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Gerald Mohr (June 11, 1914 – November 9, 1968) was an American radio, film and television character actor who appeared in more than 500 radio plays, 73 films and over 100 television shows.
Mohr was born in New York City, the son of Henrietta (née Neustadt), a singer, and Sigmond Mohr. He was educated in Dwight Preparatory School in New York City, where he learned to speak fluent French and German and also learned to ride horses and play the piano. At Columbia University, where he was on a course to become a doctor, Mohr was struck with appendicitis and was recovering in a hospital when another patient, a radio broadcaster, realised Mohr's pleasant baritone voice would be ideal for radio. Mohr was hired by the radio station and became a junior reporter. In the mid-1930s, Orson Welles invited him to join his formative Mercury Theatre. During his time with Welles, Mohr gained theatrical experience on Broadway in The Petrified Forest and starred in Jean Christophe.

Mohr made more than five hundred appearances in radio roles throughout the 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s. He starred as Raymond Chandler's hardboiled detective, Philip Marlowe, 1948–1951, in 119 half-hour radio plays. He also starred in The Adventures of Bill Lance, was one of the actors who portrayed Archie Goodwin in Nero Wolfe, frequently starred in The Whistler and acted in different roles in multiple episodes of Damon Runyon Theater and Frontier Town. Other radio appearances include Our Miss Brooks, The Shadow of Fu Manchu, Box 13, Escape and Lux Radio Theatre.

Mohr began appearing in films in the late 1930s, playing his first villain role in the 15-part cliffhanger serial Jungle Girl (1941). After three years' service in the US Army Air Forces during World War II, he returned to Hollywood, starring as Michael Lanyard in three movies of "The Lone Wolf" series in 1946-47. He also made cameo appearances in Gilda (1946) and Detective Story (1951), and co-starred in "The Magnificent Rogue" (1946) and The Sniper (1952). In 1949 he was co-announcer, along with Fred Foy, and narrator of twelve of the shows of the first series of The Lone Ranger, starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

From the 1950s on, he appeared as a guest star in more than one hundred television series, including the westerns The Californians, Maverick, Johnny Ringo, The Alaskans, Lawman, Cheyenne, Bronco, Overland Trail (as James Addison Reavis, "the Baron of Arizona", in the episode "The Baron Comes Back"), Sugarfoot, Bonanza, the Wanted: Dead or Alive (episode "Till Death do us Part"), and Rawhide.

Mohr also guest starred on Crossroads, The DuPont Show with June Allyson, Harrigan and Son, The Barbara Stanwyck Show, Perry Mason, 77 Sunset Strip, Hawaiian Eye, Lost in Space, and many other series of the era, especially those being produced by Warner Brothers Studios and Dick Powell's Four Star Productions.

Mohr made guest appearances in comedy shows, including The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1951), How to Marry a Millionaire (1958), The Jack Benny Program (1961 & 1962), The Smothers Brothers Show (1965) and The Lucy Show (1968). He had the recurring role of newsman Brad Jackson in My Friend Irma (1952). Mohr is remembered for his performance as "Ricky's friend" psychiatrist 'Dr. Henry Molin' (real life name of the assistant film editor on the show) in the classic February 1953 I Love Lucy episode, "The Inferiority Complex". Mohr's repeated line was, "Treatment, Ricky. Treatment".

In 1954-1955, he starred as Christopher Storm in 41 episodes of the third series of "Foreign Intrigue - Cross Current", produced in Stockholm for American distribution. During several episodes of "Foreign Intrigue", but most noticeably in "The Confidence Game" and "The Playful Prince", he can be heard playing on the piano his own musical composition, "The Frontier Theme", so called because Christopher Storm was the owner of the Hotel Frontier in Vienna. "Foreign Intrigue" was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1954 under the category "Best Mystery, Action or Adventure Program" and again in 1955 under the category "Best Mystery or Intrigue Series".

