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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD mp3 - 116 Episodes - Total Playtime: 51:36:14

Gang Busters was an American dramatic radio program heralded as "the only national program that brings you authentic police case histories." It premiered as G-Men, sponsored by Chevrolet, on July 20, 1935.

After the title was changed to Gang Busters January 15, 1936, the show had a 21-year run through November 20, 1957. Beginning with a barrage of loud sound effects — a shrill police whistle, convicts marching in formation, police siren wailing, machine guns firing, and tires squealing — this intrusive introduction led to the popular catchphrase "came on like Gang Busters" - followed by a voice over a megaphone or loudspeaker announcing the title of that night's program: "Tonight, Gangbusters presents the Case of the ---" and ending with more blasts from a police whistle.

The series dramatized FBI cases, which producer-director Phillips H. Lord arranged in close association with Bureau director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover insisted that only closed cases would be used.


Disc 1
Gang Busters 35-08-03 (0003) The Osage Indian Murders GMen
Gang Busters 35-10-05 (0012) The Boettcher Kidnapping Case GMen
Gang Busters 36-07-01 (0024) The Case of Tony The Slinger Clugino
Gang Busters 36-09-16 (0035) The Case of Ma Barker Part 1
Gang Busters 40-02-24 (0190) The Case of Blackie Thompson
Gang Busters 40-11-01 (0210) The Case Of Dwight Beard - Pt 2
Gang Busters 40-11-22 and 29 (213-214) The Blonde Tigress (parts 1 and 2)
Gang Busters 41-03-28 (0231) The Case of the Nickle and Dime Bandits
Gang Busters 41-04-04 (0232) The Case of the Missing Corpse aka The Case Of Mrs Gangbusters
Gang Busters 42-03-20 (0256) The Case Of Earl Joiner
Gang Busters 42-10-23 (0284) The Case of Clyde William Buchanan
Gang Busters 42-10-30 (0285) The Case of The Wolverine
Gang Busters 44-06-09 (0369) The Case of the Unknown Killer
Gang Busters 44-07-14 (0374) The Case of the Costumed Killer
Gang Busters 44-09-15 (0382) The Case of Bielanski and Tillotson
Gang Busters 45-09-15 (0399) The Case Of Harry 'Red' Bever
Gang Busters 45-09-22 (0400) The Case Of The Red Evening Dress
Gang Busters 45-09-29 (0401) The Case of John K Giles aka John K Giles, Escape Artist
Gang Busters 45-10-27 (0405) The Case Of Bielanski & Tillotson
Gang Busters 45-11-24 (0409) The Case of Matthew Cazzara
Gang Busters 45-12-08 (0411) The Case of Blackie Thompson (same Story as 40-02-24)
Gang Busters 45-12-12 (0412) The Crime Wave Special Report
Gang Busters 45-12-22 (0413) The Case of Al Simeone
Gang Busters 46-01-05 (0415) The Case Of The Rumbolt Vault Robbery
Gang Busters 46-01-26 (0418) The Case Of Damiani & Krause - Part 1
Gang Busters 46-02-02 (0419) The Case of Damiani & Krause - Part 2
Gang Busters 46-03-16 (0425) The Case of the Death Mask Killer
Gang Busters 46-03-23 (0426) The Case of Joe McCann And The West Side Syndicate - Pt 1
Gang Busters 46-05-11 (0433) The Case Of the Alcatraz Prison Riot
Gang Busters 47-05-03 (0484) The Case of The Russo Gang aka Case Of The Safecrackers
Gang Busters 47-05-24 (0487) The Case Of The Crime Teacher
Gang Busters 47-10-04 (0497) The Case of the Kidnapped Paymaster aka The Case of the Seigel Kidnapping
Gang Busters 47-10-11 (0498) The Case Of Bugs Moran - Part 1
Gang Busters 47-10-18 (0499) The Case of the Notorious Gang Leader Pt 2 (1)
Gang Busters 47-10-18 (0499) The Case of the Notorious Gang Leader Pt 2 (2)
Gang Busters 47-10-25 (0500) The Case Of Bugs Moran - Part 3
Gang Busters 47-11-08 (0502) The Case Of The Jersey Butcher Bandits
Gang Busters 47-12-06 (0506) The Case Of The Supersonic Safecrackers
Gang Busters 47-12-13 (0507) The Case of the New Jersey Counterfeiters
Gang Busters 47-12-20 (0508) The Case of the Tennessee Valley Killer
Gang Busters 47-12-27 (0509) The Case Of The Triple Threat Bandit
Gang Busters 48-01-24 (0513) The Case Of Joe Fletcher
Gang Busters 48-01-31 (0514) The Case Of The Oliver Brothers
Gang Busters 48-02-21 (0512) The Case Of Grzelak & Constantine
Gang Busters 48-02-21 (0517) The Case of the Safe Cracking Combine
Gang Busters 48-02-28 (0518) The Case Of John Frederick Benson aka The Case of the Dakota Badman
Gang Busters 48-03-13 (0520) The Case of the Mound City Safecrackers
Gang Busters 48-03-20 (0521) The Case Of The Broadway Bandits
Gang Busters 48-03-27 (0522) The Case of the Cumberland Safecracker
Gang Busters 48-04-03 (0523) The Case Of The New York Narcotics King
Gang Busters 48-04-10 (0524) The Case Of The High School Hotshots
Gang Busters 48-04-24 (0526) The Case Of The Quincy Killers
Gang Busters 48-06-12 (0533) The Case Of The Park Avenue Pilferers
Gang Busters 48-06-19 (0534) The Case Of The Craig And Motes aka Tennessee Trigermen
Gang Busters 48-07-24 (0539) The Case Of The Mysterious Rooming House
Gang Busters 48-07-31 (0540) The Case Of The Carnival Caper
Gang Busters 48-08-07 (0541) The Case Of The Golf Course Murder
Gang Busters 48-08-28 (0544) The Case of the Cowboy Killers

