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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 CD - 94 mp3 - Total Time: 26:18:05

Includes 5 Bing Crosby Shows with Jimmy Durante as guest, 44 Shows and 45 Songs from the Radio

James Francis "Jimmy" Durante (February 10, 1893 – January 29, 1980) was an American singer, pianist, comedian and actor. His distinctive clipped gravelly speech, comic language butchery, jazz-influenced songs, and large nose helped make him one of America's most familiar and popular personalities of the 1920s through the 1970s. His jokes about his nose included referring to it as a "Schnozzola", and the word became his nickname.

Early career

Durante was born in Brooklyn, New York, the third of four children born to Italian-Americans Bartolomeo Durante (1849–1942) and Rosa (Lentino) Durante (1858–1921). He served as an altar boy at New York City's Saint Malachy's Roman Catholic Church also known as the Actor's Chapel.[1] Durante dropped out of school in the eighth grade to become a full-time ragtime pianist. He first played with his cousin, whose name was also "Jimmy Durante." It was a family act, but he was too professional for his cousin. He continued working the city's piano bar circuit and earned the nickname "Ragtime Jimmy," before he joined one of the first recognizable jazz bands in New York, the Original New Orleans Jazz Band. Durante was the only member not from New Orleans. His routine of breaking into a song to deliver a joke, with band or orchestra chord punctuation after each line, became a Durante trademark. In 1920, the group was renamed Jimmy Durante's Jazz Band.

Durante became a vaudeville star and radio personality by the mid-1920s, with a trio called Clayton, Jackson and Durante. Lou Clayton and Eddie Jackson, Durante's closest friends, often reunited professionally. Jackson and Durante appeared in the Cole Porter musical The New Yorkers, which opened on Broadway on December 8, 1930.

By 1934, he had a major record hit with his own novelty composition, Inka Dinka Doo. It became his theme song for the rest of his life. A year later, Durante starred on Broadway in the Billy Rose stage musical Jumbo, in which a police officer stopped him while leading a live elephant and asked him, "What are you doing with that elephant?" Durante's reply, "What elephant?", was a regular show-stopper. Durante also appeared on Broadway in Show Girl (1929), Strike Me Pink (1934), and Red, Hot and Blue (1936).

He began appearing in motion pictures in a comedy series pairing him with silent film legend Buster Keaton and continuing with The Wet Parade (1932), Broadway to Hollywood (1933), The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942, playing "Banjo", a character based on Harpo Marx), Ziegfeld Follies (1946), Billy Rose's Jumbo (1962, based on the 1935 musical), and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963).


On September 10, 1933 Durante appeared on Eddie Cantor's The Chase and Sanborn Hour, continuing until November 12 of that year. When Cantor departed, Durante took over the NBC show as its star from April 22 to September 30, 1934, moving on to The Jumbo Fire Chief Program (1935–36).

He teamed with Garry Moore for The Durante-Moore Show in 1943. Durante's comic chemistry with the young, brushcut Moore brought Durante an even larger audience. "Dat's my boy dat said dat!" became an instant catchphrase. The duo became one of the nation's favorites for the rest of the decade, including a well-reviewed Armed Forces Radio Network command performance with Frank Sinatra that remains a favorite of radio collectors today. Moore left in mid-1947, and the program returned October 1, 1947 as The Jimmy Durante Show. Durante worked in radio for three years after Moore's 1947 departure, including a reunion of Clayton, Jackson and Durante on his April 21, 1948 broadcast.


Durante made his television debut on November 1, 1950, though he kept a presence in radio as one of the frequent guests on Tallulah Bankhead's two-year, NBC comedy-variety show, The Big Show. Durante was one of the cast on the show's premiere November 5, 1950. The rest of the cast included humorist Fred Allen, singers Mindy Carson and Frankie Laine, stage musical performer Ethel Merman, actors Jose Ferrer and Paul Lukas, and comic-singer Danny Thomas (about to become a major television star in his own right). A highlight of the show was Durante and Thomas, whose own nose rivaled Durante's, in a routine in which Durante accused Thomas of stealing his nose. "Stay outta dis, No-Nose!" Durante barked at Bankhead to a big laugh.

