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OLD TIME RADIO - CD - 82 mp3 - Total Time 38:11:04

The Lineup. A realistic police drama that gives radio audiences a look behind the scenes at old time police headquarters.

The Lineup is a Police drama following step-by-step the investigations of the San Francisco Police Department giving the radio audience a behind the scenes look of the police headquarters. The stories were often based on true events, taken from newspaper reports. The Lineup came across as a top notch series. Listeners were treated to realistic situations and felt some of the vic­tim's anguish as they viewed the lineup.

The first broadcast took place on July 6, 1950 over CBS. It lasted until 1953. Bill Johnstone played Lieutenant Ben Guthrie and Wally Maher was Sergeant Matt Grebb. This program attracted some pretty good backup actors like Howard McNear, Jeanette Nolan, Raymond Burr and Sheldon Leonard.

After the end of the series it was reborn on TV in 1954 under the same title (later changed to San Francisco Beat).



Line-Up 50-05-27 (xxx) The Anita Cameron Case (audition)
Line-Up 50-07-20 (003) Eddie Gaynor Framed For Murder
Line-Up 50-07-27 (004) Paradise Murder Case
Line-Up 50-08-03 (005) Two Young Girls Killed by Hit and Run Driver
Line-Up 50-08-10 (006) Man Dies of Poisoning
Line-Up 50-09-23 (012) Gas Station Robbery
Line-Up 50-11-16 (013) The Candy Store Murder (aka-Candy Store Killing)
Line-Up 50-11-23 (014) The Topaz Earring Case (aka-Murder of Larry Zimmerman)
Line-Up 50-11-30 (015) The Cop Killer (aka-Narcotics Agent Killer)
Line-Up 50-12-07 (016) The Jersey Parallel (aka-Seven People Killed By Same Man)
Line-Up 50-12-21 (017) The Holsteder Case (aka-Hilston Brothers Robbery)
Line-Up 50-12-28 (018) The Elsner Case (aka-Unidentified Woman Strangled)
Line-Up 51-01-04 (019) The Case of Frankie and Joyce (aka-Joyce Ronson, Wife Killer)
Line-Up 51-01-11 (020) The Mad Bomber (aka-George Hunter & The Time Bomb)
Line-Up 51-01-18 (021) Yudo in Ypsilanti (aka-The Goldberg Murder Case)
Line-Up 51-02-01 (023) The Grocery Store Matter (aka-Supermarket Murders)
Line-Up 51-02-08 (024) Senile Slugging Case (aka-Four Street Muggings)
Line-Up 51-02-15 (025) The Cigar Box Boys Case (aka-The Cigar Box Bandit)
Line-Up 51-02-22 (026) The Silver Swan Case
Line-Up 51-02-27 (027) The Molly About Seven Case
Line-Up 51-03-06 (028) The Check Killer Case
Line-Up 51-03-27 (031) The Lapinish Lighter-Upper Case
Line-Up 51-04-24 (035) The Bromell and Bellows Bloody Bullet Case
Line-Up 51-05-29 (040) The Hiccupping Hamster Hemostatic Case
Line-Up 51-06-05 (041) The Red Shirt Case
Line-Up 51-06-12 (042) The Harrowing Handball Haggada Case (aka-Culley Price)
Line-Up 51-06-19 (043) The Malingering Martinelli Madcap Case (aka-Lt Guthrie Kidnapped)
Line-Up 51-06-26 (044) The Mad Bomber (aka-Politician's Home Bombed)
Line-Up 51-07-05 (045) The Syncopic Sweazy Sweat-Out Case (aka-Doctor Simpson Killed)
Line-Up 51-07-12 (046) The Flightly Fulvous Finch Case
Line-Up 51-09-05 (054) The Pointless Pierson Polemic Palarity Case (aka-Michael Hunter Murder)
Line-Up 51-09-12 (055) The Senile Slugging Case (aka-Murder of Old Folks)
Line-Up 51-09-26 (057) The Fur Flaunting Floozie (aka-Lorraine Oberhauser Murder)
Line-Up 51-10-04 (058) The Wild, Wild Woman Case (aka-Irene Oldham-Kingston)
Line-Up 51-10-11 (059) The Frivolous Forger Fracas (aka-Ed Fisher - Bad Checks)
