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The Pacific Story was broadcast on NBC at 11:30pm, with the first broadcast on July 11, 1943.
The series lasted 184 weeks with two weeks pre-empted and ended on January 26, 1947. It was considered a documentary.
The premise of the show was that with Europe in ruins, the Pacific might emerge as the center of political and social change in the world, and people should know something about it.
The series touched on every nation around the Pacific rim and told of their importance in the years to come when the war ended.
It was narrated by Gayne Williams and featured such authorities on Pacific affairs as Henry Luce and Pearl S. Buck.

Owen Lattimore (July 29, 1900 – May 31, 1989) was an American author, educator, and influential scholar of Central Asia, especially Mongolia. In the 1930s, he was editor of Pacific Affairs, a journal published by the Institute of Pacific Relations, and then taught at Johns Hopkins University from 1938 to 1963. During World War II, he was an advisor to Chiang Kai-shek and the American government and contributed extensively to the public debate.

In the early post-war period of McCarthyism and the Red Scare, American wartime China Hands were accused of being agents of the Soviet Union or under the influence of Marxism. In 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy accused Lattimore in particular of being "the top Russian espionage agent in the United States."

The accusations led to years of Congressional hearings that did not substantiate the charge that Lattimore had been one (and wartime intercepted Venona cables did not refer to him as one). The hearings documented Lattimore's sympathetic statements about Stalin and the Soviet Union, however. Although charges of perjury were dismissed, the controversy put an end to Lattimore's role as a consultant of the United States State Department and eventually to his career in American academic life.

From 1963 to 1975, Lattimore was the first professor of Chinese studies at the University of Leeds in England, where he taught Chinese History, richly flavoured with personal reminiscences. He died in 1989 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Lattimore's "lifetime intellectual project," notes one recent scholar, was to "develop a 'scientific' model of the way human societies form, evolve, grow, decline, mutate and interact with one another along 'frontiers.'" He eclectically absorbed and often abandoned influential theories of his day that dealt with the great themes of history.

These included the ecological determinism of Ellsworth Huntington; biological racism, though only to the extent of seeing characteristics which grew out of ecology; the economic geography and location theory; and some aspects of Marxist modes of production and stages of history, especially through the influence of Karl August Wittfogel.

The most important and lasting theorist, however, was Arnold J. Toynbee and his treatment of the great civilizations as organic wholes which were born, matured, grew old, and died. Lattimore's most influential book, The Inner Asian Frontiers of China (1940), used these theories to explain the history of East Asia not as the history of China and its influence, but as the interaction between two types of civilizations, settled farming and pastoral, each of which had its role.





