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Old Time Radio - 1 DVD - 402 mp3 - Total Playtime: 192:52:00


Enjoy and re-live what people was listening in the Golden Radio Time


Abbott & Costello 441214 Christmas Shopping
Abbott & Costello 441221 Christmas Show
Abbott & Costello 451220 Christmas Party
Abbott & Costello 471224 Christmas Program
Aldrich Family 481223 Christmas Program
Aldrich Family 521221 Christmas Evewith the Family
Amos and Andy 411224 Christmas Show
Amos and Andy 441222 Christmas Show
Amos and Andy 501224 Christmas Show
Amos and Andy 541219 Andy as Santa
Archie Andrews 451223 Christmas Shopping
Archie Andrews 481214 Xmas Job at Drugstore
Beulah 4612xx Honorary Santapt 2 of 2
Big Town Prelude To Christmas 481221
Bing Crosby Show 441221 Christmas Program
Bing Crosby Show 471224 Christmas Show
Bing Crosby Show 481215 Bob Hope
Bing Crosby Show 491214 Carol Richards & Jimmy Stewart
Bing Crosby Show 491222 Al Jolson
Bing Crosby Show 491228 Al Jolson
Bing Crosby Show 501220 Christmas Show
Bob and Ray 491231 New Years Eve Show
Bob Hope Show 451218 Christmas Show from San Francisco
Bob Hope Show 481228 Christmas Day Show Berlin Air lift
Bob Hope Show 511225 Christmas Show -- Story Of Bingsy And Bobsy
Bob Hope Show 541223 christmas show from long beach veterans' hospital
Box13 481219 The Sad Night
Broadway Is My Beat 491224 Nick Norman Santa Claus
Burns & Allen 401223 ChristmasShow
Burns & Allen 411223 Santa And The Wi
Burns & Allen 421222 Santa And The Wicked Pirate
Burns & Allen 431221 Playing Santa Clouse
Burns & Allen 461226 Christmas Present
Burns & Allen 471218 George Gets Gracie A Christmas Gift
Burns & Allen 481125 Turkey Swallows a Wedding Ring
Calling All Detectives 481224 Too Many Santas
Candy Matson 501218 San Juan Batista
Cavalcade of America 351225 012 The Humanitarian Urge
Cavalcade of America 361223 062 A Tribute To Schumann-Heink
Cavalcade of America 361230 063 Yankee Independence
Cavalcade of America 401225 206 The Green Pastures
Cavalcade of America 451224 459 Names On The Land
Ceiling Unlimited 441225 Sabotage
Challenge of the Yukon 43-12-23 308 Old Man's Will
Challenge of the Yukon 45-12-18 411Christmas Presents
Challenge of the Yukon 45-12-27 (0412) New Year's Eve
Challenge of the Yukon 46-12-19 (0462) Christmas Present
Challenge of the Yukon 46-12-26 (0463) The Man Who
Challenge of the Yukon 47-05-28 (0484) Lost Mitten
Challenge of the Yukon 48-12-27 (0592) Injun Devil
Chesterfield Show 411224 Christmas Show
Chesterfield Show 490103
Damon Runyon Theater 491213 Dancing Dans Christmas
Damon Runyon Theater 491225 Dream Street Rose
Dennis Day - Christmas Is For The Family
Dinah Shore 451227 Returning Presents with Groucho
Doris Day Show 481207 Christmas Shopping with Doris Day and Bing Crosby
Dragnet 491222 .22 Rifle For Christmas
Duffys Tavern 481223 Christmas Show
Duffys Tavern 481229 Christmas Cards with Dorothy S
Eddie Cantor 351222 Christmas Program
Eddie Cantor 44-12-20 pgm.12 Christmas Show
Eddie Cantor 491222 Double Entry
Eddie Cantor 52-12--25 Christmas Special
Escape 471224 Back For Christmas
Escape 501224 The Cave
Ethel and Albert 471209 - Christmas Ottoman [431]
Family Hour of Stars 481219 Lullaby Of Christmas
Family Theater 471225 (046) The Juggler of Our Lady
Family Theater 481215 096 A Daddy for Christmas
Family Theater 481224 (097) - Blessed AreThey
Family Theater 491214 (148) The Other Wise Man
Family Theater 501213 199 LULLABY OF CHRISTMAS
Family Theater 501220 200 Joppe the Juggler
Family Theater 511219 249 LULLABY OF CHRISTMAS
Family Theater 521210 296 LULLABY OF CHRISTMAS
Family Theater 521217 297 CROSSROADS OF CHRISTMAS
Fat Man XXXXXX Murder sends a Christmas Card
Father Knows Best 501221 Christmas Program
Fibber and Molly 351209 Christmas Shopping
