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OLD TIME RADIO - 4 CD-ROM - 217 mp3

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Frank Lovejoy (March 28, 1912 – October 2, 1962) was an American actor in radio, film, and television. He was born Frank Andrew Lovejoy Jr. in Bronx, New York, but grew up in New Jersey. His father, Frank Lovejoy Sr., was a furniture salesman from Maine. His mother, Nora, was born in Massachusetts to Irish immigrant parents.
A successful radio actor, Lovejoy was heard on the 1930s crime drama series Gang Busters. Lovejoy was a narrator (during the first season) for the show This Is Your FBI. He played the title character on the syndicated The Blue Beetle during the 1940s, and starred in the later newspaper drama series Nightbeat in the early 1950s and in episodes of Suspense in the late 1950s.
In films of the 1940s and 1950s, Lovejoy mostly played supporting roles. Appearing in movies such as Goodbye, My Fancy (1951) with Joan Crawford, and The Hitch-Hiker (1953) directed by Ida Lupino, Lovejoy was effective playing the movie's everyman in extraordinary situations. He was in several war movies, notably Joseph H. Lewis' Retreat, Hell! (1952) which portrayed the United States Marine Corps' retreat from the Chosin Reservoir (aka the Changjin Reservoir) during the Korean War. In 1951, he had the title role in I Was a Communist for the FBI with co-stars Ron Hagerthy, Paul Picerni, and Philip Carey.
Lovejoy starred in two short-run TV series, Man Against Crime and Meet McGraw. Episodes of these two series have never been released commercially on DVD or VHS and never aired on reruns. Meet McGraw episodes were screened at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention.

Lovejoy was first married to Frances Williams (1901–59) but divorced in the late 1930s. In 1940, Lovejoy married actress Joan Banks (1918–1998), with whom he had a son and a daughter.

Among Lovejoy's last performances was with Donald May in the episode "County General" (March 18, 1962) on the ABC series Bus Stop with Marilyn Maxwell in the role of Grace Sherwood, owner of a diner in Sunrise, Colorado. That same season, he appeared on the ABC crime drama Target: The Corruptors! about the efforts of a New York City reporter to expose organized crime.
Frank Lovejoy died of a heart attack in his sleep at his residence in New York City. His wife, Joan Banks, called for medical help after she was unable to wake him. The couple had been appearing in a New Jersey production of the Gore Vidal play The Best Man.


Disc 1

Adventures of Sam Spade 48-09-26 The Dick Foley Caper
Adventures of of Frank Race - 490619 The Airborne Adventure
Adventures of of Frank Race - 490911 The Fourth Rd Knockout
Adventures of of Frank Race - 490925 The Roughnecks Will
Adventures of of Frank Race - 491016 The Divers Loot
Adventures of of Frank Race - 491113 The Fairway Beauty
Columbia Workshop 381222 Bread on the Waters
Columbia Workshop 390306 Winged Victory
Columbia Workshop 391228 Higher Than a Kite
Columbia Workshop 401117 I Get The Blues From Revues
Columbia Workshop 410511 Log of the R77
Columbia Workshop 410525 Lip Service
Columbia Workshop 410608 Odyssey of Runyon Jones
Columbia Workshop 410622 Daybreak
Columbia Workshop 410706 Between Americans
Columbia Workshop 410713 Anne Was an Ordinary Girl
Columbia Workshop 410803 Descent of the Gods
Columbia Workshop 410921 Human Angle
Columbia Workshop 411012 Murder in Studio One
Columbia Workshop 411019 Descent of the Gods
Columbia Workshop 411109 Psalm for a Dark Year
Columbia Workshop 440307 Movie Primer
Columbia Workshop 440418 Untitled
Columbia Workshop 440509 Cromer
Columbia Workshop 460721 The Pied Pied Piper of Hamelin
Night Beat 500206 (001) Zero
Night Beat 500213 (002) The Night Is a Weapon
Night Beat 500227 (004) The Girl in the Park
Night Beat 500306 (005) Number 13
Night Beat 500313 (006) Am I My Brother's Keeper
Night Beat 500320 (007) The Man Who Claimed To Be Dead
Night Beat 500327 (008) Flowers on the Water
Night Beat 500410 (010) I Know Your Secret
Night Beat 500417 (011) Tong War
Night Beat 500501 (013) Mentallo, the Mental Marvel
Night Beat 500508 (014) Elevator Caper
Night Beat 500515 (015) The Night Watchman
Night Beat 500522 (016) I Wish You Were Dead
Night Beat 500529 (017) Harlan Matthews, Stamp Dealer
Night Beat 500605 (018) The Girl from Kansas
Night Beat 500612 (019) Football Player and the Syndicate
Night Beat 500626 (021) The Juvenile Gangster
Night Beat 500703 (022) Marty
Night Beat 500717 (024) Molly Keller
Night Beat 500724 (025) The Devil's Bible
Night Beat 500731 (026) City at Your Fingertips
Night Beat 500807 (027) Old Blind Pop
Night Beat 500814 (028) Gunner's Last Fight
Night Beat 500821 (029) Doctor's Secret
Night Beat 500904 (031) Old Home Week
Night Beat 500911 (032) The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Night Beat 500918 (033) Wanna Buy a Story
Night Beat 500925 (034) A Case of Butter
Night Beat 501006 (035) The Kenny Day Amnesia Case
Night Beat 501013 (036) Elinar Pierce and Family
Night Beat 501020 (037) Judge Arnold's Daughter
Night Beat 501103 (039) The Black Cat
Night Beat 501110 (040) The Slasher
Night Beat 510304 (041) Big John McMasters
Night Beat 510525 (043) Fear
Night Beat 510601 (044) Will of Mrs Orloff
Night Beat 510608 (045) The Search for Fred
Night Beat 510615 (046) Otto, The Music Man aka Old Baldy
Night Beat 510622 (047) Sanctuary
Night Beat 510629 (048) Byline for Frank
Night Beat 510706 (049) Bill Perrin Amnesia Case
Night Beat 510713 (050) Antonio's Return
Night Beat 511228 (074) Expectant Father
Night Beat 520501 (092) Pay up or Die
Night Beat 520508 (093) Long Live the Clown
Night Beat 520515 (094) Death of Riley
Night Beat 520522 (095) Target for a Week
Night Beat 520529 (096) The Jockey Brothers
Night Beat 520605 (097) Marvelous Machine
Night Beat 520626 (099) The Reformer
Night Beat 520703 (100)The Old Itch
Night Beat 520717 (102) Taste of Peaches
Night Beat 520731 (104) Flight from Fear
Night Beat 520807 (105) Sombody Stop Ann
Night Beat 520814 (106) His Name Was Luke
Night Beat 520821 (107) The Man with the Red Hair
Night Beat 520904 (109) Ellen
Night Beat 520911 (110) Larry the Understudy
Night Beat 520918 (111) Policy Wheel Racket
Night Beat 520925 (112) The Bug Killings

