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OLD TIME RADIO - 4 CD - 155 mp3 - Total Playtime:99:51:12

Dorothy Lamour (December 10, 1914 – September 22, 1996) was an American actress and singer. She is best remembered for appearing in the Road to... movies, a series of successful comedies starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.
Lamour began her career in the 1930s as a big band singer. In 1936, she moved to Hollywood where she signed with Paramount Pictures. Her appearance as "Ulah" in The Jungle Princess (1936) brought her fame and marked the beginning of her image as the "Sarong Queen."
In 1940, Lamour made her first Road to... comedy film, Road to Singapore. The Road to... films were popular during the 1940s. The sixth film in the series, Road to Bali, was released in 1952. By that time, Lamour's screen career began to wane, and she focused on stage and television work. In 1961, Crosby and Hope teamed up for one more, The Road to Hong Kong, but actress Joan Collins was cast as the female lead. Lamour made a brief appearance and sang a song near the end of that film.
In the 1970s, Lamour revived her nightclub act and, in 1980, released her autobiography My Side of the Road. She made her final onscreen appearance in 1987.
Lamour married her second husband, William Ross Howard III, in 1943. They had two sons and remained married until Howard's death in 1978. Lamour died at her home in 1996, at the age of 81.
Born Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton in New Orleans, (her birth name is often incorrectly cited as "Kaumeyer", the legal surname of her first husband, Herbie Kay) the daughter of Carmen Louise (née LaPorte) and John Watson Slaton, both of whom were waiters.[citation needed] Lamour was of French Louisianan, Spanish, and Irish descent. Her parents' marriage lasted only a few years. Her mother married for the second time to Clarence Lambour, whose surname Dorothy later adopted and modified as her stage name. That marriage also ended in divorce when Dorothy was a teenager.
In Road to Bali (1952)
Lamour quit school at the age of 14 and, after taking a business course, worked as a secretary to support herself and her mother. She began entering beauty pageants and was crowned "Miss New Orleans" in 1931. Lamour used the prize money to support herself while she worked in a stock theatre company. She and her mother later moved to Chicago where Lamour found a job working at Marshall Field's department store. She was discovered by orchestra leader Herbie Kay when he spotted her in performance at a Chicago talent show held at the Hotel Morrison. Kay hired her as a singer for his orchestra and, in 1935, Lamour went on tour with Kay. Her work with Kay eventually led Lamour to vaudeville and work in radio. In 1935, she had her own fifteen-minute weekly musical program on NBC Radio. Lamour also sang on the popular Rudy Vallee radio show and The Chase and Sanborn Hour. On January 30, 1944, Lamour starred in "For This We Live," an episode of Silver Theater on CBS radio.