Fibber and Molly 381220 Christmas Shopping For Nephew
Fibber and Molly 391219 Uncle Sycamore Package Arrives
Fibber and Molly 401210 Mailing Christmas Packages
Fibber and Molly 401224The Radio Phonograph Gildes Christmas Present
Fibber and Molly 411216 Christmas With Comments On WW2
Fibber and Molly 411223 A Gift Of Door Chime
Fibber and Molly 411226 Fibber Cuts Down His
Fibber and Molly 421215 Misplaced Christmas Presents
Fibber and Molly 421222 Listening To Christmas Carols
Fibber and Molly 431221 Looking For A Christmas Tree
Fibber and Molly 431228 A Fresh Start For The New Year
Fibber and Molly 441219 Fibber Snoops For Presents In Closet
Fibber and Molly 441226 Fibber Controls His Temper
Fibber and Molly 451218 Fibber Paints Xmas Tree White
Fibber and Molly 451225 Christmas Docs Gift To Mcgee
Fibber and Molly 461217 Fibber Tans Himself With A Sun Lamp
Fibber and Molly 461224 Fixing Broken Toys For Needy Children
Fibber and Molly 461231 New Years Eve Party With Fred Waring
Fibber and Molly 471216 Making A Fruit Cake From Family Recipe
Fibber and Molly 471223 Fibber Loses His Key
Fibber and Molly 471230 Ten Dollar Gift Certificate
Fibber and Molly 481207 Early Christmas Shop
Fibber and Molly 481214 The 35 Pound Salmon
Fibber and Molly 481216 Sealtest Variety Theater
Fibber and Molly 481221 Christmas Card From Elizabeth
Fibber and Molly 481228 Country Club Dance
Fibber and Molly 491206 Making Christmas Cards
Fibber and Molly 491220 Best Christmas Decoration
Fibber and Molly 501219 Fibber McGee and Molly
Fibber and Molly 511225 The Spirit Of Giving
Fibber and Molly 520101 New Years Day Visiting
Fibber and Molly 521216 Exchanging Christmas Gift
Fibber and Molly 521223 Party For Doc Gamble
Fibber and Molly 521230 New Years Dance At The Country Club
Fibber and Molly 531120 The_Christmas_Fund
Fibber and Molly 531222 Haggling Over A Christmas Tree
Fibber and Molly 531223 Doc Helps Decorate Christmas Tree
Fibber and Molly 531224 Laura The Lopsided Pine Tree
Fibber and Molly 531225 Spending Christmas At Home
Fibber and Molly 531228 Planning Elks Club New Years Party
Fibber and Molly 531229 Exchanging Gifts At The BonTon
Fibber and Molly 531230 Fibber Revives His Vaudeville Act
Fibber and Molly 531231 Elks Club Extravaganza
Fibber and Molly 540101 A Quiet New Years Day At Home
Fibber and Molly 551222 Opening Doc's Christ
Fibber and Molly 581221 Fibber's Letter
The Fred Allen Show 371222 Santa Claus Sits Down
The Fred Allen Show 471214 Booking New Years Party
Globe Theater 471223 A Christmas Carol
Grand Central Station 491224 Miracle for Christmas
Great Gildersleeve 061 Christmas (12-20-42)
Great Gildersleeve 149 Christmas Eve Program (12-24-44)
Great Gildersleeve 190 Christmas At Home (12-23-45)
Great Gildersleeve 229 Christmas Caroling at Home (12-25-46)
Great Gildersleeve 266 Christmas Shopping (12-10-47)
Great Gildersleeve 268 Christmas Stray Puppy (12-24-47)
Great Gildersleeve 305 Disappearing Christmas Gifts (12-08-48)
Great Gildersleeve 307 Family Christmas (12-22-48)
Great Gildersleeve 422 Leroy Sells Christmas Trees (12-12-51)
Great Gildersleeve 423 It's Christmas (12-19-51)
Great Gildersleeve 424 Opening Christmas Presents (12-26-51)
Great Gildersleeve 476 Gildy & Leroy Alone For Christmas (12-24-52)
Great Gildersleeve 525 Gildy Raises Christmas Money (12-02-53)
Great Gildersleeve 528 Christmas Show (12-23-53)
Groucho Marx - I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
Gunsmoke 521220 Christmas Story
Gunsmoke 531219 Big Girl Lost
Gunsmoke 531226 The Guitar
Gunsmoke 541225 Kitty Lost
Gunsmoke 551225 Twelth Night
Gunsmoke 561223 Beeker's Barn
Gunsmoke 571228
Gunsmoke 581221
Gunsmoke 591220
Gunsmoke 591227
Gunsmoke 601225 Minnie
Henry Morgan Show 461225 Christmas Story
Henry Morgan Show 471225 Christmas Show
