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Hans Georg Conried, Jr. (April 15, 1917 – January 5, 1982), was an American comedian, character actor and voice actor best known for providing the voices of Captain Hook in Walt Disney's version of Peter Pan and Snidely Whiplash on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, for playing the title role in The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, and for his earlier work as Uncle Tonoose on Danny Thomas's sitcom Make Room for Daddy.
He was born in 1917 in Baltimore, Maryland, to Edith Beryl (Gildersleeve) and Hans Georg Conried, Sr. His birth certificate states he was born on April 14, 1917, but other sources claim he was born at 9:25 am on April 15. He was given the name Hans Georg Conried Jr. There is no truth to the oft-repeated story that his real name was Frank Foster. His Connecticut-born mother was a descendant of Pilgrims, and his father was a Jewish immigrant from Vienna, Austria. He was raised in Baltimore and in New York City. He studied acting at Columbia University and went on to play many major classical roles onstage. Conried worked in radio before breaking into movies in 1939, and was also a member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre Company. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in September 1944 during World War II.
Conried appeared regularly on many radio shows during the 1940s and 1950s. He was a member of the regular cast of Orson Welles's Ceiling Unlimited, for which he also wrote the December 14, 1942, episode, "War Workers". On CBS's The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show he had the notable role of a psychiatrist whom George regularly consulted for help in dealing with the dizzy Gracie.

Conried's most important single year was 1953, in which he made his Broadway debut in Can-Can and received screen credit in six films (among them The Twonky and The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T). His other Broadway productions include 70, Girls, 70 and Irene.

Conried's inimitable growl and impeccable diction were perfectly suited to the roles he played, whether portraying the dim Professor Kropotkin in the radio show My Friend Irma or portraying comic villains and other mock-sinister or cranky types, such as Captain Hook (and Mr. Darling) in Walt Disney's Peter Pan and The Grinch/Narrator from Dr. Seuss' Halloween is Grinch Night. According to the DVD commentary of Futurama, he was also the inspiration for the voice created for that series' "Robot Devil".

Conried also was a cast member of other Dr. Seuss specials, and The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, voicing the character of Snidely Whiplash in the Dudley Do-Right shorts, and also hosted Fractured Flickers, another creation of Jay Ward and Bill Scott, as well as Wally Walrus on The Woody Woodpecker Show, Uncle Waldo P. Wigglesworth on Hoppity Hooper, and Dr. Dred on Drak Pack. He was well known as the Williams family patriarch, Uncle Tonoose, on the sitcom Make Room for Daddy, a role he played for thirteen years. He was also a regular performer on the Jack Paar's Tonight Show on NBC from 1959 to 1962. He also performed as the "slave in the mirror" character as the host of several memorable episodes of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.
Besides being the host of Fractured Flickers, Conried was a regular panelist on CBS's pantomime program, Stump the Stars and a semi-regular guest on the Ernie Kovacs-hosted game show Take a Good Look.

On ABC's The Donna Reed Show in the episode "It's the Principle of the Thing", Conried portrayed Mr. Popkin, a poor man who agrees to perform household chores for the Stone family so that his young son, played by Robert L. Crawford, Jr., can have needed medical care from Dr. Alex Stone (Carl Betz).

His many guest appearances included I Love Lucy (as the English tutor Percy Livermore and used furniture merchant Dan Jenkins), Davy Crockett, The Californians, Meet McGraw, Hey, Jeannie!, The Ray Milland Show, The DuPont Show with June Allyson, The Real McCoys, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Mister Ed, The Islanders, Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare, Lost in Space, Daniel Boone, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Lucy Show, Gilligan's Island (as Wrongway Feldman), The Monkees, Have Gun – Will Travel, Love, American Style, Kolchak, Alice, Laverne & Shirley, The Love Boat, Hogan's Heroes, Match Game, Maverick, What's It For, Fantasy Island, and Quark (as the voice of "The Source").

From 1956 until 1963, Conried made twenty-one guest appearances as Danny Thomas' eccentric Lebanese "Uncle Tonoose" in Make Room for Daddy on NBC and then CBS. In real life, Thomas was Lebanese but Conried was Austrian and Jewish.

Conried was featured in the 1958 episode "What Makes Opera Grand?" on the anthology series Omnibus. The episode, an analysis by Leonard Bernstein showing the powerful effect of music in opera, featured Conried as Marcello in a spoken dramatization of Act III of Puccini's La Bohème. The program demonstrated the effect of the music in La Bohème by having actors speak portions of the libretto in English, followed by opera singers singing exactly the same lines in the original Italian.
