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There is, predictably, much to criticize regarding the miserably inaccurate information previously cataloged for this series since the advent of the dumbing down era of Vintage Radio--'Old Time Radio' in 1976. As regards The Author Meets the Critics, Dunning got it wrong, The Hickerson Guide's contributors got it waaaay wrong, and quite understandably, The Vintage Radio Place catalog and its two sock-puppets, The OTRR and the OTTER Log, are equally inaccurate and incomplete.

The most obvious criticism of the above stems from historical fact: The Author Meets the Critics premiered over Mutual's WHN, New York on December 1, 1942, not the widely disseminated June 1946 date. In fact it ran from Dec. 1, 1942 to October 1954 over one network or another--almost continuously. Indeed, by way of buttressing their revisionist history, Hickerson Guide contributors (DS) and (TS) baldly state that "The New York Times doesn't list shows before 1946"--one of the bigger whoppers those two contributors have cited over the past several revisions of The Hickerson Guide. The unfortunate Hickerson Guide has become a lightning rod for all manner of otr nonsense, hearsay, outright misdirection and commercial grandstanding through even more intentional misinformation. But let's debunk this one bit of newspaper publishing revisionist history: The New York Times 'listed' Radio programs from the very birth of Radio itself. The log below, citing exclusively New York Times Radio listings, can trace the origins of The Author Meets The Critics to its premiere over New York Station WHN on December 1, 1942. Why two 'credentialed otr authors' would state otherwise escapes us--another otr book in the works, perhaps? The New York Times is one of the most famous newspapers in the world. Did they really think that simply stating something so baldly inaccurate would obliterate the twenty-plus years of New York Times Radio listing history that preceded 1946?

The next most glaring criticism would have to be over the traditional episode titling of The Author Meets The Critics canon since the advent of 'OTR.' Let's parse out the program name: The Author Meets The Critics. Would that not--to a reasonable person--call for a corresponding episode title that at least mentions the author's name? Was it the author's book or the author himself that answered The Critics? While we recognize that the written word, since the days of The Bible, often 'speaks' to people, Radio was, after all, an aural medium. In fact it was the author who stood toe to toe with the noted book reviewers of the era, not the pages of the book itself. Have we made our point?

Our third criticism is, sadly, a ubiquitous one throughout the low-rent world that 'OTR' continues to devolve to: is it not reasonably intuitive to the average person that if one is going to undertake a catalog of programs about literary criticism that one take even greater pains to at least get the title of the literary work right? It's bad enough that all previous catalogers of this canon completely ignored the actual subjects of the series--the authors. But to misspell the book titles? These weren't apocryphal or anecdotal titles--they were published books. As such, they each had an immutable history and publishing records to back them up, most notably at The Library of Congress.

The most egregious and glaring example of the failure to include the authors' names in the titles of this canon is the title formerly referred to as 'The Schmo.' Had the first cataloger of The Author Meets The Critics troubled himself or herself to actually listen to the program, the very first line of the script would have tipped them off: Al Capp is introduced to face the critics. Capp's most famous character over time was Lil' Abner, but among his most engaging characters was The Schmoo. The Schmoo was inked as the sweetest, most understanding and engaging cartoon character in Capp's prodigious arsenal. A schmo, by contrast is almost always characterized as a perjorative. Derived from the Yiddish schmok or schmuck, a schmo refers to "an obnoxious or contemptible person; one who is stupid, foolish, or detestable." In this instance, 'The Schmoo' is the absolute antithesis of 'The Schmo.'

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Author Meets The Critics 45-01-29 The Troubled Midnight
Author Meets The Critics 45-02-05 The Secret History Of The War
Author Meets The Critics 45-02-12 Anything Can Happen
Author Meets The Critics 45-02-19 Youngin'
Author Meets The Critics 45-02-28 Brainstorm
Author Meets The Critics 47-08-03 Belvedere
Author Meets The Critics 47-08-10 Richer By Asea
Author Meets The Critics 47-08-17 Vespers In Vienna
Author Meets The Critics 47-08-24 The Harder They Fall
Author Meets The Critics 47-08-31 Star Spangled Mikado
Author Meets The Critics 47-09-07 You're The Boss
Author Meets The Critics 47-09-28 Adversary In The House
Author Meets The Critics 47-10-05 Or Forfeit Freedom
Author Meets The Critics 47-10-12 Grenedine Etching
Author Meets The Critics 48-07-04 Miracle Of The Bells
Author Meets The Critics 48-07-11 A Guide To Confident Living
Author Meets The Critics 48-07-18 Baseball
Author Meets The Critics 48-07-25 The Time Of Your Life
Author Meets The Critics 48-08-08 The Comics, Very Funny
Author Meets The Critics 48-08-22 Tomorrow Everything Will Be Better
Author Meets The Critics 48-08-29 So This Is New York
Author Meets The Critics 48-09-05 Gertrude Stein
Author Meets The Critics 48-09-12 Family Circle
Author Meets The Critics 48-09-19 The Crusaders
Author Meets The Critics 48-09-26 I Didn't Know It Was Loaded
Author Meets The Critics 48-10-03 An Affair Of State
Author Meets The Critics 48-10-10 The Schmo
Author Meets The Critics 48-10-17 The Wild Country
Author Meets The Critics 48-10-24 The Sealed Verdict
Author Meets The Critics 48-11-07 The Wayfaring Stranger
Author Meets The Critics 48-11-14 Our New National Labor Policy
Author Meets The Critics 48-11-21 Autobiography Of Saul Bloom
Author Meets The Critics 48-12-12 Warlords Of Washington
Author Meets The Critics 48-12-19 So Far, So Good
Author Meets The Critics 48-12-26 A Man Called White
Author Meets The Critics 49-01-02 Larks In The Popcorn
Author Meets The Critics 49-01-09 An Act Of Love
Author Meets The Critics 49-01-16 The Flesh Of Mary Duncan
Author Meets The Critics 49-01-23 The Embers Still Burn
Author Meets The Critics 49-01-30 China, The Land And The People
Author Meets The Critics 49-02-06 American Argument
Author Meets The Critics 49-02-13 Shalom Means Peace
Author Meets The Critics 49-02-20 The Mad Woman Of Chaillot
Author Meets The Critics 49-02-27 No Place To Hide
Author Meets The Critics 49-03-20 The Fires Of Spring
Author Meets The Critics 49-03-27 A Treasury Of The Spoken Word

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