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Bob Elliott (born 1923) and Ray Goulding (1922–1990) were an American comedy team whose career spanned five decades. Their format was typically to satirize the medium in which they were performing, such as conducting radio or television interviews, with off-the-wall dialogue presented in a generally deadpan style as though it were a serious interview.
Elliott and Goulding began as radio announcers (Elliott a disc jockey, and Goulding a news reader) in Boston with their own separate programmes on station WHDH-AM, and each would visit with the other while on the air. Their informal banter was so appealing that WHDH would call on them, as a team, to fill in when Red Sox baseball broadcasts were rained out. Elliott and Goulding (not yet known as Bob and Ray) would improvise comedy routines all afternoon, and joke around with studio musicians.
Elliott and Goulding's brand of humor caught on, and WHDH gave them their own weekday show in 1946. Matinee with Bob and Ray was originally a 15-minute show, soon expanding to half an hour. (When explaining why Bob was billed first, Goulding claimed that it was because "Matinee with Bob and Ray" sounded better than "Matinob with Ray and Bob".) Their trademark sign-off was "This is Ray Goulding reminding you to write if you get work"; "Bob Elliott reminding you to hang by your thumbs".

They continued on the air for over four decades on the NBC, CBS, and Mutual networks, and on New York City stations WINS, WOR, and WHN. From 1973 to 1976 they were the afternoon drive hosts on WOR, doing a four-hour show. In their last incarnation, they were heard on National Public Radio, ending in 1987.

They were regulars on NBC's Monitor, often on stand-by to go on the air at short notice if the program's planned segments developed problems, and they were also heard in a surprising variety of formats and timeslots, from a 15-minute series in mid-afternoon to their hour-long show aired weeknights just before midnight in 1954-55. During that same period, they did an audience participation game show, Pick and Play with Bob and Ray, which was short-lived. It came at a time when network pages filled seats for radio-TV shows by giving tickets to anyone in the street, and on Pick and Play the two comics were occasionally booed by audience members unfamiliar with the Bob and Ray comedy style.

Some of their radio episodes were released on recordings, and others were adapted into graphic story form for publication in Mad magazine. Their earlier shows were mostly ad-libbed, but later programs relied more heavily on scripts. While Bob and Ray wrote much of their material, their writers included Tom Koch, who scripted many of their best-known routines, and the pioneering radio humorist Raymond Knight. Bob Elliott later married Knight's widow.

Another writer was Jack Beauvais, who had performed as a singer for WEEI in Boston during the 1930s and also worked for some of the big bands in the 1940s and 1950s.




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480826 Roving Reporter Ray Goulding
480827 Al Mockley Returns
480910 Candy Store Blues
480913 Buck Sturdley In The 25th Century
481010 Rays Going To The Red Sox Game
481013 Bob Has A Cold
481014 How Bob Got Rid Of His Cold
481225 Their Worst Show Ever
481227 Life And Loves Of Li
490114 Dr OK The Sentimental Banker
490701 In A Rush
490715 A Discussion About Salvador Dali
490716 Funny Lines From Listeners
490718 Fiction Is Truther Than Strange
490719 Poets Corner
490720 Official Baseball Rules Book
490721 Truther Than Fiction Is Strange
490726 Bob Only On Show
490727 Ben Dover, The Kindly Philosopher
490728 Is There