Conried was active up until his sudden death from cardiovascular disease on January 5, 1982. He was married to Margaret Grant from January 29, 1942 until his death three weeks short of their 40th wedding anniversary. The couple had four children. His remains were donated to medical science.

13th Juror - John Wilkes Booth 49-04-23
Abbott & Costello 42-11-19 Knights in Shining Armor with Merle Oberon
Abbott & Costello 48-02-25 Abbott And Costello Make A Picture
Alan Young Show 46-10-25 Alan, The Movie Star
Alan Young Show 47-01-03 Napoleon's Descendent
Alan Young Show 47-01-10 Alan, the Playwrite
Alan Young Show 47-01-17 Clothes Make the Man
Alan Young Show 47-01-24 Bear Shot with Bow and Arrow
Alan Young Show 47-01-31 New Checking Account
Alan Young Show 47-02-07 Photo of a Bank Robbery
Alan Young Show 47-02-14 The Dog
Alan Young Show 47-02-21 McPhearson Fortune
Alan Young Show 47-02-28 Kiss Maker
Alan Young Show 47-03-07 Masquerade Charity Ball
Alan Young Show 47-03-14 The Mouse
Alan Young Show 47-03-28 Overdue Rent
Alan Young Show 47-04-04 Buying Stock
Alan Young Show 47-04-18 Vaudeville Act
Alan Young Show 47-05-02 Birth Certificate Mistake
Alan Young Show 47-05-09 Typical American Mother
Alan Young Show 47-05-16 Big Yacht Race
Alan Young Show 47-05-23 Cowboy Blood
Alan Young Show 47-05-30 Lifeguard Contest
Amos and Andy 53-04-19 Kingfish the Detective
Amos and Andy 53-05-03 Stock Market Tip
Arch Obolers Plays 39-11-18 Bathysphere
Birds Eye Open House 44-06-15 First Song - I'll Be Seeing You
Blondie 440619 Blondies Beautiful Dreamer
Bob Burns 43-05-06 First Song - The Sound Effects Man
Bob Hope 53-02-11 Guest - Jane Wyman
Burns and Allen 43-06-01 Gracie Appears in Traffic Court
Burns and Allen 43-06-22 Love Potion
Burns and Allen 43-06-29 Amnesia
Burns and Allen 43-09-14 Guest - Brian Donlevy
Burns and Allen 43-11-09 Blackmailing Jack
Burns and Allen 43-11-23 Secret Lover Of Loretta Young
Burns and Allen 43-11-30 Charles Boyer as Tex
Burns and Allen 43-12-21 Playing Santa Claus
Burns and Allen 43-12-28 John Garfield as The Gangster
Burns and Allen 44-01-18 Guest - William Bendix
Burns and Allen 44-01-25 Guest - Paul Heinreid
Ceiling Unlimited 421214 War Workers aka Secret Agent 23
Ceiling Unlimited 430510 Rulers of Earth aka Dictators Meeting in Hell, Rulers of the Earth)
Ceiling Unlimited 431219 A Letter to an Unborn Son
Clock 48-04-25 Bad Dreams
Crime Classics 54-06-23 Ali Pasha-ATurkishDelight
Ford Theater 49-03-04 The Horn Blows at Midnight
Fred Allen Show 40-06-19 Jack Benny Interview
General Mills Radio Adventure Theater 770521 They Called Him Slim
Globe Theater 44-10-17 The Distant Future
Granby's Green Acres 50-08-21 Mr Granby Breaks Down(Last Show)
Great Gildersleeve 41-11-16 Servicemen for Thanksgiving
Gunsmoke 52-08-23 Shakespeare
Halls of Ivy 50-03-24 Professor Gerhardt's Secret
Here's To Veterans - Eve Arden
Hollywood Premier - Blood And Sand 41-06-27
Inheritance 54-07-25 That All May Know
Jack Benny Program 43-03-21 Host Orson Welles - Takes Cast to His Movie Lot
Jack Benny Program 48-01-11 Going to Denver for March-Of-Dimes Benefit
Jack Carson Show 47-01-22 A Date with Irene Ryan
Jack Carson Show 47-02-12 Fixing a Radio
Jack Carson Show 47-02-19 Tanya
Jack Paar Show 47-06-22 Spoofs on Fan Magazines and Disc Jockeys
Jack Paar Show 47-07-13 Children's Adventure Shows
Jack Paar Show 47-07-27 Singing Cowboy Parody
Jack Paar Show 47-08-03 Buying a House
Jack Paar Show 47-08-17 With Jack Benny
Jack Paar Show 47-08-31 BBC Radio Show Parody
Jack Paar Show 47-09-07 Breakfast Foods
Jack Paar Show 47-09-21 This Is America
