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Fred Allen (May 31, 1894 – March 17, 1956) was an American comedian whose absurdist, topically pointed radio show (1932–1949) made him one of the most popular and forward-looking humorists in the so-called classic era of American radio.

His best-remembered gag was his long-running mock feud with friend and fellow comedian Jack Benny, but it was only part of his appeal; radio historian John Dunning (in On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio) wrote that Allen was radio's most admired comedian and most frequently censored. A master adlibber, Allen often tangled with his network's executives (and often barbed them on the air over the battles), while developing routines the style and substance of which influenced contemporaries and futures among comic talents, including Groucho Marx, Stan Freberg, Henry Morgan and Johnny Carson, but his fans also included President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and novelists William Faulkner, John Steinbeck and Herman Wouk (who began his career writing for Allen).
Ironically, in view of his often barbed observations of the medium, Fred Allen was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for contributions to television.
Fred Allen's first taste of radio came while he and Portland Hoffa waited for a promised slot in a new Arthur Hammerstein musical. In the interim, they appeared on a Chicago station's program, WLS Showboat, into which, Allen recalled, "Portland and I were presented... to inject a little class into it." Their success in these appearances helped their theater reception; live audiences in the Midwest liked to see their radio favorites in person, even if Allen and Hoffa would be replaced by Bob Hope when the radio show moved to New York several months afterward.

The couple eventually got their Hammerstein show, Polly, which opened in Delaware and made the usual tour before hitting Broadway. Also in that cast was a young Englishman named Archie Leach, who received as many good notices for his romantic appeal as Allen got for his comic work. Hammerstein retooled the show before bringing it to New York, replacing everyone but two women and Allen. Leach decided to buy an old car and drive to Hollywood. "What Archie Leach didn't tell me," Allen remembered, "was that he was going to change his name to Cary Grant."

Polly never succeeded in spite of several retoolings, but Allen did go on to successful shows like The Little Show (1929–30) and Three's a Crowd (1930–31), which eventually led to his full-time entry to radio in 1932.



Fred Allen 32-12-25 010 Mammoth Dept Store
Fred Allen 33-01-22 014 The Court Of Judge Allen
Fred Allen 33-10-06 xxx The Salad Bowl Revue
Fred Allen 35-10-02 052 Once an Amateur, Always an Amateur
Fred Allen 35-11-27 060 Voopie on the Volga
Fred Allen 36-01-15 067 Home of the Range (1st Half Only)
Fred Allen 36-01-22 068 Mumbo
Fred Allen 36-06-17 089 Colonal Stoopnagel and Budd
Fred Allen 36-09-30 002 Gangbusters
Fred Allen 36-10-07 003 Who Killed Rappaport
Fred Allen 37-03-10 025 Murder on High Seas