Honest Harold 501220 Childrens Christmas Party
Hotpoint Holiday 491225 Man Who Came To Dinner
Jack Benny 361220 (237) An Old Fashioned Christmas Party
Jack Benny 371212 (275) Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 371219 (276) Little Red Riding Hood
Jack Benny 381211 (314) Christmas Shopping in New York
Jack Benny 381218 (315) Returning To Hollywood
Jack Benny 381225 (316) Jack's Christmas Open House
Jack Benny 391217 (353) Christmas Shopping For Perfume and a Necktie
Jack Benny 391217 (353) ChristmasShopping_WestCoastVersion
Jack Benny 391224 (354) Christmas Open House At Jack's House
Jack Benny 391231 (355) Gladys Zybisco Disappoints Jack On New Year's Eve
Jack Benny 401222 (391) Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 401229 (392) Father Time Rides Again
Jack Benny 410105 (39) Christmas Gift Exchange
Jack Benny 411221 (426) The Christmas Tree
Jack Benny 411228 (427) Jack Talks About A Christmas Party He Gave
Jack Benny 421227 (462) New Years Eve Skit
Jack Benny 431219 (495) Jack and Mary Go Christams Shopping
Jack Benny 431226 (496) Christmas at Jack's House
Jack Benny 441224 (532) Trimming A Tree
Jack Benny 441231 (533) Jack Resolves To Be Friends With Fred Allen
Jack Benny 451223 (566) The English Butler
Jack Benny 451230 (567) End of the Contest
Jack Benny 461208 Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces for Christmas
Jack Benny 461222 (601) Christmas Party at Birmingham General Hospital
Jack Benny 461225 - AFRS Christmas Special
Jack Benny 461229 (602) Jack, Mary, Gladys And Dennis Go To A Nightclub
Jack Benny 471221 (635) Last Minute Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 481219 (674) Jack Buys A Wallet For Don As Christmas Gift
Jack Benny 481226 (675) Last Show For NBC
Jack Benny 491218 (712) Mary Buys Jack A Pencil Sharpener For Christmas
Jack Benny 491225 (713) Rochester Is Shocked By An EC-78
Jack Benny 501217 (750) Jack Buys Don Golf Tees For Christmas
Jack Benny 501224 (751) Beavers Come Over To Jack's For Christmas
Jack Benny 501231 (752) A New Years Fantasy
Jack Benny 511202 Jack Buys Don Cuff Links for Christmas
Jack Benny 511223 (789) Christmas Tree Decoration
Jack Benny 511230 (790) New Year's Eve Date With A French Girl
Jack Benny 521221 (827) Setting Up Christmas Tree
Jack Benny 531213 (865) Christmas Show From Palm Springs
Jack Benny 531220 (866) Cactus Christmas Tree
Jack Benny 541205 (901) Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 541212 (902) In Palm Springs
Jack Benny 541219 (903) Christmas At Palm Springs
Jack Benny 541226 (904) Day After Christmas - Dennis' Cold
Jack Benny 561225 Christmas Special
Jimmy Durante Show 441222 CHRISTMAS SHOW
Jimmy Durante Show 471224 Jimmy Durante Show with Margaret O'Brien
Holiday Inn Christmas 441214
Let George Do It 481227 DEATH IN FANCY DRESS
Let George Do It 491219 FOLLOW THAT TRAIN
Let George Do It 491226 SNOW BLIND
Let George Do It 501225 SANTA CLAUS ON GLASS
Let George Do It 511225 CHRISTMAS LETTER
Life Of Riley 441217 Christmas Present
Life Of Riley 441224 Roswells A Guest For Christmas
Life Of Riley 461224 First Xmas
Life Of Riley 461228 New Year's Show
Life Of Riley 471220-LifeofRiley-FirstChristmasinStoreWindow
Life Of Riley 471227 Special Christmas Present
Life Of Riley 481224_Christmas_Bonus_From_Mr_Stevenson
Life Of Riley 491230 Riley Drives Cab
Life with Luigi 481220 No Gift From Luigi
Lights Out 371222 A Christmas Story
Lux Radio Theater 381226 Snow White
Lux Radio Theater 391225 Pinocchio
Lux Radio Theater 401223 287 Young Tom Edison
Lux Radio Theater 411222 Remember the Night
Lux Radio Theater 421228 A Star Is Born
Lux Radio Theater 431220 Dixie
Lux Radio Theater 431227 Kathleen
Lux Radio Theater 441225 The Vagabond King
Lux Radio Theater 450917 ChristmasHolidaywithLore
Lux Radio Theater 451224 I'll be Seeing You