Disc 1

A Date With Judy 45-03-20 Oogie Has A Date Wtih Dorothy Lamour
Abbott & Costello 44-02-17 Making a Movie with Dorothy Lamour
Al Jolson 47-11-27 First Song - California, Here I Come, Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Bob Hope 430209 Guest - Dorothy Lamour, Paulette Goddard
Bob Hope 510205 1st Be Anything by Peggy Lee Guest Dorothy Lamour
Bob Hope 530401 Going to Europe to Make a Movie - Anne Baxter Dorothy Lamour
Burns and Allen 44-02-29 Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Chesterfield Show - 511226 Guest - Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour
Chesterfield Supper Club 50-03-09 First Song - Dear Hearts and Gentle People
Command Performance - 42-04-19 Dorothy Lamour Abbott and Costello
Command Performance - 42-08-25 Red Skelton, Betty Hutton, Benny Goodman
Command Performance - 42-12-09 Dinah Shore, Ethel Waters, Lionel Hampton
Command Performance - 44-02-26 Dorothy Lamour, Virginia O'Brien, Dick Haymes
Command Performance - 77-05-29 Thirty-fifth Anniversary Special (part 1)
Command Performance - 77-05-29 Thirty-fifth Anniversary Special (part 2)
Continental Celebrity Club 46-05 Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Corn's a Poppin' Dorothy Lamour
Front and Center 47-07-13 (02) Guests - Jack Carson, Dick Powell
Front and Center 47-07-20 (03) Guest - Van Johnson, Allan Young
Front and Center 47-08-10 (06) Begin at the End
Front and Center 47-08-17 (07) Guest - Burns & Allen, Ronald Reagan
Front and Center 47-08-31 (09) American Sketchbook - Schoolmaster from Connecticut
Front and Center 47-09-21 (12) Guest - Amos And Andy
Front and Center 47-09-28 (13) Last Episode
Guest Star 48-08-15 Dorothy Lamour
Hedda Hopper Show 40-12-03 Life Story Of Dorothy Lamour - Pt 1
Hedda Hopper Show 40-12-05 Life Story Of Dorothy Lamour - Pt 2
Hedda Hopper Show 40-12-07 Life Story Of Dorothy Lamour - Pt 3
Hedda Hopper Show 40-12-10 Life Story Of Dorothy Lamour - Pt 4
Hedda Hopper Show 40-12-12 Life Story Of Dorothy Lamour - Pt 5
Hedda Hopper Show 40-12-14 Life Story Of Dorothy Lamour - Pt 6
Hollywood Is On The Air - The Fleets In Dorothy Lamour
Jack Benny Program 421108 Twink Family Part One
Jack Benny Program 421115 Twink Family Part Two
Jack Benny Program 441210 From San Bernardino, California
Jimmy Durante Show 471112 - Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Jimmy Durante Show 480407 - Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Kraft Music Hall 401010 First Song - I'm Nobody's Baby, Guest Host - Bob Burns, Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Kraft Music Hall 471127 First Song - California, Here I Come, Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Louella Parsons Show 510902 Louella's 'Stars of the Future' (Pre-Recorded). Dorothy Lamour Subs
Lux Radio Theater 41-02-17 Johnny Apollo
Lux Radio Theater 43-12-13 Five Graves to Cairo
Lux Radio Theater 43-12-20 Dixie
Lux Radio Theater 44-04-17 Coney Island
Lux Radio Theater 44-10-09 In Old Chicago
Lux Radio Theater 45-10-15 A Medal for Benny
Lux Radio Theater 49-05-16 April Showers
Mail Call 440112 Bing Crosby, Skinnay Ennis, Dorothy Lamour
Mail Call 450214 Dinah Shore, Dorothy Lamour
Mail Call 450221 132 Dinah Shore, Nat King Cole, Dorothy Lamour
Paramount Is On The Air 1937 High Wide And Handsome
Recollection at 30561121 Town Hall Tonight Benny Allen Feud

Disc 2
Philco Radio Time 470129 Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour
Philco Radio Time 480519 Ethel Merman
Philco Radio Time 541204 Hope-Lamour
Rudy Vallee - Vallee Varieties 400523 Guest - Dorothy Lamour
Screen Guild Theater 43-02-15 They Got Me Covered
Screen Guild Theater 47-10-13 My Favorite Brunette
Sealtest 470320 Village Store
Sealtest Variety Theater 480909-01-WaitingRoom
Sealtest Variety Theater 480916-02-SirLancelotoftheLak
Sealtest Variety Theater 480923-03-TheLovePact
Sealtest Variety Theater 481007-04-ThePirateofOrleans
Sealtest Variety Theater 481014-05-GuestsRobertYoungand
Sealtest Variety Theater 481021-06-HappyEnding
Sealtest Variety Theater 481028-07-Happy Halloween
Sealtest Variety Theater 481104-08-SlightofHand
Sealtest Variety Theater 481111 (09) Guest - Don Ameche, Dorothy Lamour
Sealtest Variety Theater 481118-10-TheCavalcadeofTonyM
Sealtest Variety Theater 481125-11-DonaldOConnerandJoh
Sealtest Variety Theater 481202-12-LumNAbner
Sealtest Variety Theater 481209-13-JackBennyandGeorgeM
Sealtest Variety Theater 481216-14-FibberMcGeeandMolly
Sealtest Variety Theater 481223-15-ChristmasShow
Sealtest Variety Theater 481230-16-NewYearsEve
Sealtest Variety Theater 490106-17-CornelWildeandEdGar
Sealtest Variety Theater 490113-18-GeneKellyandDennisD
Sealtest Variety Theater 490120-19-LloydNolanandSddieC
Sealtest Variety Theater 490127-20-DouglasFairbanksJr
Sealtest Variety Theater 490203-21-JoanDavisandRobertC
Sealtest Variety Theater 490217-22-DeamMartinandJerryL
Sealtest Variety Theater 490224-23-Husband-WifeBreakfast
Sealtest Variety Theater 490303-24-TheGreatGildersleeve
Sealtest Variety Theater 490310-25-RichardWidmarkandBob
Sealtest Variety Theater 490317-26-LivefromtheShamrock
Sealtest Variety Theater 490324-27-AlanYoungandDavidNi
Sealtest Variety Theater 490407-28-BurtLancaster
Sealtest Variety Theater 490414-29-VictorMoore
Sealtest Variety Theater 490421-30-EdgarBergen
Sealtest Variety Theater 490428-31-BettingonaHorseRace
Sealtest Variety Theater 490505-32-SidneyGreenstreet
Sealtest Variety Theater 490512-33-JoanWantsEddietoBe
Sealtest Variety Theater 490519-34-HowtoBecomeaFighter
Sealtest Variety Theater 490526-35-JamesStewart
Sealtest Variety Theater 490602-36-CharlesLaughton
Sealtest Variety Theater 490609-37-TheNewNeighbor
Sealtest Variety Theater 490616-38-QuizShowSpoof
Sealtest Variety Theater 490623-39-BorisKarloff
Sealtest Variety Theater 490630-40-DanDuryea
Sealtest Variety Theater 490707-41-HalPeary
Sentimental Journey Dorothy Lamour - You'll Never Know (Live 1943)
This Is Your Life 5003xx - Edgar Bergen
Welcome Back Baseball with Bing Crosby Bob Hope Dorthy Lamour Ralph Kiner 500415