From 1950-51, Durante was one of four alternating hosts on NBC's comedy-variety series, "4 Star Revue." He alternated Wednesdays with Danny Thomas (now a headliner), Jack Carson, and Ed Wynn.

Beginning in the early 1950s, Durante teamed with sidekick Sonny King, a collaboration that would continue until Durante's death. Jimmy could be seen regularly in Las Vegas after Sunday Mass outside of the Guardian Angel Cathedral standing next to the priest and greeting the people as they left Mass.

On August 4, 1955, The Jimmy Durante Show was the venue of the last performance by the famous Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda. Miranda fell to her knees while dancing with Durante, who instinctively told the band to "stop da music!". He helped Miranda up to her feet as she laughed "I'm all out of breath!". "Dat's OK, honey, I'll take yer lines" Durante replied. Miranda laughed again and quickly pulled herself together, finishing the show. However, the next morning, August 5, Carmen died at home from heart failure.



Bing Crosby Show 461204 Jimmy Durante
Bing Crosby Show 470416 Jimmy Durante
Bing Crosby Show 490202 Philco-Jimmy Durante
Bing Crosby Show 540416 Jimmy Durante
Bing Crosby Show 541204 Jimmy Durante

Jimmy Durante Show 441222 Christmas Show
Jimmy Durante Show 450615 The Case Of The Missing Ring
Jimmy Durante Show 461122 Thanksgiving Pilgrim Opera
Jimmy Durante Show 470513 Gary Moore
Jimmy Durante Show 470516 Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore Show
Jimmy Durante Show 471001 001 Guest Greer Garson
Jimmy Durante Show 471008 Jimmy And Eddie Cantor Remember Their Early Years
Jimmy Durante Show 471022 Arthur Treacher Moves In With Jimmy
Jimmy Durante Show 471029 Making A Movie With Lucille Ball
Jimmy Durante Show 471105 Jimmy Sings With Bing Crosby
Jimmy Durante Show 471112 Jimmy And Dorothy Lamour Go To Washington
Jimmy Durante Show 471126 Preparing A Live Turkey For Thanksgiving
Jimmy Durante Show 471203 Cyrano De Bergerac With Charles Boyer
Jimmy Durante Show 471210 With Boris Karloff As Happy Sam The Record Man
Jimmy Durante Show 471217 Victor Moore Helps Jimmy With Vp Campaign
Jimmy Durante Show 471224 Christmas Eve At Home Treacher Obrien P Lee
Jimmy Durante Show 471231 New Years Eve With Red Skelton
Jimmy Durante Show 480107 The Road To Pismo Beach With Bob Hope
Jimmy Durante Show 480114 killer Moore The Boxer Frank Morgan Subs
Jimmy Durante Show 480121 Captain Jolies Showboat Al Jolson Subs
Jimmy Durante Show 480128 Jimmy Returns To The Show
Jimmy Durante Show 480204 Bear Wrestling At The County Fair
Jimmy Durante Show 480211 Jimmys Birthday Party
Jimmy Durante Show 480218 Jd and Vm Go To A Nightclub
Jimmy Durante Show 480225 Jd and Vm Go To A Racetrack
Jimmy Durante Show 480303 Jd and Vm Take Flying Lessons
Jimmy Durante Show 480310 Jimmy Runs For Vice President With Van Johnson
Jimmy Durante Show 480324 Looking For A Cheap Vacation Spot
Jimmy Durante Show 480331 Campaigning On Campus With Rose Marie
Jimmy Durante Show 480407 A Woman For President With Dorothy Lamour
Jimmy Durante Show 480414 Jimmy Investigates The Housing Shortage
Jimmy Durante Show 480421 Jimmy Solicits The Show Biz Vote
Jimmy Durante Show 480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets
Jimmy Durante Show 480428 Women In Industry With Lucille Ball
Jimmy Durante Show 480505 Survey On Public Transportation Shortage
Jimmy Durante Show 480512 Should A Presidential Candidate Be Married
Jimmy Durante Show 480519 How Can Government Help Small Businesses
Jimmy Durante Show 480526 Jimmy Seeks Endorsements From Sports Heroes
Jimmy Durante Show 480616 Should Men Be Allowed In Beauty Parlors
Jimmy Durante Show 480623 Last Show Of Season Incomplete
Jimmy Durante Show 481217 011 Guest Florence Halop
Jimmy Durante Show 481224 Problems With Christmas Dinner With Rose Marie
Jimmy Durante Show 500421 Opening Of Baseball Season
Jimmy Durante Show 500428 Don Ameche Has Wife Problems