Disc 2
Gang Busters 48-09-04 (0545) The Case of the Collector who Robbed Supermarkets
Gang Busters 48-09-25 (0548) The Case Of The Cincinnati Narcotics Ring
Gang Busters 48-10-02 (0549) The Case Of The Chicago Tunnel Gang
Gang Busters 48-10-09 (0550) The Case of the Incorrigible Killer
Gang Busters 48-10-23 (0552) The Case Of The Twenty Four Hour Twins
Gang Busters 48-11-27 (0557) The Case Of The Greedy Gunman
Gang Busters 48-12-11 (0559) The Case Of The Thornberry Brothers
Gang Busters 48-12-18 (0560) The Case Of The Appointment With Death
Gang Busters 49-01-08 (0562) The Case of the Surprised Safecrackers
Gang Busters 49-01-15 (0563) The Case of the Masquerading Gunmen - Pt 1
Gang Busters 49-01-29 (0565) The Case Of The Counterfeit Combine
Gang Busters 49-05-07 (0579) The Case of the New Jersey Trio
Gang Busters 49-06-04 (0583) Appointment With Death aka The Date with Death
Gang Busters 49-06-11 (0584) The Case of the Sledgehammer Handicap
Gang Busters 49-06-18 (0585) The Case of the Bandit Brothers
Gang Busters 49-07-02 (0587) The Case Of The Metropolitian Motor Mob
Gang Busters 49-09-10 (0597) The Case Of The Red Hot Readers
Gang Busters 49-10-22 (0603) The Case Of The Elusive Leader
Gang Busters 49-11-26 (0608) The Case Of The Hue And Cry
Gang Busters 50-01-07 (0614) The Case Of The Golden Touch
Gang Busters 50-01-21 (0616) The Case Of The Four Feathers
Gang Busters 50-06-10 (0636) The Case of the Inside Track
Gang Busters 52-08-16 (0750) The Case Of John Economos ( Nicky Small)
Gang Busters 53-06-13 (0793) The Case of Fred Whittaker Part 1
Gang Busters 53-09-26 (0808) The Case of the Well-Traveled Ring
Gang Busters 53-10-03 (0809) The Reese-Wren-Reid Case aka The Case of the Jewel Robbery
Gang Busters 53-10-10 (0810) The Case Of The Smoke Ring
Gang Busters 54-07-05 (0849) Winter Chase (surface_noise)
Gang Busters 54-07-12 (0850) Battle on the Staircase
Gang Busters 54-07-19 (0851) Manhattan Rampage
Gang Busters 54-07-26 (0852) Kansas Collectors
Gang Busters 54-08-02 (0853) Kewpie Doll Champ (interference1st min of show)
Gang Busters 54-08-09 (0854) Half Lemon
Gang Busters 54-11-27 (0867) The Case of the Amateur Horseplayer
Gang Busters 55-02-05 (0877) The Case Of The Lost Gun aka The Danville Bank Job
Gang Busters 55-04-02 (0885) The Case Of The Mistreated Lady
Gang Busters 55-04-16 (0887) The Case Of The Punchdrunk Soldier
Gang Busters 55-04-30 (0889) The Case Of The Missing Detective
Gang Busters 55-05-14 (0891) The Case Of The Tapped Telehone
Gang Busters 55-12-28 (0910) The Case of the Torture Trio
Gang Busters 56-03-07 (0920) The Case of Bill Crain
Gang Busters 58-04-06 The Case of the Tennessee Triggermen
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx 35,000 Dollar Theft
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Al Simioni
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Basket Weaving Burglar
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Bow Wow Bowers
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Carlos La Jolla Case 1950
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Case of the three safe
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Frank Luston
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Fugitive Soldier
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Horserace Hijackers
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Hot Ring
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Lewis Fierst
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Military Police 12th Anniversary
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Miss Gang Busters
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Notorious Gang Leader
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx Red Hot Readers
Gang Busters xx-xx-xx The Case of the Three Safecrackers





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