Mohr guest starred seven times in the 1957-1962 television series Maverick, twice playing Western outlaw Doc Holliday, a role he reprised once more in "Doc Holliday in Durango", a 1958 episode of the television western series Tombstone Territory starring Pat Conway and Richard Eastham. In one of the other "Maverick" episodes he portrayed Steve Corbett, a character based on Bogart's in Casablanca. That episode, "Escape to Tampico," used the set from the original film, this time as a Mexican saloon where Bret Maverick (James Garner) arrives to hunt down Mohr's character for an earlier murder. Mohr made four guest appearances on Perry Mason between 1961-1966. In his first appearance he played Joe Medici in "The Case of the Unwelcome Bride." In 1963, he played murder victim Austin Lloyd in "The Case of the Elusive Element." In 1964, he played the murderer, Alan Durfee, in "The Case of a Place Called Midnight." In 1966, he played agent Andy Rubin in the series' final episode, "The Case of the Final Fadeout."

In 1964 Mohr, together with his second wife Mai, planned the formation of an international film company, headquartered in Stockholm, with Swedish and American writers. The company was to have featured comedy, adventure, crime and drama shows for worldwide distribution. By then fluent in Swedish, he also planned to star in a film for TV in which his character, a newspaperman, would speak only Swedish. In 1964 he made a comedy Western, filmed in Stockholm and on location in Yugoslavia, called Wild West Story (see Swedish Wikipedia link) in which, unusually, the good guys spoke Swedish and the bad guys (Mohr, inter alia) spoke in English.

He continued to market his powerful voice, playing Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) in the Fantastic Four cartoon series during 1967 and Green Lantern in the 1968 animated series Aquaman. Also in 1968 he appeared in his last film role, as con-man 'Tom Branca' in William Wyler's classic musical Funny Girl before guest starring in the TV Western series The Big Valley.

He then flew to Stockholm in September 1968, to star in the pilot of a proposed television series called Private Entrance, featuring Swedish film and TV actress Christina Schollin. Shortly after the completion of filming, Mohr died of a heart attack in the evening of November 9, 1968, in Södermalm, Stockholm, at the age of 54. Mohr is interred in the columbarium of Lidingö Kyrkogård in Lidingö, Stockholms Lan, Sweden.


Academy Award 46-07-03 The Maltese Falcon
Academy Award 46-08-14 Vivacious Lady
Alan Young Show 47-01-03 Napoleon's Descendent
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 Ann Hides In The Plane
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 Doc Heads A Smuggling Ring
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 Is Doc Really The Head Of The Smuggling Ring
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 Overhearing A Message
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 Pete Takes Off
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 The Hurricane Hits
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 The Piece Of Paper
Ann of the Airlanes 1935 Zeb Makes A Parachute Jump
Arch Obolers Plays 45-08-09 History of a Mug
Bob Burns 430506 First Song - The Sound Effects Man
Bold Venture The Tears Of Siva
Box 13 49-06-26 Speed To Burn
Cavalcade of America 420413 A Continental Uniform
Command Performance - 42-04-01 - Kay Kyser, Eddie Cantor, Lou Holtz
Dr Christian 381101 Dr Christian for Mayor
Dr Christian 381129 The Seeing Eye Part 1
Dr Christian 381213 The Seeing Eye Part 2
Dr Christian 390214 Angel Unaware
Dr Christian 390221 Washington Had His Delaware
Dr Christian 390228 Puppy Love
Dr Christian 390314 Little Sweetheart
Dr Christian 390321 Mr Meeks
Easy Aces - Jane Meets Miss Wilson
Easy Aces - Marge and Jane Have a Fight and Split Up
Encore Theater 460730 Dark Victory
Escape 490804 Leiningen Versus the Ants Tudor Owen
Escape 491108 Plunder of the Sun
Escape 500103 The Pistol
Frank Race - The Adventure of the Daring Debutante
Frank Race - The Adventure of the Kettle Drum
Frank Race - The Adventure of the Sobbing Bodyguard
Frank Race - The Adventure of Three on a Match
Front Page Drama 390113 Death And The Maiden Part 1
Front Page Drama 390120 Death And The Maiden Part 2
Front Page Drama 401206 The Gypsy Murder Case
Front Page Drama 410314 Voices Of Destruction
Front Page Drama 410328 Ugly Duckling Spy
Front Page Drama 410404 Twenty Days Of Terror
Front Page Drama 410411 Escape In The Night
Front Page Drama 410516 An Evening At Maxims
Guest Star 52-08-10 The Pledge
Guest Star 53-01-11 Romance
Guest Star 53-08-02 First Song - Fear
Guest Star 53-08-23 Hayes Versus Hayes
Gunsmoke 49-07-13 Mark Dillon Goes to Gough Eye (Starring Howard Culver)
Hallmark Playhouse 48-07-01 Penny Serenade
Hallmark Playhouse 48-07-15 Girls Are Like Boats
Hallmark Playhouse 48-10-07 Elmer the Great
Hallmark Playhouse 49-03-10 And There I Stood with My Piccolo
Hallmark Playhouse 49-03-24 Wyatt Earp
Hallmark Playhouse 51-03-22 The Long Love
Hello Americans 42-11-22 Andes
Hello Americans 42-11-29 The Islands
Hello Americans 42-12-06 Alphabet A to C
Hello Americans 42-12-13 Alphabet C to S
Hello Americans 42-12-20 Abednego
Hollywood Star Playhouse 51-09-20 Hour of Truth
I Was a Communist for the FBI 52-12-10 The Kiss of Death
I Was a Communist for the FBI 52-12-17 Treason Comes in Cans
Jungle Jim 351102 The Bat Woman
Let George do it 481129 116 Stand In for Murder
Let George do it 490221 128 Journey into Hate

