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Jeff Chandler (December 15, 1918 – June 17, 1961) was an American film actor and singer in the 1950s, best remembered for playing Cochise in Broken Arrow (1950), and for being one of Universal International's most popular male stars of the decade.
After being discharged from the military, Chandler moved to Los Angeles with $3,000 he had saved and soon found work as a radio actor. He appeared in episodes of anthology drama series such as Escape and Academy Award Theater, and became well known for playing the lead in Michael Shayne and bashful biology teacher Phillip Boynton on Our Miss Brooks. Chandler was the first actor to portray Chad Remington in Frontier Town. In 1945 he was involved in a serious car accident on the way to a screen test which resulted in a large scar on his forehead.

Chandler had acted on radio in Rogue's Gallery with Dick Powell, who was impressed enough to give the actor his first film role, a one-line part as a gangster in Johnny O'Clock (1947).

His performance as Boynton in Our Miss Brooks brought him to the attention of executives at Universal, who were looking for someone to play an Israeli leader in Sword in the Desert (1948). Chandler was cast and impressed the studio so much he ended up being signed to Universal for a seven-year contract.
Chandler's first movie for Universal under his new contract was Abandoned (1949), then he was borrowed by 20th Century Fox to play Cochise in Broken Arrow (1950). This film was a considerable hit, earning Chandler an Oscar nomination and establishing him as a star. He later reprised the role as the legendary Apache chief in The Battle at Apache Pass (1952) and in a cameo in Taza, Son of Cochise (1954). He was the first actor nominated for an Academy Award for portraying an American Indian.

Chandler's success in Broken Arrow led to him being cast as a variety of nationalities from different historical periods, such as an Arab chief in Flame of Araby (1951) and a Polynesian in Bird of Paradise (1951). He also played an embittered Union cavalryman in Two Flags West (1950). In 1952 exhibitors voted him the 22nd most popular star in the US and he signed a fresh contract with Universal.

20th Century-Fox was keen to use Chandler again and put forward roles in such films as The Day the Earth Stood Still, Lydia Bailey, Les Miserables and The Secret of Convict Lake. However, Universal had an exclusive contract and they kept him working at the studio.

During the latter part of the decade and into the early 1960s, Chandler became a top leading man. His sex appeal, prematurely gray hair, and ruggedly handsome tanned features put him into drama and costume movies. Among the movies of this period are Female on the Beach (1955), Foxfire (1955), Away All Boats (1956), Toy Tiger (1956), Drango (1957), The Tattered Dress (1957), Man in the Shadow (1957), A Stranger in My Arms (1959), The Jayhawkers! (1959), Thunder in the Sun (1959), and Return to Peyton Place (1961). His leading ladies included June Allyson, Joan Crawford, Rhonda Fleming, Maureen O'Hara, Kim Novak, Jane Russell, Esther Williams, and his Brooklyn friend Susan Hayward. His agent was Doovid Barskin of The Barskin Agency in the late 50s.

In 1957 Chandler left Universal and signed a contract with United Artists. Having long desired to be an executive he formed his own company, Earlmar Productions, with agent Meyer Mishkin. Together they produced the film Drango (1957), which Chandler also directed for a few weeks.

Chandler was due to star in Operation Petticoat (1959) but fell ill and had to pull out. He later formed another production company, August, for which he made The Plunderers, at Allied Artists.Chandler had a concurrent career as a singer and recording artist, releasing several albums and playing nightclubs. In 1955 he became only the second star to play at the Riviera, after Liberace was the featured headliner. In her autobiography Hold the Roses (2002), Rose Marie wrote that “Jeff Chandler was a great guy, but he was no singer. He put together an act and we opened at the Riviera. He came with a conductor, piano player, light man, press agent, and manager. None of it helped”. And “Everybody raved about Jeff’s singing, but let’s face it: He really didn’t sing very well. He definitely had guts to open in Vegas”. He left to work on a movie after three and a half weeks.
Shortly after completing his role in Merrill's Marauders in 1961, Chandler injured his back while playing baseball with U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers who served as extras in the movie. He entered a Culver City hospital and had surgery for a spinal disc herniation, on May 13, 1961. There were severe complications; an artery was damaged and Chandler hemorrhaged. In a seven-and-a-half-hour emergency operation over-and-above the original surgery, he was given 55 pints of blood. Another operation followed, date unknown, where he received an additional 20 pints of blood. He died on June 17, 1961. His death was deemed malpractice and resulted in a large lawsuit and settlement for his children.

