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Eve Arden (April 30, 1908 – November 12, 1990) was an American actress. Her almost 60-year career crossed most media frontiers with both supporting and leading roles, but she may be best-remembered for playing the sardonic but engaging title character, a high school teacher, on Our Miss Brooks, and as the Rydell High School principal in both Grease 1 and 2.

Eve Arden was born Eunice M. Quedens (pronounced qwi-DENZ) in Mill Valley, California, to Lucille and Charles Peter Quedens. Her parents divorced when she was a child. Arden claimed to have been an insecure child, declaring later in life that she needed therapy because her mother was so much more beautiful than she.

Some sources indicate that Arden was Catholic based solely on the fact that she had, at one point, attended a Roman Catholic convent school. However, at age 16, she left Tamalpais High School, a public high school, and joined a stock theater company. She made her film debut, under her real name, in the backstage musical Song of Love (1929). She played a wisecracking showgirl who becomes a rival to the film's star, singer Belle Baker. The film was one of Columbia Pictures' earliest successes.

Arden's Broadway debut came in 1934, when she was cast in that year's Ziegfeld Follies revue. This role was the first in which she was credited as Eve Arden. She chose that name after being told by producer Lee Shubert to drop her real name and claims she was inspired by two cosmetics bottles in her dressing room, one labeled Evening in Paris and the other by Elizabeth Arden.

Her film career began in earnest in 1937 when she appeared in the films Oh Doctor and Stage Door. Her Stage Door portrayal of a fast-talking, witty supporting character, gained Arden considerable notice and was to be a template for many of Arden's future roles.

Her many memorable screen roles include a supporting role as Joan Crawford's wise-cracking friend in Mildred Pierce (1945) for which she received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress, and James Stewart's wistful secretary in Otto Preminger's then-explicit murder mystery, Anatomy of a Murder (1959). (One of her co-stars in that film was husband Brooks West.) She also performed some acrobatics while trying to steal a wallet from Groucho Marx in the Marx Brothers film At the Circus (1939). In 1946 exhibitors voted her the sixth-most promising "star of tomorrow".

Arden's ability with witty scripts made her a natural talent for radio; she became a regular on Danny Kaye's short-lived but memorably zany comedy-variety show in 1946, which also featured swing bandleader Harry James and gravel-voiced character actor-comedian Lionel Stander.

Kaye's show lasted one season, but Arden's display of comic talent and timing set the stage for her to be cast in her most well-known role, Madison High School English teacher Connie Brooks in Our Miss Brooks. Arden portrayed the character on radio from 1948 to 1957, in a television version of the program from 1952 to 1956, and in a 1956 feature film. Arden's character clashed with the school's principal, Osgood Conklin (played by Gale Gordon), and nursed an unrequited crush on fellow teacher Philip Boynton (played originally by future film star Jeff Chandler and, later on radio, then on television, by Robert Rockwell). Except for Chandler, the entire radio cast of Arden, Gordon, Richard Crenna (Walter Denton), Robert Rockwell (Mr. Philip Boynton), Gloria McMillan (Harriet Conklin), and Jane Morgan (landlady Margaret Davis) played the same roles on television.

Arden's portrayal of the character was so popular that she was made an honorary member of the National Education Association, received a 1952 award from the Teachers College of Connecticut's Alumni Association "for humanizing the American teacher", and even received teaching job offers. She won a listeners' poll by Radio Mirror magazine as the top ranking comedienne of 1948–1949, receiving her award at the end of an Our Miss Brooks broadcast that March. "I'm certainly going to try in the coming months to merit the honor you've bestowed upon me, because I understand that if I win this (award) two years in a row, I get to keep Mr. Boynton," she joked. But she was also a hit with the critics; a winter 1949 poll of newspaper and magazine radio editors taken by Motion Picture Daily named her the year's best radio comedienne.

Arden had a very brief guest appearance in a 1955 I Love Lucy episode entitled "L.A. at Last" in which she played herself. While awaiting their food at The Brown Derby, a Hollywood restaurant, Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Ethel (Vivian Vance) argue over whether a certain portrait on a nearby wall is Shelley Winters or Judy Holliday. Lucy urges Ethel to ask a lady occupying the next booth, who turns and replies, "Neither. That's Eve Arden." Ethel suddenly realizes she was just talking to Arden herself, who soon passes Lucy and Ethel's table to leave the restaurant while the pair gawk.

Desilu Productions, jointly owned by Desi Arnaz and Ball during their marriage, was the production company for the Our Miss Brooks television show, which filmed during the same years as I Love Lucy. Ball and Arden became acquainted when they co-starred together in the film Stage Door in 1937. It was Ball, according to numerous radio historians, who suggested Arden for Our Miss Brooks after Shirley Booth auditioned for but failed to land the role and Ball – committed at the time to My Favorite Husband – could not.