Lux Radio Theater 461223 Do You Love Me
Lux Radio Theater 470310 Its A Wonderful Life
Lux Radio Theater 471222 Miracle on 34th Street
Lux Radio Theater 48-05-31 MiracleoftheBells
Lux Radio Theater 480531 Miracle of the Bells
Lux Radio Theater 481220 Miracle On Thirty Fourth Street
Lux Radio Theater 501225 The Wizard of Oz
Lux Radio Theater 521222 Les Miserables
Lux Radio Theater 531221 Peter Pan
Lux Radio Theater 531228 June Bride
Lux Radio Theater 541221 Miracle on 34th Street
Magnificent Montague 501222 A Child Visits
Mel Blanc 461210 Bettys Christmas Present
Mel Blanc 461217 Exchanging Gifts
Mel Blanc 461224 Mel Plays Santa Claus
Mel Blanc 461231 Man Zebra Of The Year
Mercury Theater 391224 A Christmas Carol
Milton Berle 471223 Christmas Show
Mr President 491225 Man at the Gate of the World
My Favorite Husband 491216 George's Xmas Present
My Favorite Husband 491223 The Sleigh Ride
My Favorite Husband 501216 Christmas Card Pictures
My Favorite Husband 501223 The Christmas Stag
My Friend Irma 471222 Christmas Party
Mysterious Traveler 461229 IF YOU BELIEVE
Mysterious Traveler 470105 NEW YEAR'S NIGHTMARE
Mysterious Traveler 471021 DEATH IS MY CALLER
Mysterious Traveler 511225 CHRISTMAS STORY
Nero Wolfe 501222 The Slaughtered Santas
Nick Carter 431225 Christmas Adventure
Norman Corwin 421224 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas
One Mans Family 411228 Book 040 Chapter 13
One Mans Family 491225
One Mans Family 521223 Book 099 Chapter 27 Paul Arrives
Our Miss Brooks 491225 The Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 501224 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 501231 Exchanging Christmas Gifts
Our Miss Brooks 551225 The Magic Christmas Tree
Ozzie and Harriet 481219 176 The New RadioPhonograph
Ozzie and Harriet 481226 177 No Show for Christmas
Ozzie and Harriet 531225 377 The Lost Christmas Gift
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 481226 BROKEN CHRISTMAS GIFT
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 491211 A DISHWASHER OR A MINK FOR CHRISTMAS
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 491218 City Hall Xmas Tree
Phil Harris and Alice Faye 491225 Christmas Show
Bing Crosby 471224 Philco Radio Time Christmas Show
Quiet Please 471229 Rain On New Years Eve
Quiz Kids 481219 Christmas Special
Radio City Playhouse 481220 The Three Men
Radio City Playhouse 491225 The Night Before Christmas
Red Skelton 451225 Christmas Trees
Red Skelton 461217 Department Stores
Red Skelton 461224 Christamas Stories
Red Skelton 461226 Christmas Stories
Red Skelton 461231 Old Man Winter
Red Skelton 501231 A New Years Puzzle
Red Skelton 511219 A Christmas Story
Red Skelton 511226 Day After Christmas
Red Skelton XXXXXX Christmas Show
Richard Diamond 491224 A Contempory Christmas Carol
Riley Roswells 441224 A Guest For Christmas
Rocky Fortune 531222 (11) The Plot To Murder Santa Claus
Sargent Preston 451228 Christmas Present
Sargent Preston 491223 The Sergeants Present
Scarlet Queen 471224-26-15th Llama The Wiseguy From The East
Screen Directors Playhouse 490508 Its A Wonderful Life
Screen Directors Playhouse 501221 Miracle On 34th St
Screen Guild Theater 430111
Sherlock Holmes 451224 NIGHT BEFORE XMAS
Sherlock Holmes 471221 CHRISTMAS BRIDE
Sherlock Holmes 471221 CHRISTMAS_BRIDE
Sherlock Holmes 541222 The Final Problem
Sherlock Holmes 601231 The Valley Of Fear Pt1
Sherlock Holmes 601231 The Valley Of Fear Pt3
Sherlock Holmes 601231 The Valley Of Fear
Sherlock Holmes 621222 Study In Scarlet Pt1
Sherlock Holmes 621222 Study In Scarlet Pt2
Sherlock Holmes 621222 Study In Scarlet Pt3
Sherlock Holmes 661226 Adventure of Wisteria Lodge
Six Shooter 531220 Britt Ponsets Christmas Carol
Suspense 431223 071 Back For Christmas
Suspense 441221 122 The Brighton Strangler