At the time he was romantically involved with British actress Barbara Shelley. Tony Curtis and Gerald Mohr were among the pallbearers at Chandler's funeral. He was interred in the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, in Culver City, California.

For his contribution to the motion picture industry, Chandler has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at 1770 Vine Street.


Academy Award 46-07-10 Young Mr. Lincoln
Academy Award 46-10-16 Blood on the Sun
Cavalcade of America 460902 With Cradle and Clock
Daffy's Tavern 481222 Miracle on Third Avenue (Christmas Show with Jeff Chandler)
Damon Runyon Theater 49-04-24-Blonde Mink
Damon Runyon Theater 49-05-01-Leopards Spots
Damon Runyon Theater 49-08-28-Social Error
Damon Runyon Theater 49-10-23-Palm Beach Santa Claus
Escape 480208 Snake Doctor national broadcast
Escape 490226 Red Wine Jeff Chandler
Escape 490818 Snake Doctor Ira Grossel
Fifteen Minutes With Jack Bundy - Jeff Chandler
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (01) Return to Dos Rios
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (02) His Name Is John Smith
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (03) Todd Ford
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (04) Marie
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (05) The Poisoned Waterhole
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (07) The Seminole Strip
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (08) The Chavez Family
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (11) Six Gun Justice
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (12) Return of the Badmen
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (13) The Valley of Lawless Men
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (14) Guns of Wrath
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (15) Her Name Is Bourbon Kate
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (16) Trouble Is His Target
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (17) Land Grab
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (18) Jailbird Rangers
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (19) Five Gun Final
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (22) Forest Fire
Frontier Town 49-xx-xx (23) Thunder over Texas
Guest Star 52-07-20 The Woodsman
Hallmark Playhouse 48-08-19 Drums Along the Mohawk
Hallmark Playhouse 48-10-07 Elmer the Great
Hallmark Playhouse 49-01-27 The Failure
Hallmark Playhouse 49-02-24 So Big
Hallmark Playhouse 49-03-10 And There I Stood with My Piccolo
Hedda Hopper Show 50-12-31 Guest - Jean Hersholt
Jeff Chandler - I Should Care
Jeff Chandler Audio Bio
Jeff Regan, Investigator 48-08-07 The Man Who Liked the Mountains
Let George do it 480705 Murder Me Twice akaThe Man Who Was Murdered Twice
Let George do it 481101 The Flowers That Smelled of Murder
Lux Radio Theater 47-03-24 Smoky
Lux Radio Theater 47-04-21 My Reputation
Lux Radio Theater 47-05-05 The Egg and I
Lux Radio Theater 47-05-12 Johnny O'Clock
Lux Radio Theater 47-09-22 Two Years Before the Mast
Lux Radio Theater 47-10-06 Undercurrent
Lux Radio Theater 47-11-17 Nobody Lives Forever
Lux Radio Theater 47-12-15 Magic Town
Lux Radio Theater 48-01-05 The Farmer's Daughter