Jack Paar Show 47-09-28 Hair Tonics, Schools, Mail Delivery
Jeff Regan, Investigator 48-07-31 The Lady with the Golden Hair
Joan Davis Show 480214 - Joan Wants a Career in Medicine
Joan Davis Show 480327 - Joan Sells Advertising
Joan Davis Show 480403 - Is Joan Married to John Payne
Judy Canova Show 480110 Judy Dejected over Humphrey Coo
Judy Canova Show 480508 Judy Interviews Lancelot Buckingham
Judy Canova Show 480529 Judy Reads Scripts
Life of Riley 43-07-25 Riley Wants to Build a House
Life of Riley 44-03-26 The Barber Chair
Life of Riley 44-04-02 Riley's Birthday - Thinks Baxter Is Giving Party
Life of Riley 44-04-30 Baxter Goes to New York
Life of Riley 47-11-15 Riley in School Play
Life of Riley 48-01-31 Uncle Baxter Returns - Scholarship
Much About Dolittle 50-03-25 audition Get A Job
Pacific Story 461110 Redemption in Singapore
Plays For Americans 42-06-21 Adolf & Mrs Runyon
Cavalcade of America 420413 A Continental Uniform
Cavalcade of America 420420 In This Crisis
Cavalcade of America 420525 Young Tom Jefferson
Cavalcade of America 430426 Soldiers in High Boots
Cavalcade of America 430503 Soldiers in Greasepaint
Cavalcade of America 430510 Fat Girl
Cavalcade of America 430906 Double Play
Cavalcade of America 431018 The General Wore Calico
Cavalcade of America 431025 Take Her Down
Cavalcade of America 431101 Burma Surgeon
Cavalcade of America 431108 Joe Dyer Ends a War
Cavalcade of America 431115 Twelve Desperate Miles
Cavalcade of America 431122 Soldiers of the Soil
Cavalcade of America 431129 The Wise Mad General
Cavalcade of America 440417 A Mask for Jefferson
Cavalcade of America 461014 The Hickory Tree
CBS Radio Workshop 560224 Colloquy Interview with William Shakespeare
CBS Radio Workshop 560413 Jacob's Hands
CBS Radio Workshop 560511 The Enormous Radio
CBS Radio Workshop 560525 The Little Prince
CBS Radio Workshop 561111 Report on the Weans
CBS Radio Workshop 570113 No Time for Heartaches
CBS Radio Workshop 570407 No Plays of Japan
Columbia Presents Corwin 440516 New York - A Tapestry For Radio
Columbia Presents Corwin 440606 American Trilogy 1 - Carl Sandburg
Columbia Workshop 390824 Meridian 71212
Command Performance - 42-06-30 Spencer Tracy, Groucho Marx, Barbara Stanwyck
Escape 471001 The Most Dangerous Game
Escape 490219 Orient Express
Escape 490921 The Fortune of Vargas
Escape 500512 The Rim of Terror
Escape 510725 The Earthman
Escape 540807 The Price of the Head Hans Conreid
Escape 540911 Carnival in Vienna
Escape 540918 The Target
Family Theater 49-09-14 Mademoiselle Fifi
Family Theater 49-10-19 Ivanhoe
Family Theater 50-01-11 A Tale of Two Cities
Family Theater 50-06-14 Cyrano De Bergerac
Favorite Story 480703 Necklace
Favorite Story 480717 Strange Mister Bartlesby
Favorite Story 490122 Man Who Married A Dumb Wife
Hallmark Playhouse 50-01-19 Around the World in 80 Days
Hallmark Playhouse 50-02-02 Wine of Youth
Hallmark Playhouse 50-06-01 The Story Of Kansas City
Hallmark Playhouse 51-03-01 Monsieur Beaucaire
Lux Radio Theater 41-02-03 Rebecca
Lux Radio Theater 41-02-10 The Moon's Our Home
Lux Radio Theater 41-02-17 Johnny Apollo
Lux Radio Theater 41-03-17 Cheers for Miss Bishop
Lux Radio Theater 41-04-07 Stand-In
Lux Radio Theater 41-04-28 Wife, Husband and Friend
Lux Radio Theater 41-05-26 Virginia City
Lux Radio Theater 41-07-07 Algiers
Lux Radio Theater 41-09-29 Third Finger, Left Hand
Lux Radio Theater 42-04-06 The Fighting 69th
Lux Radio Theater 44-01-10 The Constant Nymph
Lux Radio Theater 50-12-25 The Wizard of Oz
Lux Radio Theater 52-10-06 The Model and the Marriage Broker
Lux Radio Theater 52-12-15 The African Queen
Lux Radio Theater 54-10-19 David and Bathsheba