Lux Radio Theater 39-07-03 Bordertown
Lux Radio Theater 45-06-11 Murder, My Sweet
Lux Radio Theater 45-06-17 (Rehearsal) The Canterville Ghost
Lux Radio Theater 45-06-18 The Canterville Ghost
Lux Radio Theater 46-05-20 Deadline at Dawn
Lux Radio Theater 46-06-10 And Now Tomorrow (repeat)
Lux Radio Theater 46-06-17 Fallen Angel
Lux Radio Theater 46-12-16 Killer Cates
Lux Radio Theater 47-02-10 Frenchmen's Creek
Lux Radio Theater 48-01-26 Notorious
Lux Radio Theater 48-02-09 Lady in the Lake
Lux Radio Theater 48-03-08 Spellbound
Lux Radio Theater 48-05-10 Intrigue
Lux Radio Theater 48-05-31 Miracle of the Bells
Lux Radio Theater 49-04-18 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Lux Radio Theater 51-09-10 Fancy Pants
Mandrake The Magician 41-02-26 Captain X, Lothar and Tommy Escape
Mandrake The Magician 41-02-28 Mandrake Swears Revenge
Mandrake The Magician 41-03-10 Lothar and Narda are Prisoners
Mandrake The Magician 41-03-17 Barracuda is Under Mandrake's Control
Mandrake The Magician 41-03-19 Mandrake is Tied Up
Mandrake The Magician 41-03-21 Captain X Fights Lothar
Mandrake The Magician 41-03-24 Princess Narda and Mandrake Will Be Blown to Bits
Mayor of the Town 42-12-09 Enemy Agents Try to Steal a Cane with Hidden Information
Mayor of the Town 43-03-24 A Fraud Painter Tries to Steal Valuable Cups from Sharon
Mystery is my Hobby Ex-Con Candidate
Mystery is my Hobby Mystery is my Hobby - Morini & the Formula
Nero Wolfe 510105 Deadly Sell-Out
Nero Wolfe 510112 The Killer Cards
Nero Wolfe 510119 The Calculated Risk
Nero Wolfe 510126 The Phantom Fingers
Nero Wolfe 510202 The Vanishing Shells
Nightbeat 500306 Number 13
Our Miss Brooks 49-01-02 Old Clothes for Party
Our Miss Brooks 49-03-13 Cafeteria Boycott
Our Miss Brooks 49-10-09 The French Teacher
Our Miss Brooks 51-03-04 The French Teacher
Ozzie And Harriet 520125 The Dental Receptionist
Phil Harris 51-01-28 Phil Donates Blood