Lux Radio Theater 48-01-12 The Kiss of Death
Lux Radio Theater 48-01-19 The Yearling
Lux Radio Theater 48-04-05 Daisy Kenyon
Lux Radio Theater 48-05-03 Cloak and Dagger
Lux Radio Theater 48-05-10 Intrigue
Lux Radio Theater 48-05-31 Miracle of the Bells
Lux Radio Theater 48-09-20 Gentleman's Agreement
Lux Radio Theater 48-10-18 Razor's Edge
Lux Radio Theater 48-11-15 Body and Soul
Lux Radio Theater 48-11-22 The Big Clock
Lux Radio Theater 49-01-31 Street with No Name
Lux Radio Theater 49-03-07 Red River
Lux Radio Theater 51-01-22 Broken Arrow
Lux Radio Theater 53-11-02 Because of You
Lux Radio Theater 54-11-09 My Man Godfrey
Martin & Lewis Show 52-09-23 Jeff Chandler
Martin & Lewis Show 530602 - Jeff Chandler
Michael Shayne 480722 05 Case of The Hunted Bride
Michael Shayne 480729 06 Case of The Blood Stained Pearls
Michael Shayne 480806 07 Case of the Phantom Gun
Michael Shayne 480813 08 Case of The Hate That Killed
Michael Shayne 480820 09 Case of the GreyEyed Blonde
Michael Shayne 480904 10 Case of The Generous Killer
Michael Shayne 480911 11 Case of the Model Murder
Michael Shayne 480918 12 Case of The Pursuit of Death
Michael Shayne 480925 13 Case of The Crooked Wheel
Michael Shayne 481016 16 Case of The LeftHanded Fan
Michael Shayne 481023 17 Case of the Deadly Dough
Michael Shayne 481030 18 Case of the Popular Corpse
Michael Shayne 481106 19 Case of the Bayou Monster
Michael Shayne 481113 20 Case of A Problem in Murder
Michael Shayne 481120 21 Case of the High Priced Twins
Michael Shayne 481127 22 Case of The Carnival Killer
Michael Shayne 481204 23 Case of The Constant Companion
Michael Shayne 481211 24 Case of The Borrowed Heirloom
Michael Shayne 481218 25 Case of the Eager Victim
Michael Shayne 490101 27 Case of the MailOrder Murders
Michael Shayne 490108 28 Case of the Phantom Neighbor
Michael Shayne 490115 29 Case of The Tahlani's Tears
Michael Shayne 490514 02 Hunted Bride
Michael Shayne 490604 05 Hate That Killed
Michael Shayne 490611 06 Greyeyed Blonde
Michael Shayne 490618 07 Case of the Model Murder (Repeat)
Michael Shayne 490625 08 Generous Killer
Michael Shayne 490702 09 Pursuit of Death
Michael Shayne 490709 10 Case of The Crooked Wheel (Repeat)
Michael Shayne 490716 11 Wandering Fingerprints
Michael Shayne 490730 13 Lefthanded Fan
Michael Shayne 490806 14 Deadly Dough
Michael Shayne 490827 17 Problem In Murder
Michael Shayne 490827 The Hate That Killed
Michael Shayne 490903 18 High Priced Twins
Michael Shayne 490910 19 Carnival Killer
Michael Shayne 490917 20 Constant Companion
Michael Shayne 490924 21 Borrowed Heirloom
Michael Shayne 491001 22 Mailorder Murders
Michael Shayne 491008 23 Phantom Neighbor
Michael Shayne 491015 24 Tahlanis Tears
Michael Shayne 491019 Case of The Hate That Killed (Repeat)
Michael Shayne 491022 25 Eager Victim
Michael Shayne 491029 26 Corresponding Corpse
Michael Shayne 491102 Case of the Model Murder (Repeat)
Michael Shayne 491123 Case of The Crooked Wheel (Repeat)
Michael Shayne 491130 Case of The Wandering Fingerprints (Repeat)
Movietown Radio Theater Flowers For Millie
Movietown Radio Theater Sunday Punch
Movietown Radio Theater The Great Dane
Mr President 47-07-10 John Quincy Adams
Mr President 48-11-07 Theodore Roosevelt
Mr President 48-12-05 Andrew Jackson