490729 Everybody Eats When They Come To My House
490730 American Legion Parade
490801 Bobs Drive Through
490801 Covering a Legionair
490802 Mary Mcgoon To Swim The Channel
490803 Guest Tex Sings Co
490804 Mary McGoon to Swim Boston Harbor tonight
490805 Mary McGoon Interview
490809 The Radio Station
490811Twenty-five Years Of Music
490812 Review Of Black Beauty
490813 Another Womens Type Program
490815 Peter Gory And The News
490816 Brain Surgery
490817 A Nice Time In Brookline
490818 Ray Looks Pallid
490819 The Red Sox Will Win The Pennant
490820 The Rare Unbongi Bird
490822 Rays Drive To Bretton Woods
490823 New Singer Cleve McGuire
490824 A Visit To A Chocolate Factory
490825 Grand To Be Back In The States
490826 The Chicago Fire
490827 Song - Goodnight Sweetheart
490829 The Brockton Fair
490830 Norm Prescott Visits
490831 Organ And Piano Playing
490901 How To Answer A Telephone School
490902 Stan Dup Private Eye
490903 How To Impress A Waitress
490906 Tuesday After Labour Day
490914 Its Like Sex, Here to Stay
490917 The Question Man
490919 One Fellas Family
490920 Mystery Band Contest
490924Testing The Paint Sprayer
490926 Guest Is The Mystery
491013 Alice The Ripper
491014 Old Sayings
491018 Mr District Attorney
491021 A Square Dance Caller
491114 Unoriginal Bad Will Hour
491115 Fight The Common Cold
491116 Chief Warped Arrow
491117 The Question Man
491201 Conversation Between
491203 Visit From Lyle Gump
491207 Sing Theres Yes, Yes, In Your Eyes
491208 Lawrence McGafigan
491209 More Lawrence McGafigan
491210 An Auditorium Session
491212 Professor Crumlet Speaks
491213 Bob Is Out Sick
491214 John Barrymore Jr Visits
491215 Bill Green Plays the Piano
491216 Bob & Ray
491217 School Assembly
491219 Bob & Ray
491220 Song Put another Nickel in the Nickelodeon
491221 Mary McGoon Recommends Christmas Presents
491222 Puccini Opera
491226 Painted
491228 Us The Folks Mumble
491229 Ladies, Take Your Seats
491231New Years Eve Show
500000 The Little Bunny Who Lost Its Tail (AFRTS)
501007 Remote from WHDH Food Fair
501009 Dr Ordays Book Of Famous Mysteries
501222 Annual Christmas Party
501223 The Left Over Christmas Party Guest
510000 Tomorrows Boston Ma
510116 How To Make Money At Home
510117 Anniversary of Brink
510206 David Wong Visits
510319 Mr Know It All
510320 Out West
510418 Day Before Boston Marathon
510501 A Visit by Schoolchildren
510503 Bob in the Hospital
510601 Diet Expert Dr Claud
510602 Champion Pie Eater
510801 Jack Headstrong
590629 Basement Broadcast
590630 The Musical Typewriter
590701 Camp Counselor
590702 Sports-a-Phone
590703 Captain Cavalry
590706 Home Affair Theater
590707 Lawrence Fechtenberg
590708 Our Fella Thursday
590709 Laugh Machine
590710 Pheffernick Stadium
590713 Charlie Chu
590714 Grand Motel
590715 American League Gree
590716 Smelly Dave
590717 Sports Reporter
590720 Rescue Squadron
590721 Barry Campbell Recor
590722 Tour of a Road Sign
590723 Flaming Bombadine
590724 Smelly Dave in Peori
590727 Planning for the Com
590728 Moose Gap, Indiana
590729 Biff Burns With a Fi
590730 Smelly Dave at Alban
590731 Employee
590803 Gumshoe Flarety
590804 Who Wants to Know
590805 Lawrence Fechtenberg
590806 Army Amature Program
590807 Wally Ballou and Family
590810 Answering Service
590811 After Hours Television
590812 Lawrence Fechtenberg Again
590813 The Saw-Tooth
590814 Mr Sciences
590817 The Traveling Bedlow
590818 The Great Tightrope
590819 Lawrence Fecthenberg
590820 Scarf Johnson, Crop Duster
590821 Vincent Price
590824 Arthur Shark From Dubuque
590825 Steve Bosco
590826 Good Neighbor Award
590827 Barry Campbell
590828 Ransom Call for Smelly Dave
590831The Skinniest Man
590901 The Skinniest Man
590902 Courtroom of the Air
590903 Ward Stuffer Reports