Disc 2
Cavalcade of America - 440807 A Walk in the Sun
Cavalcade of America - 440911 The Doctor Gets The Answer
Continental Celebrity Club 46-02-23 Guest - Linda Darnell
Damon Runyon Theatre 49-03-20-Pick a Winner
Dragnet 49-06-10 Production 2 aka Homicide aka The Nickel Plated Gun
Escape 470728 Typhoon
Escape 480121 Papa Benjamin national broadcast
Escape 480516 The Match
Escape 491220 Figure a Dame
Escape 500124 Treasure Incorporated
Escape 500207 The Outer Limit
Escape 500324 Danger at Matecumbe
Five Minutes Mystery - Murder in Cairo
Five Minutes Mystery - Pattern of Guilt
Five Minutes Mystery - Radium Murder Case
Four Star Playhouse 49-08-21 The Incredible Anna Lee
Haunting Hour 45-07-07 Date in the Dark
Haunting Hour 49-05-23 Assignment Death
Hollywood Star Playhouse 51-07-09 Knee High to a Corpse
It's Maritime 44-10-10 Mary Patton
Joyce Jordan 44-06-07 Joyce and Mary clean house
Keep Em Rolling 42-05-03 This Precious Freedom
Lights Out 43-02-02 Until Dead (The Luck of Mark Street)
Lux Radio Theater 49-04-18 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Lux Radio Theater 51-12-03 Strangers on a Train
Lux Radio Theater 54-11-16 Mother Didn't Tell Me
One Man's Family 52-04-27 20th Anniversary Special
Richard Diamond 49 08 20 The Jean Cooper Murder Case
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-03-27 Suddenly Its Spring
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-05-01 The Trouble with Women
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-09-30 Pride of the Yankees
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-03-17 Champion
Screen Directors Playhouse 51-04-05 The Damned Dont Cry

