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I Was a Communist for the FBI was the name of a series of stories written by Matt Cvetic that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. The stories were later turned into a best-selling book, an American espionage thriller radio series and motion picture in the early 1950s.
The story follows Cvetic, who infiltrated a local Communist Party cell for nine years and reported back to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on their activities.

The film and radio show are pure artifacts of the McCarthy era, as well as a time capsule of American society during the Second Red Scare. The purpose of both are partly to warn people about the threat of Communist subversion of American society. The tone of the show is ultra-patriotic, with Communists portrayed as evil, racists and vindictive.
I Was a Communist for the FBI was adapted as a motion picture in 1951. Frank Lovejoy portrayed Cvetic. The film was directed by Gordon Douglas and written by Crane Wilbur.
This dramatic film was nominated for an Academy Award as the Best Documentary of the year.
The radio version of I Was a Communist for the FBI consisted of 78 episodes syndicated by the Frederick W. Ziv Company to more than 600 stations, including KNX in Los Angeles, California, with original episodes running from April 23, 1952 to October 14, 1953. The program was made without the cooperation of the FBI. Real-life undercover agent Matt Cvetic was portrayed by Dana Andrews. The show had a budget of $12,000 a week, a very high cost to produce a radio show at the time.
The program frequently dealt with the great stress that Cvetic was under, as he covertly infiltrated a local Communist Party cell. There were many personal and family problems caused by his being a Communist, as well as a certain amount of mental torment. He saw the party as being hypocritical and a great danger to society.
In 1953, Ziv created a separate television follow-up, I Led Three Lives, based on the life of Herbert Philbrick, a Boston advertising executive who also infiltrated the U.S. Communist Party on behalf of the FBI in the 1940s. This time, the FBI approved all of the show's scripts.

Tagline: "I am a Communist for the FBI, I walk alone."



IWCFBI 520416 AUDITION Little Red School House
IWCFBI 520423 001 I Walk Alone
IWCFBI 520430 002 I Can;t Sleep
IWCFBI 520507 003 Little Red School House
IWCFBI 520514 004 Red Red Herring
IWCFBI 520521 005 The Pit Viper
IWCFBI 520528 006 Traitors for Hire
IWCFBI 520604 007 Card Game in the Clouds
IWCFBI 520611 008 American Kremlin
IWCFBI 520618 009 Tight Wire
IWCFBI 520625 010 A Riot Made to Order
IWCFBI 520702 011 Where The Red Men Roam
IWCFBI 520709 012 The Dangerous Dollars
IWCFBI 520716 013 Rich Man Poor Man
IWCFBI 520723 014 Canadian Crossfire
IWCFBI 520730 015 Draw the Red Curtain
IWCFBI 520806 016 Red Clouds on the Good Earth
IWCFBI 520813 017 Exit on the Left
IWCFBI 520820 018 The Red Record
IWCFBI 520827 019 Burnt Offering
IWCFBI 520903 020 Squeeze Play
IWCFBI 520910 021 Violence Preferred
IWCFBI 520917 022 The Rat Race
IWCFBI 520924 023 Jump to the Whip
IWCFBI 521001 024 Pennies from the Dead
IWCFBI 521008 025 A Suit For The Party
IWCFBI 521015 026 The Party Got Rough
IWCFBI 521022 027 Little Boy Red
IWCFBI 521029 028 The Unwelcome Hosts
IWCFBI 521105 029 No Second Chance
IWCFBI 521112 030 The Red Gate
IWCFBI 521119 031 Red Rover Red Rover
IWCFBI 521126 032 Home Improvements
IWCFBI 521203 033 Red Clay
IWCFBI 521210 034 The Kiss of Death
IWCFBI 521217 035 Treason Comes in Cans
IWCFBI 521224 036 The Flames Burned Red
IWCFBI 521231 037 Hate Song
IWCFBI 530107 038 Little Boy Blue Turned Red
IWCFBI 530114 039 Red Gold
IWCFBI 530121 040 Capitol City Square Dance
IWCFBI 530128 041 A Study in Oils
IWCFBI 530204 042 The Sleeper
IWCFBI 530211 043 Against The Middle
IWCFBI 530218 044 Black Gospel
IWCFBI 530225 045 Red Ladies
IWCFBI 530304 046 One Way Ticket
IWCFBI 530311 047 Word Game
IWCFBI 530318 048 Red Waves
IWCFBI 530325 049 Trial By Fear
IWCFBI 530401 050 The Wrong Green
IWCFBI 530408 051 Brass Monkey
IWCFBI 530415 052 Forged Faces
IWCFBI 530422 053 Red Clay
IWCFBI 530429 054 Kiss of Death
IWCFBI 530506 055 The Unamerican Activity
IWCFBI 530513 056 My Friend the Enemy
IWCFBI 530520 057 Canadian Backbone
IWCFBI 530527 058 The Innocent Club
IWCFBI 530603 059 The Crossed Heart
IWCFBI 530610 060 The Red Octopus
IWCFBI 530617 061 Abby As In Abigail
IWCFBI 530624 062 Tour of Duty
IWCFBI 530701 063 Fifteen Minutes to Murder
IWCFBI 530708 064 Use Only as Directed
IWCFBI 530715 065 Double Exposure
IWCFBI 530722 066 Courter of Disaster
IWCFBI 530729 067 The Line is Busy
IWCFBI 530805 068 The Red Snow
IWCFBI 530812 069 Very Private Funeral
IWCFBI 530819 070 Rhapsody in Red
IWCFBI 530826 071 Kangaroo Court
IWCFBI 530902 072 An Inhuman Element
IWCFBI 531007 077 Panic Plan
IWCFBI 531014 078 No Visitors





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