Railroad Hour 51-11-05 Rose Marie
Red Ryder 42-04-09 Trouble Along Brimstone Way
Rogues Gallery 45-12-13 Blood On The Sand
Rogues Gallery 45-12-20 Fortune In Furs
Rogues Gallery 46-01-03 Murder At Minden
Rogues Gallery 46-02-21 The Triangle Murder Case
Rogues Gallery 46-05-16 The Impossible Murder
Rogues Gallery 46-06-30 Lady With A Gun
Romance 45-10-16 Reverie
Romance 45-11-06 To Mary, With Love
Romance 45-11-27 Penny Serenade
Romance 46-03-12 Next Time We Love
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-04-17 The Best Years of Our Lives
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-10-31 Remember the Night
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-01-27 It Had to Be You
Screen Directors Playhouse 51-01-11 Ivy
Screen Directors Playhouse 51-03-29 Next Time We Love
Shadow Of Fu Manchu 39-08-07 The Purple Spot
Superman 480816 1811 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 01
Superman 480817 1812 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 02
Superman 480818 1813 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 03
Superman 480819 1814 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 04
Superman 480820 1815 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 05
Superman 480823 1816 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 06
Superman 480824 1817 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 07
Superman 480825 1818 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 08
Superman 480826 1819 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 09
Superman 480827 1820 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 10
Superman 480830 1821 The Mystery Of The Letter Pt 11
Suspense 450816 Short Order
Suspense 460704 An Evening's Diversion
Suspense 470605 Make Mad the Guilty
Suspense 480902 The Morrison Affair
Suspense 480909 The Big Shot
Suspense 481230 Break-Up
Suspense 520602 A Good and Faithful Servant
Tales of the Texas Ranger 501217 The Cactus Pear
Tales of the Texas Ranger 510211 The Hatchet
Tales of the Texas Ranger 511125 The Blow Off
Tales of the Texas Ranger 520622 Knockout
The Man Called X 47-11-30 Checkmate in Tahiti
The Man Called X 50-11-03 Professor Charney Has Disappeared
Wings To Victory 43-05-27 A C-54 Meets The Japs
Wings To Victory 43-10-07 Major John 'Rocky' Sanders
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 550829 Aud Trans-Pacific Matter Gerald Mohr
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 551107 The Lorko Diamonds Matter Episode 1
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 551108 The Lorko Diamonds Matter Episode 2
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 551109 The Lorko Diamonds Matter Episode 3
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 551110 The Lorko Diamonds Matter Episode 4
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 551111 The Lorko Diamonds Matter Episode 5

