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OLD TIME RADIO - 1 CD-ROM - 55 mp3

Total Playtime: 25:56:48

A collection of Old Time Radio Sci-Fi, with Time Travel  as main topic.

Great stories from the best Old Time Radio as Exploring Tomorrow, Dimension X, X Minus One, Suspense, Quiet Please, Inner Sanctum, Space patrol, and many more.

Time travel can form the central theme of a story or it can simply be a plot device to drive a story. Time travel in fiction can ignore the possible effects of the time traveler's actions, as in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, or it can use one possible resolution or another of the Grandfather paradox.

Although The Time Machine (by H. G. Wells) was instrumental in moving the concept of time travel to the forefront of the public imagination, non-technological forms of time travel had appeared in a number of earlier stories. Some even earlier works had featured elements suggestive of time travel, but remain somewhat ambiguous.

A number of themes tend to recur in time travel stories, often with enough variations to make them interesting.

Changing the Past: in this genre, a visitor to the past changes history using knowledge and/or technology from his or her own time, either for good or evil, creating an alternate history as a result. Examples of this genre include Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague de Camp and the 2009 Star Trek film.

The Guardians of Time: in this genre, a group of people are charged with ensuring that time turns out "properly" (i.e. protecting it from changes by other time travelers). Examples of this genere include The Big Time and the other Change War stories by Fritz Leiber, Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time, Simon Hawke's TimeWars series, John Schettler's Meridian series, Simon Lee's Timekeepers, and The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov. Another example of this concept is the Doctor Who television series, whose main character is a "Time Lord" called "the Doctor" who personally intervenes to fight the evil he encounters if he is called on to do so, and whose people are essentially scholars and historians who usually only observe histories.

Preventing a Bad Future: in this genre, the main characters learn, either by going to the future and returning or by the arrival of a time traveler from the future, that the future has not turned out well, having either turned into a dystopia or resulted in the end of the world. The characters then try to change something in the present which prevents that future from coming to pass. The Terminator film franchise includes several stories of time travelers from the future waging war with each other so as to create or prevent a post-apocalyptic future. In the TV series Terra Nova, humans travel 85 million years into the past in an effort to prevent disaster later.

Unintentional Change or Fulfillment: in this genre, a time traveler intends to observe past events, or is taken to the past against his will and tries to return to his proper time. However, the time traveler discovers that his actions have unintentionally altered the future because of the Butterfly effect. A Sound of Thunder is an example of this genre.

The time travel motif also has an ideological function because it literally provides the necessary distancing effect that science fiction needs to be able to metaphorically address the most pressing issues and themes that concern people in the present. If the modern world is one where the individuals feel alienated and powerless in the face of bureaucratic structures and corporate monopolies, then time travel suggests that Everyman and Everybody is important to shaping history, to making a real and quantifiable difference to the way the world turns out.



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ABC Mystery Time - The Picture of Dorian Gray
Biography in Sound 56-12-04 Ticket to the Moon
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-01-25 Speak Of The Devil
CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74-08-07 The Picture Of Dorian Gray
Compact Classics - The Picture of Dorian Gray
Dangerously Yours 44-09-24 Berkeley Square
Dark Fantasy 42-01-02 Resolution 1841
Dark Fantasy 42-01-16 Debt From The Past
Dark Fantasy 42-05-01 The Letter From Yesterday
Dimension X - 50-04-08 Outer Limit
Dimension X - 50-05-27 Tothe Future
Dimension X - 51-06-24 Childs Play
Dimension X - 51-07-12 Time and Time Again
Escape 480509 The Time Machine
Escape 501022 The Time Machine (John Dehner)
Exploring Tomorrow - Time Traveler
Exploring Tomorrow 570823 - Time Heals
Favorite Story 490528 Time Machine
Inner Sanctum 411221 The Man from Yesterday
Inner Sanctum 451009 Death by Scripture
Inner Sanctum 451030 The Man Who Couldn't Die
Lights Out 37-12-22 Uninhabited
Lights Out 42-12-22 Meteor Man (The Hungry Ones)
Lux Radio Theater 52-09-22 I'll Never Forget You
Mysterious Traveler 50-02-07 The Man Who Tried to Save Lincoln
Mysterious Traveler 50-04-11 Operation Tomorrow
NBC University Theater 490827 - 1984
NBC University Theater 500806 - Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court
Quiet Please 47-07-27 I Remember Tomorrow
Quiet Please 47-10-06 Not Enough Time
Quiet Please 48-04-12 Twelve to Five
Quiet Please 48-06-14 Not Responsible After 30 Years
Quiet Please 48-08-02 It's Later Then You Think
Quiet Please 48-11-21 One for the Book
Quiet Please 49-01-30 Northern Lights
Radio Guild 40-04-13 The Ineffable Essence Of Nothing
Sam Spade 49-01-16 The Betrayal InBumpass Hell
Space Patrol-54-10-02 VoicefromtheFuture
Space Patrol-55-02-26 Voyage to the Future
Space Patrol-55-03-05 Monster from the Past
Story Lady - Picture of Dorian Gray
Strange Dr Weird 450508 Murder One Million BC
Strange Dr Weird 450515 Picture of a Killer
Suspense 610723 Stranger with My Face
Suspense 620121 Twenty-Four Sixty-Two
Suspense 620211 The Man Who Went Back to Save Lincoln
Theater of Romance 45 01 02 It Happened Tomorrow
X Minus One 55-10-20 Child's Play
X Minus One 55-11-16 The Outer Limit
X Minus One 55-12-14 To the Future
X Minus One 56-01-11 Time and Time Again
X Minus One 56-03-07 A Gun for Dinosaur
X Minus One 56-10-31 Sam, This Is You
X Minus One 57-04-17 The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway
X Minus One 57-12-26 Target One

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