Lux Radio Theater 55-01-18 The Awful Truth (repeat)
Lux Radio Theater 55-02-01 Five Fingers (repeat)
Lux Radio Theater 55-03-29 Trouble Along the Way (repeat)
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-02-02 Guest Lionel Barrymore
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-02-23 Hedda Hopper
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-03-01 Victor Moore
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-03-08 Guest Lucille Ball
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-03-15 Charles Laughton
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-03-22 Betty Hutton
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-03-29 Mary Boland
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-04-05 Dennis Day
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-05-24 Guest Lee and Lyn Wilde, Lois Collier
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-05-31 Guest Marjorie Reynolds
Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44-06-07 D Day Program
Orson Welles Theatre - 410915 Jimminy Cricket
Adventure of Maisie 500202 Owes Hotel Bill to the Night Clerk
Adventure of Maisie 500302 On the Farm
Adventure of Maisie 500928 The Nightclub
Adventure of Maisie 501012 Small Town Newspaper
Adventure of Maisie 501019 New York Banquet
Adventure of Maisie 501123 The Birthday Gift
Adventure of Maisie 510405 Las Vegas
Adventure of Maisie 510426 Manganese Gold Mine
Adventure of Maisie 510503 Hotel Social Director
Adventure of Maisie 511122 The Efficiency Expert
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-11-07 How Eberhard Won His Wings
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 75-09-16 The Prison Of Glass
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 76-03-25 The Transformation Of Joebee
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-02-21 Orient Express
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 77-06-13 First Woman In Space
Dennis Day 47-01-01 Dennis Is Guest Speaker at the Ladies Aid Meeting
Dennis Day 47-12-17 Dennis Helps Mrs Anderson Become President of the Ladies Club
DR Christian 400131 Gypsy Love
DR Christian 400228 Leap No More My Lady
Everyman's Theatre 40-12-20 The Women Stayed at Home
Everything for the Children 44-03-07 Of Human Bondage
Everything for the Children 44-04-25 Death Takes a Holiday
Hello Americans 42-11-22 Andes
Hello Americans 42-11-29 The Islands
Hello Americans 42-12-06 Alphabet A to C
Hello Americans 42-12-13 Alphabet C to S
Hello Americans 42-12-27 The Bad Will Ambassador
Hello Americans 43-01-10 Mexico
Hollywood Star Playhouse 501009 - Of Night and the River
Hollywood Star Playhouse 520907 - The Tenth Planet
Hollywood Star Time 461123 - The Woman in the Window
Lights Out 42-10-27 Mungahra (The House Is Haunted)
Lights Out 43-04-27 Execution
Lights Out 43-06-15 Prelude to Murder
Mr President 48-11-07 Theodore Roosevelt
Mr President 49-01-02 Thomas Jefferson
NBC University Theater 480903 Candide
NBC University Theater 500924 Don Quixote
Philip Marlowe 49-06-04 The Unfair Lady
Philip Marlowe 49-08-13 The Indian Giver
Philip Marlowe 49-09-03 The Bums Rush
Railroad Hour 51-10-15 Martha
Railroad Hour 54-06-14 The Pink Lady
Richard Diamond 49 12 17 The John Blackwell Case
Sam Spade 48-08-22 The Vaphio Cup Caper (CBS)
Sam Spade 48-12-12 The Bouncing Betty Caper (CBS)
Sears Radio Theater 790622 A Briefcase of Trouble
Sears Radio Theater 790629 Shaw Namah
Sears Radio Theater 790702 Panther
Sears Radio Theater 790706 Vienna Three and Four
Sears Radio Theater 790717 Crown Jewels of Grandomir
Sears Radio Theater 790801 Voodoo Lady