Philip Marlowe 47-06-12 Who Shot Waldo
Philip Marlowe 47-06-17 001 Red Wind
Philip Marlowe 47-07-08 004 The King in Yellow
Philip Marlowe 47-08-05 008 Trouble Is My Business
Philip Marlowe 48-09-26 001 Red Wind
Philip Marlowe 48-10-03 002 The Persian Slippers
Philip Marlowe 48-10-10 003 The Panama Hat
Philip Marlowe 48-10-17 004 Where Theres a Will
Philip Marlowe 48-10-24 005 The Heart of Gold
Philip Marlowe 48-11-28 010 The Hard Way Out
Philip Marlowe 48-12-26 014 The Old Acquaintance
Philip Marlowe 49-01-08 015 The Restless Day
Philip Marlowe 49-01-15 016 The Black Halo
Philip Marlowe 49-01-22 017 The Orange Dog
Philip Marlowe 49-01-29 018 The Easy Mark
Philip Marlowe 49-02-05 019 The Long Rope
Philip Marlowe 49-02-12 020 The Lonesome Reunion
Philip Marlowe 49-03-05 023 The Friend from Detroit
Philip Marlowe 49-03-12 024 The Grim Hunters
Philip Marlowe 49-03-19 025 The Dancing Hands
Philip Marlowe 49-03-26 026 The Green Flame
Philip Marlowe 49-04-02 027 The Last Laugh
Philip Marlowe 49-04-09 028 The Name to Remember
Philip Marlowe 49-04-16 029 The Heat Wave
Philip Marlowe 49-04-23 030 The Cloak of Kamehameha
Philip Marlowe 49-04-30 031 The Lady in Mink
Philip Marlowe 49-05-07 032 The Feminine Touch
Philip Marlowe 49-05-14 033 The Promise to Pay
Philip Marlowe 49-05-21 034 Night Tide
Philip Marlowe 49-05-28 035 The Ebony Link
Philip Marlowe 49-06-04 036 The Unfair Lady
Philip Marlowe 49-06-11 037 The Pigeons Blood
Philip Marlowe 49-06-18 038 The Busy Body
Philip Marlowe 49-06-25 039 The Key Man
Philip Marlowe 49-07-02 040 The Dude from Manhattan
Philip Marlowe 49-07-16 042 The Headless Peacock
Philip Marlowe 49-07-30 043 Mexican Boat Ride
Philip Marlowe 49-08-06 044 The August Lion
Philip Marlowe 49-08-13 045 The Indian Giver
Philip Marlowe 49-08-20 046 The Lady Killer
Philip Marlowe 49-08-27 047 The Eager Witness
Philip Marlowe 49-09-03 048 The Bums Rush
Philip Marlowe 49-09-10 049 The Rustin Hickory
Philip Marlowe 49-09-17 050 The Baton Sinister
Philip Marlowe 49-09-24 051 The Fatted Calf
Philip Marlowe 49-10-01 052 The Tale of the Mermaid
Philip Marlowe 49-10-08 053 The Open Window
Philip Marlowe 49-10-15 054 The Strangle Hold
Philip Marlowe 49-10-22 055 The Smokeout
Philip Marlowe 49-10-29 056 The Green Witch
Philip Marlowe 49-11-05 057 The Fine Italian Hand

Philip Marlowe 49-11-26 060 The Birds on the Wing
Philip Marlowe 49-12-03 061 The Kid on the Corner
Philip Marlowe 49-12-10 062 The Little Wishbone
Philip Marlowe 49-12-31 065 The House That Jacqueline Built
Philip Marlowe 50-01-07 066 The Torch Carriers
Philip Marlowe 50-01-14 067 The Covered Bridge
Philip Marlowe 50-01-21 068 The Bid for Freedom
Philip Marlowe 50-01-28 069 The Hairpin Turn
Philip Marlowe 50-02-07 070 The Long Arm
Philip Marlowe 50-02-14 071 The Grim Echo
Philip Marlowe 50-02-21 072 The Ladies Night
Philip Marlowe 50-02-28 073 The Big Step
Philip Marlowe 50-03-07 074 The Monkeys Uncle
Philip Marlowe 50-03-14 075 The Vital Statistic
Philip Marlowe 50-03-21 076 The Deep Shadow
Philip Marlowe 50-03-28 077 The Sword of Cebu
Philip Marlowe 50-04-04 078 The Man on the Roof
Philip Marlowe 50-04-11 079 The Anniversary Gift
Philip Marlowe 50-04-18 080 The Angry Eagle
Philip Marlowe 50-04-25 081 The High Collared Cape
Philip Marlowe 50-05-02 082 The Sea Horse Jockey
Philip Marlowe 50-05-09 083 The Hiding Place
Philip Marlowe 50-05-16 084 The Cloak of Kamehameha
Philip Marlowe 50-05-23 085 The Foxs Tail
Philip Marlowe 50-05-30 086 The Bedside Manners
Philip Marlowe 50-06-06 087 The Uneasy Head
Philip Marlowe 50-06-14 088 Face to Forget
Philip Marlowe 50-06-21 089 The Gold Cobra
Philip Marlowe 50-06-28 090 The Pelicans Roost
Philip Marlowe 50-07-05 091 The Girl from Pitchfork Corners
Philip Marlowe 50-07-12 092 The Iron Coffin
Philip Marlowe 50-07-19 093 The Last Wish
Philip Marlowe 50-07-28 094 The Glass Donkey
Philip Marlowe 50-08-04 095 The Parrots Bed
Philip Marlowe 50-08-11 096 The Quiet Magpie
Philip Marlowe 50-08-18 097 The Dark Tunnel
Philip Marlowe 50-08-25 098 The Collectors Item
Philip Marlowe 50-09-01 099 The Soft Spot
Philip Marlowe 50-09-08 100 The Fifth Mask
Philip Marlowe 50-09-15 101 The Final Payment
Philip Marlowe 50-09-22 102 The White Carnation
Philip Marlowe 50-09-29 103 The Big Book
Philip Marlowe 51-07-07 104 A Seaside Sabbatical
Philip Marlowe 51-07-14 105 The Dear Dead Days
Philip Marlowe 51-07-21 106 Life Can Be Murder
Philip Marlowe 51-07-28 107 The Good Neighbor Policy
Philip Marlowe 51-08-04 108 The Long Way Home
Philip Marlowe 51-08-18 110 The Young Mans Fancy
Philip Marlowe 51-08-23 xxx Heir for G-String rehearsal
Philip Marlowe 51-08-25 111 Heir for G-String
Philip Marlowe 51-08-30 xxx Nether Nether Land rehearsal
Philip Marlowe 51-09-01 112 Nether Nether Land
Philip Marlowe 51-09-08 113 The Medium Was Rare
Philip Marlowe 51-09-15 114 Sound and the Unsound

