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SHERLOCK HOLMES with Conway and Bruce


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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 mp3 CD - 38 Shows - Total Playtime: 18:31:26

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes: Tom Conway - Dr. Watson: Nigel Bruce In the fall of 1946, Basil Rathbone left the radio program and was replaced by Tom Conway, a fine British actor known for playing RKO Picture's The Falcon, with Nigel Bruce continuing his portrayal of Dr. Watson. The series maintained a high level of quality, but for reasons of expense and support, the production was moved to New York less than a year later and new actors were brought in.
When Basil Rathbone left the role of Holmes for the New York stage, actor Tom Conway stepped in as replacement. Apparently some people didn’t even realize that Rathbone was gone as many felt that Conway’s voice was so similar. It also helps that Nigel Bruce continued as Dr. Watson so there was a sense of continuity that might not have been there with two totally different actors.
One major improvement occurred with this new series: orchestra accompaniment - which replaced the (cheaper option) organ used in the latter series of Rathbone / Bruce episodes. Original music was composed and conducted by Alex Steiner making these Conway / Bruce episodes far more atmospheric than previous productions.
The set up was essentially the same: narrator / introducer Joseph Bell calls around to Watson's study for a fireside "chat" with the good doctor… whence the listener is plunged into another intriguing and baffling case which only the master detective can solve.
Lead writer Edith Meiser continued to both create new stories for the characters and do adaptations of Doyle’s original tales. Several times Meiser would even bring back Holmes’ nemesis, Professor Moriarty, but not frequently enough that he wore out his welcome.
Heard today, "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", with Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce, not only retain their entertainment value but compare quite favorably with the earlier series with Rathbone. Conway as Holmes does capture Rathbone’s style and Nigel Bruce is always charming as the sometimes baffled but always loyal Dr. Watson.
A total of 38 episodes have survived, Tom Conway was ill for one episode - The Ancient Egyptian Curse - and was replaced by Ben Wright.


Conway & Bruce 46-10-12 (01) The Adventure Of The Stuttering Ghost
Conway & Bruce 46-10-19 (02) The Adventure Of The Black Angus
Conway & Bruce 46-10-26 (03) The Clue Of The Hungry Cat
Conway & Bruce 46-11-02 (04) The Adventure Of The Original Hamlet
Conway & Bruce 46-11-09 (05) The Singular Adventure Of The Dying School
Conway & Bruce 46-11-16 (06) The Adventure Of The Genuine Guarnarius
Conway & Bruce 46-11-23 (07) The Adventure Of Sally Martin
Conway & Bruce 46-11-30 (08) The Strange Death Of Mrs Abernetty
Conway & Bruce 46-12-07 (09) The Singular Affair Of The Coptic Compass
Conway & Bruce 46-12-14 (10) The Adventure Of The Elusive Emerald
Conway & Bruce 46-12-21 (11) The Adventure Of The Grand Old Man
Conway & Bruce 46-12-28 (12) The Singular Affair Of The White Cockerel
Conway & Bruce 47-01-04 (13) The Darlington Substitution Case
Conway & Bruce 47-01-13 (14) The Adventure Of The Devil's Foot
Conway & Bruce 47-01-27 (16) The Babbling Butler
Conway & Bruce 47-02-03 (17) The Adventure of the Dying Detective
Conway & Bruce 47-02-10 (18) The Strange Case Of The Persecuted Million
Conway & Bruce 47-02-17 (19) The Adventure Of The Haunted Bagpipes
Conway & Bruce 47-02-24 (20) The Horseless Carriage
Conway & Bruce 47-03-03 (21) Queue For Murder
Conway & Bruce 47-03-17 (23) The Strange Case Of Professor Presbury
Conway & Bruce 47-03-24 (24) The Adventure Of The Scarlet Worm
Conway & Bruce 47-03-31 (25) The Adventure Of Maltree Abbey
Conway & Bruce 47-04-07 (26) The Tolling Bell
Conway & Bruce 47-04-14 (27) The Adventure Of The Carpathian Horror
Conway & Bruce 47-04-21 (28) The Lion's Mane
Conway & Bruce 47-04-28 (29) The Island Of Death
Conway & Bruce 47-05-12 (31) Wisteria Lodge (aka The Voodoo Curse)
Conway & Bruce 47-05-19 (32) The Harley Street Murders
Conway & Bruce 47-05-26 (33) The Adventure Of The Submerged Baronet
Conway & Bruce 47-06-02 (34) The Red-Headed League
Conway & Bruce 47-06-09 (35) Murder In The Locked Room
Conway & Bruce 47-06-16 (36) Death In The North Sea
Conway & Bruce 47-06-23 (37) The Adventure Of The Speckled Band
Conway & Bruce 47-06-30 (38) The Adventure Of The Innocent Murderess
Conway & Bruce 47-07-07 (39) The Adventure Of The Iron Maiden





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