Role

Studio One 47-09-16 (21) An Act of Faith
Studio One 47-10-07 (24) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Studio One 47-10-14 (25) Anthony Adverse
Studio One 47-11-04 (27) Anthony Adverse
Studio One 47-11-11 (28) Let Me Do the Talking
Studio One 47-11-17 (29) Young Man Of Manhattan (Rehearsal)
Studio One 47-12-01 (31) Earth And High Heaven (Rehearsal)
Studio One 47-12-02 (31) Earth and High Heaven
Studio One 47-12-08 (32) To Mary With Love (Rehearsal)
Studio One 47-12-09 (32) To Mary with Love
Studio One 47-12-22 (34) Painted Veils (Rehearsal)
Studio One 47-12-23 (34) Painted Veils
Studio One 48-01-05 (36) Confidential Agent (Rehearsal)
Studio One 48-02-24 (43) Kings Row
Studio One 48-03-23 (47) The Thirty-Nine Steps
Studio One 48-03-30 (48) Babbitt
Studio One 48-04-06 (49) The Kimballs
Studio One 48-05-04 (53) Private Worlds
Studio One 48-05-11 (54) Wine of the Country
Studio One 48-05-18 (55) The Last Tycoon






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