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    OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD-ROM - 103 mp3

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The Halls of Ivy was an NBC radio sitcom that ran from 1950-1952. It was created by Fibber McGee & Molly co-creator/writer Don Quinn before being adapted into a CBS television comedy (1954-55) produced by ITC Entertainment and Television Programs of America. British husband-and-wife actors Ronald Colman (1891-1958) and Benita Hume (1906-1967) starred in both versions of the show.

Quinn developed the show after he had decided to leave Fibber McGee & Molly in the hands of his protege Phil Leslie. The Halls of Ivy's audition program featured radio veteran Gale Gordon (then co-starring in Our Miss Brooks) and Edna Best in the roles that ultimately went to the Colmans, who'd shown a flair for radio comedy in recurring roles on The Jack Benny Program in the late 1940s.

The senior class at Wilson Hall in Sumter, SC sings this song at graduation every year.
The Halls of Ivy featured Colman as William Todhunter Hall, the president of small, Midwestern Ivy College, and his wife, Victoria, a former British musical comedy star who sometimes felt the tug of her former profession, and followed their interactions with students, friends and college trustees. Others in the cast included Herbert Butterfield as testy board chairman Clarence Wellman; Willard Waterman (then starring as Harold Peary's successor as The Great Gildersleeve) as board member John Merriweather; and, Elizabeth Patterson and Gloria Gordon as the Halls' maid.

The series ran 109 half-hour radio episodes from January 6, 1950, to June 25, 1952, with Quinn, Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee writing many of the scripts and giving free if even more sophisticated play to Quinn's knack for language play, inverted cliches and swift puns (including the show's title and lead characters), a knack he'd shown for years writing Fibber McGee & Molly. Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee continued as a writing team; their best-known play is Inherit the Wind. Cameron Blake, Walter Brown Newman, Robert Sinclair, and Milton and Barbara Merlin became writers for the program as well.

But listeners were surprised to discover that the episode of 27 September 1950, "The Leslie Hoff Painting"---a story tackling the bequest of a Goya painting that was suspected of being a fraud hyped by its late owner to avoid paying customs duties when bringing to the United States---was written by Ronald Colman himself, who poked fun at his accomplishment while taking a rare turn giving the evening's credits at the show's conclusion.

A further treat was the episode of 22 November 1951, on which Jack Benny appeared as himself, in a storyline involving his accepting Victoria Hall's invitation to perform for charity at Ivy College.

The sponsor was Schlitz Brewing Company. Nat Wolff produced and directed, Henry Russell handled the music and radio veteran Ken Carpenter was the announcer.