Suspense 441228 123 A Thing Of Beauty
Suspense 451220 172 Double Entry
Suspense 451227 173 Pink Camellias
Suspense 461219 224 The Thing In The Window
Suspense 461226 225 Philomel Cottage
Suspense 471219 276 Wet Saturday
Suspense 471226 277 Too Little To Live On
Suspense 481223 320 Back For Christmas
Suspense 491222 364 Double Entry
Suspense 491229 365 The Bullet
Suspense 501221 408 Christmas For Carol
Suspense 501228 409 A Ring For Marya
Suspense 511224 453 The Night Before Christmas
Suspense 511231 454 Rogue Male
Suspense 521222 492 Artic Rescue
Suspense 521229 493 Melody In Dreams
Suspense 531221 531 Twas The Night Before Christmas
Suspense 531228 532 The Queen's Ring
Suspense 541223 577 Premonition Of Death
Suspense 541230 578 Odd Man Out
Suspense 551220 629 The Cave
Suspense 551227 630 The Mystery Of The Marie Celeste
Suspense 561223 680 Back For Christmas
Suspense 571222 731 Dog Star
Suspense 571229 732 Never Steal A Butcher's Wife
Suspense 581221 783 Out For Christmas
Suspense 581228 784 The Thirty Second Of December
Suspense 591220 833 A Korean Christmas Carol
Suspense 591227 834 Moonlight Sail
Suspense 601120 881 Night On Red Mountain
Suspense 601127 882 Home Is Where You Find It
Suspense 611231 907 The Old Man
Suspense 620923 945 At The Point Of A Needle
Suspense 620930 946 Devil Stone
The Shadow 391224 Stockings Were Hung
The Shadow 401222 Joey's Christmas Story
The Shadow 411123 The Ring Of Light
The Shadow 431226 The Juggernaut
The Shadow 461222 The Fine Art Of Murder
The Shadow 461229 The Shadow Of Suspicion
The Shadow 471221 A Gift Of Murder
The Shadow 471228 The Terrible Legend Of Crownshield Castle
This Is Your FBI 481224 The Return of St Nick
This Is Your FBI 491223 The Return of St Nick
This Is Your FBI 501222 The Return of St Nick
This Is Your FBI 511221 The Innocent Sa
This Is Your FBI 511228 The Intruder
This Is Your FBI 521219 Snow Screen
This Is Your FBI 521226 The Sunshine Sy
Vic And Sade 391121 Smelly Clarks Christmas Presents
Vic And Sade 39XXXX Vics Christmas Card List
Vic And Sade 401223 A Letter From Aunt Bess 1937
Vic And Sade 401231 HOWARD HAS A NEW HAR
Vic And Sade 401231 Howard Has a New Harness
Vic And Sade 411212 34 XMAS GIFTS
Vic And Sade 411212 Christmas Shopping for Mr Buller
Vic And Sade 411225 North Dakota River Bottom Revel
Vic And Sade 4112XX Christmas Present Money
Vic And Sade 431126 BOSS XMAS PRESENT
Whistler 481226 Delayed Christmas Present
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 491224 031 How I Played Santa Claus
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 511222 126 The Maynard Collins Matter [Partial]
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 511229 127 The Alma Scott Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 521226 144 The Walter Patterson Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 531229 197 The Ben Bryson Matter [AFRTS]
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 571222 568 The Carmen Kringle Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 571229 569 The Latin Lovely Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591220 670 The Red Mystery Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591227 671 The Burning Desire Matter
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 611217 771 The Phony Phone Matter [AFRTS]
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 611231 772 The One Too Many Matter
491225 Capeharts Christmas Show - Lionel Barrymore in
461219 Casey Crime Photographer - Christmas Shopping
471225 Casey Crime Photographer - Santa Claus Bums Blvd
441224 Night Before Christmas
441225 Command Performance Christmas Special
xxxxxx BICKERSONS Christmas Eve
xxxxxx DayChristmasShow
xxxxxx The Christmas Present Agreement



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