590904 Wally Ballou On Coney Island
590907 Dean Archer Armstead
590908 Tex Blasedale and His Rope Tricks
590909 Biff Burns Report
590910 Smelly Dave Found
590911 Lawrence Fecthenberg
590914 One Fellas Family
590915 Leonard Burnside Cro
590917 Lawrence Fecthenberg
590918 Wally Ballou Watches
590921 Gourmet
590922 One Fellas Family
590923 Public Lawyer
590924 Grand Motel
590925 Project Far Sight
590928 Fly Away School of A
590929 Wally Ballou In A Bathysphere
590930 Mr District Defender
591001 Jack Headstrong All-american American
591002 Bob Ray Trophy Time
591005 One Fellas Family - prowlers Upstairs
591006 Lawrence Fechtenberg
591007 An Old West Dramatisation
591008 Campaign Microphones
591009 Wrap-up Time Detectives
591012 Guess The Name Of This
591013 Celebrating Columbus
591014 Chat With Champions
591015 Up In The Morning With Winch
591016 Natalie Attired
591019 Weekly Fights
591020 Clifford Fleming
591021 Nick Tinneys Birthday
591022 Setting The Record Straight
591023 One Fellas Family-putting Up The Storm Windows
591026 Professor Gragins Space Rocket
591027 Wally Ballou Visits A Mapmaker
591028 Lawrence Fecthenberg yet Again
591029 Webley Wester
591030 Wally Ballou in Down
591102 Bones Bronson
591103 Late Night With Hack
591104 Good Neighbor Award
591105 Charles the Poet
591106 Visit With Traffic C
591109 Gourmet Club Again
591110 Clock Hospital
591111 Wally Ballou at the
591112 Dr Howard Zickening
591113 Natalie Attired
591116 Professor Fallinger
591117 Arthur Shrank With a
591118 Wally Ballou From Ho
591119 Arthur Shrank From L
591120 Nelson E Plummershaa
591123 One Fellas Family - home coming Hope
591124 Shrunken World
591125 Lawrence Fecthenberg New Recruit
591126 One Fellas Family-EveryonesHomeForThanksgiving
591127 Steve Bosco From Ann
591130 Dean Archer Armstead
591201 Wally Ballou at an I
591202 Lawrence Fechtenberg
591203 One Fellas Family - the Smell Of Moss
591204 Al Bow-Wow Perthwa
591207 Army Amature Hour
591208 Tips for Travel to R
591209 Lawrence Fechtenberg
591210 Barry Campbell
591211 Wally Ballou in Swee
591214 Dean Archer Armstead
591215 One Fellas Family-missing Christmas Ornaments
591216 Wally Ballou in Fron
591217 Wally Ballou From Sa
591218 Traffic
591221 One Fellas Family-wrapping The Presents
591222 Lawrence Fechtenberg
591224 Giving Christmas Gif
591224 One Fellas Family - merry Christmas One And All
591228 Webly Webster Book R
591229 Charlie Chu, Oriental Sleuth
591230 This Place for Heroe
591231 Artie Scermalhorn at
600101 (135) SportsOPhone
600104 (136) Mr Science
600105 (137) The Bee!
600106 (138) Jesse Few, Toy Bomb Demolition Expert
600107 (139) The dirtiest town in the U. S. A.
600108 (140) Employment Agence
600111 (141) Lets Take A Tour
600112 (142) Dean Archer Armistead
600113 (143) I Know Where They Are
600114 (144) Special Agent, Paul Delmonico
600115 (145) One Shot
600118 (146) Wally Ballou From A Party Favor Factory
600119 (147) Good Neighbor Award
600120 (148) Johnny Crescendo
600121 (149) Lawrence Fechtenberger
600122 (150) Report
600125 (151) Wally Ballou At Idlewild Airport
600126 (152) McBeattie Family Singers
600127 Lawrence Fechtenberg
600128 (154) Webley Webster is in Charge
600129 (155) The Girls Dance
600202 Audience Questions
600203 Concerto of Life and Kiddie Menu
600204 Bold Journeyman
600205 Green Pickerall
600205 TheGreenPickerel
600209 One Fellas Family-the Washer Doesnt Wash The Dryer DoesntDry
600210 Lawrence Fechtenberg
600211 ArmedForcesHumor
600212 Gourmet Club
600215 Biff Burns Sports Ro
600216 One Fellas Family-raking
600217 Mr Science
600218 More McBB Family Singers
600219 Natalie Attired
600222 Grand Motel
600223 Anna Mary Sturdly
600224 Bob Ray Good Neighbour Award_
600229 Feb 29th, Locking the
