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OLD TIME RADIO - 3 CD-ROM - 71 mp3

Total Time: 67:13:21

The Magic Key of RCA was an American variety radio show that featured an unusually large and broad range of entertainment stars and other noted personalities. It was on the NBC Blue Network from September 29, 1935 until September 18, 1939.
It was hosted by announcers Milton Cross and Ben Grauer, with a house orchestra directed by Frank Black through 1938 and Nathaniel Shilkret in 1939.
Sies says that, “NBC used this quality program to demonstrate the cultural contribution radio could make,” and notes that performers included Ruth Etting, Fibber McGee and Molly, John B. Kennedy, Rudolf Ganz, Casper Beardon, Paul Robeson, Jane Froman, Doris Weston, Frank Forrest, Paul Taylor Chorus, Margaret Brill, Rudy Vallée, Irving Berlin, Darryl Zanuck, Jan Peerce, Tommy Dorsey, Jack Harris, Ann Jameson, Sonja Henie, Tyrone Power, Walter Abel, Whitney Bern and George Shelley. Dunning writes that there were appearances by Amos 'n' Andy, Lum and Abner, Paul Whiteman, Efrem Zimbalist, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Eleanor Roosevelt, Vienna Boys' Choir, Benny Goodman, Gladys Swarthout, Ray Noble, Guy Lombardo, Richard Himber, Eugene Ormandy, Lauritz Melchior, Fred MacMurray, Walt Disney and the Pickens Sisters. Dunning comments on the wide variety on the show by noting that programming included short dramas, a male quartet from Stockholm, jazz from Chicago, an account of Benito Mussolini's campaign in Africa and a conversation with a crew of a submerged submarine.
A typical show in 1939 would begin with an opening number by Shilkret, followed by a comedy skit by Stoopnagle and Budd.




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 The Magic Key 35-09-29 (001) Welcome to the Magic Key of RCA
The Magic Key 35-10-13 (002) Sixteenth Anniversary of RCA
The Magic Key 35-10-20 (003) Othello
The Magic Key 35-10-27 (004) Salute to Navy Day, Guest - Bea Lillie
The Magic Key 35-11-03 (005) A Touch of Brimstone
The Magic Key 35-11-10 (006) Mutiny on the Bounty
The Magic Key 35-11-17 (007) First Song - Dance of the Russian Sailors
The Magic Key 35-12-01 (009) Porgy and Bess
The Magic Key 35-12-08 (010) First Song - Prelude to Wedding Scene from Lohengrin
The Magic Key 35-12-15 (011) At Home Abroad
The Magic Key 35-12-22 (012) Boy Meets Girl
The Magic Key 35-12-25 Special Christmas Concert
The Magic Key 35-12-29 (013) Dear Old Darling
The Magic Key 36-01-12 (015) Guest - Adele Astaire, Pickens Sisters
The Magic Key 36-01-26 (016) Chinese New Year Celebrations
The Magic Key 36-02-09 (018) Thirteen Hours By Air
The Magic Key 36-02-16 (019) Winter Sports Scenes from Montreal
The Magic Key 36-02-23 (020) Mardi Gras in Rio and New Orleans
The Magic Key 36-03-01 (021) Guest - Cornelia Otis Skinner, Minneapolis Symphony
The Magic Key 36-03-08 (022) Call It A Day
The Magic Key 36-03-22 (024) New England Floods
The Magic Key 36-03-29 (025) A School for Scandal
The Magic Key 36-04-05 (026) Justice
The Magic Key 36-05-10 (031) Erna Sack Sings From Leipzig
The Magic Key 36-05-24 (033) Guest - Fats Waller, Helen Jepson
The Magic Key 36-06-07 (035) Yodelers Performing from the Swiss Alps
The Magic Key 36-06-14 (036) All-Wagner Program
The Magic Key 36-06-28 (038) Seeing America First - Bunker Hill
The Magic Key 36-07-05 (039) First Song - Overture to 'The Marriage of Figaro'
The Magic Key 36-08-23 (046) Seeing America First - San Francisco
The Magic Key 36-08-30 (047) Seeing America First - Salt Lake City
The Magic Key 36-09-20 (050) Seeing America First - Brooklyn's Ebbets Field
The Magic Key 36-09-27 (051) Faust
The Magic Key 36-10-18 (054) Romeo and Juliet
The Magic Key 36-10-25 (055) White Horse Inn
The Magic Key 36-11-08 (057) Guest - San Francisco Opera Company
The Magic Key 36-11-15 (058) Rembrandt
The Magic Key 36-11-29 (060) Seeing Eye Training School for Dogs
The Magic Key 36-12-20 (063) Guest - Robert Benchley, Bill Robinson
The Magic Key 36-12-27 (064) Guest - Moscow Cathedral Choir
The Magic Key 37-01-03 (065) First Song - Polonaise Militaire
The Magic Key 37-02-07 (070) Miss Bent Bows
The Magic Key 37-04-18 (080) First Song - Prelude and Fugue in F Minor
The Magic Key 37-05-02 (082) National Music Week
The Magic Key 37-05-16 (084) 10th Anniversary of Lindbergh's Flight
The Magic Key 37-07-04 (091) Make a Wish
The Magic Key 37-08-15 (097) Flight from Glory
The Magic Key 37-09-12 (101) Tribute to George M. Cohan
The Magic Key 37-11-07 (109) Guest - Gertrud Wettergren, Eve Curie
The Magic Key 37-11-14 (110) First Song - Perpetuum Mobile
The Magic Key 37-12-26 (116) Guest - Helsinki University Chorus
The Magic Key 38-01-02 (117) Mercury Theatre's Julius Caesar
The Magic Key 38-01-09 (118) Guest - Eleanor Roosevelt, Carl Hartmann
The Magic Key 38-03-27 (129) First Song - Coriolanus Overture
The Magic Key 38-04-10 (131) First Song - Le Caprice de Nannette
The Magic Key 38-04-17 (132) First Song - Carnival Overture
The Magic Key 38-04-24 (133) First Song - Academic Festival Overture
The Magic Key 38-05-01 (134) 15th Annual National Music Week
The Magic Key 38-09-25 (155) 3rd Anniversary, Paderewski's US Radio Debut
The Magic Key 38-10-23 (158) Salute to Navy Day, Guest - Rose Bampton
The Magic Key 38-11-06 (160) Abe Lincoln in Illinois
The Magic Key 38-12-11 (165) Eric Blore Explains American Football
The Magic Key 39-01-29 (172) Salute to Victor Herbert
The Magic Key 39-02-05 (173) A Sunny Morning
The Magic Key 39-02-12 (174) Lincoln Day Appreciation by Alexander Woollcott
The Magic Key 39-02-26 (176) All-Paderewski Program
The Magic Key 39-03-12 (178) Guest - Jan Piepura
The Magic Key 39-04-02 (181) Preview of Army Day
The Magic Key 39-04-30 (185) Katherine Parr (half-hour show)
The Magic Key 39-05-14 (187) Who'll Buy My Lavender
The Magic Key 39-05-21 (188) Peg O' My Heart

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