Stars over Hollywood 50-12-30 Continental Cowboy
Stars over Hollywood 51-11-10 Short Story
Stars over Hollywood 51-11-24 Three Is an Odd Number
Stars over Hollywood 51-12-01 The Perfect Mate
Stars over Hollywood 51-12-22 A Christmas Carol
Stars over Hollywood 52-01-12 Fog Warning
Theater Five 65-07-29 Big Deal on Sutton East
Town Hall Tonight 38-03-23 High Wide and Homely
Town Hall Tonight 38-05-04 Who Killed the Hula Hula Dancer
Town Hall Tonight 38-11-02 November, Month Of Harvest And Thanksgiving
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 50-03-14 The Eighty-Five Little Minks
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 56-02-20 The Bennet Matter - Ep 1
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 56-02-21 The Bennet Matter - Ep 2
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 56-02-22 The Bennet Matter - Ep 3
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 56-02-23 The Bennet Matter - Ep 4
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 56-02-24 The Bennet Matter - Ep 5
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 57-05-05 The Peerless Fire Matter
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 57-07-14 The Heatherstone Players Matter
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-05-08 Its a Wonderful Life
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-05-22 Her Husbands Affair
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-08-19 Love Crazy
Screen Directors Playhouse 49-11-11 Body and Soul
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-01-06 Magic Town
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-02-17 Its in the Bag
Screen Directors Playhouse 50-04-21 A Kiss in the Dark
Screen Guild Theater 40-12-01 Desire
Screen Guild Theater 41-02-23 Alter Bound
Screen Guild Theater 42-02-15 Libertys a Lady
Screen Guild Theater 45-05-21 Desert Song
Suspense 430601 Banquo's Chair
Suspense 430821 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 431019 Lazarus Walks
Suspense 431026 The After Dinner Story
Suspense 431102 Statement of Employee Henry Wilson
Suspense 431109 Cabin B-13
Suspense 431116 Thieves Fall Out
Suspense 431123 The Strange Death of Charles Umberstein
Suspense 431202 The Black Curtain
Suspense 431209 The Night Reveals
Suspense 431216 Wet Saturday
Suspense 440106 One-Way Ride to Nowhere
Suspense 440113 Dime a Dance
Suspense 440120 A World of Darkness
Suspense 440127 The Locked Room
Suspense 440210 Suspicion
Suspense 440217 Life Ends at Midnight
Suspense 440224 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 440302 Portrait Without a Face
Suspense 440309 The Defense Rests
Suspense 440316 Narrative About Clarence
Suspense 440323 Sneak Preview
Suspense 440406 The Woman in Red
Suspense 440420 The Palmer Method
Suspense 440427 Death Went Along for the Ride
Suspense 440504 The Dark Tower
Suspense 440511 The Visitor
Suspense 440518 Donovan's Brain, Part One
Suspense 440525 Donovan's Brain, Part Two
Suspense 440608 Case History on Edgar Lowndes
Suspense 440615 A Friend to Alexander
Suspense 440629 The Walls Came Tumbling Down
Suspense 440706 The Search for Henri LeFevre
Suspense 440713 The Beast Must Die
Suspense 440803 Banquo's Chair
Suspense 440810 The Man Who Knew How
Suspense 440824 Actor's Blood
Suspense 440831 Black Path of Fear
Suspense 450419 Pearls Are a Nuisance
Suspense 461003 Three Times Murder
Suspense 461024 Dame Fortune
Suspense 461031 Lazarus Walks
Suspense 461114 The One Who Got Away
Suspense 461128 The Strange Death of Gordon Fitzroy
Suspense 461205 The House in Cypress Canyon
Suspense 461219 The Thing in the Window
Suspense 470102 Tree of Life
