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OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD - 151 mp3 - Total Playtime: 71:11:02


Disc 1

Abbott and Costello 47-12-31 New Years Eve
Abie's Irish Rose 430102 - New Year's Resolutions
Alan Young Show 461227 Rose Bowl Float
Aldrich Family 481230 New Years Eve Party
All Star New Years Dancing Party 45-12-31
Amos and Andy - Andy's New Year's Eve - The Great Debate
Amos and Andy 431231 New Years Eve With Edward G Robinson
Amos and Andy 441229 Jackson's New Year's Eve
Amos and Andy 481226 Mysterious New Year's Card
Amos and Andy 540103 - Andy's New Year's Date
Ave Maria Hour - Dawn of a New Year
Ave Maria Hour - New Year's Day In A Taxi
AW Tozer - Personal Victory For The New Year
Big Town 481228 - Dangerous Resolution
Bob and Ray - Steve Bosco New Year's Greetings
Bob and Ray 491228 Mary McGoon's New Year's Eve Ideas
Bob and Ray 491231 New Years Eve Show
Bob and Ray The Lives And Loves Of Linda Lovely Linda & David Approach The New Year
Burns and Allen Show 48-01-29 New Years Eve Party One Night Early
Burns and Allen Show 48-12-30 New Years Eve Party
Casey, Crime Photographer 48-01-01 Hot New Year's Party
Challenge of the Yukon 45-12-27 New Years Eve
Claudia 47-12-31 New Year's Eve
Claudia 48-01-01 Julia's New Year Musicale
Claudia 48-12-30 Planning New Year's
Comic Weekly Man 52-01-06 New Year's Party, First Comic - Hopalong Cassidy
Comic Weekly Man 52-01-27 Keeping New Year Resolutions, First Comic - Hopalong Cassidy
Couple Next Door 581231 Do Sick on New Year's Eve
Dragnet 51-03-08 - The Big New Years
Eddie Cantor 441227 - New Year's Show
Edgar Bergen 441231 Bergnes New Years Eve Party Discussed
Edgar Bergen 470105 Mortimer Snerd The New Year
Edgar Bergen 560101 Mortimer Snerd New Years Party
Father Knows Best 501228 Party Preparations
Father Knows Best 531231 184 New Years Sitter
Fibber and Molly 351230 New Years Celebration
Fibber and Molly 431228 A Fresh Start For The New Year
Fibber and Molly 450102 The Diamond Stick Pin
Fibber and Molly 461231 New Years Eve Party With Fred Waring
Fibber and Molly 481228 New Year's Eve Dance
Fibber and Molly 491227 Trip to Aunt Sarah's
Fibber and Molly 500103 At Aunt Sarah's
Fibber and Molly 510102 Fixing Teeny's Sled
Fibber and Molly 520101 New Years Day Visiting
Fibber and Molly 521230 New Years Dance At The Country Club
Fibber and Molly 531228 Planning Elks Club New Years Party
Fibber and Molly 531230 Fibber's Revived Vaudeville Act
Fibber and Molly 540101 A Quiet New Years Day At Home
First Nighter 48-01-01 The One in the Middle
Fred Allen 431231 New years with Fred Allen
Fred Allen 471214 Booking New Years Party
Fred Waring 461231 - NBC New Years Eve Party
Gene Autry - New Years - 1956
Gene Autry 41-01-05 First Program Of The New Year
Great Gildersleeve 42-12-27 Leroys Chemistry Set
Great Gildersleeve 44-01-02 New Year, New Man (Recreation of a lost episode)
Great Gildersleeve 44-12-31 Big New Years Eve Party
Great Gildersleeve 45-12-30 New Years Eve at Home
Great Gildersleeve 47-01-01 Big New Years Costume Ball
Great Gildersleeve 47-12-31 New Years Eve Parties
Great Gildersleeve 49-12-28 Hayride
Great Gildersleeve 50-12-27 Gildy-Bullard Double Date New Years Eve
Great Gildersleeve 52-12-31 New Years Eve with Peavey
Great Gildersleeve 53-12-30 New Years Eve at Home with Leroy
Gunsmoke 56-01-01 Pucket's New Year (James Nusser)
Gunsmoke 58-01-05 Puckets New Year (reused script)
Gunsmoke 59-12-27 Puckets New Year (reused script)
Happy Hank 48-12-30 New Year's Resolutions
Harry James 451231 - New Years Dance Party
Henry Morgan Show 470101 New Years Eve Show
Henry Morgan Show 491230 New Years Eve Show
Heritage Radio Theater - A New Year's Wish 480101 - Franklin MacCormick
Honest Harold 50-12-27 New Years Dance
Indian Trails 361231 - Tribal New Year Celebration
It Pays to be Ignorant 441229 What is a New Years Resolution
Jimmy Durante Show 471217 Victor Moore Helps Jimmy With Vp Campaign
Jimmy Durante Show 471231 New Years Eve With Red Skelton
Life of Riley 441231 New Year's Eve Party
Life Of Riley 461228 New Years Show
Life of Riley 481231 Riley Invites Himself to His Boss's New Year's Eve Party
Life of Riley 491230 Riley Drives a Cab for Babs' Boyfriend
Life with Luigi 49-12-27 New Year's Phone Call
Little Things in Life 75-12-29 Aunt Maggie's New Year's Trip
Little Things in Life 75-12-31 New Year's Eve And All Alone
Little Things in Life 76-01-01 The New Year's Resolution
Log Cabin Jamboree 380101 Jack Haley New Years Show
Lum and Abner 400101 A New Years Resolution
Lum and Abner 450101 New Year's Day at Abner's
Ma Perkins 51-01-01 Faye and Spencer, Ma and Shuffle, Welcome in the New Year
Magic Key 36-01-26 Chinese New Year Celebrations
Marriage 531227 - New Year's Eve
Meet the Meeks 48-10-23 Five Year Old Newspaper
Mel Blanc Show 46-12-31 (18) Zebra of the Year

