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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD - 66 mp3 - Total Playtime: 32:00:28

Counterspy was an espionage drama radio series that aired on the NBC Blue Network (later the ABC) and Mutual from May 18, 1942 to November 29, 1957.

David Harding (Don MacLaughlin) was the chief of the United States Counterspies, a unit engaged during World War II in counterespionage against Japan's Black Dragon and Germany's Gestapo.

With spies still lurking in the post-war years, as well as the Communist threat, the adventures continued apace well after World War II ended.

Scriptwriters for the series included Milton J. Kramer, Emile C. Tepperman and Stanley Niss.

Phillips H. Lord and his Lord, Incorporated, quickly became a Radio legend from the 1930s, onward. One of Radio's first successful producer/syndicators, Lord brought numerous long-running Radio features to the air throughout the Golden Age of Radio:

1929-1939 Sunday Evening at Seth Parker's
1932-1933 Country Doctor
1935-1957 Gang Busters
1936-1951 We, The People
1939-1940 The Sky Blazers
1939-1953 Mr. District Attorney
1942-1957 David Harding - Counterspy
1958 Treasury Agent

Much in the mold of Frederick Ziv, Himan Brown and the Hummerts, Phillips H. Lord aggressively pursued every element of his productions, maintaining both a firm hand and personal vision for each of his productions. Lord maintained control of his programs until 1950, when he sold his existing programming packages to CBS for a reported $800,000.
Lord premieres David Harding - Counterspy over NBC-Blue

David Harding - Counterspy was a natural progression for Phillips Lord--an amalgam of Lord's hard-hitting crime dramas, Gang Busters and Mr. District Attorney, and his long-running, patriotic series, We, The People. It also tapped into the nation's growing interest in the foreign intrigue surrounding World War II and its aftermath. The program premiered over New York station WJZ on May 18, 1942.

Initially airing sustained over NBC-Blue's flagship station, WEAF, the program found its first sponsor by September 1942 in the form of Mail Pouch Tobacco Company, makers of chewing and smoking tobacco. The initial broadcasts were performed and recorded before a live audience, originating from WJZ, New York. A beneficiary--or victim--of the breakup of the National Broadcasting Company, the production soon transitioned to The Blue Network, then The Blue Network "A", then ultimately the American Broadcasting Company. The Blue Network's flagship station, WJZ, became the originating studio for the series until its move back to NBC in November 1950.

The build-up to the program's debut created quite a buzz. From the May 18, 1942-05-18 edition of the Capital Times:
Phillips Lord's Espionage Drama
Makes Debut Over WIBA Tonight
'Counter-Spy' Is a Tale
Of Thrilling Intrigue
(Radio Editor)

The fascinating story of the battle of wits behind the firing lines of war will be told in a new dramatic series, "Counter-Spy," which will make its debut tonight at 9 over Station WIBA.
Produced by Phillips H. Lord, the new espionage drama will be heard each Monday evening.
Spy stories will center about David Harding, daring young American, who holds a "cover-all commission" from the United States government. Through this special commission, Harding is permitted to be his own boss, to work wherever and however he wishes, and to co-operate with other government departments as the case comes within their jurisdiction. In this counter-spy assignment, Harding works mainly against professional enemy spies in this country.
The technique of counter espionage is not new to Phillips Lord, producer of the program. For almost four years Lord served in a confidential but official capacity in secret intelligence work, remaining in the United States service until he had fulfilled his mission.


420000 xxx Matihari Type
420608 004 Dream House
420622 006 Border Invaders aka Nazis From Mexico
420907 011 Camera Happy Crook
420914 012 Loganberry Point Spy
421102 019 Gasoline Barge (Counterfeit Gas Coupons)
421214 025 Industrial Spy Ring aka German Spies
430301 036 Illegal Radio Station aka The Nazi Radio Station
450613 155 Washington Woman Spy aka Cherchez la Femme
450725 161 Explosive Dog aka The Case Of The Dog Of Dynamite
460727 208 Stolen Car Racket (Rehearsal)
480606 305 The Recruited Nurse
490222 344 Mexican Rancho
490224 345 Poison Peddler
490809 385 Blackmailed Hijacker
490811 386 Murmured Millions
490816 387 Statue of Death
490818 388 Desert Explosion
490823 389 Bouncing Bank Robber
490825 390 Murdering Messenger
490830 391 Cold Blooded Professor Pt 1
490901 392 Cold Blooded Professor Pt 2
490906 393 Arrogant Arsonist
490908 394 Courageous Come-on
490913 395 Flatbush Fagin
490915 396 Hot Car Killer
490920 397 Postal Pirates Pt 1
490922 398 Postal Pirates Pt 2
490927 399 Visiting Vultures
490929 400 Vicious Visitor
491004 401 Sweepstakes Murder
491006 402 The Case of the Genuine Counterfeit
491011 403 Case of the Society Swindler
491013 404 Case of the High Class Hijacker
491018 405 The Case of the Photograph Furrier
491020 406 The Case of the International Intrigue
500221 013 Counterfeit Traveler's Checks
500404 027 Magic Murder
500411 029 Case of the Mile High Murders
500413 030 The Case of the Hoodlum's Hero
500418 031 Fabulous Formula Pt1
500420 032 Fabulous Formula Pt2
500425 033 The Case of the Hijacked Country
500427 034 Murdered Confessor
500502 035 Soaring Saucer
500504 036 Crystalline Double Cross
500613 xxx Tattooed Eye
500815 xxx The Case of the Foolish Father
501013 001 The Case of the Foreign Fires
501020 002 The Case of the Curious Conspiracy
501027 003 The Case of the Insidious Impersonation
501103 004 The Case of the Carbon Consul
501112 006 The Case of the Stolen Secret
501119 007 The Case of the Pseudo Spuds
501126 008 The Case of the Hideous Hijacker
501203 009 The Case of the Spectrograph
501210 010 The Case of the Infiltrating Agent
501217 011 The Case of the Invisible Insurrectionist
501224 012 The Case of the Pretty Plant
510107 013 The Case of the Kleptomaniac Clues
510114 014 The Case of the Captured Contact
510121 015 The Case of the Double Crossing Defender
520214 xxx The Fight Against Narcotics
530000 xxx Flanagan Sisters Corn Syrup Company Coverup
530000 xxx Maisie the Barfly
531221 xxx The Case of the Diamond Thieves





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