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Dick Tracy is a long-running comic strip featuring a popular and familiar character in American pop culture. Dick Tracy is a hard-hitting, fast-shooting, and supremely intelligent police detective who has matched wits with a variety of colorful villains, many based on real-life gangsters.

Dick Tracy had a long run on radio, from 1934 weekdays on NBC's New England stations to the ABC network in 1948. Bob Burlen was the first radio Tracy in 1934, and others heard in the role during the 1930s and 1940s were Barry Thompson, Ned Wever and Matt Crowley. The early shows all had 15-minute episodes.

On CBS, with Sterling Products as sponsor, the serial aired four times a week from February 4, 1935 to July 11, 1935, moving to Mutual from September 30, 1935 to March 24, 1937 with Bill McClintock doing the sound effects. NBC's weekday afternoon run from January 3, 1938 to April 28, 1939 had sound effects by Keene Crockett and was sponsored by Quaker Oats, which brought Dick Tracy into primetime (Saturdays at 7pm and, briefly, Mondays at 8pm) with 30-minute episodes from April 29, 1939 to September 30, 1939. The series returned to 15-minute episodes on the ABC Blue Network from March 15, 1943 to July 16, 1948, sponsored by Tootsie Roll, which used the music theme of "Toot Toot, Tootsie" for its 30-minute Saturday ABC series from October 6, 1945 to June 1, 1946. Sound effects on ABC were supplied by Walt McDonough and Al Finelli.





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350204 1 PREMIERE Tess Disappears
380208 27 Black Pearl of Osiris
380209 28 Pat Goes Overboard
380210 29 Mystery in the Hotel
380211 30 Dick Shot in the Leg
380214 31 Dick Gets Ring of Osiris
380215 32 Dick Finds the Black Pearl
380216 33 Agent Is Murdered
380217 34 Going After the Ring
380218 35 Dick Captures Gang
380221 36 Pat Hypnotized
380222 37 Dick Captured
380223 38 Escape
380224 39 Junior Kidnapped
380225 40 Junior Escapes
380307 46 Case Of The Firebug Murders
380411 71 Mounties at Pitchblend
380412 72 Snow Slide
380413 73 Who Is the Purple Rider
380414 74 Junior Is Kidnapped
380415 75 Junior Sends a Mirror Message
380418 76 Junior Rescued by and Captures Purple Rider
380419 77 Dick Lassoes the Purple Rider
380420 78 The Purple Rider Exposed
380425 81 Tracy Rescued and Kyle Captured
380426 82 Invisible Ink
431006 148 Doc Benson (Mrs. Johnson's plan to loot and pillage the city has failed. Doc Benson did not lead Tracy to Mrs. Johnson)
440110 216 The Case of the Hooting Owl
440504 299 Espionage at the Circus (Junior has gone undercover at the circus)
450501 556 The Case Of The Empty Safe
450508 561 On the Trail of the Nighthawks
450622 594 The Case of the Pigeon Cut (Blood) Ruby
450913 653 The Case of the Buried Treasure
450920 658 The Case of the Man Without a Head
450921 659 Dick Tracy - Man Without A Head
450924 660 The Case of the Man Without a Head
451025 683 The Case of the Trained Seal
451122 703 TITLE UNKNOWN (New Mystery Begins)
460119 14 The Case of the Dark Corridor (30 minute episode)
460216 18 The Case Of The Firebug Murders (30 minute episode - show moves to 8pm)
460913 914 The Case of the Broken Window
460916 915 The Case of the Broken Window
461211 977 The Case of the Campus Murder
470114 1000 The Case of the Careless Black Widow
470121 1005 The Case of the Moth and the Flame
470122 1006 The Case of the Moth and the Flame
470318 1025 The Case Of The Graveyard Watch
470515 1067 The Case of the No-Account Swindle
470714 1109 The Case of the Crooked Finger
470723 1116 The Case of the Unfunny Clowns
470820 1136 The Case of the Sinister Second
470903 1146 The Case of the Low Hi-jack
470904 1147 The Case of the Low Hi-jack
470911 1152 The Case of the Low Hi-jack
471010 1173 The Case of the Book of Four Kings
471016 1177 The Case of the Book of Four Kings
471024 1183 The Case of the Book of Four Kings
471031 1188 The Case of the Honorable Mr Malice
471106 1192 The Case of the Honorable Mr Malice
471114 1198 The Case of the Honorable Mr Malice
471118 1200 DickTracy-DeadlyTipoff-01 Of 02
471119 1201 DickTracy-DeadlyTipoff-02 Of 02
471121 1203 The Case of the Deadly Tip Off
471216 1220 The Case of the Poisonous Timber
471219 1223 The Case of the Poisonous Timber
471222 1224 The Case of the Poisonous Timber
471231 1231 The Case of the Big Black Box
480108 1237 The Case of the Big Black Box
480122 1247 The Case of the Positive Negative
480127 1250 The Case of the Positive Negative
480408 1302 The Case of the Mermaid's Mirrors
480426 1314 The Case of the Careless Crooner

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