Disc 2
Jack Benny Program 37-01-03 More Buck Benny
Jack Benny Program 39-01-01 Goodbye 1938, Hello 1939
Jack Benny Program 39-12-31 Gladys Zybisco Disappoints Jack on New Year's Eve
Jack Benny Program 40-12-29 Father Time Rides Again
Jack Benny Program 42-01-04 New Year's Eve Party at the Biltmore Bowl
Jack Benny Program 42-12-27 New Years Eve Skit
Jack Benny Program 44-01-02 Annual New Years Eve Show
Jack Benny Program 45-12-30 New Year's Show
Jack Benny Program 50-01-01 Jack's New Year's Date
Jack Benny Program 50-12-31 A New Years Fantasy
Jack Benny Program 51-12-30 New Year's Eve Date with a French Girl
Jack Benny Program 55-01-02 Rose Bowl Parade
Jean Shepherd 63 01 01 New Years
Jean Shepherd 64 12 30 The Medicine Man of New Year's Eve
Jean Shepherd 65 01 04 Broken New Year's Resolutions
Jean Shepherd 65 12 31 New Years Literature
Jean Shepherd 66 12 31 LL New Years clipped
Jean Shepherd 70 12 31 New Years Eve
Jean Shepherd 71 12 31 New Years Eve
Jean Shepherd 72 12 31 New Years in TS WCBSTV
Jean Shepherd 73 01 01 New Years Resolutions
Jean Shepherd 74 12 31 New Years Eve
Jean Shepherd 75 01 01 New Year's Resolutions
Jean Shepherd 75 12 31 New Year's Eve
Milton Berle Show 471230 - Salutes the New Year
Milton Berle Show 481229 - Salutes New Year
Mysterious Traveler 470105 New Year's Nightmare
New Years Eve Radio Dance Party 45-12-31-AFRS New Years Eve Radio Dance Party
One Man's Family 47-12-28 New Year's Eve With The Barbour Clan
One Man's Family 58-01-16 Belated Echo Of New Year's Eve
Our Miss Brooks 50-01-01 Babysitting on New Year's Eve
Our Miss Brooks 50-12-31 Exchanging Christmas Gifts
Phil Harris 46-12-29 New Year's Resolution
Phil Harris 50-01-01 Concert Stage
Phil Harris 50-12-31 Sponsor's New Year's Eve Party
Phil Harris 52-12-28 New Year's Eve Party At The Harrises
Philip Marlowe 48-12-26 The Old Acquaintance
Point Sublime 47-12-29 New Years Eve Show
Quiet Please 471229 Rain On New Years Eve
Radio Hall of Fame 43-12-26 New Year's Message
Red Skelton 460101 Bells and Resolutions
Red Skelton 461231 Old Man Winter
Red Skelton 481231 New Year's Eve Show
Red Skelton 501231 A New Years Puzzle
Robert Arden News Commentary 41-01-01 New Year's War News
Sealtest Variety Theater 48-12-30 New Year's Eve
Sherlock Holmes 471228 Stanley & Shirley New Year's Eve Off The Scilly Islands
Sound Bites 321231 - DRF Hindenburg New Year's Eve Address The Battle At Tannenberg
Sound Bites 410101 - KFWB Robert Arden News Commentary New Year War News
Sound Bites 451231 - AFRS New Years Eve Radio Dance Party
Space Patrol 550101 Ambush in Space
Suspense 570113 681 Russian New Year
Taxi 691228 New Years Eve
Thirty Minutes In Hollywood 38-01-01 New Year Eve Broadcast
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen 471231 Hattie McCormick and the Patient Stowaway
Whistler 47-12-31 (292) The First Year
Wild Bill Hickok 54-12-31 Happy New Year
Wonder Show 381230 - A New Year's Party






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