The Whistler 43-01-03 (034) The Weakling
The Whistler 46-01-21 (191) Treasure Hunt
The Whistler 46-02-25 (196) Murder in Haste
The Whistler 46-04-15 (203) Smart Boy
The Whistler 46-06-03 (210) The Judas Face
The Whistler 46-06-24 (213) Blind Bet
The Whistler 46-08-05 (219) Bullet Proof
The Whistler 46-09-02 (223) Stranger in the House
The Whistler 46-10-28 (231) Backfire
The Whistler 46-11-25 (235) Two Year Plan
The Whistler 47-02-10 (246) Safety in Numbers
The Whistler 47-03-10 (250) Murder of Byron Blake
The Whistler 47-06-02 (262) Caesar's Wife
The Whistler 47-07-16 (268) Beyond Reasonable Doubt
The Whistler 47-10-22 (282) A Case for Mister Carrington
The Whistler 47-12-17 (290) Murder in Haste
The Whistler 48-01-28 (296) Night Final
The Whistler 48-02-18 (299) Quiet Suicide
The Whistler 48-04-14 (307) Till Death Do Us Part
The Whistler 48-06-02 (314) Stranger in the House
The Whistler 48-07-21 (319) Farewell Party
The Whistler 48-08-04 (321) Question of Murder
The Whistler 49-01-30 (347) All Damage Covered
The Whistler 49-03-20 (354) Death of Mr Penny (AFRS)
The Whistler 49-03-20 (354) Death of Mr Penny
The Whistler 49-05-22 (364) Fatal Fraud
The Whistler 49-11-27 (391) Clever Mister Farley
The Whistler 50-01-08 (397) Return to Riondo
The Whistler 50-02-19 (403) Five Cent Call
The Whistler 50-06-04 (418) Caesar's Wife
The Whistler 50-11-19 (442) Warm Reception
The Whistler 51-01-07 (449) Hit and Run
The Whistler 51-01-21 (451) Treasure Hunt
The Whistler 51-04-15 (463) Triple Cross
The Whistler 51-10-21 (490) Alias Mister Alden
The Whistler 52-02-10 (506) Little Red Book
The Whistler 52-05-18 (520) Determined Traveler
The Whistler 52-07-27 (530) You Can't Trust a Stranger





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