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OLD TIME RADIO - 4 CD-ROM - 121 mp3 - Total Playtime: 62:33:18

Radio icon Norman Corwin has, over a continuing seventy-five year career, created some of Radio, Television, Stage and Film's most innovative, poignant, thought-provoking dramatizations of modern Entertainment history. Beginning with The Columbia Network's series of ground-breaking Radio productions, The Columbia Workshop, Norman Corwin was at the forefront of experimental Radio over the eleven year run of CBS' remarkable Columbia Presents' series.

Over the series' run, the network showcased several distinct Corwin projects, in addition to his numerous independent contributions to the Columbia Workshop series, proper:

  • County Seat
  • Words Without Music
  • The Pursuit Of Happiness
  • So This is Radio
  • We Take Your Word
  • 26 By Corwin
  • An American In England
  • Columbia Presents Corwin
  • One World Flight
  • Passport For Adams
  • This Is War
  • On A Note of Triumph

As each new series aired, anticipation of Corwin's next project would become even more eagerly anticipated. Working with a core group of CBS' youngest and brightest--including Deems Taylor, Bernard Rogers, Lyn Murray, Bernard Herrmann, and Maurice Goldman--Corwin was basically given his head to develop whichever new production that took his interest. Note the inclusion of two of CBS' finest musical talents--Lyn Murray and Bernard Herrmann. The underlying musical accompaniment to virtually all of Corwin's pieces were key to the atmosphere and gravitas associated with the dramatic--or fanciful--arcs of Corwin's scripts.