Fred Allen 37-03-17 026 St Patricks Day Show
Fred Allen 37-05-19 035 The Story of Holliwood
Fred Allen 37-12-22 047 Santa Will Not Ride Tonight Guest Jack Benny
Fred Allen 38-05-18 068 The House That Jack Built
Fred Allen 38-05-25 069 Who Stole The Favorite
Fred Allen 38-06-08 071 Satire on Song Writers
Fred Allen 38-06-22 073 Telephone Weddings
Fred Allen 39-02-22 095 Subway Posters
Fred Allen 39-03-22 099 Murder at Madison Square
Fred Allen 39-04-05 101 George Jessel - Capt. Joseph McBride - Ferryboat Captain
Fred Allen 39-06-21 112 Crisis on the Showboat
Fred Allen 39-10-04 001 The Search for Mr Livingstone - New Series
Fred Allen 39-10-11 002 Satire on Survey and Polls
Fred Allen 39-10-18 003 Gene Autry
Fred Allen 39-10-25 004 Guest Billy Rose
Fred Allen 39-11-08 006 Doughnut Master
Fred Allen 39-12-27 013 Dr. Allen Clinic
Fred Allen 40-01-31 018 Mountain Justice
Fred Allen 40-02-21 021 The Missing Cat
Fred Allen 40-02-28 022 Life at the South Pole
Fred Allen 40-03-20 025 Eagle Gets Loose in the Studio
Fred Allen 40-03-25 xxx Alle's Reply to NBC About the Eagle Incident
Fred Allen 40-03-27 026 Who Killed Mack Borden
Fred Allen 40-04-03 027 The Laziest Man in the World
Fred Allen 40-04-24 030 Eddie Anderson (Rochester) Incomplete
Fred Allen 40-05-08 032 Commencement Day At Barber Village
Fred Allen 40-06-12 037 Hillbilly Skit-Betty Jane Rhodes-Jack Boyle Cattle Caster at Paramount
Fred Allen 40-10-09 002 Jerry Siegal, creater of Superman
Fred Allen 41-01-01 013 Amateur of the Month
Fred Allen 41-01-08 014 All Is not Gold That Glitters
Fred Allen 41-01-15 015 The Specialist's Quandry - Nelson Elliscu - Dog Dietician
Fred Allen 41-01-22 016 They Almost Junked the Junket
Fred Allen 41-01-29 017 A Stay At Home Cruise - Norman Gray-Razor Tester
Fred Allen 41-02-05 018 Montain Justice
Fred Allen 41-02-12 019 Truth and Subsequences
Fred Allen 41-02-19 020 Milk
Fred Allen 41-02-26 021 Hugh Martin Singers
Fred Allen 41-03-05 022 Little Red Riding Hood
Fred Allen 41-03-12 023 Philanda Blank My story
Fred Allen 41-03-19 024 Nicotine Alley
Fred Allen 41-03-26 025 The Wedlock Society
Fred Allen 41-04-02 026 One Long Pan Takes A Chance
Fred Allen 41-04-09 027 Shortcut to a Nervous Breakdown - Sam Levine
Fred Allen 41-04-16 028 Sleep
Fred Allen 41-04-23 029 Radio The Great American Pastime
Fred Allen 41-05-07 031 Jack Benny's 10th Anniversary-Jack Benny and Amos and Andy
Fred Allen 41-06-04 035 One Long Pan Ghost to Ghost Network - Leo Durocherer
Fred Allen 41-06-18 037 No Blood and No Sand - Thomas E. Dewey
Fred Allen 41-06-25 038 The Hour of Good Intentions
Fred Allen 41-12-10 049 Death Valley Takes A Day Off - Last Show of the Season
Fred Allen 42-03-08 061 The Life Fred Allen
Fred Allen 42-05-03 069 Freak Show Murder
Fred Allen 42-05-10 070 The Courting Of Nasty And Nell - Guest Marlene Dietrich
Fred Allen 42-05-24 072 Vaudville
Fred Allen 42-06-07 074 English Radio Spoof
Fred Allen 42-06-21 076 Mountain Justice
Fred Allen 42-06-28 077 Vacation Plans
Fred Allen 42-10-04 001 Guest Charles Laughton - Andrews Sisters
Fred Allen 42-10-11 002 Roland Young-Wee Bonnie Baker