Disc 3
Edgar Bergen 370509 001 Wc Fields Ann Harding
Edgar Bergen 370516 002 Carole Lombard Joseph Bentoelli
Edgar Bergen 370523 003 Mary Boland Sonja Henie
Edgar Bergen 370530 004 Josephine Hutchinson Jose Iturbi
Edgar Bergen 370606 005 Constance Bennett
Edgar Bergen 370613 006 Joan Blondell
Edgar Bergen 370620 007 Mae Robson Greta Garbo
Edgar Bergen 370627 008 Sonja Henie
Edgar Bergen 370704 009 Zazu Pitts
Edgar Bergen 370711 010 Gladys George
Edgar Bergen 370801 013 Bruna Castagna
Edgar Bergen 370808 014 Wendy Barrienelson Eddy Joins Cast
Edgar Bergen 370815 015 Guest - Alice Brady, Allan Jones
Edgar Bergen 370822 016 Glenda Farrell - Copy
Edgar Bergen 370822 016 Glenda Farrell
Edgar Bergen 370829 017 Final Apperance of W C Fields
Edgar Bergen 370905 018 Ida Lupino
Edgar Bergen 370912 019 Bette Davis
Edgar Bergen 371017 024 Guest Clark Gable, The Stroud Twins
Edgar Bergen 371212 032 C S Adam and Eve with Mae West
Edgar Bergen 380102 035 Guest Margo
Edgar Bergen 380123 038 Guest Alice Brady
Edgar Bergen 380130 039 Guest Boris Karloff
Edgar Bergen 380206 040 Guest Marlene Dietrich
Edgar Bergen 380213 041 Charlie's Attorney, Gazolla, Wants A Raise

Disc 4
Edgar Bergen 380220 042 Guest Gladys Swarthout
Edgar Bergen 380227 043 Guest Rosalind Russell
Edgar Bergen 380724 Five Star Final (with Spencer Tracy)
Edgar Bergen 380828 Ralph Bellamy
Edgar Bergen 390129 091 Guests Maureen O'Sullivan, Sterling Holloway
Edgar Bergen 390709 114 Guests Stuart Irwin, Tony Galento
Edgar Bergen 390716 115 Guest Andrea Leeds
Edgar Bergen 390723 116 Guests Ida Lupino, Barbara Jo Allen
Edgar Bergen 390730 117 Guests Kay Francis, Luis Alberni
Edgar Bergen 390806 118 Guests Mischa Auer, Josephine Hutchinson
Edgar Bergen 390813 119 Joan Blondell Vera Vague
Edgar Bergen 390827 121 Miriam Hopkins Alan Mowbray
Edgar Bergen 390903 122 Wendy Barrie Vera Vague
Edgar Bergen 390917 124 Helen Broderick Fred MacMurray
Edgar Bergen 390924 125 Anita Louise David Niven
Edgar Bergen 391008 127 Guest Charles Laughton
Edgar Bergen 391029 130 Guest Clark Gable
Edgar Bergen 391105 131 Guests Cliff Nazarro, Jackie Cooper
Edgar Bergen 391112 132 JeanArthur
Edgar Bergen 391119 133 John Garfield Alan Mowbray
Edgar Bergen 391126 134 Loretta Young Vera Vague
Edgar Bergen 391210 136 Joan BlondellVera VagueLansing Hatfield
Edgar Bergen 391217 137 Geraldine Fitzgerald
Edgar Bergen 431031 Dorothy Lamour
Edgar Bergen 440924 - Dorothy Lamour
Edgar Bergen 470119 10th Anniversary Show
Edgar Bergen 641115 Chase & Sanborn 100th Anniversary





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