Suspense 470116 Overture in Two Keys
Suspense 470206 End of the Road
Suspense 470227 Three Faces At Midnight
Suspense 470424 Win, Place and Murder
Suspense 470529 A Thing of Beauty
Suspense 470612 Stand-In
Suspense 470724 Murder by an Expert
Suspense 470904 The Argyle Album
Suspense 470925 The Blue Hour
Suspense 471212 The Man Who Couldn't Lose
Suspense 480110 The Kandy Tooth
Suspense 480320 Wet Saturday and August Heat
Suspense 490407 The Noose of Coincidence
Suspense 491229 The Bullet
Suspense 500216 Murder Strikes Three Times
Suspense 500309 Banquo's Chair
Suspense 500330 Blood Sacrifice
Suspense 541021 Rave Notice
Suspense 551220 The Cave
Suspense 560228 The Diary of Captain Scott
Suspense 560313 The Groom of the Ladder
Suspense 560619 A Sleeping Draught
Suspense 560703 The Music Lovers
Suspense 570317 The Outer Limit
Suspense 570324 Shooting Star
Suspense 570602 Crossing Paris
Suspense 570714 Flood on the Goodwins
Suspense 580112 The Island
Life with Luigi 49-01-30 Character References
Life with Luigi 49-02-06 Luigi Receives Erroneous Phone Bill
Life with Luigi 49-02-20 Making a Speech with a Fever
Life with Luigi 49-03-06 Income Tax Problems
Life with Luigi 49-03-13 The Raffle
Life with Luigi 49-03-20 Luigi's First Car
Life with Luigi 49-03-27 Luigi Goes to Dance School
Life with Luigi 49-04-03 Luigi Tries to Return a Nightgown
Life with Luigi 49-04-10 Rosa Must Lose Weight
Life with Luigi 49-04-24 Luigi Gets a Big Electric Bill
Life with Luigi 49-05-01 Plans a Block Party
Life with Luigi 49-05-08 Luigi's Toothache
Life with Luigi 49-05-15 Super Salesman
Life with Luigi 49-05-29 The Wedding
Life with Luigi 49-06-05 At The Racetrack
Life with Luigi 49-06-12 Papa's Coat Pocket
Life with Luigi 49-06-19 Pasquale's Birthday Party
Life with Luigi 49-06-26 Life Insurance Policy
Life with Luigi 49-07-03 July 4th Parade
Life with Luigi 49-07-10 The Registered Letter
Life with Luigi 49-07-17 At the Beach
Life with Luigi 49-07-24 Homesick
Life with Luigi 49-07-31 X- Ray Pictures
Life with Luigi 49-08-07 A Date with Shirley
Life with Luigi 49-08-14 Sore Thumb
Life with Luigi 49-08-21 The Driver's License
Life with Luigi 49-08-28 Go West, Young Man
Life with Luigi 49-09-18 Midget Radio Lawsuit
Life with Luigi 49-09-25 Block Party
Life with Luigi 49-09-27 Stock Investments
Life with Luigi 49-10-04 Luigi Throws a Party at the Store
Life with Luigi 49-10-11 Columbus Day Play
Life with Luigi 49-10-25 The Zoning Commission
Life with Luigi 49-11-01 Football Game
Life with Luigi 49-11-08 No Electioneering
Life with Luigi 49-11-22 Thanksgiving Celebration
Life with Luigi 49-11-29 Money for the Kids
Life with Luigi 49-12-20 Pasquale Takes Luigi's Christmas Money
Life with Luigi 49-12-27 New Year's Phone Call
Life with Luigi 50-01-03 Pietro Needs an Overcoat
Life with Luigi 50-01-10 Luigi's First Citizenship Papers
Life with Luigi 50-01-24 Using Television to Increase Business
Life with Luigi 50-01-31 Flunking The Final Exam On Purpose
Life with Luigi 50-02-07 The Abraham Lincoln Letter
Life with Luigi 50-02-14 Movie Date
Life with Luigi 50-02-21 Washington Radio Contest
Life with Luigi 50-02-28 Mrs Spaulding's Party
Life with Luigi 50-03-07 Income Tax Season
Life with Luigi 50-03-14 Big Brothers of America
Life with Luigi 50-03-21 Luigi Enlists In The Marines
Life with Luigi 50-03-28 Luigi Finds a Wallet
Life with Luigi 50-04-04 Traffic Light
Life with Luigi 50-04-11 Bosco Is A Good Name
Life with Luigi 50-04-25 Donation for Gym Equipment
Life with Luigi 50-05-02 Sootho's Cough Syrup Guarantee
Life with Luigi 50-05-16 Future American, 1953
Life with Luigi 50-05-23 Taking A Picture Of Rosa