Line-Up 51-10-18 (060) The Nicely Nixed Nixon Case (aka-Loan Office Robbery and Murder)
Line-Up 51-11-01 (061) The Jolted Justice Job Case (aka-Fay Sealey - Larry Frankley Stabbed)
Line-Up 51-11-08 (062) The Pixie Picker Pickle (aka- Ice Pick Stabbings)
Line-Up 51-11-22 (063) The Keenly Clipped Kenovak Case (aka-Missing Fiance)
Line-Up 51-11-29 (064) The Railroad Roundhouse Roundup (aka-Mrs Green Found Dead In A Trunk)
Line-Up 52-02-05 (070) The Potting Peter Case (aka-Lady Killer)
Line-Up 52-03-04 (074) Murdering Mercer's Malingering Case (aka-Child Deserters)
Line-Up 52-03-18 (076) The Mirthless Moonshiner's Methyl Murders (aka-Bad Booze Bootleggers)
Line-Up 52-03-25 (077) The Bakery Bandit's Bad Blooper (aka-Bakery Hold-ups)
Line-Up 52-04-01 (078) Kastro's Kop Killing Karnage Kase
Line-Up 52-04-08 (079) The Cornered Cop Killer Case
Line-Up 52-04-15 (080) Nancy's Nauseating Naivete Case
Line-Up 52-04-22 (081) The Corny Complainant's Case
Line-Up 52-04-29 (082) The Big Boy's Brutish Back-Bending Case
Line-Up 52-05-06 (083) Babs the Baggy Bungling Brunette Bombshell
Line-Up 52-05-13 (084) Yudo in Ypsilanti (aka-Numbers Racket)
Line-Up 52-05-20 (085) Wacky Williams' Wooftop Wrangle
Line-Up 52-06-03 (087) The Aching Arthritics Anxious Antic
Line-Up 52-06-10 (088) Lobdell's Poodle-Cut Tomato Case (aka-Hit & Run Accident)
Line-Up 52-06-17 (089) The Pitiful Patricide Case (aka-Unexplainable Murder)
Line-Up 52-06-24 (090) The Cutie-Calling Culprit Case (aka-Obscene Phone Calls)
Line-Up 52-07-01 (091) The Guided Gang Case (aka-Newstand Dealer Beaten)
Line-Up 52-07-08 (092) The Lugar Lugging Laddie Case (aka-Drug Store Robberies)
Line-Up 52-07-15 (093) The Twitching Twist'sTwenty-Two Tweaking Case (aka-Missing Girl Kidnap
Line-Up 52-07-22 (094) The Drinkler Kidnapping Case
Line-Up 52-07-29 (095) The Charles Crocked Clobbering Case (aka-The Stanley Farmer Murder)
Line-Up 52-08-05 (096) The Karger Kops a Klinker Case (aka-Phantom Burglar)
Line-Up 52-09-10 (097) The Jane Doe Case (aka-Ludlow Park Jane Doe)
Line-Up 52-09-17 (098) The Fresno Break Case (aka-George Forbes)
Line-Up 52-10-01 (100) The Poker Party Killings (aka-Murder In A Card Game)
Line-Up 52-10-08 (101) The Teacher's Pet (aka-One Dead Husband)
Line-Up 52-10-15 (102) Bentley's Boo Boo Case (aka-Liquor Store Robbery)
Line-Up 52-10-22 (103) The Green Cap Case (aka-Gas Station Attendant Killed)
Line-Up 52-10-29 (104) The Sobbing Singer Saga (aka-Singer's Husband Killed)
Line-Up 52-11-05 (105) The Be-Bop Bandits Bungling Bang-Bang (aka-Bank Robbery)
Line-Up 52-11-12 (106) The Buggered Bunco Boys (aka-Grieving Families Cheated)
Line-Up 52-11-19 (107) The Modern Sounds Case (aka-Jean Bellamy Murdered)
Line-Up 52-11-26 (108) The Matthews-Murray Mish Mosh Case
Line-Up 52-12-12 (109) The Gasoline Bandit Case (aka-Gas Station Holdups)
Line-Up 52-12-19 (110) The Two Tough Thugs Thing (aka-Mrs Conway's Death)
Line-Up 53-01-02 (112) Cowardly Castro (aka-Castro, Manelli, & The Younger Hold Up)
Line-Up 53-01-07 (113) Once Upon a Snow-Plow (aka-Dorothy Shelton)
Line-Up 53-02-11 (118) Good Enough to Eat (aka-Food Poisoning)
Line-Up 53-02-18 (119) That Takes Care of Everything (aka-Boots Kracov Killing)
Line-Up xx-xx-xx Drug Peddlers
Line-Up xx-xx-xx Murdered And Rolled Down A Hill
Line-Up xx-xx-xx Numbers Rackets





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