Disc 3
Americas Famous Fathers - Lowell Thomas
An American in England 42-12-01 Cromer
Anthology 54-05-30 Memorial Day 1954
Arch Obolers Plays 39-07-29 Another World
Arch Obolers Plays 45-08-02 Parade
Box 13 49-06-05 Design For Danger
Box 13 49-06-19 Killer At Large
Box 13 49-07-31 Archemedes And The Roman
Man Behind The Gun 44-01-29 Something For The Girls (aka Man Behind The Gun Is A Woman)
Man Behind The Gun 44-02-12 Prep Joe
Pat Novak For Hire - 49-03-20 Rory Malone
Phil Harris 49-01-23 Truman's Inaugural
Shorty Bell 48-03-28 Newspaper Truck Driver
Superman - 400311 Aboard the Steamship Madison
Superman - 400313 The Plane to Canyon City
Superman - 400315 Left to Die
Superman - 410815 Dr Roebling and the Voice Machine
Superman - 410822 Dr Roebling and the Voice Machine
Superman - 411226 The Mechanical Man Pt 04
Suspense 470403 The Swift Rise of Eddie Albright
Suspense 480819 Crisis
Suspense 490217 Catch Me If You Can
Suspense 520317 The Wreck of the Old
Suspense 520428 The Shooting of Billy the Kid
Suspense 521110 The Frightened City
Suspense 530420 Public Defender
Suspense 540104 On a Country Road
Suspense 540503 The Giant of Thermopylae
Suspense 561118 The Long Night
Suspense 570317 The Outer Limit
Suspense 570901 Man from Tomorrow
Suspense 571201 Jet Stream
Suspense 580413 Win, Place or Die
Suspense 580713 The Long Night
Suspense 580928 Affair At Aden
Suspense 581228 The Thirty Second of December
Suspense 590315 Death in Box
Suspense 590517 Friend of Daddy's
Tales of the Texas Rangers 520210 Hitchhiker
The Amazing Mr Malone 47-05-24 Mr Morgan, The Cheat
The Amazing Mr Malone 48-08-28 Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Disc 4
Adventures of Jungle Jim 371002 The Afghan Hills
Adventures of Jungle Jim 371009 The Afghan Hills
Adventures of Jungle Jim 371023 The Afghan Hills
Adventures of Jungle Jim 371106 The Afghan Hills
Adventures of Jungle Jim 371120 The Afghan Hills
Adventures of Jungle Jim 371127 The Afghan Hills
Adventures of Jungle Jim 380212 The Afghan Hills
Adventures of Jungle Jim 380305 The Afghan Hills
Adventures of Jungle Jim 380528 The Ghost Of The Java Sea
Beyond This World 50-03-23
Big Show 51-04-29 Jimmy Durante, Milton Berle
BlueBeetle 40-05-15 Drug Ring Pt 1&2
BlueBeetle 40-05-17 Sabotage & Liquidation Pt 1 & 2
BlueBeetle 40-05-22 Murder For Profit Pt 1 & 2
BlueBeetle 40-05-24 Blasting the Dynamite Gang Pt 1 & 2
BlueBeetle 40-05-29 Invisible Ghost Pt 1 & 2
Boston Blackie 45-06-25 The Larry Brown Case
Boston Blackie 46-10-15 Murder At The Rodeo
Boston Blackie 47-01-14 Blackie And The Fur Thefts
The Whistler 46-12-23 Next Year Is Mine
The Whistler 47-05-05 Windfall
The Whistler 47-08-06 Dark Future
The Whistler 47-11-19 Dark Moon
The Whistler 48-04-07 What Makes a Murderer
The Whistler 48-05-19 Murder on Margin
The Whistler 48-08-18 Bright Future
The Whistler 48-10-24 Search for an Unknown
The Whistler 48-12-19 The Hangtree Affair
The Whistler 49-05-29 Deal with Death
The Whistler 49-06-12 Perfect Alibi
The Whistler 49-06-19 That Physical Fact
The Whistler 49-09-25 Incident at Arroyo Grande
The Whistler 49-10-09 Rose for Pamela
The Whistler 49-10-30 Ticket to Murder
Theater Guild on the Air 45 10 07 Ah Wilderness
Theater Guild on the Air 45 11 25 Mornings at Seven
Theater Guild on the Air 46 05 26 Boy Meets Girl
Theater of Romance 44 02 01 A Quiet Wedding
This Is War 420228 - Your Navy
This is your FBI - 45-04-06 Espionage
This is your FBI - 45-04-20 Kidnapping - Shotgun Hadley
This is your FBI - 45-04-27 Escaped Pow's - Paul Turner
This is your FBI - 45-05-04 Confidence Game
This is your FBI - 45-05-11 War Fraud
This is your FBI - 45-05-18 Grand Larceny
This is your FBI - 45-05-25 Draft Dodgers
This is your FBI - 45-06-01 Bank Robbery
This is your FBI - 45-06-08 Espionage
This is your FBI - 45-06-15 Confidence Game
This is your FBI - 45-06-22 Auto Theft
This is your FBI - 45-06-29 Murder - John Dixon
This is your FBI - 45-08-10 Robert Perry, Impersonator
This is your FBI - 45-09-21 Fugitive Killer - The Scientific Conviction
This is your FBI - 46-11-22 Return of the Killer
Vic and Sade 41-11-05 Vics Christmas Gift List
Words at War-431026 Who Dare to Live
Words at War-441205 The Guys on the Ground






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