Life with Luigi 50-05-30 Luigi's Antiques Are Auctioned Off
Life with Luigi 50-07-04 Independence Day Parade (Repeat of ep 41- 49-07-03)
Life with Luigi 50-08-15 Luigi Has a Fire in the Store
Life with Luigi 50-08-22 Business Trip to Buffalo
Life with Luigi 50-09-05 Luigi Sells Ice Cream
Life with Luigi 50-09-12 Luigi Is Lonely
Life with Luigi 50-09-19 Crusade for Freedom Speech
Life with Luigi 50-09-26 Trolley Transfer
Life with Luigi 50-10-03 Luigi Gives Blood
Life with Luigi 50-10-10 A Day In New York With Frank Sinatra
Life with Luigi 50-10-17 Pasquale Hires A Tutor
Life with Luigi 50-10-24 Antique Dealers of America Association
Life with Luigi 50-10-31 Right To Vote Taken Away
Life with Luigi 50-11-07 Luigi Opens His Barber Shop
Life with Luigi 50-11-14 Headaches or Heartaches
Life with Luigi 50-11-28 Not Counted In The Census
Life with Luigi 50-12-05 Lost In Chicago
Life with Luigi 50-12-12 Luigi Joins The Record Collector's Club
Life with Luigi 50-12-19 A Christmas Present For Pasquale
Life with Luigi 50-12-26 A Visit From The Immigration Service
Life with Luigi 51-01-02 Ice Skating At The Lake
Life with Luigi 51-01-09 Queen Sheba's Iceberg
Life with Luigi 51-01-16 Luigi Deposits A California Check
Life with Luigi 51-01-23 Luigi Refuses To Talk To Pasquale
Life with Luigi 51-01-30 Graduating From 1A To 1B
Life with Luigi 51-02-06 Luigi Finds Out He Has Tonsillitis
Life with Luigi 51-02-13 Luigi Has His Tonsils Removed
Life with Luigi 51-02-20 Luigi Puts A Negro In His Play
Life with Luigi 51-02-27 Luigi Becomes A Gas Station Attendant
Life with Luigi 51-03-06 The Mail Order Suit
Life with Luigi 51-03-20 The Spring Walk
Life with Luigi 51-03-27 April Fool's Joke
Life with Luigi 51-04-17 Bosco-Pasquale Lifetime Shoelace Company
Life with Luigi 51-04-24 Mrs Spaulding Resigns
Life with Luigi 51-05-01 A Date With The Librarian
Life with Luigi 51-05-08 Horse And Wagon Delivery Service
Life with Luigi 51-05-15 I Want To Be An American Day
Life with Luigi 51-05-22 Rosa's Make-over For The Antique Dealer's Dance
Life with Luigi 51-05-29 How To Make Minestrone Soup
Life with Luigi 51-06-12 Luigi Becomes A Soda Jerk
Life with Luigi 51-06-19 Luigi Decides To Paint His Own Safety Zones
Life with Luigi 51-06-26 Luigi Throws A Party For His Salesmen
Life with Luigi 51-07-03 The Fourth Of July Parade (Repeat Broadcast)
Life with Luigi 51-08-28 Shultz And Olson Not In Luigi's Class
Life with Luigi 51-09-04 Naming The O'Reilly's Baby Contest
Life with Luigi 51-09-11 Luigi's Block Party
Life with Luigi 51-09-18 Luigi Isn't In The Phone Book
Life with Luigi 51-09-25 Go West, Young Man
Life with Luigi 51-10-02 Mama Thinks Luigi Is A Millionaire
Life with Luigi 51-10-16 Luigi's Dun And Bradstreet Rating
Life with Luigi 51-10-23 Luigi, The Square Dance Caller
Life with Luigi 51-10-30 Trick Or Treat
Life with Luigi 51-11-06 Luigi Opens Up A New Antique Store
Life with Luigi 51-11-13 Mrs Spaulding Off For A Week
Life with Luigi 51-11-20 The Thanksgiving Dinner
Life with Luigi 51-12-25 A Christmas Present For Pasquale
Life with Luigi 52-01-02 Insurance For Everything
Life with Luigi 52-01-08 Luigi Takes Rosa To The Movies
Life with Luigi 52-01-15 Rosa Attends Luigi's Night Class
Life with Luigi 52-01-22 Rosa Goes To The Head Of The Class
Life with Luigi 52-01-29 The High Standard Of Living
Life with Luigi 52-02-05 Homesick
Life with Luigi 52-02-12 The Toledo Weighing Machine
Life with Luigi 52-03-11 Income Tax Problems
Life with Luigi 52-03-25 Essay Contest
Life with Luigi 52-04-01 April Fools Joke
Life with Luigi 52-04-08 Easter Birthday Party