600301 (177) Mr Trace Keener Than Most Persons
600302 One Fellas Family - jacks Friends
600303 Ward Carr From Hollywood
600304 (181) Kiddie Books Author
600305 Kiddies Book Author
600307 (182) Bob and Rays World News
600308 Wally Ballou With Professor Groggins
600309 (184) One Fellas Family
600310 One Fellas Family - a Quiet Evening At Home
600311 The Clarinet Comic
600323 Lawrence Fechtenberg
600324 Biff Burns Sports
600325 Closing the Door
600329 Sports-A-Phone
600330 Lawrence Fechtenberg Interstellar
600331 Wally Ballou in Manhattan
600401 The Coming Out Party
600405 Steve Bosco From Florida
600407 Lawrence Fechtenberg
600411 Secret Camera Progea
600413 Mr Science
600414 Lawrence Fechtenberg
600415 One Fellas Family - hiding Easter Eggs
600418 Junior Bob and Ray
600422 Jimmie Feeler From
600425 Test by the Space In
600428 Wally Ballou From 52
600509 Mr Trace, Keener Tha
600510 One Fellas Family-moving Day
600511 Mr Science
600518 Project Farsight
600523 One Fellas Family - the Figure Problem
600524 Lawrence Fechtenberger Steals Axebottoms Invention
600525 Dean Archer Armstead
600526 Gourmet Club
600530 Wally Ballou From Easthampton
600531 One Fellas Family - dampenThe Spirits
600602 Lawrence Fechtenberg
600603 Harlow Hicks, House
600606 Dean Archer Armstead
600609 Audience Guests
600610 Wally Ballou From Sa
630000 Ballew Air Traffic Report
630000 Barkley Overstreet and the Tender
630000 Barry_Campbells_Movie_Premier
630000 Cheapers_Discount_Dept_Store
630000 Fractions_in_the_Supermarket
630000 McBB_Twins_New_Instrumentation
630000 Postcard_Pavillion_at_the_Worlds
640000 Junior Hopefuls
640000 Summer Home
640000 The New Sturdley-8
730000 Biff Burns PickUp Sticks
730000 Calvins Cartoon Club
730000 Squad Car 119 Holdup at 7226 Alameda
730313 WOR
730314 WOR
730316 WOR
730320 WOR
730321 WOR
730322 WOR
730323 WOR
730326 WOR
730327 WOR
730328 WOR
Additional Supplementary Bulletin Public Service Announcement
Alligator Industries
Anchovy Ironer Commercial
Army Amateur Hour Mouse Trainers - Military Impersonator
Aunt Pennys Sunlit Kitchen Mr. And Mrs. Eugene Spatz
Bankruptcy Beau Brummel Dance Studio
Biff Burns In The Sports Room Low jumping contest
Bob and Rays Diplomatic Immunity Kit Commercial
Bob and Rays Gourmet Club The Edward R. Murrow Sandwich
Bob and Rays Overstocked Warehouse Bayonets And Scabbards From The Spanish American War
Charles The Poet Love Poem After Hospital Stay
Chatting With Chesney Panic Attack - Eating Crackers In Bed - Stepping On Cracks In The Sidewalk
Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee Talks With Bob About Future Mary Backstayge Episodes
Chevrolet Dealer Names Names People Who Havent Brought Their Car In For Service
Closing The Door Ceremony Honor Guard Sign Off
Club Of The Month Club
Coogans Ballbearings Wonderful Gifts For Fathers Day
Dean Archer Armstead Leaf Identification
Dining Out With Bernies Pushcart On The Green
Dr. Elmer Stapley, The Word Wizard Why Do Horseback Riders Shout Whoa
Einbinder Flypaper Commercial Defective Stickum
Elephant Protest PSA Advertising Painted On The Side Of Elephants
Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy Mediterranean submarines
Emergency Ward Removing A Salad Fork From Patients Ear
Fred Falvy, The Do-It-Yourselfer Fixing Burned-Out Light Bulbs
Garish Summit Caldwell Merchfield suddenly appears
Grit Commercial Gets Your Hands Dirty So You Can Look Like A Real Working Man
Groundhog Meat Bulletin Correction Public Service Announcement
Groundhog Meat Prices Public Service Announcement
Grub, The Story Of Food Movie Trailer
Guardian Maintenance Men Tim And Jim
Hard Luck Stories Swiss Trip - Nut Matching Service - Trailer In Street