Fred Allen 42-10-18 003 Les Miserables Guest Star Orson Welles
Fred Allen 42-10-25 004 The Courting Of Jenny Sugs Roy Rogers Arthur Godfrey
Fred Allen 42-11-01 005 Guest Robert Benchley
Fred Allen 42-11-15 007 BBC Take It or Leave It
Fred Allen 42-11-29 009 Adolph Menjou - New Suit
Fred Allen 42-12-20 012 Santa Claus Sits Down Risa Stevens Metropolitan Opera
Fred Allen 43-01-03 014 PeterLorre-One Long Pan vs Mr Moto
Fred Allen 43-01-31 018 Oscar Levant
Fred Allen 43-02-28 022 Phil Baker
Fred Allen 43-03-07 023 Judy Canova
Fred Allen 43-04-04 027 Jimmy Durante - Looking for Umbriago
Fred Allen 43-05-16 033 Frank Sinatra
Fred Allen 43-05-23 034 George Jessel - Freds Biography
Fred Allen 43-12-12 040 Lauritz Melchior
Fred Allen 44-01-02 043 Albert Spaulding - Hillbilly Band
Fred Allen 44-01-09 044 EdGardner-HitbyaBeerBarrel
Fred Allen 44-03-19 054 Ted Lewis-The Life of Ted Lewis
Fred Allen 44-03-26 055 Ed Gardner - Buying a bottle of liquor
Fred Allen 44-04-02 056 Jack Haley - Radio vs TV
Fred Allen 44-04-09 057 Reginald Gardiner - Fetlock Bones
Fred Allen 44-04-23 059 Oscar Levant - South Dakota
Fred Allen 44-06-11 066 Deems Taylor - South Dakota
Fred Allen 45-10-07 001 Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy
Fred Allen 45-10-21 003 Frank Sinatra - Charlie Mccarthy Sues
Fred Allen 45-10-28 004 Charlie Mccarthy Trial Of The Century
Fred Allen 45-11-04 005 Lost Memory - Mash Notes With Martha Raye
Fred Allen 45-11-11 006 Monte Wooley Charlie the Chicken
Fred Allen 45-11-18 007 Boris Karloff - Renting A Room
Fred Allen 45-11-25 008 Leo Durocher - Brooklyn Pinafore
Fred Allen 45-12-16 011 Seeking A Radio Job - Guest Lauritz Melchoir
Fred Allen 45-12-30 012 Radio Shows In Russia
Fred Allen 46-01-06 013 Phil Baker -Take It Or Leave It
Fred Allen 46-01-13 014 Carmen Maurice Evans - Hamlet
Fred Allen 46-01-20 015 George Jessel - Movie Of Fred's Life
Fred Allen 46-02-03 017 Bea Lilly - Picadilly
Fred Allen 46-02-10 018 Les Miserables Reprise with Orson Welles
Fred Allen 46-02-24 020 Arthur Treacher - Hillbilly Sketch
Fred Allen 46-03-03 021 Orson Welles - Les Miserables
Fred Allen 46-03-10 022 Banana Mans Lament with Carmen Miranda
Fred Allen 46-03-31 025 Charlie The Chicken with Monty Woolley
Fred Allen 46-04-14 027 Leo Durocher - Brooklyn Pinafore II
Fred Allen 46-04-28 029 Racing from Trial
Fred Allen 46-05-05 030 Mr. And Mrs. Breakfast Show guest Tallulah Bankhead
Fred Allen 46-05-12 031 Sydney Greenstreet - The Fat Man
Fred Allen 46-05-26 033 King For A Day with Jack Benny
Fred Allen 46-06-23 037 50th Anniversary Of The Telephone Company guest Oscar Levant
Fred Allen 46-10-13 040 Mikado guest Tony Martin
Fred Allen 46-10-27 042 Tallulah Bankhead - Breakfast Show
Fred Allen 47-03-02 060 Murder In The Penthouse guests The Quiz Kids
Fred Allen 47-03-16 062 Picadilly reprise - guests Beatrice Lillie Bobby White
Fred Allen 47-03-23 063 Suing Fred Over Picadilly Copyrights Rodgers & Hammerstein
Fred Allen 47-04-06 065 The Shoshlik Shanty guest Gregory Ratoff
Fred Allen 47-05-11 070 Bing Crosby - Hollywood Mikado (Poor)