An American in England 42-08-24 Women of Britain
An American in England 42-08-31 The Yanks Are Here
An American in England 42-09-07 An Anglo-American Angle
An American in England 42-12-01 Cromer
An American in England 42-12-08 Home Is Where You Hang Your Helmet
An American in England 42-12-15 An Anglo-American Angle
An American in England 42-12-22 Clipper Home
Author Meets The Critics 49-02-27 No Place To Hide
Cavalcade of America 401023 197 Ann Rutledge and Lincoln
Cavalcade of America 441023 406 The Girl Lincoln Loved
Citizen Of The World 49-07-10
Columbia Present Corwin 421224 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas
Columbia Present Corwin 440321 03 Lonesome Train
Columbia Present Corwin 440502 09 The Cliche Expert
Columbia Present Corwin 440516 11 New York - A Tapestry For Radio
Columbia Present Corwin 440606 14 American Trilogy 1 - Carl Sandburg
Columbia Present Corwin 450513 On a Note of Thriumph
Columbia Present Corwin 450717 03 The Undecided Molecule
Columbia Present Corwin 450814 07 Fourteen August
Columbia Workshop 380929 (110) The Lighthouse Keepers
Columbia Workshop 381103 (115) Poetic License
Columbia Workshop 381229 (123) Crosstown Manhattan
Columbia Workshop 390410 (137) They Fly Through the Air
Columbia Workshop 390424 (139) Seems Radio Is Here to Stay
Columbia Workshop 390515 (142) Law Beaters
Columbia Workshop 390619 (147) Journalism in Tennessee Salesmanship
Columbia Workshop 390720 (150) John Brown's Body
Columbia Workshop 390907 (003) So This Is Radio
Columbia Workshop 391012 (008) Wake Up and Die
Columbia Workshop 391102 (010) Blennerhasset
Columbia Workshop 400229 (024) The Great Microphone Mystery
Columbia Workshop 400307 (025) My Client Curley
Columbia Workshop 410504 (001) Radio Primer
Columbia Workshop 410511 (002) Log of the R77
Columbia Workshop 410518 (003) The People Yes
Columbia Workshop 410525 (004) Lip Service
Columbia Workshop 410601 (005) Appointment
Columbia Workshop 410608 (006) Odyssey of Runyon Jones
Columbia Workshop 410615 (007) Soliloquy to Balance the Budget
Columbia Workshop 410622 (008) Daybreak
Columbia Workshop 410629 (009) Old Salt
Columbia Workshop 410706 (010) Between Americans
Columbia Workshop 410713 (011) Anne Was an Ordinary Girl
Columbia Workshop 410720 (012) Double Concerto
Columbia Workshop 410803 (013) Descent of the Gods
Columbia Workshop 410810 (014) Old Testament Trilogy Part 1
Columbia Workshop 410817 (015) Old Testament Trilogy Part 2
Columbia Workshop 410824 (016) Old Testament Trilogy Part 3
Columbia Workshop 410831 (017) Mary and the Fairy
Columbia Workshop 410914 (019) Fragment from a Lost Cause
Columbia Workshop 410921 (020) Human Angle
Columbia Workshop 410928 (021) Good Heavens
Columbia Workshop 411005 (022) Wolfiana
Columbia Workshop 411012 (023) Murder in Studio One
Columbia Workshop 411019 (024) Descent of the Gods
Columbia Workshop 411102 (026) Man with a Platform
Columbia Workshop 411109 (027) Psalm for a Dark Year
Columbia Workshop 421224 Plot To Overthrow Christmas
Columbia Workshop 440307 (001) Movie Primer
Columbia Workshop 440314 (002) The Long Name None Could Spell
Columbia Workshop 440321 (003) Lonesome Train
Columbia Workshop 440328 (004) Savage Encounter
Columbia Workshop 440404 (005) The Odyssey of Runyon Jones
Columbia Workshop 440411 (006) You Can Dream, Inc
Columbia Workshop 440418 (007) Untitled
Columbia Workshop 440425 (008) Dorie Got A Medal
Columbia Workshop 440502 (009) The Cliche Expert
Columbia Workshop 440509 (010) Cromer
Columbia Workshop 440516 (011) New York A Tapestry for Radio
Columbia Workshop 440523 (012) Tel Aviv
Columbia Workshop 440530 (013) Untitled
Columbia Workshop 440606 (014) American Trilogy 1 Carl Sandburg
Columbia Workshop 440613 (015) American Trilogy 2 Wolfiana
Columbia Workshop 440620 (016) American Trilogy 3 Walt Whitman
Columbia Workshop 440704 (017) Home For The Fourth
Columbia Workshop 440718 (018) The Moat Farm Murder
Columbia Workshop 440725 (019) El Capitan and the Corporal
Columbia Workshop 440801 (020) A Pitch to Reluctant Buyers
Columbia Workshop 440808 (021) A Very Fine Type Girl
Columbia Workshop 440815 (022) There Will Be Time Later
Columbia Workshop 450513 On A Note Of Thriumph
Columbia Workshop 450703 (001) Unity Fair
Columbia Workshop 450710 (002) Daybreak
Columbia Workshop 450717 (003) The Undecided Molecule
Columbia Workshop 450724 (004) New York, a Tapestry for Radio
Columbia Workshop 450807 (006) Savage Encounter
Columbia Workshop 450814 (007) Fourteen August
Columbia Workshop 450821 (008) L'affair Gumpert
Columbia Workshop 460202 (001) Homecoming
Democratic National Committee Program Convention Democratic Convention
Forecast 40-08-19 (10) Back Where I Come From
Forecast 40-08-26 (12) All God's Children
Mercury Summer Theater 46-07-26 (08) The Moat Farm Murder
One World Flight 47-01-14 ep01 Introduction to One World Flight
One World Flight 47-01-21 ep02 Great Britain
One World Flight 47-01-28 ep03 Western Europe
One World Flight 47-02-04 ep04 Sweden and Poland
One World Flight 47-02-18 ep06 Czechoslovakia
One World Flight 47-02-25 ep07 Italy
One World Flight 47-03-04 ep08 Egypt and India
One World Flight 47-03-11 ep09 India Shanghai and Other Far Eastern Cities
One World Flight 47-03-18 ep10 The Phillipines
One World Flight 47-03-25 ep11 Australia
One World Flight 47-04-01 ep12 New Zealand
One World Flight 47-04-08 ep13 Final Summary
Passport For Adams - 43-09-21
Screen Guild Theater 40-09-29 ep054 Shop Around the Corner
Screen Guild Theater 40-11-03 ep059 The Great Man Votes
Screen Guild Theater 41-12-07 ep094 Between Americans
Screen Guild Theater 46-02-04 ep283 My Client Curley
Stars In Afternoon - 46-09-22
Texaco Star Theater 44-05-14 (62) Quota of sugar
The Free Company 41-03-16 (04) One More Free Man
The Free Company 41-04-13 (08) A Start in Life
This Is My Best 44-12-19 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas
This Is War 42-03-07 (04) Your Army
This Is War 42-03-21 (06) You're on Your Own
This Is War 42-04-04 (08) Your Air Force
This Is War 42-05-02 (12) To the Young
Victory Front - Give Us This Day (Ilegal Marketing)
We Hold These Truths 411215





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