Hobby Hut With Neil Clummer Parnell W. Garr - odd-shaped fruits and vegetables
Id Like To Be A Cow In Switzerland Sung By Mary McGoon (Ray)
Johnsons Backplasters Commercial Dynamite Truck
Kent Lyle Birdley Appointed GE Spokesman
Kent Lyle Birdley Tongue Depressor Commercial
Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate Graduation Day
Lucy Luscious Nut Fudge Spotless Kitchens Employee Dinner Percival Proudhome
Man On Stilts
Manufacturers Outlet Buy Wool Directly From The Maker
Martin LeSoeur, Raconteur Suicidal Man - Foreign Submarine
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Andre Detour Takes The Stand
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Attorney Surrogate Shows The Committee A Picture
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Bob Tells The Story Of Their 1954 Parody Of The Army
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Calvin Hoogavin Takes The Stand And Damages Harrys Case
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Commissioner Carstairs Drops A Bombshell
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Harry Takes The Stand - He Makes A Fatal Mistake
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Harrys Case Seems Lost - The Committee ADJourns
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Mary Calls Chairman Mush - She Has Some Information
Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Ralph Crusader - faulty socks
Mary McGoons Frozen Ginger Ale Salad Recipe
Matt Neffer, Boy Spot Welder Matts New Invention
Monongahela Metal Foundry Commercial Sweepstakes Contest
Mr. Science Jimmy Learns About Sunrays
Mr. Trace, Keener Than Most Persons The Case Of The Hiccupping Cast
Mr. Trace, Keener Than Most Persons The overdose of very fatal poison murder clue
Neil Clummers Next Appearance Announcement
One Fellas Family Roses In The Garden
Padraic Popoff, Marriage Counselor
Piels Beer Commercial 1 Bert Shoots A Gun
Piels Beer Commercial 2 Studio Tour
Radio Show Outro Write if you get work, hang by your thumbs
Ralph Flinger, Mr. I Know Where They Are Harlow Freeney, Chester Cogwell, Bessie Farley
Reuniting The Whirleys Frank and Tabbetha
Rudolph And Irma's Dance Studio
Sales Achievement Award
Smelly Dave Visits Bridgeport Ran Out Of Ice In Iowa
Squad Car 119 Suspicious Fingerprints
Superseding Additional Bulletin Of Correction Of Correction Public Service Announcement
The Complete Burglary Kit
The Gathering Dusk Edna Bessinger Receives A Visit From Federal Treasury Agent Lowenbarger
The House Of Toast Commercial
The Insured Nationwide Insurance Commercial
The Komodo Dragon
The Lives And Loves Of Linda Lovely Linda and David Approach The New Year
The McBeeBee Twins Ice cream truck
The Slow Talkers Of America
Tippy The Wonderdog To the lumber yard
Underwood Deviled Ham Commercial Featuring The Devil
Views Behind The Views Behind The People Behind The News Disclaimer
Wally Ballou At The Kentucky Derby
Wally Ballou At The Lubec And South Quoddy Airlines
Wally Ballou At The Paperclip Factory
Wally Ballou Covers A Bannister Sliding Contest
Wally Ballou Covers A Kazoo Festival At The Boca Raton Hotel
Wally Ballou For Transistor Radios Computer Expert Matthew E. Pulsifer
Wally Ballou For Transistor Radios Elwood Pops Hanks
Wally Ballou In Times Square Ward Smith, cranberry grower
Wally Ballou Interviews About Their Commercials Business
Ward Stuffer Interviews Angry Playwright, Sir Conrad Snipes
Was There Hannibal Crosses The Alps
Wayside Doctor Dr. David MuHu, Hawaiian Eye, Ear, And Throat Man
Webley Webster Lap-Master Napkin Commercial
Webley Websters Book Review The Status Seekers By Vance Packard
Wing Po, Itinerant Philosopher Looking For Work On The Frontier

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