Song-Al Jolson Jimmy Durante - Real Piano Player Player
Song-Bing Crosby Jimmy Durante - Chicabee-ch-ch
Song-Bing Crosby Jimmy Durante - Never In A Million Years 1937
Song-Bing Crosby Jimmy Durante - Start Off Each Day With A Song
Song-Bing Crosby Judy Garland Jimmy Durante - I Want To Be 1944
Song-Can Broadway Do Withought Me 1929
Song-Jimmy Durante - A-razz-ma-tazz
Song-Jimmy Durante - As Time Goes By
Song-Jimmy Durante - Bill Bailey
Song-Jimmy Durante - Black Strap Molasses
Song-Jimmy Durante - Can Broadway Do Without Me 1929
Song-Jimmy Durante - Frosty The Snowman
Song-Jimmy Durante - Hello Young Lovers
Song-Jimmy Durante - If I Had You
Song-Jimmy Durante - Ill Be Seeing You
Song-Jimmy Durante - Ill See You In My Dreams ver2
Song-Jimmy Durante - Ill See You In My Dreams
Song-Jimmy Durante - Ink A Dink A Do
Song-Jimmy Durante - Make Someone Happy
Song-Jimmy Durante - My Gals Got it 1945
Song-Jimmy Durante - Oombriano 1946
Song-Jimmy Durante - Send My Baby Back To Me
Song-Jimmy Durante - September Song
Song-Jimmy Durante - Smile
Song-Jimmy Durante - The Glory Of Love
Song-Jimmy Durante - The Mole
Song-Jimmy Durante - Young At Heart
Song-Jimmy Durante Al Jolsen - The Songs Gotta Come From The Heart
Song-Jimmy Durante Bob Hope - The Boys With The Proboscis
Song-Jimmy Durante Clayton Jackson - Can Broadway Do Withought Me 1929
Song-Jimmy Durante Danny Kaye Jane Wyman Groucho Marx - How Dye Do And Shake Hands
Song-Jimmy Durante Ethel Merman - You Are Woman I Am Man
Song-Jimmy Durante Gordon Jenkins Orch. - Make Someone Happy
Song-Jimmy Durante Groucho Marx Danny Kaye Ella Fitzgerald - Backstrap Molasses
Song-Jimmy Durante Helen Trebel - Song Comes From The Heart 1953
Song-Jimmy Durante Margarette Obrien 1946
Song-Jimmy Durante Sophie Tucker - As Ready As Ill Ever Be
Song-Jimmy Durante -Try A Little Tenderness
Song-Jimmy Durante-Hi-liliHi-lo
Song-Jimmy Duranty Clayton Jackson - Can Broadway Do Withought Me 1929
Song-Jimmy Durante Show Bond Drive From Cleveland
Song-JimmyDurante DannyKaye - Quickstep
Song-JimmyDurante -You Made Me Love You
Song-Paul Whiteman - Not Jimmy Durante 1933
Song-Sophie Tucker Jimmy Durante - As Ready As Ill Ever Be





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