Halls of Ivy 49-06-22 (xxx) Dr Hall's Reappointment Audition 1
Halls of Ivy 49-06-23 (xxx) Dr Hall's Reappointment Audition 2
Halls of Ivy 50-01-06 (001) Reappointment
Halls of Ivy 50-01-13 (002) Student Editorial
Halls of Ivy 50-01-20 (003) The Gangster's Son
Halls of Ivy 50-01-27 (004) Wellman's Nose - Charter Day Ceremonies
Halls of Ivy 50-02-03 (005) Dr Bromley, Shakespeare Expert
Halls of Ivy 50-02-10 (006) The Snowman
Halls of Ivy 50-02-17 (007) The Chinese Student
Halls of Ivy 50-02-24 (008) Student Thief
Halls of Ivy 50-03-03 (009) Merton Savada's Crush
Halls of Ivy 50-03-10 (010) Victoria's New Review
Halls of Ivy 50-03-17 (011) Dirty Politics
Halls of Ivy 50-03-24 (012) Professor Gerhardt's Secret
Halls of Ivy 50-03-31 (013) The Ivy Chamber Music and Knockwurst Society
Halls of Ivy 50-04-07 (014) Toddy Plays Hookey
Halls of Ivy 50-04-14 (015) Mrs Foster's Lost Dog
Halls of Ivy 50-04-21 (016) Traffic and Cocoanuts
Halls of Ivy 50-04-28 (017) The Scofield Prize
Halls of Ivy 50-05-05 (018) Student Actress
Halls of Ivy 50-05-10 (019) Mrs Whitney's Statue
Halls of Ivy 50-05-17 (020) Dr Abel
Halls of Ivy 50-05-24 (021) The Fighting Med Student
Halls of Ivy 50-05-31 (022) The Sexton Award
Halls of Ivy 50-06-07 (023) D-Day
Halls of Ivy 50-06-14 (024) Stolen First Edition
Halls of Ivy 50-06-21 (025) The Bentheimers and the Census
Halls of Ivy 50-06-28 (026) Faculity Raffle
Halls of Ivy 50-07-05 (027) Poetry Reading
Halls of Ivy 50-07-12 (028) The Education of Annie Belle
Halls of Ivy 50-09-13 (029) Ivy vs the United Nations
Halls of Ivy 50-09-27 (031) The Leslie Hoff Painting
Halls of Ivy 50-10-04 (032) The New English Teacher
Halls of Ivy 50-10-11 (033) Phone Problems
Halls of Ivy 50-10-18 (034) Scandal
Halls of Ivy 50-10-27 (035) Mrwellman-CharterDay
Halls of Ivy 50-11-22 (039) Jack Benny Visits Ivy
Halls of Ivy 51-01-03 (045) Professor Barrette's Play
Halls of Ivy 51-01-24 (048) The Goya Bequest
Halls of Ivy 51-01-31 (049) Professor Warren's Retirement
Halls of Ivy 51-02-21 (052) Calhoun Gaddy
Halls of Ivy 51-02-28 (053) The French Scholarship
Halls of Ivy 51-03-07 (054) Eddie Gray's Wedding
Halls of Ivy 51-03-14 (055) His Fathers Image
Halls of Ivy 51-04-18 (060) Romiette and Julio
Halls of Ivy 51-04-25 (061) Note the Quote
Halls of Ivy 51-05-02 (062) Champ Waterfield
Halls of Ivy 51-05-09 (063) Glory Golightly
Halls Of Ivy 51-05-16 (064) The Eleventh Commandment
Halls of Ivy 51-05-23 (065) Cook's Night Out
Halls of Ivy 51-05-30 (066) Finals Day Award
Halls of Ivy 51-06-13 (068) Finals Season
Halls of Ivy 51-06-20 (069) Pork Barrel Politics
Halls of Ivy 51-10-03 (072) Adoption
Halls of Ivy 51-10-10 (073) Editorial in the Ivy Bull
Halls of Ivy 51-10-17 (074) Student Council Election
Halls of Ivy 51-10-24 (075) Mrs Why
Halls of Ivy 51-10-31 (076) Football Coach
Halls of Ivy 51-11-07 (077) Halloween
Halls of Ivy 51-11-14 (078) The Late Student
Halls of Ivy 51-11-15 (xxx) Don Quinn Interview
Halls of Ivy 51-11-21 (079) The Minister's Son
Halls of Ivy 51-11-28 (080) Professor Warren's Romantic Folly
Halls of Ivy 51-12-05 (081) Calhoun Gaddy's Agricultural Development
Halls of Ivy 51-12-12 (082) Professor Royce Returns
Halls of Ivy 51-12-19 (083) The Snowman
Halls of Ivy 51-12-26 (084) Sweet Sorrow
Halls of Ivy 52-01-02 (085) Hell Week
Halls of Ivy 52-01-09 (086) Nelson Carter's Son
Halls of Ivy 52-01-16 (087) Art Exhibit
Halls of Ivy 52-01-23 (088) Medal of Honor
Halls of Ivy 52-01-30 (089) Track Star
Halls of Ivy 52-02-06 (090) Glee Club Donation
Halls of Ivy 52-02-13 (091) Dean Huxley
Halls of Ivy 52-02-20 (092) Voice of the Ivy Vine
Halls of Ivy 52-02-27 (093) Budget Problems
Halls of Ivy 52-03-05 (094) The Astronomy Exam
Halls of Ivy 52-03-12 (095) The Lame Girl and the Hypochondriac
Halls of Ivy 52-03-19 (096) The Oldest Living Graduate
Halls of Ivy 52-03-26 (097) Stolen Money
Halls of Ivy 52-04-02 (098) Professor Grimes
Halls of Ivy 52-04-09 (099) Faculity Marriage
Halls of Ivy 52-04-16 (100) The French Exchange Student
Halls of Ivy 52-04-23 (101) Professor Walden's Son
Halls of Ivy 52-04-30 (102) Faculty Follies Part 1
Halls of Ivy 52-05-07 (103) Faculty Follies Part 2
Halls of Ivy 52-05-14 (104) Student Singer
Halls of Ivy 52-05-21 (105) Doctor Spatzen
Halls of Ivy 52-05-28 (106) Mummynapper
Halls of Ivy 52-06-04 (107) Pregnant Student
Halls of Ivy 52-06-11 (108) The Wellman's Come to Dinner
Halls of Ivy 52-06-18 (109) Math Professor
Halls of Ivy 52-06-25 (110) Summer Vacation
Halls Of Ivy 54-10-26 (002) The Heart Of Passion
Halls Of Ivy 54-12-07 (008) The Eleventh Commandment
Halls Of Ivy 54-12-14 (009) Boxing Versus Medicine The Fighting Med Student
Halls Of Ivy 55-02-15 (018) Note The Quote
Halls Of Ivy 55-04-12 (026) Scandal Professor Rousseau
Halls Of Ivy 55-04-19 (027) Football Fix
Halls Of Ivy 55-04-26 (028) Can Is Minor
Halls Of Ivy 55-05-17 (031) Professor Roy Returns The Umbrella Man
Halls Of Ivy 55-05-24 (032) The Honor Student
Halls of Ivy xx-xx-xx (xx) The Umbrella Man (TV Stck)





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