O'Hara 51-07-22 Judas Face (Audition)
Our Miss Brooks 48-07-19 (001) 1st Show
Our Miss Brooks 48-09-19 (007) Weekend at Crystal Lake
Our Miss Brooks 48-10-24 (012) Putting The Touch On Miss Brooks
Our Miss Brooks 48-10-31 (013) Going To The Clayton High Football Game
Our Miss Brooks 48-11-07 (014) Working Too Hard
Our Miss Brooks 48-11-14 (015) Babysitting
Our Miss Brooks 48-11-21 (016) The Model School Teacher
Our Miss Brooks 48-11-28 (017) The Sunnyvale Finishing School
Our Miss Brooks 48-12-05 (018) Weighing Machine
Our Miss Brooks 49-01-02 (022) Old Clothes for Party
Our Miss Brooks 49-01-09 (023) The Heating System
Our Miss Brooks 49-01-16 (024) Student Government Day
Our Miss Brooks 49-01-23 (025) Head of the English Department
Our Miss Brooks 49-01-30 (026) Custodian of Student Funds
Our Miss Brooks 49-02-06 (027) Missing Electric Heater
Our Miss Brooks 49-02-13 (028) Stretch the Basketball Star
Our Miss Brooks 49-02-20 (029) The Frog
Our Miss Brooks 49-02-27 (030) Stretch has a Problem
Our Miss Brooks 49-03-06 (031) The Hair-Do
Our Miss Brooks 49-03-13 (032) Cafeteria Boycott
Our Miss Brooks 49-03-20 (033) Poetry Mix-Up
Our Miss Brooks 49-03-27 (034) Clay City English Teacher
Our Miss Brooks 49-04-03 (035) Special Party
Our Miss Brooks 49-04-10 (036) Mr Conklin's Wake-Up Plan
Our Miss Brooks 49-04-17 (037) Easter Outfit
Our Miss Brooks 49-04-24 (038) Dress Code Protest
Our Miss Brooks 49-05-01 (039) Walter vs Stretch Grudge Match
Our Miss Brooks 49-05-08 (040) Mr Boynton's Parents
Our Miss Brooks 49-05-15 (041) Yearbook Photo Mix-Up
Our Miss Brooks 49-05-22 (042) Peanuts, the Great Dane
Our Miss Brooks 49-05-29 (043) Arguments, Arguments!
Our Miss Brooks 49-06-05 (044) Key to the School
Our Miss Brooks 49-06-12 (045) The Wishing Well Dance
Our Miss Brooks 49-07-03 (048) Conklin's Blood Pressure
Our Miss Brooks 49-07-17 (050) Carelessness Code
Our Miss Brooks 49-07-24 (051) Mrs Davis' Cookies
Our Miss Brooks 49-07-31 (052) Will Connie Resign
Our Miss Brooks 49-08-07 (053) Heat Wave
Our Miss Brooks 49-08-14 (054) The English Test
Our Miss Brooks 49-08-21 (055) Weekend at Crystal Lake
Our Miss Brooks 49-09-11 (057) The School Board
Our Miss Brooks 49-09-18 (058) The Sweater
Our Miss Brooks 49-09-25 (059) Conklin Causes a Fight
Our Miss Brooks 49-10-23 (063) Gifts for Boynton
Our Miss Brooks 49-11-13 (066) Elephant Mascot
Our Miss Brooks 49-11-27 (068) Thanksgiving Weekend
Our Miss Brooks 49-12-11 (070) Game at Clay City
Our Miss Brooks 49-12-18 (071) A Letter to Santa
Our Miss Brooks 49-12-25 (072) The Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 50-01-01 (073) Babysitting on New Year's Eve
Our Miss Brooks 50-01-15 (075) Cure That Habit!
Our Miss Brooks 50-01-08 (074) Board of Education Day
Our Miss Brooks 50-01-22 (076) Walter's Radio
Our Miss Brooks 50-01-29 (077) School on Saturday
Our Miss Brooks 50-02-05 (078) Mrs Enright's Dinner
Our Miss Brooks 50-02-19 (080) Valentine's Day Date
Our Miss Brooks 50-02-26 (081) Stretch Is in Love
Our Miss Brooks 50-03-05 (082) Letter from the Education Board
Our Miss Brooks 50-03-12 (083) The Burglar
Our Miss Brooks 50-03-19 (084) The Auction
Our Miss Brooks 50-03-26 (085) The Baseball Game
Our Miss Brooks 50-04-02 (086) Conklin's TV Set