Arden tried another series in the fall of 1957, The Eve Arden Show, but it was canceled in spring of 1958 after twenty-six episodes. More than seven years later, Arden played Nurse Kelton in the episode of "Bewitched" where Tabitha is born and the first episode with Serena in 1966. She later co-starred with Kaye Ballard as her neighbor and in-law, Eve Hubbard, in the 1967–69 situation comedy The Mothers-in-Law, which was produced by Desi Arnaz after the dissolution of Desilu.

Arden was one of many actresses to take on the title roles in Hello, Dolly! and Auntie Mame in the 1960s; in 1967, she won the Sarah Siddons Award for her work in Chicago theatre. Arden was cast in 1983 as the leading lady in what was to be her Broadway comeback in Moose Murders. But she wisely withdrew (and was replaced with the much younger Holland Taylor) after one preview performance, citing "artistic differences", and the show went on to open and close on the same night, becoming known as one of the most legendary flops in Broadway history.

She became familiar to a new generation of film-goers when she played Principal McGee in both 1978's Grease and 1982's Grease 2, as well as making appearances on such television shows as Alice, Maude and Falcon Crest. In 1985, she appeared as the wicked stepmother in the Faerie Tale Theatre production of Cinderella.

Arden published an autobiography, The Three Phases of Eve, in 1985. In addition to her Academy Award nomination, Arden has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Radio and Television (see List of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for addresses). She was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1995.

Arden was married to Ned Bergen from 1939 to 1947, and to actor Brooks West from 1952 until his death in 1984 from a heart ailment. She and West had four children.