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430711 ep001 Japan s Dream of World Dominion
430718 ep002 Alaska America s New Frontier
430725 ep003 Siberia America s Nearest Asiatic Neighbor
430801 ep004 The Old China
430808 ep005 The New China
430822 ep007 Monsoon Asia The Geography of Rice and Rain
430829 ep008 Monsoon Asia Adventurer and International Rivalry
430905 ep009 India From Clive To Gandhi
430912 ep010 The Islands of the Pacific
430919 ep011 WWI in the Pacific
430926 ep012 The Manchurian Incident and It s Sequel
431010 ep014 China s Exiled Universities
431017 ep015 Burma Keystone to the Far East
431024 ep016 The Soviet Asiatics A New Human World
431031 ep017 The Chinese Revolution
431107 ep018 The Phillipines and Their Fight for Freedom
431114 ep019 Chang Kai Shek Freedom and Equality
431121 ep020 Australia Rising Power in the Pacific
431128 ep021 Japan s Dynasty of Terror The Black Dragon Society
431205 ep022 Thailand The Enslavement of a Free People
431212 ep023 Indo-China The Collapse of the French Empire in the Pacific
431219 ep024 The Beggars of the Sea
431226 ep025 Jose Rizal Patriot Martyr of the Phillipines
440102 ep026 Hawaii Melting Pot of the Pacific
440109 ep027 Korea Japan s Oldest Enemy
440116 ep028 New Zealand Sealane Center of the South Pacific
440123 ep029 Nehru of India The New Man of the New World
440130 ep030 Formosa Prize of the China Sea
440206 ep031 The Mighty Carolines Secret Stronghold of the Japanese
440213 ep032 Homer Lee Prophet of the Pacific
440220 ep033 The Burma Road Highway to the Heart of Japan
440227 ep034 India At War
440305 ep035 General Tojo The Razor
440312 ep036 Sun Yat Sen Father of the Republic of China 1st half only
440319 ep037 The Enemy We Face in the Pacific
440326 ep038 New Guinea Cinderella Land of the Pacific
440402 ep039 The Moros Nemesis to the Japs on Mindanao
440409 ep040 The Kurile Islands Steppingstones to Tokyo
440416 ep041 Guam Our Forsaken Stepchild
440423 ep042 The Myth of the Son of Heaven
440430 ep043 Canada on the Pacific
440507 ep044 Sakhalin Sorepoint of the Pacific
440514 ep045 The Case of Russia vs Japan
440521 ep046 The Commonwealth of the Phillipines
440528 ep047 Air Transportation Lifeline of China
440604 ep048 Manchuria The Japanese Ruhr
440611 ep049 Chongqing War Capitol of China
440618 ep050 The Ainu Outcasts of Japan
440625 ep051 The Chinese Puppet Government first 2 5 minutes poor
440702 ep052 Japan s Advance Base The Bonin Islands
440709 ep053 The Overseas Chinese last 2 5 minutes poor
440716 ep054 Will Java Be Free
440723 ep055 The Chinese Communists
440730 ep056 The Japanese Navy
440806 ep057 The Amur River
440813 ep058 Sinkiang China s Wild West
440827 ep060 Vladivostak Mistress of the Far East
440903 ep061 Bhosa The Indian Quisling
440910 ep062 The South Manchuria Railway
440917 ep063 China s New Life Movement
440924 ep064 Tokyo Target of the Pacific
441001 ep065 Manila Pearl of the Orient
441008 ep066 China s Little Devils
441015 ep067 The Kwantung Army
441022 ep068 The Long March
441029 ep069 Hainan Sentry of the South China Sea
441105 ep070 The Filipino Underground
441112 ep071 Russia s Strength in the Far East
441119 ep072 Japan s Robber Barons
441126 ep073 Opium Curse of the Far East
441203 ep074 Manchuria s Puppet Government
441210 ep075 Japan s Secret Police
441217 ep076 Nan King
450107 ep077 Japan s Highway of Steel
450114 ep078 Luzon Phillipine Doorway to Japan
450121 ep079 China s Air Force
450128 ep080 The Andaman Islands
450204 ep081 Siberia s People The Secret of Her Strength
450211 ep082 Saipan Springboard to Nippon
450218 ep083 The Yangtze
450225 ep084 Islam in the Pacific
450304 ep085 Conquest By Japanization
450311 ep086 China s Land Problem
450318 ep087 Malaka Straight Gateway to the SW Pacific
450325 ep088 The Japanese Dilemma
450401 ep089 The Ryukyu Islands
450408 ep090 Yunan Anchor of the Burma Road
450422 ep092 San Francisco Spring 1945
450429 ep093 Phillipines Come of Age
450506 ep094 The Guards to the Coast of China
450513 ep095 China s Secret Weapon
450527 ep097 Japan in Indochina 4 minute clip
450603 ep098 Mongolia Strife in Asia s Interior
450610 ep099 Yenen Citadel of Chinese Communism
450617 ep100 Blood for an Outlet to the Sea
450624 ep101 Honshu Heart Of China
450701 ep102 Bangkok Thailand
450708 ep103 The Yellow River
450715 ep104 Sumatra
450722 ep105 Japan s Air Power
450729 ep106 B-29 Japanese Express
450805 ep107 Paradox Of Korea
450812 ep108 Red Banner For Eastern Armies
450819 ep109 Singapore
450826 ep110 Liberals In Chiang Kai Shek s Camp
450902 ep111 Hong Kong
450923 ep114 The New Milestone
450930 ep115 Menace Of Japan s Old Order
451007 ep116 Nanking Symbol Of Victory
451014 ep117 Russia Pacific s New Power
451021 ep118 Shanghai
451028 ep119 Japan s Food Crisis
451104 ep120 China Worlds Biggest Customer
451111 ep121 France Faces The Music
451118 ep122 Siberia s People
451125 ep123 Java
451202 ep124 Australia Comes Out Scratchy
451209 ep125 Black Gold In The Pacific
451216 ep126 Transport In China
451223 ep127 Fireworks In The Phillipines
451231 ep128 The Remaking Of Japan Scratchy
460106 ep129 The Buryat Mongols A Soviet Minority
460113 ep130 Thailand Heads Back
460120 ep131 New Caldonia
460127 ep132 Help For China s Millions
460203 ep133 Japan s Fisheries
460210 ep134 Mao Tse Tung Scratchy
460217 ep135 Untouchables Of India
460224 ep136 Rehol Keystone of North China scratchy
460303 ep137 Silk The Golden Thread
460310 ep138 Sarawak Adventure in Statehood very rough
460317 ep139 Hanoi Perfume and Gunpowder End Clipped
460324 ep140 Australia s Heavy Industry
460331 ep141 Hawaii the 49th State End Clipped
460407 ep142 Korea Political Battlefield
460414 ep143 The Chinese Giant Awakens
460421 ep144 Famine In India
460505 ep146 Ceylon The New Day
460602 ep150 The Milk and Meat of the Far East
460609 ep151 The Burma Patriotic Front 1st in UN Series
460616 ep152 Russia Looks to the East 2nd in UN Series
460623 ep153 The Heartland of Asia UN Series
460630 ep154 Special Broadcast - The Atomic Bomb At Bikini Atoll
460707 ep155 The Phillipines The Birth of a Nation UN Series
460721 ep157 Our Job in Japan UN Series
460728 ep158 Crosscurrents in Malaya UN Series
460804 ep159 Skyway to the Far East UN Series
460818 ep161 Medicine Comes to China UN Series
460825 ep162 Sichuan UN Series
460901 ep163 The New Voice in the East UN Series
460908 ep164 Bali UN Series
460929 ep167 Timor Pawn Of The Pacific
461006 ep168 The Seebees Conflict In Indonesia
461013 ep169 Canada Looks To The West
461020 ep170 Canton The Symbol of New China
461027 ep171 Our Strategic Needs In The Pacific
461103 ep172 Post War Formosa
461110 ep173 Redemption in Singapore
461117 ep174 The Fiji Islands
461124 ep175 Guam New Outpost in the Pacific
461201 ep176 Tasmania Switzerland Of The South
461208 ep177 China s Wild Men Of The Mountains
461215 ep178 The Japanese And The Soil
461222 ep179 Transition in India
461229 ep180 Macao Decision Pending
470105 ep181 Sinkiang Powder Keg of Asia
470112 ep182 Storm Clouds Over The Philippines
470119 ep183 Rubber Bellwether of Malaya
470126 ep184 The Marquees Last Episode

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