Our Miss Brooks 50-04-09 (087) Easter Egg Dye
Our Miss Brooks 50-04-23 (089) The Tape Recorder
Our Miss Brooks 50-04-30 (090) School Band
Our Miss Brooks 50-05-07 (091) Boynton's Barbecue
Our Miss Brooks 50-05-14 (092) Mr Boynton's Parents
Our Miss Brooks 50-05-21 (093) Rare Black Orchid
Our Miss Brooks 50-05-28 (094) Traffic Court
Our Miss Brooks 50-09-10 (096) Rumors
Our Miss Brooks 50-09-17 (097) Elopement with Walter
Our Miss Brooks 50-09-24 (098) Bronco Dismissed
Our Miss Brooks 50-10-01 (099) Measles Diagnosis
Our Miss Brooks 50-10-08 (100) Radio Bombay
Our Miss Brooks 50-10-15 (101) The Bookie
Our Miss Brooks 50-10-22 (102) Stretch Is in Love Again
Our Miss Brooks 50-10-29 (103) The Dancer
Our Miss Brooks 50-11-05 (104) Burial Grounds
Our Miss Brooks 50-11-12 (105) The Convention
Our Miss Brooks 50-11-19 (106) Thanksgiving Turkey
Our Miss Brooks 50-11-26 (107) Woman Driver
Our Miss Brooks 50-12-03 (108) Conklin's Tuba
Our Miss Brooks 50-12-17 (110) A Suit for Charity
Our Miss Brooks 50-12-24 (111) The Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 50-12-31 (112) Exchanging Christmas Gifts
Our Miss Brooks 51-02-04 (117) Puppy Love, Mr Barlow and Miss Davis
Our Miss Brooks 51-02-11 (118) The Business Course
Our Miss Brooks 51-02-25 (120) Going Skiing
Our Miss Brooks 51-03-04 (121) The French Teacher
Our Miss Brooks 51-03-11 (122) Tex Barton, Basketball Star
Our Miss Brooks 51-03-18 (123) Miss Enright's Birthday Party
Our Miss Brooks 51-03-25 (124) Boynton's Land Deal
Our Miss Brooks 51-04-01 (125) Another Day, Another Madame Amelia Dress
Our Miss Brooks 51-04-15 (127) Mr. Conklin's Induction Notice (incomplete)
Our Miss Brooks 51-04-22 (128) The New School Television Set
Our Miss Brooks 51-05-13 (131) Bargain Hats for Mother's Day
Our Miss Brooks 51-05-27 (133) The English Test
Our Miss Brooks 51-06-03 (134) The First Aid Course
Our Miss Brooks 51-11-25 (146) Connie Wins A Man's Suit
Our Miss Brooks 52-01-27 (155) New School Bus
Our Miss Brooks 52-03-09 (161) Minerva's Kittens
Our Miss Brooks 53-05-31 (212) Cosmopolitian Magazine
Our Miss Brooks 54-10-17 (259) Photo Feud
Philip Marlowe 49-02-12 The Lonesome Reunion
San Francisco Final 540726 - Chinatown
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-01-13 Tomorrow Is Forever
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-11-16 Lifeboat
Screen Directors Playhouse 51-04-12 Hired Wife
Screen Directors Playhouse 51-07-05 Only Yesterday
Screen Directors Playhouse 51-09-07 Broken Arrow
Sealtest Variety Theater 48-09-23 The Love Pact
Suspense 460718 Photo Finish
Suspense 480103 The Black Curtain
Suspense 510903 Steel River Prison Break
Suspense 520107 The Case Against Loo Doc
Suspense 531019 My True Love's Hair
Suspense 540208 Death at Skirkerud Pond
Suspense 570331 A Good Neighbor
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood 46-09-30 Gregory is a Suspect in a Murder
The Whistler 48-09-15 Uncle Ben's Widow
The Whistler 49-04-24 Mask for Kinsella
The Whistler 49-08-21 The Confession
The Whistler 49-09-04 Smart Girl
Voice of the Army - The Critics Choice
Voice of the Army - The Flying Dutchman
Voyage of the Scarlet 480107 The Derelict and the Wandering Boy






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