Fred Allen 47-05-25 072 Rudy Vallee And His Megaphone
Fred Allen 47-06-15 075 Renting the Room Ozzie & Harriet
Fred Allen 47-10-19 080 The perfect Crime - James Mason - One Long Pan
Fred Allen 47-10-26 081 Jack Haley - Selling Life Stories
Fred Allen 47-12-14 088 George Jessel - Booking New Year Party
Fred Allen 47-12-28 090 Monty Wooley - Returning A Clock
Fred Allen 48-01-04 001 James Mason - 1st Show For Ford
Fred Allen 48-03-28 013 James & Pamela Mason - Morning Show
Fred Allen 48-04-11 015 Basil Rathbone - One Long Pan
Fred Allen 48-04-18 016 James Farley - Literary Panel
Fred Allen 48-04-25 017 Leo Durocher - Scalping Baseball Tickets
Fred Allen 48-05-02 018 Henry Morgan - Selling Shampoo
Fred Allen 48-05-09 019 Don Mcneill - Break The Contestant
Fred Allen 48-05-23 021 Bing Crosby - The Life Of Bing Crosby
Fred Allen 48-06-06 023 Jack Eigan - What's Wrong With Radio
Fred Allen 48-06-27 026 Jack Benny - Stop The Music
Fred Allen 48-10-24 030 Price for Listeners Missing Contest - Dale Carnegie
Fred Allen 48-11-07 032 Arthur Treacher - Sam Shovel
Fred Allen 48-11-28 035 George Jessel - Getting Into The Roxy
Fred Allen 48-12-05 036 Henry Morgan - Radio Vs Tv
Fred Allen 48-12-26 039 Maine Murder Trial
Fred Allen 49-01-09 041 H Allen Smith - Literary Panel
Fred Allen 49-01-23 043 Ttraveling Salesman Jack Haley
Fred Allen 49-01-30 044 Rudy Vallee - Fred Gets Rudy Into Tv
Fred Allen 49-02-06 045 Bert Lahr - Planning A Tv Show
Fred Allen 49-02-13 046 Murder Case guest Doc Rockwell
Fred Allen 49-03-20 051 Mob Buster guest Victor Moore
Fred Allen 49-04-24 056 Basil Rathbone - One Long Pan
Fred Allen 49-05-22 060 Col Stoopnagle - Babysitting
Fred Allen 49-06-26 065 Last Show W Jack Benny & Henry Morgan
Bing Crosby Show - Fred Allen
Bing Crosby Show - Fred allen-Connie Boswelll
Bing Crosby Show - Peggy Lee Fred Allen
Edgar Bergen Show 39-11-29 Gulf Screen Guild-Fred Allen-Robert Benchley
Edgar Bergen Show 45-09-03 Guest Fred Allen
Edgar Bergen Show 46-11-13 Guest Fred Allen
Edgar Bergen Show 47-11-02 Guest Fred Allen
Edgar Bergen Show 50-05-17 Bing Crosby-Peggy Lee-Fred Allen
Information Please 40-11-15 Fred Allen
Information Please 41-10-17 Fred Allen
Information Please 43-02-15 Fred Allen
Information Please 44-12-25 Fred Allen
Information Please 45-02-12 Fred Allen
Jack Benny 00-00-00 Guest Fred Allen - Jack Paar
Jack Benny 37-03-14 End of Feud with Jack Benny
Jack Benny 38-03-27 Fred Allen-Kate Smith
Jack Benny 39-01-29 Bodyguard Jack Challenges Fred Allen
Jack Benny 39-02-05 Training for a fight with Fred Allen
Jack Benny 45-02-04 Cameo by Fred Allen
Jack Benny 53-08-03 San Francisco with Fred Allen
The Big Show 50-01-26 Talulah Bankhead and Fred Allen
The Big Show 50-11-05 Debut Fred Allen Jimmy Durante
The Big Show 50-11-26 Fred Allen-Ed Wynn-Ed Gardner
The Big Show 50-12-03 Fred Allen-Phil Silvers-Margaret Truma
The Big Show 51-03-04 Fred Allen-Herb Shriner Ethel Merman
The Big Show 51-05-06 Fred Allen-Groucho Marx-George Jessel
Today Show 64-03-18 Hugh Downs Interviews Fred Allen On Today Show



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