Command Performance 450719 184 Judy Canova
Danny Kaye 450106 E01 First Show
Danny Kaye 450113 E02 The Story Of His Life
Danny Kaye 450120 E03 Auction Sale
Danny Kaye 450127 E04 Singing In The Bathtub
Danny Kaye 450203 E05 Back From Washington
Danny Kaye 450210 E06 Air Mail Letter
Danny Kaye 450217 E07 Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks
Danny Kaye 450303 E09 Opening Night Of Playhouse
Danny Kaye 450310 E10 Theater Performance
Danny Kaye 450511 E19 Guest Benny Rubin
Lux Radio Theater 390220 Stage Door
Lux Radio Theater 430111 She Knew All The Answers
Lux Radio Theater 430201 The Showoff
Our Miss Brooks 480409 000 Audition Shirley Booth
Our Miss Brooks 480508 000 Mothers Day
Our Miss Brooks 480623 000 Audition Eve Arden
Our Miss Brooks 480719 001 First Day
Our Miss Brooks 480919 007 Weekend At Crystal Lake
Our Miss Brooks 481024 012 Surprise Party
Our Miss Brooks 481031 013 Clay City Football Game
Our Miss Brooks 481107 014 Connie The Work Horse
Our Miss Brooks 481114 015 Babysitting for Three
Our Miss Brooks 481121 016 Model School Teacher
Our Miss Brooks 481128 017 Sunnydale Finishing School
Our Miss Brooks 481205 018 Weighing Machine
Our Miss Brooks 481219 020 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 490102 022 Old Clothes For Party
Our Miss Brooks 490109 023 Boken Furnace
Our Miss Brooks 490116 024 Student Government Day
Our Miss Brooks 490123 025 Head Of English Department
Our Miss Brooks 490130 026 Custodian Of Student Funds
Our Miss Brooks 490206 027 Missing Electric Heater
Our Miss Brooks 490213 028 Stretch The Basketball Star
Our Miss Brooks 490220 029 The Frog
Our Miss Brooks 490227 030 Stretch Has A Problem
Our Miss Brooks 490306 031 The Hair Do
Our Miss Brooks 490313 032 Cafeteria Boycott
Our Miss Brooks 490320 033 Poetry Mix-Up
Our Miss Brooks 490327 034 Clay City English Teacher
Our Miss Brooks 490403 035 April Fool s Day
Our Miss Brooks 490410 036 Mr Conklin s Wake Up Plan
Our Miss Brooks 490417 037 Easter Outfit
Our Miss Brooks 490424 038 Dress Code
Our Miss Brooks 490501 039 Walter Vs Stretch Grudge Match
Our Miss Brooks 490508 040 Mister Boynton s Parents
Our Miss Brooks 490515 041 Friday the 13th
Our Miss Brooks 490522 042 Peanuts The Great Dane
Our Miss Brooks 490529 043 Arguements. Arguements
Our Miss Brooks 490605 044 Keys To The School
Our Miss Brooks 490612 045 Wishing Well Dance
Our Miss Brooks 490619 046 Taxidermist
Our Miss Brooks 490626 047 Conklin's morning exercise
Our Miss Brooks 490703 048 July 4th Trip to Eagle Springs
Our Miss Brooks 490710 049 Telegram For Mrs Davis
Our Miss Brooks 490717 050 Carelessness Code
Our Miss Brooks 490724 051 Mrs Davis Cookies
Our Miss Brooks 490731 052 Connie's New Job Offer
Our Miss Brooks 490807 053 Heat Wave
Our Miss Brooks 490814 054 The English Test
Our Miss Brooks 490821 055 Weekend At Crystal Lake
Our Miss Brooks 490911 057 Head Of The Board
Our Miss Brooks 490918 058 Faculty Cheer Leader
Our Miss Brooks 490925 059 Taking The Rap For Mr Boynton
Our Miss Brooks 491002 060 Rival Football
Our Miss Brooks 491009 061 Mr Leblanche needs 50 Dollars
Our Miss Brooks 491016 062 School Safety Advisor
Our Miss Brooks 491023 063 Exchanging Gifts
Our Miss Brooks 491030 064 Halloween Party
Our Miss Brooks 491113 066 Elephant Mascot
Our Miss Brooks 491120 067 The Party Line
Our Miss Brooks 491127 068 Thanksgiving Weekend
Our Miss Brooks 491204 069 Weighing Machine
Our Miss Brooks 491211 070 Game At Clay City
Our Miss Brooks 491218 071 Department Store Contest
Our Miss Brooks 491225 072 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 500101 073 Babysitting on New Year's Eve
Our Miss Brooks 500108 074 Board Of Education Day
Our Miss Brooks 500115 075 Cure That Habit
Our Miss Brooks 500122 076 Professorship at State U
Our Miss Brooks 500129 077 School On Saturday
Our Miss Brooks 500205 078 Miss Enright s Dinner
Our Miss Brooks 500219 080 Valentine s Day Date
Our Miss Brooks 500226 081 Stretch Is In Love
Our Miss Brooks 500305 082 Letter From The Education Board
Our Miss Brooks 500312 083 The Burglar
Our Miss Brooks 500319 084 The Auction
Our Miss Brooks 500326 085 Baseball Uniforms
Our Miss Brooks 500402 086 Free TV from Sherry s
Our Miss Brooks 500409 087 Easter Egg Dye
Our Miss Brooks 500423 089 Tape Recorder
Our Miss Brooks 500430 090 School Band
Our Miss Brooks 500507 091 Boynton s Barbecue
Our Miss Brooks 500514 092 Boynton s Parents
Our Miss Brooks 500521 093 Rare Black Orchid
Our Miss Brooks 500528 094 Reckless Driving
Our Miss Brooks 500910 096 Rumors
Our Miss Brooks 500917 097 Elopement With Walter
Our Miss Brooks 500924 098 Bronco Dismissed
Our Miss Brooks 501001 099 Measles
Our Miss Brooks 501008 100 Radio Bombay
Our Miss Brooks 501015 101 The Bookie
Our Miss Brooks 501022 102 Stretch Is in Love Again
Our Miss Brooks 501029 103 The Dancer
Our Miss Brooks 501105 104 Indian Burial Ground
Our Miss Brooks 501112 105 Teachers Convention
Our Miss Brooks 501119 106 Thanksgiving Turkey
Our Miss Brooks 501126 107 Woman Driver
Our Miss Brooks 501203 108 Music Festival
Our Miss Brooks 501217 110 A Suit For Charity