Life with Luigi 52-04-15 Luigi Can't Sleep
Life with Luigi 52-04-22 Takes a Date to Antique Dealers Dance
Martin & Lewis Show 49-10-14 Dorothy Kirsten
Martin & Lewis Show 52-01-11 Hans Conreid
Mel Blanc Show 46-10-08 Sally and Marylou
Mel Blanc Show 46-10-15 Postman's Ball
Mel Blanc Show 46-10-22 Songwriter
Mel Blanc Show 46-10-29 Community Chest Show
Mel Blanc Show 46-11-05 The New Radio
Mel Blanc Show 46-11-12 Lodge Invitation
Mel Blanc Show 46-11-19 The Astrologer
Mel Blanc Show 46-11-26 Thanksgiving Party
Mel Blanc Show 46-12-10 Christmas Present
Mel Blanc Show 46-12-17 Christmas Shopping
Mel Blanc Show 46-12-24 Mel Plays Santa Claus
Mel Blanc Show 46-12-31 Zebra of the Year
Mel Blanc Show 47-01-07 The Broken Caruso Record
Mel Blanc Show 47-01-14 Foreign Relatives
Mel Blanc Show 47-01-28 Masquerade Ball
Mel Blanc Show 47-02-04 Betty's Suitors
Mel Blanc Show 47-02-11 Mel's Birthday
Mel Blanc Show 47-02-18 The Missing Slice of Bread
Mel Blanc Show 47-02-25 Vaudeville Team
Mel Blanc Show 47-03-04 Councilman Colby
Mel Blanc Show 47-03-11 The Art Critic
Mel Blanc Show 47-03-18 Two Loves Has Mel
Mel Blanc Show 47-03-25 Miss Ugga Ugga Boo
Mel Blanc Show 47-04-01 April Fools
Mel Blanc Show 47-04-08 Easter Egg Hunt
Mel Blanc Show 47-04-15 Society Party
Mel Blanc Show 47-05-13 Supermarket Journal Editor
Mel Blanc Show 47-05-20 Trial Separation
My Favorite Husband 49-03-04 Mother-In-Law
My Favorite Husband 49-04-08 Gum Machine - Demand Your Rights
My Favorite Husband 49-04-22 Time Budgeting
My Favorite Husband 49-05-06 Overweight
My Favorite Husband 49-07-01 Reminiscing
My Favorite Husband 49-09-16 Baseball
My Favorite Husband 49-09-23 The Attic
My Favorite Husband 49-09-30 Woman's Club Election
My Favorite Husband 50-01-27 Liz Writes a Song
My Favorite Husband 50-02-24 Liz Redecorates the House
My Favorite Husband 50-04-16 Anniversary
My Favorite Husband 50-05-28 Selling Dresses
My Favorite Husband 50-06-11 Liz Learns to Swim
My Favorite Husband 50-06-18 Be a Pal
My Favorite Husband 50-09-02 Old Clothes Sold to the Junkman
My Favorite Husband 50-10-07 Liz Becomes a Sculptress
My Favorite Husband 50-12-02 Trying to Marry off Peggy Martin
My Favorite Husband 51-01-13 The Cuckoo Clock
My Little Margie 55-03-13 Miss Guided Missle Contest
My Little Margie 55-07-31 Station KREJ
Our Miss Brooks 49-01-16 Student Government Day
Ozzie And Harriet 490227 The Nelson Bank
Phil Harris 49-12-18 Getting a Christmas Tree in the Mountains
Phil Harris 51-02-18 USO Entertaining At An Army Camp
Phil Harris 51-03-11 Phil, the Dramatic actor
Phil Harris 51-04-22 Improvement is Necessary
Phil Harris 51-10-14 Phil's Eye Exam
Phil Harris 51-11-25 Indians Don't Pay Income Taxes
Phil Harris 51-12-16 Phil's Easy Chair Must Go
Phil Harris 52-01-13 Surprise Present for Phil's Birthday
Phil Harris 53-01-11 The Kitchen Sink
Phil Harris 53-03-01 The 4D Camera
Romance 54-07-24 The Long Way Home
Romance 55-10-08 Sir Henry Part 1
Romance 55-10-15 Sir Henry Part 2
Romance 55-10-22 The Mission
Romance 56-01-21 Old Army Buddy
Romance 56-09-15 The Man from Venus
Sealtest Variety Theater 480923 The Love Pact
Sweeney And March 47-05-31 Story Of Beau Geste
Sweeney And March 47-06-14 Vacation Camp
Sweeney And March 47-09-06 Looking For A New Boarder
Sweeney And March 47-09-20 Prison Work Farm
Sweeney And March 48-09-15 Tenth Anniversary of the Sweeney-March Friendship (Rehearsal)
Whispering Streets - Anne Dearborn
Young Love 49-08-01 Visit by Janet's Mom and Jimmy's Dad
Young Love 49-08-08 The Dean Gets Married
Young Love 49-08-15 Jimmy and Janet Get Jobs





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