Our Miss Brooks 501224 111 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 501231 112 Christmas Gift Returns
Our Miss Brooks 510204 117 Puppy Love and Mr Barlow
Our Miss Brooks 510211 118 Business Course
Our Miss Brooks 510225 120 Going Skiing
Our Miss Brooks 510304 121 Overseas Job
Our Miss Brooks 510311 122 Tex Barton Basketball Star
Our Miss Brooks 510318 123 Miss Enright s Birthday Party
Our Miss Brooks 510325 124 Boynton s Land Deal
Our Miss Brooks 510401 125 Another Day Another Dress
Our Miss Brooks 510415 127 Mr Conklin s Induction Notice incomplete
Our Miss Brooks 510422 128 New School TV Set
Our Miss Brooks 510513 131 Bargain Hats for Mother s Day
Our Miss Brooks 510527 133 The English Test
Our Miss Brooks 510603 134 The First Aid Course JC
Our Miss Brooks 511104 143 Connie Tries To Forget Mr Boynton
Our Miss Brooks 511125 146 Connie Wins a Man s Suit JC
Our Miss Brooks 511202-147 Mush-notes-to-harriet
Our Miss Brooks 520127 155 New School Bus JC
Our Miss Brooks 520309 161 Minerva s Kittens JC
Our Miss Brooks 530531 212 Cosmopolitan Magazine
Our Miss Brooks 531004 217 Poison Ivy
Our Miss Brooks 531011 218 Plaque for Mr Conklin
Our Miss Brooks 531018 219 Mr Boynton s Barbecue
Our Miss Brooks 531025 220 Boynton the Gigolo
Our Miss Brooks 531101 221 Mr Conklin s Car Pool
Our Miss Brooks 531108 222 Convict
Our Miss Brooks 531115 223 The Moving Van
Our Miss Brooks 531122 224 The Butcher
Our Miss Brooks 531129 225 Former Student Visits
Our Miss Brooks 531213 227 Conklin the Bachelor
Our Miss Brooks 531220 228 Christmas Gift Mix-up
Our Miss Brooks 531227 229 Miss Brooks Writes about a Hobo
Our Miss Brooks 540110 231 Hobbies
Our Miss Brooks 540117 232 Selling the House Next Door
Our Miss Brooks 540124 233 Foreign Teachers
Our Miss Brooks 540131 234 Four Fiances
Our Miss Brooks 540207 235 Foreign Teachers
Our Miss Brooks 540425-246-cow-in-the-closet
Our Miss Brooks 540926 256 Mr Lathrop Returns to School
Our Miss Brooks 541003 257 Conklin Threatens to Abolish Football
Our Miss Brooks 541010 258 Bartering with Chief Thundercloud
Our Miss Brooks 541017 259 Photo Feud
Our Miss Brooks 541024 260 Stretch is in Love Again
Our Miss Brooks 541107 262 The Switchboard Operator
Our Miss Brooks 541114 263 Movies at School
Our Miss Brooks 541205-266 Borrow-money-to-fly
Our Miss Brooks 550116 272 Male Superiority
Our Miss Brooks 550123 273 Pen Pal Project
Our Miss Brooks 550130 274 Mr Travis 3 Acre Lot
Our Miss Brooks 550306 279 Project X
Our Miss Brooks 550313 280 The School Board s Psycholoogist
Our Miss Brooks 550327 282 Mr Boynton s Moustache
Our Miss Brooks 550403 283 An American Tragedy
Our Miss Brooks 550410 284 Tears For Mister Boynton
Our Miss Brooks 550417 285 Magazine Articles
Our Miss Brooks 550424 286 Cow in the Closet
Our Miss Brooks 550501 287 Miss Brooks Takes Over Spring Garden
Our Miss Brooks 550508 288 Orphan Twins
Our Miss Brooks 550522 290 Stretch is Accused of Professionalism
Our Miss Brooks 550529 291 Spring Garden
Our Miss Brooks 550619 294 Taxi Fare
Our Miss Brooks 550626 295 Marriage By Proxy
Our Miss Brooks 550703 296 Deacon Jones
Our Miss Brooks 550710 297 Bye Bye Boynton
Our Miss Brooks 550717 298 Planning a Trip to Europe
Our Miss Brooks 550724 299 Non Fraternization Policy
Our Miss Brooks 550731 300 Marriage Madness
Our Miss Brooks 550807 301 Cat Burglars
Our Miss Brooks 550814 302 Sneaky Peekers
Our Miss Brooks 550821 303 Teacher s Convention
Our Miss Brooks 550828 304 Couch Potato
Our Miss Brooks 550904 305 Summer Vacation
Our Miss Brooks 550911 306 Helping Hands
Our Miss Brooks 550918 307 House Trailer
Our Miss Brooks 551009 310 Friendship
Our Miss Brooks 551030 313 French Sadie Hawkins Day
Our Miss Brooks 551113 315 Outpost Road incomplete
Our Miss Brooks 551204 318 Saving the School Newspaper
Our Miss Brooks 551218 320 Christmas Clothing Drive
Our Miss Brooks 551225 321 The Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 560101 322 Mr Conklin Loses His Hearing
Our Miss Brooks 560108 323 School on Saturday
Our Miss Brooks 560205 327 The Auction
Our Miss Brooks 560212 328 Mr Conklin s Statue
Our Miss Brooks 560318 333 Mash Notes to Harriet
Our Miss Brooks 560506 340 New Girl in Town
Our Miss Brooks 560603 344 The Dinner Party
Our Miss Brooks 570113 351 Repeat of 25 Head of the English Dept
Our Miss Brooks 570224 357 Repeat of 30 Stretch Has a Problem
Our Miss Brooks 570505-364-The-hillbilly-jascha-heifetz
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx An American Tragedy
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx Decon Jones Square Dance
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx Four Fiances
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx Mr Boyntons Mustache
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx Mr Stones Amplifying System
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx Mushy Notes To Harriet
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx New Efficiency Crackdown
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx Planning A Trip To Europe
Our Miss Brooks xxxxxx xxx Trouble Paying Taxi Fare





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